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  1. I have had 3 pm one had a test drive today. Hes going to have a word with his insurance on monday
  2. Infact he was on 50mins ago
  3. He was on at lunch time click on his name it tells you when he was on last!!
  4. I also love how the OP has not raised his head since i commented on here and caught the fibbing man out!!
  5. Total agree with you there dave1978 your my kind of guy im manx but what you have described seems to be manx mentality!!
  6. That is the god honest truth thats not my reg. but im not putting my reg on here due to the spitful ppl hope tou understand
  7. Sorry dude thats not my reg as im sure some ppl on here would love it to be lol
  8. Do they really get that bad on here??
  9. What terrible things you ppl say on here. I dont wish pain, hurt or bad luck on anybody, i just dot appreciate ppl making coments like the above about me!! What nasty ppl you are in this forum. Where is the manx spirit and care for each other??
  10. hahaha what a noob comment to make!!
  11. yes it will of be sounds amazing with my custom exhaust i made my self and my AEM induction kit
  12. sorry SAID driver Not AID
  13. Hey there I am aid driver of the Honda civic Type R. Bet i was the last person you thought would be reading this Zephyr!! You first need to get your figures correct, that morning i overtook 4 cars coming towards the bottom of fishers hill (castletown bound in a d-restricted not a 30) Secondly i am a proud owner of an advanced drivers licence!! I would never overtake if there was any risk FULL STOP, i wont even drive fast if i have anyone with me in a vehicle!! As for the needing a wank before work, i have a very beautiful and attractive Mrs for that and my good shes good at it!! Unlike you i don't need to self service myself everyday!! What sort of sick pathetic fuck wishes other people to crash head on with another vehicle?? I was truly disgusted by that comment!!! Next point as for the car as i am a highly qualified vehicle technician of nearly 10 years the car is well maintained and looked after and is serviced every 4000miles so about 4 times a year and i use the highest quality parts and oils money can buy. Being a TYPE R it has a high revving engine which is meant to be used like that or what is the point of producing it or anyone owning one. All lights, levels and Tyre pressures checked weekly!! Do you do this?? Well no prob not as you like to get home and moan like the old idiot that you are about people with better things than you, my one bit of advice for you is go get a life you are a DICK!!!!!
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