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  1. What program & when? Amadeus I cant link it but its on Manx Radio On Demand - Monday 21st Oct Go to 21mins and 30seconds on playback You will be amazed at the interview. Maybe someone can provide a direct link.
  2. Did anyone hear the interview on Manx Radio from the guy from the Sefton Group, someone in the background was answering his questions and pulling his strings!! Never heard such a bizarre radio interview :-(
  3. I agree its a skim job but soon some of the pavements will disappear because of the old build up of tarmac over the years on the road surface. Cant understand how they can lay this skim on wet surfaces either!! #justsaying
  4. Read this on FB so it must be true but wouldn't it be nice if we could do the same when we latch on to the 3 Network when we go to the UK and just get charged our local IOM rates?! UK RESIDENTS VISITING THE ISLE OF MAN: DO YOU HAVE A THREE SIM? Well, good news! You can now use your THREE simcard in the Isle of Man at no extra cost. From September 2016, the Isle of Man is now included in Three Network's 42 FEEL-AT-HOME DESTINATIONS! (From www.three.co.uk website) Keep on roaming. Use your phone abroad at no extra cost. Now in 42 destinations including USA, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Channe
  5. Anyone using them on the Island and what do you think? Also which provider and which unit? Ta
  6. OK I am probably the only one to say this but in all fairness Mr Bell did speak very well in the media etc and was not afraid to do so, he obviously knows his stuff with his vast 30+ years experience (good or bad). I will cut to the chase, he's going but who can speak out for the Island on the International scale like he could??
  7. And - http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-cregeen-sacked-over-accusations-of-disloyalty-1-1744409 I cannot find his 2011 manifesto, anyone else have it??
  8. Fair comment mate, I stand corrected and have corrected it.
  9. Jeez can anyone briefly remind us of his blunders in the last 5 years as an MHK and Minister!! Peeps down South you have been warned!! You put him there last time and look what happened!! Source: Manx Radio - http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-to-stand-for-new-constituency/
  10. Spot on ! He has had my vote each time in North Douglas and we have been helped by him when we needed it, but this is just a farce. Those two videos with Paul Moulton were disgraceful and could in no way shape or form help whatever case he thinks he may have had. He looked and sounded like a bully for about 25 minutes on camera. Time he gave it up and hung on to any respect from his voters and peers. Bless poor Paul Moulton even he was exasperated by the guy he was interviewing, Houghton just took over again and was so unrelenting and aggressive. He will never ever learn an
  11. I personally think the Police are totally wrong singling this person out, they are trying to make an example of this person and his or her name will be plastered all over the media next week when they have been to Court! OK the person may have done very wrong but I am sure there will be loads that have really over stepped the mark with speeding. Why single out speeding issues at TT Week? Why not single out sexual abuse allegations, Drug allegations and so on and so forth? Whoever this person is has in my opinion been the subject of a little bit of bullying by the Police by way of
  12. Went in there this morning, Lady on the check out till; She - Have you got a Club Card? Me - No, sorry. She - Absolutely no communication at all other than swiping my groceries through the scanner. Me - Have you got a few bags please? She - Threw two bags on the counter. Me - Thank you. She - £7.43 Me - Can I pay by card please. She - Enter your pin code. Me - Thank you goodbye. She - Stone faced - Nothing at all... FFS it was like a form of mis-communication with a lifeless moron. Rant over
  13. Apparently he went into Newsons on the Quay the other day and ordered 2 pair of white painters overalls as it looks like he will be returning to being a painter sometime this year!! Whats that all about! Lol
  14. Thanks alibaba I take the dog up the Claddagh every few days and nowt on a new smartphone in and around the Claddagh area, the Mrs has MT and she is similar.
  15. OK I know this will turn into a take the pea out of Sulby thread, but why is there virtually NO mobile data or mobile telephone signal in and around Sulby area with both MT and C&W? I know its probably a put up or shut up option, but surely this day and age there must be a solution to this issue (without moving house)!
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