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  1. Don't change the subject. I asked 'who are these "most people"' who think Robertshaw and Shimmin are bullies. I have never heard this claim being made except by anonymous bell ends on this forum. I know both men and neither of them are bullies. You are talking out of your behind. Now instead of accusing me of being Robertshaw, why not grow a backbone and tell us what your personal agenda is against the man? Nobody is stupid enough to believe you're just an anonymous 'joe public'. You have an agenda and I think this forum's readers deserve to know what it is. You 'know' Mr Shimmin and y
  2. This is rich stuff from one of the most obnoxious c*nts ever on MF
  3. Dictator Bell - End The Tyrannical Toilet Tax! http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/toilettaxisleofman … #iom #whereyoucan
  4. You certainly don't have a monopoly on your opinions
  5. Manx1e44

    Manx Flag

    Hopefully a shit load of terrorists missed it. Was it on Alah Akbar 3 TV too? And a 'Happy Christmas 'to you عيد ميلاد سعيد
  6. Chris Robertshaw is seeking a 2014 national debate on 'Pensions'. Can the subject really be debated in isolation? Leading up to the next election, let's thrash out the whole future of jobs, work creation, and - yes, pensions - in our island economy You start Chris
  7. Both ought to be dismissed as examples of worthless waffle
  8. What programme was he on? I thought MR had closed down for Xmas
  9. Guess with this & healthcare, we need to have a proper open debate & one of the (now common) consultations to establish what it is we see as a basic standard of free provision A free eye test can save the Manx NHS a lot of money long term Basic education should be from primary school to first degree or apprenticeship level
  10. Free education & free healthcare are the two basic tenets of our society They shouldn't be altered without a referendum or a general election #manxdemocracy
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