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  1. The Court of King Caracticus So lucky to have him as part of my childhood.
  2. Bumsex Bumsex Bumsex Bumsex Dammit!
  3. Whenever I come back to the Island I always stay in Ramsey. Top spot and it could easily do with a few more hotels. Ramsey Park Hotel is always fully booked. Stayed at Woodbrae last time, tadge expensive but not Douglas. Winner!
  4. Exactly the same, like an unfunny smack the pony but in a hijab. Will try again though.
  5. We have a similar group of arseholes giving out free hugs every Wednesday with their stupid placards where I live. It's just brill to hear parents telling their children not to go near them. Me being a particularly loud mouthed (and proud) twat says to my boy, aged ten and doesn't have any truck with this religous bollocks; Run up and shout "put that light out put it out, there's a war going on." They get flumuxed Odin smashed it again Smug walk away, must remember to take a microphone next time!
  6. I am a late 60's child, lived in Cronk-y-voddy for a lot then moved to Kirk Micheal, we always had a lot of freedom. In fact my parents would worry if we were home before it was dark. Have recently moved to a little village in Essex and my son is out all day long playing. Obs paranoid parent these days and he has a good CB radio to keep in touch but it is rather ace watching kids play in the streets playing kerby or setting up a race course for their bikes. And 80's music is shite
  7. Latchingdon, little village. One pub, one shop, one post office a petrol station and a couple of lunatics. Love it.
  8. The collective noun for a group of teenagers is Yous Boys What are yous boys doing then? Headin up the glen?
  9. Rod's not Scottish. Lives just down the road from me in Epping. Nice drum, not too shabby
  10. Why would someone with those qualifications want one in Business Administration?
  11. Just booked into Ramsey. Bugger me it's not cheap - I hope for that price I get a shouty Ramsey man calling me a fucking come over English twat. Even though I was delivered in the Jane, I expect nothing less for the price I paid. Word!
  12. To hear this, nearly 80 years on. Man made beautiful. Shame it was for a war machine
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