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  1. TTerrific ......I'll sue if anyone breaches my IP
  2. I would have thought all the info we need on you could be gleaned fro your ear tags.
  3. Deterrgent ...that should put them off washing dishes.
  4. Quinn appointed as AG. http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/john-quinn-is-new-attorney-general/
  5. Indeed! That's why I can't bring myself to listen to him.
  6. No problem with investing if it brings financial benefit to the island.
  7. Watching paint dry would hold more interest,for me, than listening to that man
  8. Because it was in a tea cup and nobody noticed it.
  9. Kingfisher group owns both.
  10. Ahhh another fellow dyslexic , I'd be lost without the "spellchecker" ..... . That said not sure I understand your post I reckon he's trying to get to pisswart in less than 4 progressions.
  11. Oh so he has already been jailed for similar offiencea so it's fine saying what a filthy evil fucker he is. It happens all too often in the church I'm afraid. It's often a magnet for pervs and deviants who are attracted by the veneer of respectability the church provides as a cover for their filthy acts. Wash your mouth out with holy water and say ten male hairies.
  12. I seem to remember several of this administration recently saying it wouldn't be more of the same. http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/quayle-aims-to-build-on-predecessors-legacy/
  13. Anderson? Is he even still employed? Another sleeping colossus .
  14. No....... Do you believe that Jesus is our saviour? I'd go with unsavoury.
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