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  1. Northern Correspondent

    Supertour 2018

    Derek, take a step back and spend more time sorting out your disagreement with the other Government Dept so we can have our road back to normal! I would really like that. Really, I would.
  2. Northern Correspondent

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    I'm the Northern Correspondent!
  3. Northern Correspondent

    Serious Issue - Tax Forms?

    I'm a little puzzled that he still has to submit his form. I always thought that prison was the default option, i.e. you fail to submit, you go clink and do not pass go. I'm intrigued to know what will happen if he continues to fail to submit his form. He can't be tried for the same matter again and I suspect that by the bench jailing him, the tax office has lost its chance of obtaining the tax form. Granted, the defendant has been imprisoned (he'll prolly serve less than half of the time) and may well be laughing at the authorities as he has possibly gotten away without paying taxes on what could be a substantial amount of income.
  4. Northern Correspondent

    Sefton Group

    Its worth remembering that failing to pay the NI at the correct time is a criminal offence and as such, punishable by the court. Failure to pay tax (sic) really means ITIP and is a civil offence. Fines are levied by ITD in respect of failing to pay by the nineteenth of the month blah blah blah... Any fines issued by ITD in respect of failure to pay will eventually end up with the Coroner, assuming that the employer did not pay it in the first instance. Every day is a school day.....
  5. Northern Correspondent

    Good Lord, The Ag & The Tax Man Before The Beak

    http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=63965 No surprise to me.
  6. Northern Correspondent


    Censorship, The facts are there. I admit that I was surprised that no charges were brought against the individual concerned. I'm not sure how many offences were committed, perhaps an officer with custody experience would comment? If not, so be it. A quick two questions for you. If a man was falling about drunk, pissing up against your your fence, with your own wife and daughter seeing it, what do you think you would do? Secondly, would you expect charges to be drawn? Finally, I remember a few years back, a local Dr took to the drink and did similar things. He was forever being brought before Mickey Moyle. I don't see the difference but you might.
  7. Northern Correspondent


    For clarification - Time of day - early evening Location of pants down incident - houses on side of field. Witnessed by - men and women and children. And cops!
  8. Northern Correspondent


    Censorship, I'm not alleging anything of the kind and for the record I haven't once "alleged" anything. I don't give a Rat's arse (Hi Rox), about what he did - in fact I found it as funny as can be. Not for one minue did I think he would be brought to book esp. given who his high profile boyfriend is. But to urinate publically against my neighbours fence, which, incidentally, backs onto a school field, is quite unacceptable. To wander around with his pants around his ankles in public, in a school field, is quite unacceptable. I was brought up to behave properly and not do such things. Hey, Spewan Watterson didn't drop his kecks, he simply puked on a bus at the end of a day on the piss - no comparison. In my humble opinion, he got off with it and was a lucky boy. You guys make your own conclusions as to why he gort off with it. Hell, do it yourself in your local school field!!!
  9. Northern Correspondent


    Never a truer word spoken, Mr Shoe. I witnessed it before my very eyes and even assisted the Plod in pointing them in the right direction. The funniest thing of all was the young WPC trying to manhandle the guy's suitcase into the back of the van. I should also clarify the staggering. Zig zagging across the field was more apt...... I must admit I was surprised he wasn't charged but hey ho. Its not the first time that there has been a cover up. Or not, as the case may be!
  10. Northern Correspondent


    Once again, mlud, the facts speak for themselves. I personally witnessed a man polish off a half bottle of vodka. He then rummaged in his rucksack and pulled out a bottle of fine champagne. Unidentified male, peels off foil and wire and then like a caveman, rips the cork out with his teeth, showering himself with the champers. This gets necked. By this time, he is hammered so I assume he's been on the sauce for quite some time. Shortly afterwards, down come the pants and given the trouble he is having standing, the pants are left at his ankles. He pees. Not close enough for the gory details here! Pants eventually make themselves back up the legs and he staggers off into the sunset. All of this, in the grounds of Andreas school. Shortly afterwards, the Plod come looking and he is found on the school grounds and subsequently locked up. Released later that night without charge. I wonder why? Might he have friends in high places? Or a boyfriend in a higher place?
  11. Northern Correspondent

    Strange Happenings In Andruss

    Another villager has stepped forward and explained how he saw the police officers execute the arrest. It seems that there was a lot of noise coming from the back of the police van which indicates that he didn't go quietly! So, drunk and disorderly, indecent exposure, criminal damage (to the van). Any other offences?
  12. Northern Correspondent

    Strange Happenings In Andruss

    ***Update*** Talking to another man but this time we weren't in the pub. The gentleman was witnessed with his pants around his ankles relieving himself at the bottom of a garden. He was seen to quickly polish off a 1/4 or 1/2 bottle of the Russian stuff before rummaging in his rucksack and hooking out a bottle of champers. He was seen to unpeel the foil and remove the cork with his his teeth showering himself in the process! He clearly has a fondness for the finer things in life. Still don't know what was in the case! His belongings, perhaps?
  13. Northern Correspondent

    Strange Happenings In Andruss

    Aye, I heard all about that from a bloke in the pub..... IC3 male staggering across the school field in the early evening and I *believe* that he was seriously hammered! It turns out that he had been spotted some time before, clearly under the influence but this time without his strides to hide his dignity. Further, the cops go looking for him and find his suitcase. The case gets lobbed into the cop van and they go on the hunt for the inebriated flasher. I understand that he was located shortly after and the rest, as they say, is history. However, I have it on good authority that the said man with a fondness for liquor resides at an establishment in the northern parish of Bride. He shares the house with a gentleman of good standing in our fair isle. It doesn't take a genius to work it out, does it? A lover's tiff, perhaps? A scandal like this in the UK would go down an absolute storm!