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  1. I think the above just about sums it up for me. One of the things that got me about it all was, when my mate, who I have known for years as a decent bloke, came to tell me about it all, he was really excited and his eyes were flashing sort of and he was determined that he was going to go through with the plan for the next god knows how many years. For a poxy little piece of land. He was like a man in those films that has discovered a secret stash of gold or something. If people do this for a thrill it must be like gambling and is pretty evil if you ask me.
  2. Friends of mine bought a house and the guy selling it told them that he had been using a piece of land at the back that actually belonged to a neighbour. He said that if my friend were to continue using the land as if he owned it too he could claim it as being his, once their uses added to 21 years. It seems the neighbour who actually owns the land either might not have been aware that he owned it or perhaps simply didn’t mind someone else using it. This all seems a bit underhand and rather immoral but someone said it is ok to do this. I'm not quite sure about all this and wonder if anyone else has had such an experience.
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