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  1. Well if ph is harmless please have a look at this link. http://mysite.verizon.net/felipe2/id18.html
  2. or if your eating a burger jog on the spot
  3. You ever Heard of the PH scale ? Well your tap water is soft water meaning it has a low PH (Meaning Acidic), the higher the number the more Alkaline. Chlorine lowers the PH of water meaning You Are Drinking Acid.
  4. You must be in bliss my friend in sheer bliss
  5. GD4ELI Are you the Tin Man ?
  6. You absorb oxygen out of water, you can actually buy liquid oxygen in healthfood shops etc. H2O after all is water
  7. Your body can only absorb vitamins and minerals at a certain PH, Chlorine lowers that level meaning you cannot absorb them.
  8. Well I would have thought 3ppm would be more acceptable after all 5ppm is swiiming pool levels. Drink up then, i think you are missing the point
  9. Well what people don't realise is you body will become saturated in harmful chlorine and you will become ill. i am ok where i am as we have a chlorine level of 0.5 to 1.0 ppm i was looking on your water suppliers website about the quality of it and i was amazed in 2002/2003 your chlorine level was min 0.01ppm, max 1.57 ppm, then i checked 2010 /2011 and it was min 15.7ppm, max 19.3ppm. the world health organisation say if water is above 3ppm you shouldnt drink it.
  10. Your water is soft water aint it ?
  11. Well don't you realise chlorine kills good bacteria aswell as bad ? Do any of you suffer from a bad stomach, IBS etc ? Also tap water should be around 1ppm of chlorine but yours is between 15ppm and 19ppm ? A swimming pool is only 3ppm
  12. well i actually live in gloucester so no i don't drink sewage lol. well our water is supplied by severn trent water and its really good no smell at all of chlorine. Are you not worried ?
  13. Hi all new to all this but i just want to know why the islands tap water is like swimming pool water. I come from the south of the uk and i have friends on the island and on my last visit i couldnt belive the taste of it when i had a cuppa. Surely that aint good for you?
  14. I think the winter is when that place suffers, maybe the next person will try and attract more pensioners and people with free time. Maybe a discount if you show bus pass etc. Gone are the days of the picnic, egg sandwich and a mouth full of cherryade, Happy days
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