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  1. I bet the prom smelled delicious last night.
  2. They'll probably recommend he puts a Tesco Express there.
  3. Probably so they can link the sequence in with those at the other end of Circular Road, Peel Road, Bray Hill, St Ninians and Onchan into one massive clusterfuck.
  4. Ooohhhhh. More problems http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/tuesday-is-news-day-more-problems-with-400-000-diesel-loco-1-6560968 Anyone actually buy an Examiner these days and knows what the new problem is?
  5. How would that work? She'd be asking herself questions in the Keys and voting against her own policies all the time.
  6. Maybe instead they want people who know what they're doing
  7. Yep, car drivers usually drive onto the footpath to create rather than clear an obstruction.
  8. Here's part two. Enjoy http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/everyday-expenses-become-hardest-costs-to-bear-1-6552407
  9. A mere road closed sign isn't going to get in the way of a Big Mac for some people.
  10. I imagine he'll be more like Clint Buzzwords or Dave Talksbollocks. Lots to say but won't actually achieve anything of note.
  11. Maybe if the places in Onchan were actually any good they wouldn't need to rock up there.
  12. Arf 80 minute queue for chips. You could have gone to Tesco, got some fish and spuds and done your own in that time. Lovely grub from that van when it's in Onchan though. Does take a while (not 80 minutes though, closer to 10) but worth the wait
  13. I think it was subcontracted and done at the weekend when the DoI seemingly can't be arsed sending anyone down to monitor the work.
  14. The award for worst resurfacing job must go to Finch Road. A fortnight since it was done we already have two potholes and a surface that is simply falling apart. Cracking job......literally.
  15. Well there were the ones that needed respraying when they changed the colour scheme to maroon and cream and now ones that need respraying now they've changed the colour scheme to silver. Plus we're well overdue a colour scheme change
  16. Why not just upgrade the existing paint shop to sort the 10 year old health and safety breaches. Knowing Longworth it's probably just missing a mind your head sign
  17. Awaits the inevitable 'UK mainland only' update when they realise they can't deal with the waste locally and it costs too much for them to ship it off-island... If the state of the fridge I bought from them was anything to go by I think they just hose them down and sell them again.
  18. Just completely made it up on my own. No idea who the bloke in my avatar is though.
  19. Is that Roy or Moss? I always get them mixed up.
  20. ISD are probably still waiting for a consultant to come in to do the blocking for them.
  21. Such a lovely day yesterday I went out walking and looking for flytipping locations. I've got some lovely secluded spots ready and waiting now for the day my telly breaks.
  22. No, they're going to buy & build brand new vehicles and buildings to save money on old logo removal.
  23. There's a sign there now saying you can't take the tvs away anymore.
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