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  1. Are you saying a government They told me you'd died. Are you saying a government department lied to you? What is this world coming to?
  2. I guess your mileage may vary! Ordered a dishwasher from them about two weeks ago. It took them a while to say they were ready to deliver, at which point they suggested a date when I couldn't be at home to receive it. Rescheduled to yesterday. Had to stay at home all afternoon because they wouldn't be more precise than giving me a 4 hour slot for the delivery. No one showed up. Called them and they said it was meant to be delivered by the manufacturer. Currys called their office but they had already closed for the day. They told me to try again today, same story. No one's there because of the bank holiday. But this was all online mind you, so that may explain the difference...
  3. It was fine for a couple of days, but it has gone back to this today: joey, if you ask me the real problem here isn't poor network performance, it's the way WiManx have been dealing with this issue for the last 2 months or so. Everyone understand problems exists, it's the way you handle them and how you communicate with your customers that makes a difference and let's say they have been less than forthcoming so far, which is very disappointing
  4. I was silly enough to ask for a 36 month contract when I moved to my new home a couple of weeks ago and I have now gone back in time 15 years: When I first reported it they told me there was nothing wrong, it was just an issue with their speedtest server (that's because I had sent them an image like the one above), as if I couldn't tell the overall performance was shit! I clarified but was completely ignored. I'm one of those who have been recommending WiManx to everyone and their dogs but I've come to the sad realisation that they are now Wimanx in name only. The old company we knew is gone and I'm jumping ship.
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