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  1. One of the local recruitment agencies were recruiting for a “established” gaming company who are relocating here. There is still plenty off good new Within the sector that doesn’t get a mention
  2. Ten years from now it won’t be an issue. Self driving cars, called to your location, people won’t be buying their own cars anymore or needing to park them. As an island we should be all over this stuff, but instead we are ruled by people who can’t see anything in the future. Most cars on island must spend at least 95% of the time parked up. There is simply no need to have cars parked everywhere on a few years from now.
  3. It’s not the route to the hospital though. Strang Road is a short cut taken by lazy people. The route to the hospital if you are coming in from that side and follow the signs is Braddan bridge. The signs on Strang Road even say something about access only.
  4. Eh. Plenty of ways for a private individual to lease a car on island now. Loads of people are doing it
  5. Also, plenty of the cars being leased through local leasing firms arrive off the boat on UK plates before being re registered. Look at their FB pages and often the photos of “just taken delivery for a lucky client” posts are on UK plates. All the vehicles I have leased have been registered in HK first.
  6. Nope. Mine (cars, vans, motorbikes) were all first reg in the UK
  7. Same as my comment above. ”people” don’t buy cars any more. Lease companies do. Hence the increase in new registrations in the UK and then decrease over here.
  8. Ah that’s why then. People are leasing vehicles now, and they have nearly all been registered in the UK before they get here. i have had 9 in the last two years.
  9. An electric bike vs a car in busy times I doubt there would be more than 15 minutes difference each way (depending on exactly where someone lives and works in peel and Douglas obviously)
  10. Sounds fair enough. They have chosen to live near their place of work and so don’t use the roads as much to get to and from work. Don’t see the issue really. (They will also have paid a premium for their Jones, and likely higher rates, that’s a chive they made same as other chose to live further from where they work.)
  11. Why? You just set the limits at a reasonable level for business users so they aren’t unfairly penalised and so you don’t end up in a situation where they have to pass on a huge cost they didn’t have before. You could still set at a level where they pay significantly more than a private individual using the same vehicle for normal personal use.
  12. Fuel surcharge is the answer. Businesses will mostly be reclaiming the VAT on fuel anyway so are likely recording the mileage and fuel used by each registered vehicle. Just set a cap on how much an individual vehicle can pay in a year, and once that figure is passed in a 12 month period they claim that charge back alongside the VAT.
  13. Said it before and I will day it again. Posters (there are a few above) whinging about broadband. It’s nearly always the WiFi that is at fault and not the broadband. On the very few occasions I or a relative or friend who have asked me to check have had an actual broadband issue it has been fixed quickly and efficiently and at no charge. The telecom company you pay for broadband have an obligation to provide that service to the master socket in your property. everything beyond that point is your issue, even if you are using the router supplied by the telecoms company. wifi and broadband are two completely separate things. Either learn how to sort it yourself or pay a pro to put proper WiFi through your house. Complaining your WiFi is shit to the telecom company is like blaming the MUA because it’s dark in a room where you have only fitted one crappy lightbulb.
  14. In which case, why aren’t the UK telcos all wanting to setup here? If there is so much money to be made, sore all Sky, EE etc need to do is come over and start charging the same prices they do in the UK and the entire population would switch immediately putting MT and Sure our of business. The fact that they aren’t, would suggest that they as industry experts have a very different view on it to you.
  15. Bollocks Its the reality of living on a small rock with a limited market. Neither MT or sure are, or ever will make huge fortunes from the Manx population. why do you think they are both looking at ways of making more money off island?
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