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  1. As above. Im monitor the funds and manage my own allocations via an app. Up 30 percent in 2020, although all high risk so I keep an eye on them most days. Also made a good wedge buying and selling bitcoin over the last 3 months
  2. Pre launch the eatout.im landing page simple said ”eat out.im coming soon”
  3. Cant really see how people can criticise any of those at the press conference tbh. Glad I am not the one sat there with everything I say being judged, scrutinised and with people looking to try me up and find fault at a time when we should all be pulling together.
  4. I must be thick as shit, because I really desk t get how people think we can close all the ports, all the businesses and expect life to carry on? Chances are by doing that then the virus will run its course over here by infecting a few people and none of the rest of us being exposed to it. What then? Do we continue to never let anyone on or off the island? This thing is worldwide and infected millions of people, it isn’t going anywhere soon so I assume some are recommending we shut everything down until someone either develops a vaccine or a treatment? That is a minimum months away, more likely years. By that time the island will be bankrupt and the cost of life through stress and suicide will be far higher than anything the virus might pose.
  5. BBC news last night showing the number of young and healthy people with no other underlying issues ending up in hospital. Pretty sure they said 13 medical staff dead, and showed a healthy Dr born in 1982 in an incubator. life needs to carry on to some extend or the economic implications will be disastrous, but to claim it will only impact the vulnerable and that everyone else will just get a cold is just a bit stupid. Glad I don’t have to be making the decisions government are at the moment. Sure as hell whatever they do they won’t receive anything but negativity from people who claim to know better.
  6. We should be leading the way with driverless vehicles and uber style apps where you just call a car when you need one. Most vehicles sped most of their time parked up. There won't be the same requirement for parking in ten years as there is now.
  7. Just because it's available as an option, doesn't mean anyone will do it. Would be astounded if many opt for this, and will be very suprised if we ever her any feedback or numbers
  8. I don’t agree with digital detox being daft. I try and do it for a few days every now and then by revering to an ancient phone that just takes emergency calls if needed form the very few people who have the number. I personally find it a great way to reset and have a proper rest but appreciate not everyone will agree. I am guilty of using the smartphone way too much when I have it though.
  9. The negativity on here is something else. It’s not going to put anyone off and is a decent bit of PR that might (slightly ironically) gain a bit of traction on social media with likes, shares etc. No one is being forced to give up their phones (signal at both those sites is fine in my experience) but personally I would give it a go for a couple of days.
  10. You know some of those accidents happen at speeds well below 100mph? The one I saw was at about 40, the goon just wasn’t looking where he was going. Still put his car off the road and caused a closure though. To say that 100mph isn’t safe is no more factual than to say 40mph isn’t safe. Risks are higher as are the potential consequences but to say it isn’t safe when loads of people do it with no issue all the time is nonsense. What is “safe”. Would 40mph stop all rtcs?
  11. Yes it is. Plenty of people top 100mph up there most days (when weather allows) without any incident at all. You don’t need specialist training to drive a modern and well maintained car at 100mph on the Mountain Mile or plenty of other places. The percentage of times someone tops a ton and it results in a crash will be minuscule. I must have topped 100 thousands of times In cars and on bikes up there over the years and the same applies to loads of other people.
  12. Very lucky. Could have bin wheely bad
  13. Does anyone know where these tree saplings come from? Has anyone looked at the environmental footprint of planting them, growing them, watering them, shipping them here, transporting them to where they will eventually be planted etc etc. cant help thinking that like a lot of the current “green” stuff, no one actually knows overall impact and just looks at the fluffy end result. How much petrol etc did beach buddies use last year driving to all their various beach cleans, and travelling to the Uk and further afield to talk about it?
  14. I would guess people travel at those speeds up there everyday, and that during TT in particular it’s a very regular occurrence. Not saying it’s right, just pointing out that it happens all the time without actually causing an issue to anyone
  15. Previously the road was quite wide along by the Queens etc with plenty of space to pass the trams. Nearer the empress and Palace there were sections where traffic often sat behind the tram as it was pretty tight. Are they now saying that the whole length is only 45cm wider than those narrow points previously were? Sounds like a nightmare if so
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