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  1. Doesn’t mean it not right though. Lots of benefits to running a credit card that have nothing to do with getting into debt or wanting things you couldn’t otherwise afford.
  2. Cool. Addiction too trumps. I tend to find the people with the least understanding of addiction and the most likely to mock those who smoke, drink or take drugs are the ones who can’t possibly function without their morning coffee and who would have a full on meltdown if they had to do without caffeine and/or sugar for a while.
  3. I don’t think we have a higher than average number of these people here. I would however suggest (despite what the pitch fork wielding fb mob think) that per population a lot more police time is invested in reaping/catching them than in the UK, and that cases that wouldn’t even be worthy of mention over there hit all of our new sights. Just to clarify. I am in NO WAY condoning or making excuses for the behaviour of these people, simply giving an opinion on why it might appear that we are “overrun”
  4. No one said anything like that. Do you think there is a discernible additional risk by going from 4 to 3B? Would love to know what that’s based on if you do.
  5. We can assume it true. I didn’t say people who would test positive, I said hospital admissions and positive tests. loads of people who would come without a subsidy, they just aren’t allowed
  6. So. I have done some extensive analysis of the impact on the health service and general public of all the students travelling home that so many seemed worried about. Number of hospital admissions for returning students - 0 Number of hospital admissions for people isolating with returning students - 0 Number of community transmissions as a result of people breaching isolation - 0 Number of people unexpectedly having to isolate as a result of positive cases and contact tracing - 0 Someone want to give me a good reason why friends and family can’t travel back if a
  7. You know what a quarry is and why it’s there right?
  8. Unlucky enough to have been up there a few times lately. MRI, CT, Endoscopy, blood test, heart scan and a few others. some were classed as “urgent” by the GP, some weren’t. Those that were urgent (MRI of head, endoscopy, and heart) were all done and dealt with within a few weeks, those that weren’t took longer. Couldn’t fault the wait or any of the staff up there tbh.
  9. Sounds like every private sector job I have ever had on anything above minimum wage to be honest. Very few jobs around these days where you will ever progress or be valued without going the extra mile well above and beyond what is in you contract. Unfortunately people who have only ever worked in a government paid position (with sick pay, pensions etc that the rest of us can only ever dream of) will never understand or believe that.
  10. Not missing the point at all. People were posting that it can’t be in the community here as we would know. Of course it’s in the community here, and the identified cluster (doesn’t mean it’s the only one) in Guernsey proved it can be spreading in the community and no one notice. Were they lucky that a sheer fluke meant they identified it and could therefore isolate some of those positive? Yes. Does that show we should be doing much more widespread testing? Yes.
  11. So you don’t think the fact that something happened on an island similar to ours shows that the exact same could apply here and we wouldn’t know because we are barely testing anyone? OK then! We will have to agree to disagree. I was responding to someone saying if it was here we would definitely know because people would be sick. Guernsey clearly shows that is not necessarily the case.
  12. What? It was all over the news for days? https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-10-23/seven-cases-of-coronavirus-suspend-isle-of-man-air-bridge-in-guernsey
  13. No. Not talking about that at all. Maybe a bit more research and keeping abreast of what’s going on before commenting wouldn’t be a bad idea? Bloke needed a negative test to travel. Felt fine and no COVID on island anyway so went for test - positive. In the next 48 hours when track and trace kicked in over 10% of his close contacts also tested positive. Top of my head they found about 9 more cases. Hence the air bridge being closed just before half term. No symptoms. No one got ill. No one died. No one knew COVID was “in the community” and since none of them had recentl
  14. Sorry, but that’s nonsense. A great man for sure, but so we’re others who just didn’t happen to live for so long. Surviving longer than they did shouldn’t make him more worthy of recognition IMO
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