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  1. So they are. I had missed that announcement. Normality is coming, finally. Does however mean 60,000 England fans will be sitting there watching a final England aren't in and wondering what could have been
  2. Looks like Majorca, Minorca or Ibiza for your imminent Green list Sunshine then. Hopefully with more to follow. Suprised there isn’t more pressure on them packing Wembley for the rest of Euros when you see how full the stadiums are in other countries.
  3. I haven’t done a survey. But the percentage of the islands trees that are on the TT course or even next to roads will be less than 1 percent. Its a similar argument to not cutting hedgerows back to aid visibility for conservation reasons. The proportions of hedges on island that line roads is tiny and cutting them back is so insignificant it would make no difference to anything. Cutting every tree next to a road down would look awful and be unnecessary, but to suggest there would be noticeable environmental damage is nonsense. Especially if as in this case, other tres were being planted instead.
  4. Can’t beat a bit of unsubstantiated rumour hey? Not only are there fields, but an actual road that would need to be crossed to get a drive from here to Ballakew
  5. How long would it take the trees to counter the carbon footprint of the design, build, shipping, manufacture and installation of that lot? There has probably been more power consumed just in the planning process, and people debating it online than they cancel out in years already. I honestly don’t get it. It’s just some old trees?
  6. Fancy answering the question about what the actual issue is rather than deflecting? Plus, it’s 2021 so not my place to identify anything. The poor tree can identify as whatever it likes these days.
  7. Howard Quayle has grown to maturity. Doesn’t mean there aren’t other better suited people for the position. Just because something has been there for hundreds of years doesn’t mean it is the best option available. Other than short term aesthetics and the fact that it is a change, what is the actual issue with the proposals and the planting of new trees which has been carefully researched and planned?
  8. More appropriate for the area. Carefully researched and selected. As detailed in the planning docs.
  9. Got to be honest. As long as they are planting more trees to replace them I can’t really see an issue? If they were just chopping them down and concreting it there would be a (very minor) issue, but hey, peoples requirements change. The roots are probably knackering the road anyway so just replace them with more trees of better species and in better places for 2021. What’s the issue? Other than not liking change?
  10. I heard there were a group of men from Ireland involved. More than two of them, but less than four. Tree fella’s apparently.
  11. And caused two (well, his administration have and if he wants to take the glory for the good times you have to take the rough with the smooth)
  12. Do you not think the data from all the countries worldwide in a similar position to us show us it is way beyond "hopes & dreams or best guess work and assumptions"? Not having a dig, its a genuine question. I personally take great relief from seeing the huge differences the vaccine has clearly made all over the world in countries that pre vaccine were really struggling? Those real and quantifiable improvements are personally, all I need to see. What else should we be waiting for?
  13. Really dont. Go back to normal. Stop testing people. Stop stressing about it. Stop letting it negatively impact on peoples lives and businesses. If the press stopped reporting it and we stopped testing it would just become like flu and people would forget about it - in the same way people forget about the people in the UK currently being killed by flu and pneumonia to a factor of ten more than are "with" COVID. I just want my life back and to be able to conduct my two businesses normally again. One of which is still being heavily impacted and one of which has basically been mothballed for over a year now.
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