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  1. Testing at entry, isolate until result. If it is negative out and about with very slight restrictions. Another test day 7, if clear back to normal. This seems like a winner to me. Yes there is risk, but that’s life and hopefully people will be getting regular tests anyway although we will probably go against the flow on that as well.
  2. 100% of the Manx public suffer memory problems when it comes to COVID. None of us remember what it feels like to live on an island where everyone shows compassion for peoples individual circumstances, where common sense is applied based on a properly evaluated risk profile, or where politicians actually try and do the best for all of us rather than basque in the perceived limelight of their new found celebrity status, COVID free, queens honours list public persona. I have a strong feeling this will bite them on the arse massively in the next 8 weeks. I didn’t agree with the rest
  3. Only to people trying to earn a living or see friends and family. Everything else seems to be back to normal based on the number of people out and about. People are past caring. Just open up and crack on. The schools needing a week extra is an absolute joke
  4. Not going to comment on the last few pages but having just spent half an hour browsing social media, it would appear pressure is mounting to get the borders open. A couple of months ago the majority seemed fairly happy. That really doesn’t appear to be the case now with what only appears a small number not expecting an open border soon, or at the very least an indication of what they want to see before that happens. I really don’t see how they can justify restrictions on top of what the rest of The British Isles will have. Pressure is mounting and they need to sort it out.
  5. I would hope/guess that any known positives isolate and the rest of us crack on as normal. Regular testing, and isolate those who come back positive. There will have to be a finance package for anyone forced to stay home though or people just won’t get tested. Starting in a couple of weeks 🤞
  6. The uk seem to be doing ok once a percentage have had a shot. We cannot fall behind everywhere else. We have been far too cautious through whilst at the same time not doing the simple things that would have helped hugely. The iom approach has lacked compassion, foresight and common sense throughout.
  7. Why the need to get to elimination before opening the borders and letting cases in that we live with. I don’t get it. The people who need to be are vaccinated so why the clamour to get to zero simply so we can then go to mitigation? Is it a vanity thing? Just open stuff up now and the borders in line with the CI’s
  8. Bit of a stretch with the old analogy there 😜 A better one might be how would you feel if they suddenly deemed that cafes and bars were a risk to public health and so closed them down. Or sports clubs because of the small number of participants who have heart failure when competing or training.
  9. The road bridge stays exactly where it is. You build a small service bridge or bridges. Minimises disruption to the public and costs to local businesses, but I think their priorities are more about being seen to complete a massive and complex grandiose scheme unfortunately rather then consider impact on others
  10. On the endoscopy thing I did have one last year, took about three weeks from referral to appointment so no complaints there. I still haven’t had the appointment to discuss the results. It is booked for June which will be 10 months after the procedure. How on earth is that justifiable if they aren’t doing many actual procedures? I haven’t even been given the option of a phone or video call.
  11. Got to admit that as someone with no real knowledge of these things this seems a very sensible suggestion. Build a small bridge, divert all the infrastructure through it. (Or two, a couple of hundred yards apart for resilience.) Build a new road bridge in big sections and move them nearby (maybe a huge car park or somewhere) Close and demolish old bridge. Lift new sections into place. Finish
  12. I wondered when an official government account would appear.
  13. I am not convinced it is tbh. They are doing much more widespread testing than we are. I will never understand the iom reluctance to do surveillance testing. Anyway, if the current infection rate in liverpool is four times ours, and our vaccination programs are broadly at the same point, why are we all still going bankrupt and not allowed to see family when their lives are going in the opposite direction. In a lot of ways they have never been as locked down as we are now and our figures are tiny. The time to educate the public on the way forward and get them to accept us all m
  14. A massive festival then. Loads would have still come. If they had banged the vaccines out at the rate they are now when we first got them, instead of waiting to build hubs etc, and then put a sensible testing policy in place it was obvious at the end of last year that by April things would be able to open up again.
  15. It isn't even close to being correct as you have pointed out. I know people who shared beds with people who were positive who never got it.
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