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  1. A returnee from UK who took the early test? I think I read somewhere they need to wear a mask in public until the 14 days is up.
  2. According to the ONS uk deaths last week were - nearly 1500 lower than the five year average.
  3. Daily “cases” in UK are down the last three days in a row, by quite a bit as well
  4. “Infections rising” and “identified infections rising due to increased testing” are two very different things! With only the details reported to go on it sounds very much like we have three examples of the latter recently. People who, without the additional testing in place, would have returned to the island, isolated for 14 days and then gone about their business without ever showing as an infection or case and almost certainly after 14 days not passed it to anyone else. The same is happening in the UK. Extra testing is identifying people who didn’t even know they had it. They are then being contact traced and surprise surprise more people are found who didn’t know they had it. There are no useful statistics that can show a rise or drop in cases as the testing isn’t consistent. The only useful figures are hospital admissions and deaths and even they aren’t a true reflection of how prevalent the virus is due to the way they are recorded and advances in treatment.
  5. They didn’t ask to be tested. You can’t do that until tomorrow. This was covered in the announcement. The person was on a track where they would be routinely tested at 7 days, I assume so they Could then go straight to work in a key worker/permitted role. This has been going on for months, hundreds of people a week. Based on all the doomsayers we should be ravaged with it. Also note that without the test the individual had no idea they had the deadly killer lhergy.
  6. He explained the stats behind that. risk is incredibly low. Sounds like this person was a key worker due to return to work today, subject to a negative test. Now fourteen more days islolation.
  7. No they arent. the £50 goes towards the cost of the test. It doesn’t cover the cost of the test, sraff etc. It’s just a contribution so won’t be putting anything into the coffers
  8. So the day (that was always coming) when we confirm it’s back on island and discover what the plan now is? personally I hope so, as trying to keep the virus out was never sustainable and I have never seen any evidence that it was actually what they wanted. A small number of manageable cases always seemed to be the plan but we somehow ended up with none - oops. Then the public got so exciting we had to be seen to be trying to keep it at none, while secretly hoping a case would sneak in at some point so we could then move forward
  9. Agreed. Point I made is still valid though. The figures are people who have died, or are seriously ill who have COVID. Doesn't necessarily mean they died BECAUSE they have it. A totally asymptomatic person who wouldn't know they had it other than being tested on admission to hospital for any other reason still counts a a death in the statistics, even if they crashed a car or committed suicide. There are less than 15 deaths a day in the whole UK at the moment of people who tested positive. Those are tiny figures, and don't necessarily mean they died as a result of the virus.
  10. Do we know what is wrong with this person ad if they would have been in hospital anyway? You can be asymptomatic and fall down your stairs and smash you head. Tested on arrival at hospital - positive. hey presto, a "serious/critical" COVID patent. Statistics like that are pointless without background and substance that rightly will never be provided.
  11. Agreed. There is no reason for anyone to need to go to the shops themselves in 2020. If we are going to have quarantine rules they should be clear that you stay at home, otherwise what’s the point of a potentially infected person can wander round Tesco?
  12. I think even offices are going to struggle. The scaremongering and hysteria is such that I guess other staff will complain if someone tries to do this and so most places won’t allow it. The way it’s worded pretty much puts the onus on the employers, and if Karen picks COVID up from Dave who has been away because the boss allowed Dave back to work..........
  13. Well that’s stupid. “Infection rate” could actually be dropping (hospital admissions etc would suggest it is) but if the UK keep testing more people and continue testing younger people then the perceived “infection rate” is going to keep climbing. without consistent testing regimes it’s just a meaningless number and likely won’t drop to that level for years - by which time the little manx bubble will be bankrupt and no doubt have the virus back anyway.
  14. Referendum? I think you would be surprised. The vast majority of people I speak to in real life want the orders open with some controls in place for when (not if) the virus returns
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