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  1. Does anyone know where these tree saplings come from? Has anyone looked at the environmental footprint of planting them, growing them, watering them, shipping them here, transporting them to where they will eventually be planted etc etc. cant help thinking that like a lot of the current “green” stuff, no one actually knows overall impact and just looks at the fluffy end result. How much petrol etc did beach buddies use last year driving to all their various beach cleans, and travelling to the Uk and further afield to talk about it?
  2. I would guess people travel at those speeds up there everyday, and that during TT in particular it’s a very regular occurrence. Not saying it’s right, just pointing out that it happens all the time without actually causing an issue to anyone
  3. Previously the road was quite wide along by the Queens etc with plenty of space to pass the trams. Nearer the empress and Palace there were sections where traffic often sat behind the tram as it was pretty tight. Are they now saying that the whole length is only 45cm wider than those narrow points previously were? Sounds like a nightmare if so
  4. trmpton

    Xmas decs

    Have to agree with a couple of earlier posts. Christmas 2018 was rubbish, 19 is going to be rubbish for various reasons that are completely beyond my control. the stupidly long buildup makes it a nightmare for people who are having a rough time. I would guess many are sick of hearing about it already. Also, surely the joy and pleasure for those who really do enjoy it and look forward to it is diluted after nearly two fecking months! That’s 1/6th of the year
  5. I wouldn’t be at al surprised if none within the DFE has even heard about the issue you are referring to. or, maybe because it’s pretty likely that the loss of that event would have a knock on to TT (I am think team investment, sponsorship etc) maybe some forward thinking individual from DFE has already been in touch with them with a view to making them sister events that could benefit everybody
  6. I drive past Glen Lough every day of the year. if they don’t make 99% of their income and profit in the four weeks of TT and FOM I would be astounded.
  7. I would imagine a lot of small businesses, hotels, cafes, bars, take away places etc that do very well out of these events would struggle through the year if these busy times were removed. Several local sports clubs would find themselves without the extra income generated through camp sites. The security firms, portaloo hire places etc, would end up with a load of kit they no longer need and dents in their income. The island would be a less interesting place to live.
  8. Take the Brown Bobby for example heading out of town. a bus goes past every few minutes, some heading to peel, some to Port Erin, some time Foxdale, some to the business park etc. They can’t all stop because the bloke sat there wants to go to Peel. It’s up to you to let the relevant bus know you want to get on.
  9. Every single bus stop is a request stop, other than the main “station” in each town - have been for as long as I can remember. it says so at the stops. It says so on a recorded message through the bus when you are on it. If every bus stopped at every stop there would be more pollution, more wear and tear on the vehicles, journeys would take longer and traffic would constantly be being held up for no reason.
  10. I only went for railings because it’s 2019 and health and safety rules. Stupid people would plummet into the beach
  11. That artists impression of proposed sea wall on Douglas prom. cant they design something similar where the middle sections are railings that a proper flood defends is dropped into for certain times in the year, similar to the boards to the sunken gardens. views in summer, flood defence in winter.
  12. Douglas - high tide last night would have meant they couldn’t start setting up until it started going out at about 7:30 Peel - Scallop season. Harbour and breakwater are busy with boats coming and going after 1st November
  13. When do we think the first proper overtopping will be? the one that washes away all the fencing, deposits tonnes of pebbles in their lovely big holes, and lifts all the temporary road surfaces while washing away all the supplies they have on site. how long until those things that are covering the track outside the Castle Mona end up through a hotel window or rammed into someone’s car. its going to be a fun winter.
  14. There is a picture somewhere that I will try and find, but it looked like they had used them to narrow the river before where the digger was positioned, presumably to divert the expected increase in water around the digger.
  15. https://www.racingpost.com/news/latest/flutter-to-buy-stars-group-and-create-global-betting-giant/402300
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