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  1. I would suggest there is lots of luditeness/dinosaur attitude in this thread already.
  2. You are Trevor Hussey and I claim my £5 eta to notwell
  3. Jesus Christ. Bloat quotes or what?
  4. Kitm

    Douglas East

    More honest than 28 pages of egotistical guff and bollocks.
  5. Serious question here and to add a bit of perspective to this thread, what might happen if MHKs could only do a 5 year term?
  6. All those in control of the money have given it to themselves and their pals. Many of them holidaying in such places as you describe with swimming pools on the roof etc. The smell of vomit is probably the milk whey poured inro Douglas Bay. You get used to it.
  7. Anyone here have any experience of BlueWave? Weŕe considering changing as we have direct sight of the mast on Douglas Head. Is the quality of internet reception dependant on weather? Other than cost, Manx Telecom has been pretty good and I wonder is it worth taking the plunge and changing?
  8. If anyone is particularly keen to to see what it would be like on the TT course antclockwise just play a youtube video backwards. It might make you a bit dizzy but it saves such as turning all the signs round, and that
  9. I think Frances makes a good point. If the races started at the top of Bray Hill they could do a bump start and even a bit of freewheeling. Considering all the bikes and all the laps they do this would manifest itself as a significant saving in petrol and would be good for the environment plus it would be a lot quieter so people living in the locality might get a bit more peace. Itś a win win situation. My neighbour has a bike
  10. That Facebook coven was screaming that Mannananś Cloak was a Lib Van person. Silly girls. And I see the woman who stood in the by-electiom has gone all luvvy duvvy for the Government and its personnel these days. Itś surprising what a big sloppy kiss from the guy who won can do. It certainly won her over. Itś all a bit air-heady
  11. is marian kenny not with manx radio no more
  12. This a fucking big scandal. Now all of a sudden everyone seems to be blowing smoke up Allan Bells arse.
  13. I´ve never known a civil service early retirement offer that wasn´t generous in the extreme. When you are playing with other peopleś money it is very easy to be generous in the extreme to your mates.
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