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  1. Just after a suitable dropdown for Manxies to populate if they 'lived in/worked in/competed in' for an upcoming project really.
  2. I did, its from multiple pages from Wikipedia. Take it you don't know the answer then?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to put together a list of parishes with villages to populate a website select box, I think I've got most but not sure what the following come under: Barregarrow Niarbyl Here is what I have so far: Andreas - Andreas (village) Arbory - Ballabeg - Colby - Ronague Ballaugh - Ballaugh (village) Braddan - Port Soderick - Strang - Tromode - Union Mills Bride Douglas (Town) Garff - Laxey German - St John's - Peel (Town) Jurby Lezayre - Sulby Lonan Malew - Ballasalla - Castletown (Town) Marown - Braaid - Crosby - Glen Vine Maughold - Ballure Michael Onchan - Onchan (village) Patrick - Dalby - Foxdale - Glen Maye Ramsey (Town) Rushen - Cregneash - Derbyhaven - Port St Mary - Port Erin Santon - Newtown Can you think of any more?
  4. What’s the point in a Manx related quiz? Fun / local / knowledgeable / enjoyment?
  5. shasto100

    TV Licensing

    On Alexa via BBC news this AM too
  6. IOM Football, Rugby & Athletics Logos Quiz coming soon
  7. Hi there, Sharry here from Manx Nostalgia Facebook group. Try your luck at our latest quiz: 'Manx School Logos': http://bit.ly/manxschoolquiz
  8. Eg, if you saw a company/team logo you would instantly remember it? For example: - Summerland - Ramsey Bakery - Shoprite - Griddles - Sefton - Tynwald Mills This is to help out with the new upcoming game on Manx Nostalgia. Thanks Sharry
  9. I remember Return of the Jedi & Dynamite Dux.
  10. I created the group a number of years ago, we have a great community. I'm making a better search engine for the group, hopefully be able to tag / geolocate photos. Stay tuned guys Sharry
  11. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  12. Hey guys, I'm travelling to the US for a conference in San Francisco in Oct. I'm just about to buy the flight tickets & I noticed a VISA section. Do I need a VISA for a weeks visit please? I've looked online & I get conflicting answers- http://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/visa/do-i-need-a-visa-when-i-go-on-holiday-to-usa.html http://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/visa/uk-to-usa-visa.html Has anyone been recently, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
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