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  1. Dogs Home Pub Mug - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/759781489/manx-mug-dogs-home-pub
  2. We use Inmarsat, Iridium, Thor7 & Thuraya networks at work.
  3. Are these all your photos @Amadeus? Impressive collection!
  4. Hi all, I'm after a list of Manx sayings for local people from an area. Douglas Butty Peel Girl Castletown ..? Onchan ..? Ramsey ? Pt Erin ? etc Please don't post anything too vulgar as not needed. Thanks
  5. Just after a suitable dropdown for Manxies to populate if they 'lived in/worked in/competed in' for an upcoming project really.
  6. I did, its from multiple pages from Wikipedia. Take it you don't know the answer then?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to put together a list of parishes with villages to populate a website select box, I think I've got most but not sure what the following come under: Barregarrow Niarbyl Here is what I have so far: Andreas - Andreas (village) Arbory - Ballabeg - Colby - Ronague Ballaugh - Ballaugh (village) Braddan - Port Soderick - Strang - Tromode - Union Mills Bride Douglas (Town) Garff
  8. What’s the point in a Manx related quiz? Fun / local / knowledgeable / enjoyment?
  9. On Alexa via BBC news this AM too
  10. IOM Football, Rugby & Athletics Logos Quiz coming soon
  11. Hi there, Sharry here from Manx Nostalgia Facebook group. Try your luck at our latest quiz: 'Manx School Logos': http://bit.ly/manxschoolquiz
  12. Eg, if you saw a company/team logo you would instantly remember it? For example: - Summerland - Ramsey Bakery - Shoprite - Griddles - Sefton - Tynwald Mills This is to help out with the new upcoming game on Manx Nostalgia. Thanks Sharry
  13. I remember Return of the Jedi & Dynamite Dux.
  14. I created the group a number of years ago, we have a great community. I'm making a better search engine for the group, hopefully be able to tag / geolocate photos. Stay tuned guys Sharry
  15. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  16. Hey guys, I'm travelling to the US for a conference in San Francisco in Oct. I'm just about to buy the flight tickets & I noticed a VISA section. Do I need a VISA for a weeks visit please? I've looked online & I get conflicting answers- http://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/visa/do-i-need-a-visa-when-i-go-on-holiday-to-usa.html http://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/visa/uk-to-usa-visa.html Has anyone been recently, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. I would to love see some old piccies of inside the Crescent, Funhouse & Summerland.
  18. Thanks for your input guys. This will not just be for a website but also a facebook app. I already own these domains, but wasn't sure to keep/use with them or choose another: MANXRACES.com MANXRACING.com IOMRACES.com
  19. Hi all, I'm making a new TT site & need some name suggestions please. It will be international site so not just aimed at us Manxies, which would you say is the best international name for the site? Due to the IOM GOVT owning the trademark TT, I'm trying to steer clear of using it directly. "MANX RACES" "MANX RACING" "IOM RACES" Thanks Sharry
  20. Hi guys, I did a search for this before I posted so apologies if its a dupe mods. I no longer live on the island but I've just been informed of the death Alex Williamson. I just want to say RIP to an old friend who I worked with at BeeManx, think his username was dread_2031 or something along those lines. He leaves a small family & lived in Peel. IOM news
  21. Back down to £4.99+VAT for a .im domain guys http://www.domainmonster.com/domain-name/im/
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