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  1. Saw the words "Robertshaw" and "slip" in the title - what a disappointment on my 86th birthday!
  2. Money money money. To hell with it. Some things are more important than money. We should stop acting like whores.
  3. Nim Chimpsky

    Closure of e-gaming website

    Hardly a real wager when you were going to give him one anyway.
  4. Nim Chimpsky


    Who's laughing, anyway? You are imagining things.
  5. Nim Chimpsky


    So what you, a Christian, are saying is that you find God's will unamusing. Would you even go so far as to say His will is unkind?
  6. Nim Chimpsky


    It's you.
  7. Nim Chimpsky


    They could always try chakra meditations.
  8. Nim Chimpsky

    Posting Milestone

    Is that the guy who played Han Solo?
  9. Nim Chimpsky

    Israel vs. the rest of the world?

    Still, religion being a man-made hierarchical system of control doesn't mean there isn't an aspect to our existence which goes beyond physics.
  10. Nim Chimpsky

    Posting Milestone

  11. Nim Chimpsky

    Israel vs. the rest of the world?

    Let's not be naive here. Hamas' position was deliberately cultivated by Israel to counter Fatah and the left-wing factions. The Israeli "occupation" (or whatever you want to call it) serves to keep Hamas in power. When you keep people down, they will resort to extremism. It was really no surprise when Gazans voted Hamas into office. So, that being said, of course a state based on the current political climate of the Palestinian Territories would be problematic.
  12. Nim Chimpsky

    Posting Milestone

    Do the posts on this forum get archived in a third party public domain site, like archive.org? I'd like to think some of my posts will one day be put into a collected essays book.
  13. Nim Chimpsky

    Posting Milestone

    What exactly do you mean by that, anyway? That's the second time you've said it.
  14. Nim Chimpsky

    Israel vs. the rest of the world?

    What I don't understand is why celebrities such as Rihanna are being criticised and accused of anti-semitism for posting #FreePalestine on their Twitter or for praying for peace in Gaza. As a Zionist, I do want a free Palestine and, if I felt compelled to pray, I would pray for peace in Gaza. Why are people so stupid?
  15. Will look out for her on Oprah and Montel then!