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  1. Have a look at the choices on the Co-Op site What is Mx? A gender neutral title for those who don't to reveal their gender apparently.
  2. I'm currently entitled to 16 days holiday, that excludes bank holidays, which in reality means I'll probably have around 21 as I have to work some bank holidays. I really can't imagine having 28 days holiday excluding bank holidays that is just nuts, basically you only work for 11 months of the year!
  3. I wonder why they've made these changes? Basically you can now only send a large letter/birthday card, previously you could send a dvd, it will affect many sellers on Ebay also.
  4. Its working ok here, Its basically Guy Martin saying he did a 22 minute lap of the TT course on open roads, with air temperature reading 1 or 2 degrees and that he reached 180mph along the Sulby straight. No such thing as bad publicity I suppose.
  5. I'll take your word for it, the gum clinic on high alert over all this slit spillage? Fathers day will cause the biggest confusion, its thought hundreds could be affected.
  6. I really don't think he's done himself any favours, at 1 or 2 degrees Celsius the possibility of ice at 5.30am is highly likely, 180mph along Sulby straight? not a fucking chance, he'd of driven into the back of a gritter as they normally leave the yard around that sort of time.
  7. I'm not surprised. They have removed a non-slip 'Shellgrip' type of surface and replaced it with a smooth one. I wonder why as the corner isn't, or wasn't, a particular accident black spot. Its not even that smooth, quite a ridge getting onto the new tarmac compared to the old surface, perhaps they just laid the tarmac on top of the old shellgrip?
  8. Nothing worse than a toxic slit in peel, plenty of them about and no doubt highly contagious. Many of these slit busters are also gut busters so be careful, nothing worse than a toxic heavy slit spillage all over your highway.
  9. I do the same thing on PAYG with Sure although I've noticed they now charge you to top up via your phone, used to be free. I only noticed as I ran out of credit completely and it wouldn't let me call the number.
  10. I've always bought my laptops online through various companies, never had an issue and was substantially cheaper than buying 'local'.
  11. What are you wanting from a laptop? http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/lenovo-g50-15-6-laptop-silver-10109036-pdt.html#cat-0 http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-15-p154sa-15-6-laptop-purple-grey-10029766-pdt.html
  12. No I found the video, was uploaded 14th March : http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/71312/google-iom-hq
  13. You sure it wasnt April 1st?
  14. Firstly welcome to the forum, don't be put off by anything said on the forum, you really need to come to the IOM and see what its actually like for yourself, it's only then you'll know if it'll ever be the right or wrong choice for you. Personally I can no longer afford to live on the IOM, I've effectively been priced out of the market, but if you've got a well paid job, some savings and enough to buy a house over here then you'll probably find the IOM cheaper to live than many parts of the UK. Steam packets fares (commonly known here as steam racket) are expensive but only if you take a car, a foot passenger return is cheap and many airlines are offering flights to main UK airports for around £50-£100 return
  15. I dunno about that, the mountain road in particular is full of bikers every weekend, loads of people 'go for a drive' when they're at a loose end. All the fancy cars that are about, they mean more to their owners than just being a mode of transport. You may well be correct, without statistics I can't prove either way. However I wouldn't have thought car/motorcycles would cause the same level of inconvenience but again I can't prove that either.
  16. Anyone see the repair to the trim tab on SP's Facebook page? 2 new panels welded in? seems an odd choice to me, I'd have replaced all 3 pieces. Enough to pass an MOT no doubt (like replacing one wishbone rather than a pair of wishbones)
  17. I would say more people cycle as a hobby than drive a car or ride a motorcycle as a hobby. It doesn't make much difference to me I couldn't care less what mode of transport someone is using, I get more pissed off stuck behind a nissan micra doing 30mph along a clear road then I do behind a cyclist uphill doing 5 mph. Infact something that annoyed me yesterday I was in a queue of cars stuck behind a cyclist (then another one about 1/2 mile up the road) it was a clear straight road and the car infront of me passes the cyclist at around 35mph rather than actually speeding up and allowing more cars to overtake safely, the car driver was at fault not the cyclist and appeared oblivious to the traffic building up behind them.
  18. More than cars? Everytime I cross the road I have to stop and look for cars. Everytime I drive I have to wait behind cars at stop signs, traffic lights etc. Sometimes I don't even get through the green light because the queue of cars is so long. We were talking about hobbies?
  19. So what you trying to say? in your expert opinion (which I'm not questioning) the first picture was caused by debris and the second was caused through metal fatigue (ie age and force of the engine)
  20. Cycling probably does cause the most inconvenience but is that down to individuals or just poor road infrastructure. I get stuck behind a cyclist most days and the only thing that irritates me are the cars behind me a foot from my bumper effing and jeffing because I won't squeeze past as I wait for a proper gap which is probably what happened on that above video. I had to slow down to a stop yesterday as a horse was coming down the road and I had to stop behind a parked car, no biggie for me, got a thank you from the rider, the other drivers behind me looked fuming and in much need of anger management courses.
  21. Something that wouldn't stop a crisp packet or a coke bottle but would be big enough to stop something like a large fish being ingested. It most likely wouldn't stop fish nets or ropes either but what's the chances of that?
  22. Not at all, that's why I wrote 'it looks like' which means 'I'm unsure, but it could be a possibility'
  23. Judging by the damage I'd say it was almost certainly metal contact on the bottom picture, whether it came into contact with another mechanical part from the boat well I can't say without looking at the official report. Debris is easy to blame but litter/debris normally either sinks or floats on the surface and being a big boat it sits far enough away from both surfaces. I'd be amazed if a filter isn't fitted otherwise every time a jet ski went out it would also break down.
  24. That's understandable, I too would rather trust someone who is paid to do the job than some randomer on the internet. It was only my observation and a thinking out loud style comment as I noticed a couple of things : The metal itself isn't clean, layers of muck as shown on the photo would hide most signs of early metal fatigue, the break itself doesn't look like clean shiny metal, it looks old and pitted.
  25. And yet another self proclaimed, expert, know-it-all. But even more clever - one that can spot metal fatigue from a photo. The Press Release states that these were checked and passed by the regulatory authorities just before coming in to service this year. '. You don't have to be an 'expert' to know metal fatigues with age and stress, I said 'looks like' because that IMO is what it looks like, looking at the top photo of the a frame you can see the deterioration its not clean metal where it has been broken/snapped.
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