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    Well it's the OP here. We bought the house, and have been living there ever since. I have been enjoying the rooks and the rest of the bird life that lives below the tree tops. The crawing of the rooks has come to be a leitmotif of being at home, and it is now very relaxing for me. No trouble at all have they been with my dogs, son or wife's bouffant.
  2. They will all be dead, they take it back to their nest for them to feast on and it kills the little bastards, none stinging or not, you don't want them parading relentlessly onto your work tops. Nobody likes that many insects in their house you'd have to be a mad fucker to think otherwise.
  3. I highly recomend Nippon ant gel / liquid
  4. There was a dickhead riding, fast, without helmet up and down the pedestrian prom in peel today, opposite the bowling green, with little kiddies and old folk around.
  5. Tracey Mister, Callin Wild. Only person that I would recommend in any of my buying and selling.
  6. Would be a great numberplate for a BMW 5 series from 2003 to 2010, as the chassis model is e60. I think there will someone out there with an e60 that would happily pay you 500 queen sheets for it.
  7. JSlot

    Bricking it.

    As i understood it, (I might be wrong), you need planning permission if you are changing what the elevations of the house look like, so changing a garage door for a window needs planning permission.
  8. Really good videos there Clive thanks, I've subscribed to your channel! I liked the comment on the dodgy mains adapter "just ordered one for the mother in law". Reminds me a bit of the child safety plastic plugs that go into the sockets and how they can be pushed in Upside down in the earth socket lifting the shutters. Took me a while convincing the wife that we should not have them in the house and the good old BS socket is well designed and safe.
  9. especially when other powerstation BUY waste in at £18 a tonne Can you point me in the direction of the source of this info please?
  10. JSlot

    TT 2014

    Bobbie thats some good work, could you add the Dakar Rally to the chart?, I think this is the second most dangerous motorsport event, much more dangerous than circuit racing. Quick and dirty data for 3 different motorsport events/competitions. Presentation can be criticised due to the lack of normalising for competitor numbers or duration of events, but I suspect that doing this would make the TT/MGP position worse as the other competitions are multiple events. On the face of it, the TT/MGP record looks really bad, but I would not count this as evidence for action without a huge amount of additional analysis. ETA: Source: Wikipedia. I know, I know...
  11. JSlot

    TT 2014

    Paris Dakar is a motorsport event with regular fatalities, wikipedia has the info.
  12. Wanted: Balance bike for 2 year old boy, or even very small peddle bike. Something like a strider st4 or ridgeback mini scoot. Approx inside leg 300mm / 12 inches Thanks
  13. Ah yes, thanks to you both, the 'A' rate tables seem to come to the right figure, the earning bands are the same but the 9.4% band is 11%. http://www.gov.im/media/665149/cf391__iom__-_national_insurance_contributions__nics__tables_201314_book_1a.pdf
  14. I wonder if someone can confirm the calculation of employees national insurance contributions for the past tax year 2013-2014. I have found this on line: http://www.gov.im/media/664341/cf392__iom__-_national_insurance_contributions__nics__tables_201314_book_2.pdf Page 6 seems to imply that: for the first £6,240 earned, it is 0% £6240.01 to £40040.00, it is 9.4% £40040.01 to 40,768.00, it is 11% and above £40,768.00 it is 1%. Using this and an exampe of earning £50,000 gross, NI payable should have been: £0 - £6,240 @ 0% = £0 £6240.01 to £40040 @ 9.4% = £3,177.2 £40040.01 to £40,768 @ 11% = £80.08 £40768 to £50,000 @ 1% = £92.32 Total Employee NIC = £3349.60. Is this correct? Also, how is this different from the UK? Thanks In Advance
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