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  1. Phil Gawne,,,,,,,,,, do you even know what you are talking about??? So, Jim Duncan of Ramsey Bakeries was criticising the importation of "cheap" bread from across, and the aforementioned MHK immediately slags off Tesco, (on Manx Radio) for "the bottom line being their main driver". http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=66854 On a visit to Shoprite/Iceland today in Douglas, as soon as you walk through the door, you are confronted with Warburtons bread and other bakery products (none of which were local), all for £1 each. Makes you wonder about the whole "Manx to the max" thing. On comparison, Tesco may sell bakery products from "across" cheaper than Ramsey Bakeries, but they are at least mostly confined to the bakery department, and not at the main entrance to the store. In these tough times, of course, retailers are going to source goods that cost less and can be sold for less. Considering they have to actually ship those goods over here, maybe the question should be asked how Ramsey Bakeries can even begin to "justify" over £1.50 for a loaf of bread, when it is produced on island and does not incur the transportation costs of goods from across. Another example of one of the "gravy trains" slowly coming to a halt?
  2. maybe the IOM Government haven't really thought this through. Feeding ducks, swans and so on is fine. What they should have done was implemented a "cull" on the f*cking seagulls and pidgeons that start a racket as soon as it starts to get light in the mornings. They are called SEAgulls because they are a sea/cliff inhabitant. When i live 2 miles away from the shoreline and it's like an orgyfest at 5am in a residential area, they should f*ck all that protected species b*llocks and implement a way of "sorting" the problem. Maybe let Juan and the Tangerine Emperor loose with a couple of air rifles at 4am.
  3. Just downloaded it on Android from Google Play Store, and it looks like a really useful app. Apparently, there is one "major" problem which prevents IOM residents from downloading the app, and that is that Google (b*stards) do NOT recognise the IOM as a part of the UK, and so the content "may not be available in your country" (as they put it). http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=65418 There is a "workaround" though, and that is to use Google against themselves, and search for a free "VPN code". Enter that in your phone in your settings and it should allow you to download the app, no problem. It can be a bit "hit & miss" finding a free VPN code that works, but, once succesful, the problem is erradicated.
  4. 2Thumbs, you messed up mate!! Everyone can tell by the black helmet, thats a copper from "across"
  5. lol, i wish it was porn. It was a simple Simpsons game. Not available on free dowmload with MT, but IS available with Sure (IOM)
  6. ok, here's a typical "arsewipe not knowing where the IOM is" example. If you take 2 identical contract mobile smartphones, 1 being Manx Telecom, and the other being Sure (IOM), you cannot access the same content on each. The Sure phone, not a problem at all, and content deemed "suitable" by Google for the U.K is available to download instantly from the Google Play Store. Manx Telecom however is NOT recognised by Google as being suitable for the same content and therefore content is limited. Having tried to download a simple game using my MT phone and being unable to, i sent google an e-mail, only to be told that because i was on the IOM, i had to provide a valid UK address with payment info for that address as well (credit card number), for a FREE game that is available without having to provide any info if you have a Sure smartphone. If Manx Telecom cannot access the same content on their smartphones that Sure can, then surely google needs a kick up the arse.
  7. Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Specials, fekkin' hilarious. If you missed them, available on BBCi player at the moment.
  8. whilst our sympathies and well wishes remain with the victim of this assault (especially at this time of year), surely, if this was a drink-fuelled incident, then questions need to be asked of where the perpetrator actually was drinking. Did he sit at home, get pished and decide to go out and hospitalise someone? probably not. If he was found to have consumed alcohol on licensed premises, then a) throw the book at him for the assault and b) immediately revoke the alcohol license of the premises concerned for allowing under age drinking to occur on their premisies.
  9. maybe they managed to "divert" the smell to the Industrial Estate to divert attention, but now its got too big to sweep under the tarmac and people there are starting to smell it.
  10. This just goes to show that people really dont give a f*ck about Castletown. After Tesco had reviewed and amended their licensing application, it was still refused on the majority say of it's closest competitors. If they had been granted the license, it would have only been GOOD for Castletown. Now i will be surprised if they even bother to open a store in what is rapidly becoming "another Port St Mary/ Port Erin" (no offence). It would have been GOOD for the local economy, attracting more people to the town, and would have filled an empty space in the "white elephant" that is Callow's Yard.
  11. Seems that work is WELL underway on Tinkerbell's Death Star/ Tanning Salon
  12. So we should blame the interwebnet?? Why didnt you tell me that earlier?? I have just ordered a life-size "tinkerbell" doll from ebaythingy, as it has a voicebox and is bound to make more sense than the real Tinkerbell
  13. It's hard enuff trying to fill the vacant properties in the town centers as it is?? If all of the "major" High Street Retailers weren't here, we could sell the empty land to Dan Dare and let them build more empty over-priced apartments. The final remaining rising bollard, is to be placed under the Chief Minister's throne in Tynwald apparently, with his favourite "intruder 3000" stuck to the top of it
  14. What's even more worrying is, that was the image released to iomonline. I just hope they didn't send a cheque for £350,000 already!!! The bloody thing doesn't even have any wheels on it, or are they planning to use the ones from the existing "Gravy Train"?
  15. without the major "High Street" retailers over here, whats the alternative? Tony Brown Electricals, Griddles, Dukes Diner? Or worse still, how about the electricity provider on the IOM opening a chain of "loss making" electrical goods shops?? Kick McDonalds out for sure, but replace them with Burger King
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