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  1. Seeing a lot of advertisements on here for good that are not actually located on the Island. It all looks a bit dodgy to me, there is also a rise in people listing items who happen to be "off Island" at the moment and will post when PayPal payment has been received. Personally my alarm bells are ringing at seeing this. Or maybe I am just paranoid that people are trying whatever which-way to con us with our money. The UK Government already do a good job with that, we don't need anyone else!
  2. Are you talking about DJ's or top Civil Servants?. There is a difference? They're all full of spin Classic joke! Was out this weekend and the DJ's were all over the place, I hope DJ management comes into force soon. Yes Dan, get back on Manx Radio! Was listening to it on Sunday and it was so poor, there was a guy on there talking for ten minutes about moles! You could tell by his voice that he was losing the audience. It was very sad.
  3. That was some assumption there! I was in the back seat. doth now protest! i can see by the picture you were sitting on the left anyway. i can tell you're Manx
  4. plus, you had to pull over and safely take a snap! well i suppose taking a picture isn't actually using your mobile phone in the illegal sense. cyclists are getting as bad as motorists!
  5. Damn! He's given up again
  6. But surely this change in trend with the digital DJ age should bring some synergy and keep the DJ Management section afloat, why else would this thread have been created? I think more notoriety around the effectiveness of DJ Management especially on the island where disparate parties are all joined together by the common folly of finding the right DJ with the right music at the right time. I disagree with your comment and will put the point to you that with effective DJ Management, those individuals who CAN sound like Guetta or Tiesto with a few button presses need to be marketed effective
  7. Tell me about it, I think we should still talk about DJ Management though! It's not hijacking the thread if it is as per op thread title. I think DJ Management would be rather good in today's society, I know Switched On used to do DJ Management years ago but no-one does it now! I suppose DJ Management could supposedly form part of a suite of skills leveraged by party planners. I suppose the question should be, can DJ's be their own managers?
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-19295574 Not really news is it!
  9. just like betamax, bin em! just thrown a load of old Disney VHS tapes away, at one point they were valuable but after the digital restoration onto Blu-Ray, noone is interested.
  10. ECU's and sensors are usually protected by the appliances they are operating within for example, you will commonly find the ECU between engine compartment and footwell to protect from all elements. I am more concerned about mud and grit collected around braking and suspension components as well as slowly rotting away any susceptible body work
  11. nah, I just expected the thread to be about vinyl and CDJ's! Why so serious?
  12. Want to keep the car immaculate and wanted to know if there is anywhere on the Island that would do an proper under-body and engine compartment clean. Get all the dirt, grime and crap out of harms way and protect my car better for longer!
  13. Had the same with loads of jeans, would only let you select up to £4.50 for posting but cost me £4.75. There must be a way around it? I always enjoy selecting 'postage from outside the UK' because 1) It is true and 2) We get up to two weeks to send it out
  14. very disappointed, read through the whole thread and there isn't a single mention of DJ's or DJing anywhere! Blatant misleading thread.
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