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  1. Government policy of putting out press releases at 5pm on a Friday is normally to hide a mistake isn't it? https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/delay-to-launch-of-cannabis-dispensing-service-on-island/
  2. Is this true? Any evidence to back that up? Doesn't seem room for 10 houses let alone 100
  3. The report in the paper claimed that the government surveyor stated that the beams were not actually doing anything structurally? It seems like the developer was trying to pull the wool over the eyes of planning?
  4. I will take it on board, Take care Rob Diph ELO KLF CND
  5. Please elaborate. The Jonathan Michaels who held super secret meetings with megson, then shredded the minutes, deciding the future of our health industry? Will we ever know if the plan was to gradually move services to the UK? Or the Jonathan Michaels who told Dr Ranson not to pursue her whistleblower claims?
  6. Or perhaps pursuing a failed 50 year old policy is a fools errand? 90% of offences are for cannabis, and if you have read the paper lately we are actively encouraging cannabis companies to the island. Licensed users buying from a reputable vendor will reduce offences of children being exploited. The scaremongering from the police on safeguarding has lumped sexual grooming offences with drug couriers for maximum headlines.
  7. Thank you Wrighty, you have given me hope that there is a future for our health service. Do you think Manx care had the appetite and will to make the required changes? I don't believe our politicians have the backbone or nouse to prevent us becoming a IOM NHS trust. Sir Jonathan and his merry band have a lot to answer for.
  8. Manx care has failed on all three. How much longer are we going to persist before someone admits that our health care is the worst it's been in history and manxcare has only made it worse.
  9. Maybe he can only work 2 days a week so he can continue claiming benefits? What impact can an off island director have? Especially two days a week? We saw how effective the old DHSS CEO was. Is this a cost saving model? Or just taking the piss out of politicians too weak to do anything about it?
  10. Onchan would like to challenge you for the worst MHKs on the island. A Walter Mitty who is a defacto civil servant only interested in his own 'career' progression, who doesn't even bother reading anything before putting it to Tynwald. And Julie Edge, a promising back bencher who went rapidly downhill after drinking the comin kookaid. They make Zac Hall and Peter Karran look like world beaters. Would that horrible Willers man have been a better choice?
  11. I think that was to stop young girls making the tick tock videos in there again!
  12. The insulation idea sounds ok. But if this isn't a knee jerk response and it was really part of KLBs work they started in march, why is it only being announced today? It will take the usual months to implement, first lot started in Jan or Feb? My money is on knee jerk reaction.
  13. I wonder what the justification for that was? And who approved it?
  14. Thanks Roger. His LinkedIn does state that he's been on the board for a month. Will adding another director solve any issues at Manx care?
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