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  1. £30 million sounds like a lot. What was the spending under DHSS? We need to improve our health service, but how do we know Manx care are managing this spend properly without political oversight? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-care-spends-more-than-30m-on-agency-and-bank-workers-in-2022/
  2. Disappointed at the lack of cats in the categories this year, if we believe the press our schools are full of people identifying as cats!
  3. What qualifies this chap to be lecturing businesses on their carbon footprint? And how did he get here? Flying I presume? Maybe bought fake carbon offset credits to greenwash the trip?
  4. That doesn't seem to be going away. Are they the letting agent and seller? Lots of off island advertising promising a 10% Apr on the rental income, that's after dandara take their slice
  5. The comments seem to be in the minority though. I have sat in onchan surgery whilst the phone rang constantly and nobody picked up. A better booking and scheduling service is required for all GPs. Dhss need to make a concerted effort to find out why appointments are missed. Calling or texting the patients and logging the results to improve the service. Crying to the press has made no difference.
  6. A very sad end to the story. When did he go missing? I saw the civil defence guys near Baldwin yesterday, seems pretty far away from where he started.
  7. Are the Douglas town center management people part of DBC? They seem to be all over social media, do they have a purpose? Can't imagine its a cheap service.
  8. So two of the three documents had incorrect dates on and the date on the 'template' happens to be the same day that evidence was due to be presented to the PAC? Convenient timing? I assume this is where the metadata issue comes in? https://youtu.be/rN4xyFdNnYs
  9. None of the people listed on the website are digital forensic experts. Was it outsourced? I assume the report will never see the light of day?
  10. The hearing sounds bleak and the continued awful treatment of Dr Ranson is deplorable.
  11. https://gef.im/2023/01/18/no-evidence-docs-were-faked/
  12. Why didn't they just have a remote Tynwald? Is it that hard to organise?
  13. Paul Philips to rename the TT to the Paul Philips classic and rebrand all merchandise with his PP logo. New scoreboard will just be rob callister and a handful of crayons.
  14. Interesting thanks. I look forward to reading the article!
  15. Did we hear any more on the spoof email scandal? I find it very hard to believe they have found an email spoofer, it's near impossible if using anonymous spoofing software
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