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  1. Let's not get carried away, we followed a failed UK policy whilst bullying our medical director and ignoring the advice of our medics. We sure made up the numbers pretty quickly: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-55178508
  2. https://gef.im/2021/04/01/dr-glover-i-thought-they-were-just-exploiting-me/ As we are taking a trip down memory lane. During the PAC hearing, Mr Ashford claimed that he has written 'codes' in a previous job and believed it was possible that the dhss staff member could have copied the code by looking over Dr Glovers shoulder. The letter from the AG claiming that the allegedly stolen code was in fact written in house. Quite a strong position for the AG to take.
  3. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    The article suggests that the company are funding it themselves? Or did I misread it? Even Jo Cox at Manx gas backtracked on their carbon offsetting nonsense. I expect an FOI into the contract award and cost will be submitted fairly quickly
  4. Watching that video again is just as shocking. My money is on that letter being written by Magson
  5. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    Interesting to note that the chap who is funding the greenwashing, sorry I mean carbon offsetting. Is a member of digital isle of man.
  6. Can we add the treatment of the abbotswood staff to that list?
  7. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    The TT would be rubbish without our German visitors propping it up! I always give them a little beep and a wave when I'm passing their camp.
  8. That's interesting. Manx labour party have been burying their heads in the sand since the tribunal, only mentioning the freedom of the press
  9. Clare Barber was in charge of culture at DHSS, look how well that went.
  10. Derek is a frequent poster and usually provides a different perspective on the police roles. TT traffic can be mental when unmanaged, when managed it is no problem. My argument is that police are replacing traffic management with asking people to WFH. One of the very jobs they are supposed to do.
  11. The bullying received by Dr Glover by Ashfords, very immature, girlfriend is also nasty bullying. A pub quiz master who was too full of his own self importance that he dismissed the opinions of a very qualified medical director is the true crime here. The families of Abbotswood victims will never know for sure if Dr Ranson was right, but what we do know is that Ashford was wrong. And people died.
  12. Is it true that some civil servants receive an additional payment to align their salaries with the private sector? I can't think of the name, R&R? Poaching might be an issue with the too regulatory staff, like bill mummery and the sort. But the rest? Not so sure.
  13. I am sure Derek will be along to tell us all the super important work, like catching riders doing 35 in a 30 that take precedent. Earning fixed penalty cash over serving. Historically when the police have controlled traffic on the promenade it flowed, nobody needed to work from home. Another example of public servants being lazy.
  14. This might be a wild suggestion, but maybe the police can actually manage the bloody traffic? If they're not too busy messing around in boats with customs.
  15. Sorry to hear that John. We need an anti bullying unit to root out all these scumbags, no golden handshake, just kicked out the door and publicly shamed.
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