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  1. This is his first question in 6 months, give the guy a break
  2. Such old tired bollocks. The drug classification system is part of the problem. The real issues are societal. If alcohol was a class A drug then it would be the most destructive drug on the list. Stay away from my family with your half a lager...
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    I am sure we will have a final mega blog.
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    Edited to appease the gods.
  5. cissolt

    Manx Care

    Well they do already share data with NHS Digital as i pointed out. The following data is collected per patient: data about diagnoses, symptoms, observations, test results, medications, allergies, immunisations, referrals, recalls and appointments, including information about physical, mental and sexual health data on sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation data about staff who have treated patients Personally speaking, any of the data held on my medical file should be treated under patient/doctor confidentiality. Google has already been fined for illegal data
  6. cissolt

    Manx Care

    The naming of the new system seems like a cynical attempt to link it in the users mind to GDPR. General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) system
  7. cissolt

    Manx Care

    Looks like we are paying NHS digital to collect the data? "NHS digital is entitled to a reasonable fee" https://digital.nhs.uk/about-nhs-digital/corporate-information-and-documents/directions-and-data-provision-notices/isle-of-man/hscn-connectivity-service-for-the-isle-of-man-department-of-health-and-social-care
  8. cissolt

    Manx Care

    Does anyone what the situation is with regards to Manx Care sharing data with NHS Digital? A skim of the Manx care website does state that they share anonymised information. If you are receiving care services from us, we may share information that does not identify you (anonymised) with other NHS and social care partner agencies for the purpose of improving local services, staff training, research, audit and public health.
  9. Mr Josem, do you think you might be part of the problem? I seem to recall you wanting to rent out your second property on Airbnb. One might suggest that you are taking advantage of the property market yourself
  10. The staycation business is booming with the reluctance to open borders. Old Howie must be pretty pleased with this year's bookings! I note that his accomodations are available for covid isolation too. I have trouble accepting the impartial decision making when there is so much money up for grabs.
  11. Of course there is. The government have been planning for pandemics for years. We have plans for SARS, swine flu, bird flu. What we don't have any is competent leadership who are willing to listen to experts. http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/33451/influenza-plan-updated-by-government
  12. We followed the UK public health herd immunity strategy at first. Calls for early border closures and mask wearing by the medical director were dismissed by Henrietta. Even David Ashford admitted that the medical director called for earlier action. A full independent public enquiry is required, we cannot leave it up to the AG to appoint his mate again(and promote him)
  13. They don't need a money tree, proper testing would have caught this issue. If it was developed by PDMS then find a new provider capable of writing modern scalable code. If it was internal, promote the developer to a management position and get some capable staff in.
  14. Yes, though I'm not sure what the story is as he only seems to have become a director of that in November 2011 and receivers fort he Group were appointed the following May, so the cause of the problems would pre-date his time. I get that. The main directors were pretty big born again scumbags who I imagine would have put anyone on a holding company directorship by that stage. However, there is a residual judgement issue if you knew that I suppose. I thought we have already done this topic a million times. Yes, I worked at the Louis Group in 2010 until I was made redundant 2012/13. I
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