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  1. 500,000 divided by the population? Less than a £5 per person if they just handed the cash straight out.
  2. Feels like a half million pound attempt by government to buy favour with gefs newsoutlet while providing no tangible benefit to anyone else involved
  3. The accounts weren't made available. Most MHKs mentioned this but voted for the increase anyway
  4. So if the threat of the gas being turned off was presented, who would be turning off the gas? The MUA would stop supplying it to Manx gas?
  5. Just bringing this into the main manxgas thread. Mua made 1.1million buying gas for manxgas. Lower purchases of gas for Manx gas sounds to me like the MUA supply gas to Manx gas.
  6. Are you sure John? This Mua report states that they purchase has in advance and made 1.1 million selling to Manx gas.
  7. Lives were lost due to incompetence of government, the uk covid response stated that it was the worst public health failure in history. So yes, a full enquiry into why and how government decisions led to the loss of life. Anyone claiming its a waste of money hasnt suffered personally during the pandemic
  8. Rob has the same issue with reading the car tax increase put out by his department!
  9. Good. Glad some people can see through his bullshit
  10. Give the kids a cordoned off area to jump in safely so they don't head round the coast to more dangerous places
  11. To paraphrase Mrs Merton: what first attracted you to multi-millionaire Howard Quayle?
  12. Well when the standing charge was introduced some of the MHKs I spoke to, who used oil, weren't actually aware just how much that would change people's bills.
  13. It would be interesting to see how many MHKs have gas and are directly affected and how they vote!
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