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  1. Or a mix of both. The PAC hearings show they don't know what they are doing and when they encounter someone who does they don't care enough to listen. Sad really.
  2. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but did you hear Rob say that he believes renewable technology is 10-15 years away? Did he mean 10-15 miles offshore?
  3. That's strange, it used to work. This company is running the scheme: https://www.kbh.im/
  4. Did we ever find out how much the Gef the mongoose people had been paid for this scheme? The owner seems to be a former member of the civil service. Not that this would influence any tender process....if there was one.
  5. If you listen to the interview Rob states that renewable technologies are still 10-15 years away from being efficient. He's obviously not looked out over douglas bay! Obviously he is not the right man to be leading a green energy push.
  6. Convenient time for maintenance. Still available on waywayback 🙄
  7. It has always been this way. Wrighty mentioned one of the most basic issues as having separate computer systems that don't talk to each other meaning everything is duplicated or laborious.
  8. Some of the people commenting on Twitter say they got a phone call asking why they missed it but no appointment letter. Govt and Manx care have gone quiet on the issue. Seems like an admin error but blame diverted
  9. If 200 people failed to turn up on one day that suggests a failure of the booking system
  10. It was created by a UK company. We have loads of IT companies capable of creating a simple app, why are we allowing this work to go off island? https://www.notifytechnology.com/case-studies/isle-of-man-government/
  11. There is nothing in the tender portal. I imagine they did a magic waiver for it
  12. How much have we paid a UK firm for this? I don't remember seeing a tender document! What happened to the old one? That actually worked.
  13. Keeping the young people we currently have is a massive challenge. Unable to afford to buy a property, rental property prices are through the roof ( pardon the pun ) and our health service is an appalling state. Plenty of jobs here but no incentives for young people to stay. Did any of our political candidates try and engage with the younger demographic? The apathy shown by young voters would suggest not
  14. Thanks Stu. I heard the 40 million figure. That puts to bed the assertion that non car motorcycle users are contributing towards road maintenance. One of the shocking things about Tim's reply was that the Kirk Michael vanity bridge was not even put before Tynwald for approval. That was quoted as 1.3 million. Then we have the work going in towards Ramsey where land needs to be bought from property owners. Another incredible waste of money from DOI
  15. The usual band wagon hoping mix of local councillors and middle class virtue signalers
  16. Stu, how much money was received in car tax or whatever they are calling it? And how much was received on fuel? Can we have a breakdown on what was spent where? The active travel brigade seem to think that road maintenance is paid by their tax rather than road tax or fuel tax
  17. Done. Thanks for your hard work Barry. I don't think government have any motivation to do anything about this.
  18. Why did it need an FOI? Shouldn't this be published?
  19. This last statement seems to be repeated by politicians quite often. If you read through the PAC minutes you will find that we had numerous text books, or pandemic preparedness plans, and they were not adhered to. This was one of the biggest failures of the govt handling of the whole thing.
  20. It was mentioned in the myprom minutes: Waiting for remedial works to be finished before digging everything up again.
  21. They have already prepped the press release with manx utlities to dig up the road and fix the water main. Guess it will be December sometime?
  22. Has anyone clarified why the figures were wrong? And what the cost is to government based on the lower wage increases for some industries based on the incorrect values?
  23. I think this needs to be addressed urgently. Rather than throwing money at pie in the sky projects and green initiatives we need to ensure we look after our health workers.
  24. No minutes published since August.....looks like they are trying to hide something: https://www.myprom.im/plans/strategic-board-minutes-
  25. The courier mentions an additional use for the incinerator, disposal of waste oils. How does this sit with our emissions targets? Burning plastics and waste oil doesn't sound very good for the environment
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