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  1. Also suggested that the abbotswood was no subjudice and should have been discussed. Awful coverup from Ashford and Co, anyone know what the status is of that case? Rug swept?
  2. A civil servant doing something early? 🤔😂
  3. cissolt

    Firm closing

    Do they have a Sainsbury yard of pasty?
  4. In isolation the phone wiping may seem to be an accident, but in case where evidence has been concocted or not presented at all it's rather suspicious. GTS would not act unless asked, so there will be a record of how and why the phone was wiped. Whether anyone asks to see it is another matter.
  5. Ranson couldn't disclose anything as they wiped her phone, seems an unusual policy to wipe a doctor's phone and not have a backup.
  6. I assume as he was head of the PAC for Dr Ransons testimony and was hailing the appointment of Malone, even after hearing of her involvement.
  7. The gef article on the people who have left so far was enlightening. Teflon Dan.....Davies gave evidence for the government. He managed to avoid a mention in the findings but has been integral to the whole process
  8. Good points joebean. If government have concluded that the documents were forged and then 'allowed' those involved to retire rather than face legal action, they open a whole new can of worms.
  9. You lost me at Rob Callister being an honest broker. He is a self serving, pompous buffoon. High on his own ego and grovelling for scraps from Alfs plate.
  10. Hopefully she doesn't go too far, we will need her back to answer some questions at the covid inquiry.
  11. Is succession planning not part of his remit? If so, hasn't he failed to ensure we have a succession plan in place to use on island officers?
  12. Thanks Stu, I appreciate the reply. You confirm my suspicions that we have seen the ugly tip of the iceberg and government has been forced to act. I look forward to the blood letting.
  13. Stu, do you think any of these changes would have been made if the tribunal findings were not public? Similar issues have arisen during the covid, steampacket and Dr Glover but no action was taken.
  14. It would be interesting to know how much the government has benefited in increased vat and duty
  15. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    Perhaps instead of having jollies round the island in boats and hanging round at the sea terminal they could go back to actual policing.
  16. Why was he on radio5? Is this damage control to the islands reputation? By not apologising to Dr Ranson publicly and doubling down on his bullshit statement, the damage is irreplaceable.
  17. I think we already have too many masons in government and the house of keys. As for religious groups, they should be kept away from any political decision making. Living hope already have their tendrils woven into government.
  18. It's shameless and out of touch from DFE and the visit isle of man agency. Growing the work force seems to be Robs master plan. No consideration for the lack of affordable housing, longest hospital waiting lists in history, historical levels of inflation and no plan to deal with it.
  19. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    No bikes, looked like a Peugeot and a 4x4 type thing
  20. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    Hopefully everyone is ok. I drove past just after a head on collision at the ramsey hairpin and thought it was an odd place for a crash, surely its one of the slowest corners on the island? Interestingly on the mountain we now have more signs than the rest of the island combined. Do we really need the same signage 5 meters apart?
  21. Where do these people stand if they were involved in document tampering for Ransons tribunal? Free pass to leave the island with a gold plated pension immune from repercussions?
  22. If all of this is Alfs doing then I take my hat off to him. He is on the path to restoring my hope in him as a chief minister.
  23. cissolt

    TT 2022 ??

    100% agreed. The climate brigade crying from the rooftops whilst offering no viable solutions. The plastic issue is a very real concern, but rather than tackle it at the source with coke/pepsi we are told to use paper or metal straws.
  24. Most of those who have left were featured in a negative light in the Ranson tribunal. With the exception of the DFE chap. Which makes this clip from Lawrie even more baffling as he chaired the secret Ranson PAC evidence session: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/hooper-unusual-for-so-many-gov-employees-to-leave-at-same-time/ Is he Naïve? Or dishonest? He doesn't come across as stupid.
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