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  1. i think this thread may eclipse the last... http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=360267
  2. if not this is right up there... http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=447692
  3. I'm really enjoying the beta at the moment ( on the 360 ), i've noticed a few bugs ( falling through the floor on the metro map, by the first M-comm station A ), and the occasional invisible player, but it's not dampened my enjoyment of the game...
  4. got your flyer through the door tonight ( ballanoa meadows ), and spoke to you through the hedge, we'll keep an eye out for Barry as our 2 (cats) seem to encourage all the cats in the area to ours for food and general merry-making. I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later
  5. i don't think you can do split-screen...it's a pity that would have been great fun. I'm thouroughly enjoying this, haven't had the slightest urge to get GOW3 yet!
  6. wow walked into a right kerfuddle here...hopefully people will take this in good humour! PC vs PS3 console footage comparison now can't we all just get along! :-)
  7. managed to pick up a copy yesterday...great fun. reminds me a lot of borderlands ( semi-open world environments linked by loading screens, 4-player online co-op and lots of loot ). in single player there is a very tangible sense of dread, especially with the speed that some weapons degrade. very enjoyable, looking forward to getting deeper into the game.
  8. i didn't think it was possible to improve on that giff...hats off to you sir! a tribble!
  9. Anyone picked this up, i've been hunting around but it seems to be sold out everywhere! The reviews have been a mixed bag ( from 3/10 to 9/10 ) but to be honest it looks like a lot of fun and should tide me over until GOW3 and Rage! was going to pick it up on the PS3 but have heard that that version is pretty much broken. Noticed that GAME are selling it for £48!!!
  10. i'm loving this game at the moment...so far haven't killed anyone ( apart from the people you have to ). to be honest i've not noticed frame-rate problems and the load times don't bother me in the slightest. finding it hard to spend cash though, i've got nearly 40k credits and i'm fast running out of things to invest praxis points in! Can't wait to play through again killing everything that moves! hehehe
  11. Oh for the love of god...
  12. Shop them looters... http://photoshoplooter.tumblr.com/
  13. well i should be playing BF3 now ( managed to get an invite to the alpha test ), but lo and behold I don't yet have my gaming computer so i've had to generously gift it to a friend...will be checking it out tonite though and will report back!
  14. At least you have the consolation of Tamara thanking you from the heart of her bottom. I wouldn't expect anything else from her...looks like it's back to M&S for sandwiches now!
  15. Went there every day for my lunch for 2years...shame it's gone as she did some of the best butties in town (imho). The pork baguettes were incredible!
  16. torchlight and sacred2 on the xbox...loving loot at the moment ( roll on diablo3 & torchlight2 )
  17. Looking to get rid £120 ono
  18. For Sale Nintendo Wii with the following games and things : Game Party Fifa 08 Smackdown v. Raw 2008 Just Dance Just Dance 2 Fanastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer The X Factor The Simpsons High School Musical Sing It Mario Kart Super Marion Bros Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Mario & Sonic Winter Olympic Games 2 Controllers 2 Nunchucks 2 steering wheels Looking for £150 ono
  19. thanks for the info manx890...plenty to think about!
  20. Hey peeps, Seems a bit strange to be talking about skiing in the middle of the summer but i'm looking for some advice on where best to take a family of 3 skiing. Some additional information : None of us have ever ski'd/snow boarded before The boy is going to be 12 when we go We're looking to go in or around New Year ( is this a good idea? ) Ideally we're looking for short flight/travel times but again we're pretty much open on this. Basically i'm just looking for some recommendations on resorts, personal experiences, do's and dont's and basically any other advice... Thanks in advance
  21. first console footage shown last night on Jimmy Fallon's show... http://kotaku.com/5812902/battlefield-3-looks-just-fine-on-console-thanks Looks pretty sweet!
  22. thanks Twonky...I'll start saving some pennies now and possibly sell my PS3 to fund the purchase!
  23. thanks for the info Twonky...is it difficult to put together a rig like that or would i be better off getting a friend to build it?
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