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    Good News

    I had a great time planting seeds last weekend, even dug myself a spud patch and this weekend I am going to make a veggie patch up the back of the garden. I saw loads of lambs on the school run this morning and am mostly very happy with all that is Bee life at the moment Oh and and and, I found some pictures of GK in the attic, got them framed and put them (and various other paintings) up around the house. I've also had an idea to paint the frames of some 'still art' pictures which look incredibly dated by their 1970's tweed frames - funk them up a bit. You must come round dear x
  2. It's gone up in value over the past year. Might buy some while they're cheap, I've got BTC and DOGE (£50's worth as an experiment - I don't do the lottery & my pension outlook is grim so I might as well take the odd punt of my own with money I'm not worried about losing... this time next year Rod-en-eey)
  3. Curb your enthusiasm is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, thanks for reminding me of it
  4. He didn’t need to goto the dentist so he didn’t go, when he next tried to make an appointment he’d been taken off the list and there are no spaces anywhere now. The doctors thing is the usual, unless you call at 8:30am you die waiting for an appointment. Luckily he’s a healthy chap & has little need for the doctors.
  5. That’s a lot of money to be paying out as rent. There should be a government run rent to buy scheme. A scheme like that would work for developers, government and the people. Rented accommodation people (sweeping statement alert) don’t tend their gardens or replace curtain hooks when they break, they bring down the tone of the neighbourhood, it’s not their fault, they just don’t know any better.
  6. I am very fond of Josem, not sure why you people are so mean about him. Is it because he is young, handsome and nice? Sour grapes y’all.
  7. My dad had worked here all his life, now he has no dentist and cannot get a doctors appointment when he needs one. It’s not good.
  8. Who shot Charles de Menezes? As long as they keep their guns off the streets and only use them in extreme situations, it’s not such a bad thing to have our police trained in firearms. At some courts & airports in the UK they have policemen with machine guns!! I hope we never get that crazy
  9. Mods do this for free, they’re ace and you need to shut up whining Kopek.
  10. This is really bad but not surprising. As if being raped isn't bad enough.
  11. Ha! Sorry missed the first post in the series
  12. You have to laugh, Bezos kicking off because Tesla is winning the race to put the internet in space for “the people”.
  13. Isle of Man creameries don’t make Brie, do they?
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