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  1. So it would be quite bad if they are going to drain it?
  2. A man told someone I know that the government told him they were going to drain the Kionslieu lake. I've looked on the gov.im but there is nothing about it, does anyone know anything? I like the Foxdale Serengeti as it is
  3. 20% is saying one in five is dependent on alcohol here, surely not. I know loads of people and only one person who has a serious drink problem. Crazy stuff.
  4. 2bees

    End of Summer

    It’s given good weather for Monday.
  5. 2bees

    Jumping ship

    Great thread MF’ers! Thanks for brining this to the attention of the general public OP. I will email my MHK today, he’s a canny lad and will probably think getting rid of the post is a thrifty and wise idea. As for army wannabe, spew boy Wann, blah - shut up and go away. The idea of having a wedding cake made in the shape of the Tynwald wedding cake building would have been ace if it hadn’t been his wedding cake, pompous hasn’t been used enough in this thread but it’s 100% appropriate.
  6. Is pretty much what my friends said too but they had a nice time and said that the staff were super nice.
  7. @woolley Such a nice post x I'm still here I just work more and chat less these days
  8. My friends said Ramsey Park was ace, for £99 they got bed, breakfast, an evening meal and a bottle of wine. I'd go for that alone
  9. Tosser at the tip turned me away the other day because the man's van (who was helping me to bring things down) was too big - total jobsworth told me I could go home and put the items in my car and do two trips if necessary or I could come with the van on Monday or Wednesday, completely ridiculous. Suffice to say I went to St Johns where they're not dickheads.
  10. £5000 fine if you leave your bin out - I read about it on the side of a bin wagon once.
  11. I miss my daughter very much but I’m happy to wait until they’ve got COVID under control in the UK til I see her, we have WhatsApp. That said, as soon as the borders open I’m getting her over here
  12. Josem is a nice guy, not a trough feeder.
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