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  1. There are a few problems with that play list, it’s good until it starts with The Streets and other shouty rap music (sometimes I listen to shouty rap music).
  2. It's bloody awful, they have Owls kept in a cage smaller than my office and do not start me on the blow up bouncing thing, WTF even is that? They should be spending money on the animals & their enclosures, not stupid ass shit like that un bouncy not even a castle (which needs constant air, using fuck knows how much electricity) rah rah rah, see you had to go and mention the wild life park, didn't you? Oh and while I'm at it, they've (government) taken down the Crookhall plaque but left the one that says "Opened by Hon. Phil Kermode MHK" up - WTF kind of world are we living in? Down at the NSC there is another ego trip to David Creterney, these people swan around making like they're the greatest, opening buildings, having plaques put up, what have they ever given or done? Naff all. Tossers. grrr
  3. Funny you should mention that, I played my clarinet for the first time in ages last night. I think people would pay me to go away
  4. I was behind a bus yesterday, it had plumes of black smoke coming from the exhaust - that's shocking! 1
  5. When I was young the Turks were mad, I imagined they all wore Alibaba trousers and had scimitar swords. Mad Turks. Then I went on holiday to Turkey and found out it was a nice place with great Roman ruins and nice beaches but the Turks are (in my experience) a bit unhinged, this carry on in Syria is more scimitar waving madness and they should be reigned in.
  6. Ah right, it's not the best distress signal I've heard of.
  7. How would you know it was upside down?
  8. I really don't know what the islanders expect of Howard Q - he's the chief minister not god, he cannot stop the rain or the rivers, he's just a man. I think people these days expect far too much from their politicians. ETA when I was listening to the news yesterday I conjured several mental images of Howard in various roles, one was of him as Neptune towering above the river commanding it to stop, then there was him as Moses reversing the parting of the seas, then a Gandalfesque Howard "Laxey river, thou shall not pass!", I don't think his finger would be big enough for a little Dutch boy finger in the dike scene but he might be able to plug the flow by sitting in the hole. Howard saves the day.
  9. Yeah, this is what I thought too. Why would you know this unless you had a child at the school or attended it yourself?
  10. Some mighty strong badgers in Laxey fella Badgers? Clown! I meant otters ofc.
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