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  1. 2bees

    Why be shy

    TBF we're all guilty of picking on other posters for no reason, it's an internet thing I guess.
  2. 2bees

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    A quick Google makes the lad out to be a bit of an idiot, a clear case for chemical castration (keep those genes out of the pool eh?). Bit of a tit but probably harmless enough.
  3. 2bees

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    This is not a new thing, Svetlana did the last one however she no longer lives here, perhaps she'd return for such a wonderful commission opportunity. Or not.
  4. 2bees

    Clearly Not

    No, cancer, but he had been a massive drinker in his time, maybe he'd be alive now if he'd taken notice of the anti-drinking campaigns, who knows?
  5. 2bees

    Clearly Not

    Actually several people died, I was at the funeral of one of those who died yesterday.
  6. Some aspects of this have huge financial backing & I think it will happen
  7. 2bees

    Who’s in charge

    You're both incredibly boring, I thought this was a sub thread
  8. 2bees

    TV Licensing

    I might have said this before but I'll say it again, we don't watch TV but we have one and we pay our license fee, it's just something grown ups do. What is the point of making a fuss over £10 a month? Half the monster sized TV's cost more than that to run...
  9. 2bees

    Cycling news

    The Ballakermeen area during school pick up and drop off is unbelievable, it is only a matter of time before a child is killed on Westminster Terrace or Drive. There was a note of apology from the headmistress... and? They could have a rolling drop off area, but that would not fix the mess that is collection time. It's good to hear something is being done, but it won't be enough, the kids are parking all over the disc zone, the Chelsea tractor drivers are stopping on the double yellows by the corners or taking up 2 spaces because they've no idea (about anything, why would you even have a car like that ? Specifically the white Range Rover Clars Vogue driver who constantly parks like an utter twat!). Yeah, parking, it's emotive, I'm off for a nice cup of tea and a day dream about my bike. Did I mention how much I like it? It is actually awesome.
  10. 2bees

    Cycling news

    I completely love my bike, I'd go everywhere on it if I could, when I pack in work I'm going to cycle around all day, everyday. We generally go through the plantations (especially in the dark) & on the Heritage trail (the gates are a bit silly) - the other day there were bats flying around us, totally ace! I don't really like to go on the roads much because of car fumes & risky drivers. They could make 'cycle roads' next to the train lines & improve the pass-ability of the heritage trail (bye gates) cyclists don't want to inconvenience cars any more than car drivers want to harass cyclists so rather than making cycle lanes on car roads why not take the initiative and make cycle roads? I'm sure that there are loads of old roads that could be tarted up a bit for cyclists to use.
  11. 2bees

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    White powder!!
  12. 2bees

    Drink spiking madness

    One time, some one did actually spike me with acid and yes, it was funny.
  13. 2bees

    dogs on leads in IOM?

    My friend and me were walking in a plantation the other day, a woman with a mad dog (off its head as well as it's leash) approached with no care for the fact that her yappy idiot dog could have scared us (if we were scared of dogs, but we're not so it was OK but it could have been really terrible). They should all have leads, one of those extension ones gives the owner a certain amount of control over the dog.
  14. 2bees

    Winter drawers on?

    We've had the fire lit 3 or 4 times this week. It was lush on Thursday, came in from my bike ride covered in mud, had a quick bath then lazed around in front of the fire watching re-runs of bake off Living the dream.