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  1. 2bees


    Hospice is amazing and worth every penny. They do so much more than people imagine. Maybe the government could look at charities that are leeching monies that could goto Hospice, there are so many charities. In no way am I saying that the other charities are not worthy but from an admin and fund raising point of view, perhaps it isn't necessary to have 7000 charities all for the same thing. (This is a nutshell view of a much deeper thought)
  2. Ahhh she’s South African, that explains it. I’ve no doubt she is nice but her voice peppers my ears.
  3. Bloody hell fire I thought Glenn was much older than that 😂
  4. That's exactly what I'm talking about @CallMeCurious. Why would you give someone a job on a national radio station as a news reader when they cannot read? Did they not do a test first?
  5. Oh dear, that’s it - back to Alexa and Spotify, I tried to listen to Manx Radio but they’re all so annoying.
  6. erm... First of the gang to die. Maybe poetic isn't the right word, I just like them.
  7. 2bees


    I like these kind of things, but I'm a few quid short for a project like that
  8. I loved The Smiths and I quite like Morrissey's new song, it is very Smithsey. I've seen Morrissey and Marr in concert a couple of times, Marr is without doubt, the best musically but Morrissey's lyrics are poetic. They were of the moment for me and I kinda like that.
  9. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/powerlifting-manx-squad-off-to-flyer-at-commonwealth-championships/ I was chatting to my mate in NZ this morning, she has been up to Auckland to support the Isle of Man team. The Isle of Man have been winning gold medals. How good? Well good
  10. Oooh it’s on the radio again. How did the local schools GCSE/A-level results compare to UK schools?
  11. I’m hopeful Will keep you posted. I have to say, although the govt dept have been slow, beyond acceptable, the person I’ve been dealing with has been very helpful.
  12. I heard about this on the radio this morning (loving the radio news, it's so chock full of assholes making complete clowns of themselves), an Australian man (could have been from New Zealand) has travelled all the way over here to support the local teachers & the Labour Party have come over from Manchester too - Mancs Labour party, well supported... Whilst I agree that teachers deserve to paid more (if they're worth it... which many are but a few are not) I do not think it is fair of them to strike, especially after the children have missed so much through the Covid years.
  13. How very dare you all be so terribly rude about this very special "National politician"? That's what he thinks he is, honestly, I heard him say it on Manx Radio (I'm over 50 so I like to listen to the news in the morning). People in Willaston are seeing vermin that they've never seen before, vote winning for sure.
  14. It was an observation, modern life involves people having cars. Whatever.
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