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  1. I absolutely love the gymnastics, the parallel bars and rings have blown my mind awesome stuff.
  2. 2bees

    Manx Care

    Thank you. On one of the occasions when the person was seen by the other doctor before the consultation at nobles, the doctor was asked if there was anyway of moving things along as the referral had taken a long time (allowances made for Covid included), the doctor said unfortunately not and to interfere may cause more harm than good. The course is set and will take as long as it takes. Thanks for the offer but I’d rather not rock the boat for my friend.
  3. 2bees

    Manx Care

    Someone I know 😉 The “more than once” question is exactly what I’m going on about. They were seen by doctor A last year, he recommended x,y,z then come back and treatment will happen, x,y & z have been done. Doctor A has gone so they saw doctor B who asked the most obvious questions (if you have eyes you will see the problem & as it is your field its expected that you know the effect) and then said “Go away do l,m,n then come back”. Which is why I’m questioning the processes. There are many things that could be done to help ease congestion and multiple appointments for single issues and I’m glad they are being actively looked at
  4. 2bees

    Manx Care

    OMG I totally didn't mean you! I meant ones that are brought in... oh that might mean you - oops, sorry. If it eases the pain, I'm not talking about your area There is a problem though. The 'SIK' has seen 2 different people about a very obvious problem and the resolutions are totally simple & could be started without further delay, but no, sent back to see someone else (again) and told we'll see you again in 6 months blah blah blah & then maybe progress with some treatment. I like your aggressive discharger tag I was the worst ever maternity patient, I made one appointment and then had a baby.
  5. 2bees

    Manx Care

    I wonder if consultants are ripping the NHS off, someone I know has been back and forth to the hospital having consultations that consist of "pointless questions" - the facts are right there, can be seen and the effects of the condition don't need years of medical training to work out. This seems to happen quite often, my son was back and forth to the hearing clinic and nothing ever happened.
  6. They don’t, but there are some who take advantage of their position in other ways. I’d have thought you would know rather than just think 😆
  7. I live in Douglas central, I received one manifesto (Pitts) and had no visits so I had to find out who to vote for by myself. I know Natalie, she’s smart and straight, glad she got back in. Shame Skinner and Pitt’s got in, they’ve had their noses in the trough for far too long. The low turn out is disappointing but shows the lack of interest people have in tinpot council antics - I voted, now I have a right to complain
  8. 2bees


    I love my next door neighbour but I have a feeling he is feeding the gulls, relationship statuses can change.
  9. I've got post nasal drip which causes me to half cough quite a lot, I prefered my smokers cough, at least that was real not this pathetic chrr chrr thing thats neither cough nor growl.
  10. Keystone cops & fucking ridiculous courts, I was trying to find something better to say but things like this leave me dumbfounded. How deluded are these people?
  11. It looks like they have finished digging out now, maybe it looked more scary than it was. I'm a bit nervy There will be a 4 storey house where the swings and slide was, looks fairly nice - I wouldn't mind living there.
  12. She is getting the attention she craves, obvs.
  13. Yes, that's the one I've been looking at too. Pop down and you'll see what I mean about the excavations - bat shit crazy.
  14. Work has started on the re-development (the plans look great - retirement goals, for sure) We go to Port Soderick quite often and I’m a little bit worried about the amount of earth (and trees) they are moving from the area underneath the footpath that leads from the beach to Marine Drive, I’m not a structural engineer but I imagine the supports that the stairs are built on need to be supported. The men in the digger and dumper truck weren’t wearing hard hats yesterday and if the cliff became unstable and collapsed, I dread to think what would happen. Who checks these things for safety?
  15. Well done to the boy
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