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  1. Peggy spit's place? My dad reminisces about that place, she used to spit in the fat to check it was hot enough.
  2. This! I had such high hopes for him too. Disappointed.
  3. That is exactly similar to what I just said.
  4. That is horrible.
  5. 2bees

    Keith Flint

    Coz he/she/it is a bitter little Walter
  6. 2bees

    Keith Flint

    Yeah, that’s exactly how it is. Pointless post... yawn.
  7. 2bees

    Keith Flint

    Ah...but I have and it was stupid and selfish. I wasn’t mentally ill, I felt sorry for myself and didn’t want to face up to the situation I’d got myself into, this has also been the case for all the people I know of who’ve done it. It’s ok to disagree with me, it’s an emotive subject.
  8. 2bees

    Keith Flint

    Because it is. Over the past couple of years a few people I know (some better than others & none I'd consider a friend) have killed themselves, one of whom had several children. Was that person thinking about the effect their self harm would have on those children? No, not at all, ergo selfish. Another killed themselves with their dog for company...who was going to feed the dog? And what about the people who find the body? Selfish, thoughtless and cruel. Nor do they consider the effect their act has on the wider community, I didn't know the girl who threw herself off Marine Drive but I think about her every time I walk past the hippy memorial that's up there (which is quite frequently because it's on my parish training route) it's terribly saddening. Stupid is obvious, if you kill yourself then you will be dead and that's a really stupid thing to make yourself. But I was talking about Keith Flint's, his suicide was stupid and reckless because he was influential (for some).
  9. There are crazy Muslims and also crazy non Muslims, unfortunately innocent people are caught up in the crossfire of the crazy's being crazy. I see what Rog and that man are saying but it's not like that really - the crazies are in a minority. Absolutely horrific news though. So so sad.
  10. 2bees

    Keith Flint

    I was fine with the hanging basket post.
  11. There aren't even a million people on the Isle of Man.
  12. Poor people will be poor, rich people will be rich, no one will starve they'll just get smaller tellys and fewer pairs of Adidas trousers.
  13. A quick Google makes the lad out to be a bit of an idiot, a clear case for chemical castration (keep those genes out of the pool eh?). Bit of a tit but probably harmless enough.
  14. This is not a new thing, Svetlana did the last one however she no longer lives here, perhaps she'd return for such a wonderful commission opportunity. Or not.
  15. 2bees

    Clearly Not

    No, cancer, but he had been a massive drinker in his time, maybe he'd be alive now if he'd taken notice of the anti-drinking campaigns, who knows?
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