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  1. There's a lot of support for his Just giving thing.
  2. 2bees

    Blues Club

    Ah haaa, thanks. I'd remembered Stalking heads but I didn't know who the house band were.
  3. 2bees

    Blues Club

    Who else was on? I'm trying to tell my friend about them but I'm bloody useless with band names (even ones I like...and have liked for years)
  4. 2bees

    Blues Club

    I never said nothing missus but I will be there x
  5. I gave up trying to be a RMN after a stint in Cronk Coar on work experience, I couldn't believe what went on there - one woman wasn't allowed her cigarettes because she'd wet herself, another wasn't allowed off the ward (even for a walk up the corridor) because she might wander - where to? The doors were locked. Shame really because that's what I wanted to do for a job, not 100% unrewarding accounts. I too thought it might have been quite counter productive have the depressed people in with the junkies and plonkies.
  6. The whole system is broken, I was really interested in the rehabilitation of offenders and related stuff when I was young but then I went to college and lost heart.
  7. 20p says we haven't seen the last of him People do that whole flouncing (off the island) thing but their hearts will always be filled with MF.
  8. The trouble is - oh I don't know what the trouble is, I wish I did, and then maybe I wouldn't be so troubled by it all. None of this is good. I don't like extremists and I don't like the idea that there are people who think it is OK to go around beheading people. Very troubling indeed.
  9. Some people are lonely and have the worst relations ever (in the history of man) at Christmas which means your neighbours are inconsiderate asshats.
  10. Do you live by me? The people 2 doors down from me have theirs up.
  11. If anyone knows of anyone who has a couple of spare tickets for this, I know someone who would like them. Obvs not me, just someone I know
  12. There are other postal services, my friend and me have been looking at starting a small business we too were totally put off the Post Office because of their exorbitant prices. I suggest you try other carriers.
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