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  1. WTF? This kid is only about 10... sheesh, time flies hey?
  2. 17 years later... that's so Isle of Man.
  3. I was run over by a car on a zebra crossing, not the one by Robbo's but it was black and white with orange lights.
  4. I saw a cyclist crash into a woman on the zebra crossing by Robbo's on the Terrace. Nasty.
  5. Might be me, I'll have a look later. Havent played for a couple of years.
  6. 2bees

    Isle of Pride

    I’m not going.
  7. You and Alexa though ... I have a broken rib Rox
  8. I quite like hard times, I’m suspicious of affluence & have always been careful. I would be quite happy to spend the rest of my days in a small bedsit with a kettle and some noodles. I don’t see reduced queues at Maccy D’s or KFC’s, I was out the other week and noticed all the young ones have injected lips (hard to miss) & fancy nails - no hard times here 😎
  9. 2bees

    New Casino

    What they need is solar panels…
  10. I applied to a solar company for a price on the recommendations, they don't even do the water anymore because it’s out of date tech, I think I will go back to the government and explain that their report is not fit for purpose and please can I have a new one?
  11. So my survey came back saying I need solar panels and solar blah, imagine that when the company they sent out to do the survey advise "in which is your best option of solar system"
  12. My lad is in a band, they can’t get gigs. It’s not my kind of music but they do have a following.
  13. 2bees

    Careless DOI

    Stop!!! Eureka!! What we need is a metal detector drone with infra red technology- I actually have one of these in prototype form in my shed. £2,000,000 and it’s yours.
  14. Do you want to pay more tax so they can buy better kit etc? They do a good job with what they have.
  15. If this were true government systems would not be as OK as they are.
  16. The security were great, friendly etc.
  17. The drinks prices were good (except for at the gin bar) & the music was great, I couldn’t justify 2 days so listened to Example and Basement Jaxx in my garden. Andy is a really nice man, I hadn’t seen him for ooooh probably 20 years and he still made an effort to come over and chat to us and see what we thought of the event. Other people hold a bit of a do and walk around like they own the world and do glittershits (and he IS a wanker). I didn’t see any drunk people, quite the opposite as I thought it was nice that there weren’t a load of wreck heads ruining it. Fat Boy Slim in the Isle of Man, hats off to them! Unless you’ve seen him at a house party that’s probably the most intimate gig you’ll ever see him play, we went to see him at Glastonbury x years ago, absolutely mobbed and it’s the same where ever he goes … except for the Isle of Man. Brilliant gig and the lady DJ who was on in the afternoon was good too, worth a little dance
  18. 2bees


    What are the queues like at approx 12:58? Asking for a friend ofc 😂
  19. 2bees


    It’s quieter today, no people queuing out the door and the cars only go half way around the carpark.
  20. 2bees


    Queue watch… last night there were people queuing out the door and cars filled the whole plot waiting for the drive through. Johnny Depp is a hero, Julian Assange a villain, Jimmy Saville a nations treasure and the list goes on - society is absolutely mad, 100% off its rocker mad. 🤪
  21. 2bees


    LOL! I am the biggest judgy bitch I know mate, and you actually should be fully aware of this
  22. 2bees


    I've never had a KFC. I did go past to see the queue last night though, I try not to judge people but ... utterly ridiculous behaviour.
  23. Only got to Bride this year but that's alright too
  24. Tesco is Tesco, Shoprite are not Sainsburys.
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