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  1. Really? My daughter lives in Bucs. they travel miles to bike ride, miles to surf and miles to mountains - 90%… I don’t think so.
  2. Where else can you finish work and be “doing whatever activity” within 15 minutes? The Isle of Man is an ace place to live and play.
  3. Or you’re older and wiser
  4. You could, but you’d be cross with yourself for wasting money.
  5. Sorry but if you don’t understand Chris then that says more about you than him - he is fucking solid lad, shits brains and knows more about business than 85% of the general population. For real innit couz?
  6. Family library should be taken care of by the council - this is the trouble with the Isle of Man, our infrastructure is too big an umbrella and we miss important National things in the fog of petty personal crusades. Personal crusades should not win elections. Sara shouldn’t be allowed to stand, she’s not taking it seriously and is taking important votes from other candidates. We have the best candidates (again) Chris is solid, Anne Manx and experienced, Damian Manx and has some great and clever ideas - tough call. I want them all to get in (except Sara, why did she even stand?)
  7. Douglas corpy are very quick to take people to court over the upkeep of their properties (when it suits them...). They should be encouraged to start throwing their weight around in the right direction (instead of picking on little old ladies and people who've dared to question their ethics).
  8. How is this news? Douglas has been a shit hole for years.
  9. My mate gets really decent skunk off his doctor, not savitex, actual weed. One law for some and another for others, /shakes head in utter whateverness.
  10. Sara Hackman - rolflmfao.
  11. Please vote for anyone except for “Kev” - beaut!
  12. I’ve had the NHS app for ages, I got the Covid pass the other day, it takes time and is a little bit fiddley but when it’s done, it’s done.
  13. Not looking too good at all
  14. Chris Thomas is undoubtebly more inteligent than most people, snark permitted. He does loads and knows about everything that is going on in government. Ask him anything, he knows.
  15. No, I’m still meh over the snarky reply I got to my “letter of complaint to my MHK” but he’s good at being in government.
  16. Ann is very nice, but she is a bit of a council person more than Keys. It’s tricky, I will have to spend time reading their manifestos carefully.
  17. Chris Thomas is ace, it’s my second vote that is the quandary.
  18. Ooooh tricky choice, lovely lad, smart fella and kindly lady. Very difficult to decide.
  19. Oh dear, I was quite hopeful. Sad sorry state of affairs then
  20. 2bees


    There’s a few new speed limit signs appeared on my commute, who ever makes these limits must be absolutely bonkers, firstly the speed limit starts at the first house on the Eairy decent (the Douglas to Foxdale Road) goes round the sharp corner at the bottom, past the dam and (here’s the mad bit) changes to derestricted just before the houses and MSPCA car park, there’s already been loads of accidents there, why didn’t they make the whole road 30? And if anyone drives the decent and sharp corner at more than 30, they deserve to crash, slowing down there is common sense 🙄 And secondly, the Lhoobs road is derestricted, why would anyone think that’s good idea? Fucking shambles.
  21. I think his mum applied for it on his behalf and have you seen his shoes? Deffo clown mate.
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