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  1. It’s a nice place to park yer van and have a little camp out in Peel, great views. I suppose they’d stop people in vans if there was an official camping place over the road. It’s a shame for the kids that use the skate park, they do congregate there and I’ve never seen any bother. Aside from topic… has anyone ever heard of kicking the rock? Apparently it’s something you do when you walk to the end of the prom in Peel, my cousin told me and even his dog kicks the rock (too cute and I don’t even like dogs… until I see them, then I love dogs)
  2. Yeah, I agree about the adding of meat to sauces being a bit crappy. When I'm having a curry night, I generally make the curry a day or so before but unlike takeaways I know how many of what dish I need to prepare etc. Maybe less on their menu would be more with regard flavour, but to be completely honest I'm just a kitchen potterer. I enjoy cooking but I don't think I could make a living from it.
  3. No idea, I do not like the stilton cheese as cheese but I totally love it in soup - go figure. It tastes completely different, there are some blue cheeses that don't make me sick but not many.
  4. I make amazing curry. Tofu? Not on your Nelly. I usually buy a leg of lamb and chop it up, the butcher cut diced lamb is usually 82.4% fat. I have a book called Let’s eat Indian at home, I’ve had it since the 90’s, it has great recipes in and I love it. Recently I was given the Mowgli street food recipe book too, it has whacky ingredients and the recipes aren’t that amazing - hyped up I think. I made broccoli and Stilton soup last night and seedy malted bread to go with it - I was going to make it for my Christmas dinner but while I was away, just before Christmas, the broccoli went off. I heartily recommend this way of using up the Stilton from the Christmas mixed cheese selection, presuming you don’t actually like blue cheeses ofc.
  5. I would like one, to make curry without stinking out the whole neighbourhood. Do you have any recommendations? Things I should avoid, things I should take into consideration. Thanks in advance.
  6. Gambling is making a lot of money for the Isle of Man and a lot of people who live here, which ultimately is good for the Isle of Man. People kill themselves, it is very unfortunate but it’s part of life - I’m not making light of it, it is just something people do. Are there sufficient regulations to stop people spending all their money? I don’t know, is the “When the fun stops - stop” logo enough? I don’t gamble but I can see how people get sucked into it. Not nice but until the herring come back it’s all we have.
  7. The sign is bloody awful, I despair! Like my dad says, oh … I’ve forgotten what it is he says. Something along the lines of being happy to be old so he’ll die soon and won’t have to see the Isle of Man getting worse and worse. Douglas is a dump.
  8. I haven’t played my flute or clarinet for ages, I used to play carols to collect money for save the children with my granddad at Greens (when they were at the railway station, before the Santa train became a gypsy circus). Christmas isn’t the same without him 🥲
  9. I'm mostly listening to Christmas carols at the moment, favourites are (in no specific order) Coventry Carol, Oh come oh come Emmanuel and oh come all ye faithful, sung by choirs.
  10. Probably so he can nick their coke, I seen it on Twitter, they found cocaine in Number 10.
  11. I've met the odd person with lots of wealth, they're pretty normal. I don't think there's much wrong with the nightlife over here, we have a few good food places, a theatre and 1886 is more fun than the old clubs used to be, the Villa is shit but that's The Villa innit? If I was a billionaire I'd be off somewhere hot windsurfing, dieting and cycling so my nights would probably be spent sleeping lots Hope this helps and if anyone has a spare billion they want to donate to me - bring it x I'll make an only fans page and everything.
  12. 2bees


    Anyone know what the 4.2 million was for? Can't see it anywhere in this thread 🤣
  13. 2bees


    That's not your door!
  14. So what do the Department of Education (or whatever their spunky new name is) do?
  15. When I say baby, I mean tween he’s 12 😁
  16. Yes, that's sort of what I was getting at. Hermes are not renowned for being reliable nor conscientious. Surely someone could just pick them out? I mean I would be quite happy to use them, its not like they are actual rubbish. That's what's wrong with people today, they stand there taking bloody pictures of things when they could just do something about it. As a matter of fact, we should be asking why the tip staff didn't stop them being dumped - would they let someone dump vials of morphine at the tip? Surely there are laws against tipping medicines at the recycling plant. Not happy.
  17. Moan moan moan, I went online to book an appointment for the mini hippy 11 days ago. Followed the "Do not call us we'll be in touch" instructions. As we're going to the UK at the end of the month I started to get a little worried about time frames so I called 111 today - 18th November is the first appointment - WTAF use is that? My friend phoned today and got an appointment for today and reported that the vaccination place was empty, what is going on? Not good enough.
  18. Super Nature by Layall Watson is an interesting book, you might like that too. Haven't read The Midnight Library but I'm quite enjoying the Magnus Chase sword of Summer book with the baby
  19. Written in Bone by Sue Black, it's really good. There are some massive words that take half an hour to read but you don't really have to bother with them unless you're studying forensic anthropology, which I'm not. There are a lot of "Oooh that's clever" moments - dead good.
  20. You weren't allowed that book in the 80's, there is nothing new about it being a problem. As with most petty crimes, the punishment is unnecessary and will mar the boy's life. It irks me.
  21. They should put them back, you're right. I had presumed it meant you weren't to leave the bin at the front of your house, oooh I'm going to mix it up be wild and leave my bin in front of the yard gate this week... all week - W I L D!
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