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  1. Having the old railway track closed in parts means people have no option but to cycle on the road. It’s not something I’d do by choice. We’ve been off on new adventures since lockdown caused the railway track to be ‘mobbed’. I understand people hating trails bikers, the ridges they cause are a nuisance to walkers but make some places unridable on bikes. There’s a nice run from Beary but the forest trail has been totally ruined by motorbikes, upon reflection it might have been a motor bike route... all about mountain biking I do wear Lycra but I wear big shorts and big jumpers too, there are somethings no one ever need see.
  2. I've been having the greatest time on my bike since the lockdown.
  3. It's a shame but when this is all over I'm sure people will go on holiday again. Maybe not to far off lands but that would be a good thing for the tour operators and the Isle of Man.
  4. 2bees

    Back to work

    Has anyone got any links to return to work forms? According to one of my colleagues there are forms to be completed daily but I can't find anything.
  5. 2bees

    B&Q reopen date?

    I went alone, the people I’m talking about were in couples and were standing chatting but if you feel better for making that post ... well done yeah
  6. 2bees

    B&Q reopen date?

    I went to B&Q yesterday, it was pandemonium! Too many people in the shop, queues up the entirety of the hardware aisles and people standing around chatting to their mates blocking the one way systems - walked in, couldn’t get past the queue to get to the shelving area so tried to get out but was blocked by stupid people chatting to their mates - wankers!
  7. 2bees

    B&Q reopen date?

    I love Feltons too - Cleveland is awe so cute, could quite happily pick him up, put him in my pocket and carry him with me all the time. They’re doing mix paints up there (B&Q aren’t) and they have packets of pea seeds (other peas) too. Love Feltons
  8. 2bees

    More Bad News

    It’s something that’s OK to watch once but then you get the mark of it and it becomes intolerable. Dead boring
  9. There are some very capable IT people in GTS.
  10. He’s not anymore, he’s worried about getting the virus.
  11. 2bees

    Snuff the Wind

    The one where the lovely Foxdale mansion house is built - there was a load of ald mine crap there, where did that go?
  12. 2bees

    Snuff the Wind

    Hmmmm, is this the only old mine in the area? What if it wasn't the little kids on bikes at snuff the wind that caused the contaminated silt at all? Wouldn't the disruption caused at the Louisa site be a more likely candidate for blame? Don't they check the rivers? I've heard the rivers were running brown for weeks during the ground works.
  13. Logan air is booking IOM-Liverpool, for the next two weeks... There's great music on in Liverpool but ofc its at the end of TT, bloody marvellous! That's us stuck on Craggy island. K
  14. Getting addicted to heroin is a crazy thing to do, why would anyone think that was a good life plan? It's a shame for them, prison might do them well but I doubt it.
  15. No such thing as bad publicity, I'd never heard of her before. I'm not impressed by anyone who 'plays the victim', people are quite horrible to each other (especially people they do not know) she's a grown up and shouldn't let it bother her. Milking it is dramatic and unnecessary.
  16. Thanks I hope lots of people vote for him, he's a little cutie.
  17. Anyone have the link to vote for Mr Duff in the thing they were talking about on the radio?
  18. That's no way to talk about my cooking
  19. No, he was born in 51. The radio just said he was 51 hence my asking.
  20. It’s a good way of weeding out four lions terrorists, sell them bomb kits...I so should be in MI5.
  21. My tech limit is reached I can use the Cast thing with my Iphone and I think I'm Stephen Hawkins x
  22. What ever, a thing that goes into the back of the telly and lets me cast the internet from my phone to it - plug and go
  23. Do you have a Google cast? They're about £20 works a treat for me
  24. Not at all odd, it tells you all you need to know about the way society is.
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