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  1. 13 minutes ago, gettafa said:

    And as for Malarkey and his bride, it only shows them to be exactly what they are. Pseudo and unfettered social climbers.

    Govt house hasn't even got a hot tub in the garden... Claaassy Bill. My lad is having his bar mizvah soon, maybe we could have the after party up at H.E's :lol:

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  2. That’s fine, I am good with that. I used to have a ball taking drugs (Over 20 years ago), thankfully I was never caught with class A’s (or never caught then let off, like happened to someone I know) getting caught really fucks things up for ordinary people.
    Derek, the police are not the public, they are the law and it’s not a familiar life to have involvement with them.  Some kids grow up with the police round every 5 minutes, some never have anything interaction with them at all. It’s not normal to have your house searched by the police. IMO some of the police & “criminal types” are too familiar with playing cops and robbers. 

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  3. 20 hours ago, gettafa said:

    The police on the Isle of Man have the absolute power as to who they choose to finger and convict. It can even boil down to personalities and personal friendships etc.


    A simple fact that no one likes to believe.

    ...aye, Isle of Man Where They Can and Do.

    This! The thing that irks me most about the drug squad is the inconsistency and ridiculousness of some of their arrests. Too often a teenager will have their life effectively ruined because they got caught with a bit of coke or whatever where as certain people get away with taking and selling drugs for years with no police problems. There’s people who’ve been caught with class A drugs and let off, where as others have been taken to court for £1.50’s worth of shitty hash. Inconsistent and targeted! Down with this sort of thing. 

  4. You don’t have to be a detective to work out exactly who Thommo is, for many years I thought he was my friends brother (also calls himself Thommo) but then a person posted something somewhere else and suddenly Thommo was no longer who I’d thought :) 

    The police are just people, some are nice, some are not in the least bit nice. I have 3 or 4 friends in the force (do they even call it that now?) all decent people. I’ve also had experience of police folk who are not decent, it’s just a job, anyone can apply.

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  5. Tandoor, yes! I love it there. I have Kozhi Varutharachathu (chicken & coconut) whenever I go there, properly good! It might sound boring having the same thing over and over but we don't go very often and it's one of the few things I cannot make to the same standard :) 

  6. I hope everyone has a nice time over the festive period :)

    I was reading a thing by Jamie Catto this morning about .. oh here, read it yourself x


    "Chogyam Trungpa’s mantra was ‘no big deal’ - I have really been clocking recently how it is the meanings I attach to events, my interpretations, that hurt me, rarely the things themselves...the pain of the trigger makes me create a melodramatic version that matches the pain...

    “Oh that means they don’t respect me....this means they don’t care about me.....when they did that it proved that I’m not really important to them...”

    It’s these beliefs that hurt me.

    While the accumulation of a lifetime of uncried tears, unscreamed rage and unheld injustices lives in our bodies the pain from disappointments and challenges explodes disproportionately and makes the mind conclude that this level of pain is because of this person or event. But we know better by now.

    The body’s genius is using these moments to stir up and flush out all that constipated, emotional accumulation but only IF we are willing to be present to feeling it on the way out. While we are unwilling to feel our edge we will keep escaping, blaming, numbing, collapsing and never let the genius plumbing system do it’s work.

    Can you truthfully put your hand up and say “I am a human who is willing to feel some of my uncomfortable feelings.”?

    The amount of energy saved and the easeful dissolving of life-long burdens simply by giving up the obsession with resistance and avoidance strategies turns life from black and white into colour.

    Curiosity heals."

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  7. Anyone know who/what this is? Apparently I've set up a Direct Debit with them (I'm forgetful but surely not this bad...) but I've no idea who they are and I'd have to go into my bank branch to see the mandate. Anyone help a dotty old bid?

  8. My daughter is a Secondary school teacher, she would never strike (but tbf, she’s pretty much as Tory as they come too). With regard the shortage, when she finished her teaching degree there were no jobs for NQT’s here, she applied locally but was offered “supply teaching” which offers no stability. She took a full time offer in the UK. 

  9. Spotify made me smile this morning, it told me I wanted to listen to PiL radio which had a great play list of songs I loved when I was '8' - Adam and the Ants, Echo and the Bunnymen but best of all it had Walk on by by The Stanglers on, which is most definitely a perfect wall of sound. Happy bee :)

    Also the prospect of visiting an old friend on the weekend is making me smile, she doesn't know I'm coming yet.

  10. Pmsl - I have a tiny car, haven’t been away to see a band in years, bahaha middle class festivals, where? You’re funny ...& clueless. I don’t think I’m cool you tit, far from it. 2 (dependent) kids is hardly a big family (& none of us are fat), I haven’t got a dog and the cat wouldn’t thank us for a trip out in the car. But thanks for the laugh. 

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