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  1. There was a public meeting for residents on Wednesday night, someone also posted a letter to me so I can send it to the government by way of objection. I’ve been ‘on the phone’ to the government telling them they need to do something before a child is killed & this mad cap scheme is the best they can do? Poor show. The fat kids (and they are) are ferried to the school by their fat parents in their stupid cunty 4x4’s it’s time to make them walk or provide better bus services. I lived by St Ninians and walked or bussed it to school at Balla almost every day, no hardship at all.

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  2. I love my bike (well, I mean, who wouldn't? Have you seen it? Absolute beauty) and I do have some lycra shorts and things but I don't want to race anyone. I used to take my youngest to the Tuesday cycling event down at the NSC but there are too many 'pro-cyclists' for it to be fun, for example parents would take a crappy rusty bike down and leave it on the track so their child could get a good starting position, swapping the rusty bike for a £3k 2kg bike at the start of the 'race', fuck that. 

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  3. Do you remember when you could get a doctors appointment? A&E didn't involve a 5 hour time write off? And all children went to the dentist? Fuckin progressive society my arse. Like has been said, we do not have the infrastructure to support the current population - shut up waffle boy.

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  4. 10 hours ago, woolley said:

    Call me old fashioned but, seriously, what is wrong with running outside in the fresh air? Surely far more agreeable and sociable. Lots of running groups out there who are always happy to welcome new recruits.

    I prefer the gym because it's warm & you can go for a cycle and run and weight train without too much effort :) Which is a bit contrary but so am I.

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  5. I was going to suggest a game of "I know I'm not a psycho because..." but then I remembered the friend I generally play this game with told me I should probably keep it to myself. 

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  6. I wouldn't recommend buying a cheap treadmill (unless its for a dog). 


    ETA - there is a place you can rent gym stuff, I don't know anything about it but maybe you could rent a decent machine for less than the cost of buying one (your probably looking at £150-£200 for a cheap and crappy treadmill at best) 

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  7. 18 hours ago, Barrie Stevens said:

    Loads of stuff


    LMAO Barrie!! It's just dawned on me who you are! It's all true, you have been all the things you say you've been and done all the jobs you say you've done, probably :) Wow that's a blast from the past. 

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