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  1. On 10/23/2020 at 10:31 AM, quilp said:

    It always surprised me that in the 70's and 80's, in Ard Aalinn Ward at Ballamona one could find a mixture of mental health issues all lumped together in the same place; depressives, schizotypals, manics, alcoholics and other addicts et al, all in one place. I got the impression that this policy was not really conducive to therapy and created problems for the patients. They were big on ECT up there in those days also and as a tender young RMN cadet nurse I remember being shocked (pun intended) at how that treatment was administered. Plus, the prolific use of 'liquid cosh' - Largactyl and other tranquilisers, rendered many patients into a semi-catatonic state leaving them malleable. Can't remember out-patient counselling being a thing either.

    There existed a considerable amount of mental health staffing though, plenty of Consultants, RMN's and Nursing Assistants.

    I gave up trying to be a RMN after a stint in Cronk Coar on work experience, I couldn't believe what went on there - one woman wasn't allowed her cigarettes because she'd wet herself, another wasn't allowed off the ward (even for a walk up the corridor) because she might wander - where to? The doors were locked. Shame really because that's what I wanted to do for a job, not 100% unrewarding accounts. I too thought it might have been quite counter productive have the depressed people in with the junkies and plonkies.   

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  2. The trouble is - oh I don't know what the trouble is, I wish I did, and then maybe I wouldn't be so troubled by it all. None of this is good. I don't like extremists and I don't like the idea that there are people who think it is OK to go around beheading people. Very troubling indeed.

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  3. A man told someone I know that the government told him they were going to drain the Kionslieu lake. I've looked on the gov.im but there is nothing about it, does anyone know anything? I like the Foxdale Serengeti as it is :(  

  4. Great thread MF’ers! Thanks for brining this to the attention of the general public OP. I will email my MHK today, he’s a canny lad and will probably think getting rid of the post is a thrifty and wise idea.

    As for army wannabe, spew boy Wann, blah - shut up and go away. The idea of having a wedding cake made in the shape of the Tynwald wedding cake building would have been ace if it hadn’t been his wedding cake, pompous hasn’t been used enough in this thread but it’s 100% appropriate.

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  5. 16 hours ago, x-in-man said:

    We had that booked.   Under staffed and under managed.  The waiting time for service is incredible.  They even forgot to service our room so had to find someone to get clean towels at 10pm.  The heating in the place seems to be set at thermo nuclear and the only ventilation is a Tesco fan and an open window.

    Is pretty much what my friends said too but they had a nice time and said that the staff were super nice. 

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