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  1. My friends said Ramsey Park was ace, for £99 they got bed, breakfast, an evening meal and a bottle of wine. I'd go for that alone
  2. Tosser at the tip turned me away the other day because the man's van (who was helping me to bring things down) was too big - total jobsworth told me I could go home and put the items in my car and do two trips if necessary or I could come with the van on Monday or Wednesday, completely ridiculous. Suffice to say I went to St Johns where they're not dickheads.
  3. £5000 fine if you leave your bin out - I read about it on the side of a bin wagon once.
  4. I miss my daughter very much but I’m happy to wait until they’ve got COVID under control in the UK til I see her, we have WhatsApp. That said, as soon as the borders open I’m getting her over here
  5. Josem is a nice guy, not a trough feeder.
  6. 2bees

    Are you OK?

    You haven’t read the “mental health care is shit” thread. I know too many ‘already dead‘ people and at least one ‘at risk of fatal self harm’ person, they’ve all been involved with D&A/mental health. It seems some people are dealt really poor hands in life and there isn’t much anyone can do to fix them.
  7. 2bees

    Are you OK?

    I asked someone if they were ok today, being genuine. They asked if I had gone mad. The thing is, as I mentioned in the “mental health care is shit” thread, I am not equipped to deal with the level of mental health care the suicidal person I know requires, yes it’s nice to ask if folk are alright but when people star to tell you about abuse and suffering what are you supposed to do? And then there’s the memory you’re left with, I didn’t really want to know all that “heavy stuff” but now I do and it won’t go away. If anyone wants to sound off, please feel free to DM me, I will do my best to
  8. How can anyone forget Zenith? TBF they’re hidden away in the corner up there so easily missed.
  9. What about Zenith? They'd probably of had some and they're local tax payers too.
  10. 2bees

    Are you OK?

    IOM's mental health disservice will pass you to drug and alcohol and they'll just ignore you - why not get friends to help each other? I was cynical to begin with but there will be a lot of people suffering so just be nice, eh?
  11. Roxanne, you’ve changed I like the new you xx but I liked the old you also, maybe perhaps that’s because generally I like you lol x
  12. It’s not just in Onchan. I took my lad to the skate park in Douglas recently where a couple of ‘utter slags’ were sat on the site ramps, when a couple of the younger kids asked them why they were just sitting there the replies were dreadful, shame.
  13. Actually, thanks to a great kid from Port Erin he does!!! Yeay yeay and yeay!
  14. I’ve added a picture to the op. Our one had sun bleached handles, my son is being absolutely lovely about this but I’m constantly admonishing myself and can’t think of anything else, so annoyed with myself. Hopefully the CCTV at the train station will help.
  15. I apologise unreservedly. I have a friend who has been trying to get help for years, like many others he gets pushed from pillar to post. There are too many suicides by people who’ve reached out for help and been denied (or sent to drug and alcohol) I believe it is only a matter of time before my friend succumbs to his dark thoughts and there is absolutely nothing I can do.
  16. Thank you - to update, it is an MGP VX8 pro.
  17. Not for sale - but maybe someone can help? Yesterday around 4:50 I left my sons scooter at Castletown train station, when I realised and returned to get it at 5:40 it had gone. I’ve contacted the police, the station master and Sidings but unfortunately it hasn’t been handed in, I also spoke to the kids over at the skate park but they hadn’t seen it. It’s black and red with sun faded handles, my son is 11 and is absolutely gutted (as am I). If anyone knows of someone ‘finding’ an abandoned scooter in Castletown (07/08/20) please let them know it wasn’t abandoned it had been accidentally le
  18. That’s nothing compared to the doctor who was nicking NHS smak for her mate and then got herself caught driving while off her head on some other drink and drugs she’d acquired and another one who shagged a goat (a goat... wtf? How did they even know this? Goatbook?) if I hadn’t seen that link I’d never have looked )and I partially wish I hadn’t) - I mean, at what point in your career as a doctor do you think you’re going to be ok nicking drugs and shagging goats - Seriously!
  19. This is a nice thread Well done & congratulations to all ye old timers.
  20. Oh, hellllllooooooo x I haven't had an e for years, I think I might like one - anyone got any? Ha, I'm laughing coz I probably wouldn't know what to do on an e now, watch old rave videos on youtube or something, I just don't know.
  21. There’s some crazy things in those tribunals.
  22. I watched all of Paul Quine’s, most of HM’s (stopped only by head exploding annoyance with Paul Mouldon), the beginning of Allen’s (decided he’s FOS), skipped through Kevin’s (don’t like him because he is weak), don’t need to watch Claire’s or Josems because I already think they’ll be good. I like Jessop, he seems like a nice and kindly man.
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    It’s a ducking joke!
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