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    TT Fireworks

    Fireworks with no noise, pollution or wasting of useful minerals, they could even get Carl Cox to DJ from the Villa garden roof, digital image map the Villa & have a wee drone display over the prom. I’m hoping they take on board this idea (like they did with my cones in Laxey during racing idea & my smaller busses suggestion etc).
  2. 2bees

    So Which Is It ?

    Haha bless ya, definitely not me. I went to skankers on Friday but I didn’t see any winkers. Took poorly on Sunday & have been laid up ever since, I might have mentioned it
  3. 2bees

    TT 2018

    Im sure they are fully aware of the risk.
  4. 2bees

    So Which Is It ?

    I doubt anyone I work with comes on here but, no definitely have not been to Bushys I’m more dramatic when sick though.
  5. 2bees

    TT 2018

    His brother raced - I don’t think you understand the mindset of these racers. Racing is their life. No Sausages, I’m only sick, weak and in pain. Not erupting from both ends thanks!
  6. 2bees

    TT 2018

    Oh please, the money and figures do not matter. This has been, by far, the best TT I’ve ever experienced, the weather has been amazing, the racing has been good (the fastest course in the world!!!), the entertainment has been top notch and there have been sharks off the SW of the island. Everyone has had a great TT ETA - and Prince William came over
  7. 2bees

    So Which Is It ?

    I’ve been sick all week, all I’ve had to do is mess with my phone & watch shit TV so the races have been a good distraction for me. Usually I don’t like the TT because I’m sad over people dying (people I didn’t even know) but this year I’ve enjoyed it, yes I was sad about the young ones dying but I saw the level of living these riders are doing too. When my kids are grown up, I’m going to get me a side car and go in the seniors race From my internet view of the TT it looked like a great TT, I would have liked to have gone to Bushys, the Hooded Ram, seen the red arrows and fireworks but the norrovirus had other plans.
  8. I watched a bit of the live feed but I’m not a 20 something raver anymore so I wasn’t sad to have not been there. I find mobile phones at gigs really annoying, you’re never going to watch the shitty clip, put the phone away and enjoy the music. The people there looked like they were having plenty of fun. Ace little party.
  9. Have a car that’s not worth £150 - shit happens to my car all the time, nothing bothers me. We’ve had fancy cars, they’re a liability, they cost more to run, repair and clean (even so, I did cane a fiver on the jet wash in Castletown last week, do not tell MrBees - ever)
  10. It’s something to generally chat about
  11. Such sympathy I didn’t even see the red arrows, still ill today. Not happy.
  12. It might be too late, I’m rubbish at being sick. I want to be at work not here being sick, it’s horrible
  13. If I wasn’t so dying I might laugh.
  14. I’m dying of stomach pain, is the norovirus doing the rounds?
  15. Do you think you could keep the talk of dead people to another thread? I’m not here for that, I like the festival but I don’t like being sad for mother’s who’ve lost their sons and such, there are threads where people are taking about that but this thread is about bands and booze. And ofc bitching, every thread has a pick on la colombe thing going on- you slaaaag
  16. There is a list of books, the book they studied had been removed from the list. They should have been paying attention, what should happen?
  17. Didn’t go to the Hooded Ram bar because the new Bushys was great Really really good - good on the government & Martin, Bushys always brought the festival to TT, this year they’ve excelled themselves.
  18. 2bees

    Royal Wedding

    Maybe I should have said “To me” too The Charles and Diana wedding was the last great royal wedding there’ll ever be, the press are dreadful & people are people.
  19. Do you know him? I’ve met him, he is funny & interesting. He has some crazy ideas but his heart is in the right place, he has great energy & I love him!
  20. You’ll not mock when there are no herring to go with the spuds and there’s a potato famine, will ye? Ye? Whatever
  21. Thanks for taking the time to read my post & reply. I’m not as bothered as you think I am. However, the double child killer and rapist were not exactly hard to find nor convict. Maybe I should have asked...Why some things that are against the law are given more police time than people growing a plant that is legal in half of the developed world? Paramedics are a different level, that comparison is totally invalid.
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