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  1. There is a lovely glen opposite Bishopscourt, it may even be called Bishopscourt glen. Laxey glen gardens & Glen Helen are pretty too. I like the enormity of the shrubs planted by the Victorians, I also like how pretty (and long lasting) the railings used to be.
  2. 2bees

    Xmas decs

    I used to love Christmas too Jess, long may your enjoyment continue.
  3. The buses are getting feisty! I almost had a head on with one yesterday, had I not stopped in the middle of the road on which I traveled I would have had a bus shaped bend in my car! The bus was overtaking a cyclist at the time, the cyclist and I exchanged faces of disbelief. Shocked!
  4. The land at Lake road was exchanged for a lease on the place where the corpy now have their workshops and garages up in the business park. Honestly, you couldn't make their kind of stupid up if you tried. I mean, the corporation sold the land at Lake road which houses a car park that is in direct competition with their own car parks and now uses the pittance it got for the prime development land to lease buildings from... the people they sold the land to. I kid you not.
  5. WTF? 2112 raises a valid point, using well known forum references - y'all have issues with it? Thomas has had his day but there's no one to replace him so he'll just sit tight getting voted back in (by 3% of the eligible voters) until another self serving dick comes along. So over it. I wish Richard Falk would stand and get in, he's a bit self serving but he's no push over and is extraordinarily clever.
  6. Brian Eno popped up on my Spotify today - puuuurdy
  7. Excellent thread, great points made. Did you know the government and council both have an employee whose actual job it is to make a list of empty shops in town. I was looking at rental shops but it's completely out of reach unless you can charge silly money for things. Vape shops should die.
  8. You do know where you are don't you Rog? Nothing is ever let to lie
  9. You'd be surprised, I know a couple who are more than happy to contribute.
  10. Do you feel this strongly about the diplomatic immunity woman who killed a motorcyclist? What about those Canadians including teachers and nurses who've been arrested for current crimes against children? Up in arms, I tell you, up in arms.
  11. Pfft Moi? Only a little bit, tbh I don't really understand why people are so up in arms over it all, it really isn't relevant to their lives and yet so many people are talking about it, the news papers are reporting it, it's on every TV channel you can watch and it's just - meh, nothing.
  12. Shameless plug, Zenith Industrial Products are selling flood defense gates 624056 if you need one
  13. Can you explain why they're all over the media? Publicising their 'truly horrific' ordeals isn't really part of healing complex psychological harm, is it? Didn't the parents of these kids find it all a bit strange? Really? If my 15-18 year old daughter was getting flown over to a party island I'd be asking serious questions. Oh get back and read your Daily Mail whopper.
  14. AND! Keep it on the low down, go to the police and get them to deal with it. It's not news, it's not relevant at all - none of these people mean a thing to me, Prince Andrew, Someone Epstein - blah - who the fuck are they? No one.
  15. Did they complain? Did they stay away from the people who were 'grooming' them? No, they kept going back for more. You cannot deny any of that. That's the crux of it, if they hadn't been ok with it, they would not have repeatedly "been flown all over the planet" by these really rich and highly influential people. If you didn't want to go and knew what was coming (or might be expected of you) you wouldn't go, it really is that easy. No one has ever flown me half way across the world for a shag, have they you?
  16. Maybe he is known to the police and this was all they could ‘get him on’, driving without insurance is far worse than the courts ever reflect.
  17. But if I knew where you lived... cake you say? eta more of an old hen than a bird, does that count?
  18. 2bees

    Xmas decs

    Someone asked me if I was looking forward to Christmas yesterday, I'm not, I'm absolutely dreading it. Last Christmas was the worst time ever (I don't generally have bad times, but this was awful) and if I never have to 'celebrate' Christmas again it would be fine with me. I'm looking forward to having time off work, spending time at the gym and getting off to see The Red Shoes. Lots of people like Christmas, I send 10 cards & have a pop up tree, 100% over it.
  19. She’s looking hot and why not? Good on her! Now about giving me that house you’re wanting rid of ‘Chelle babe
  20. No, that his life has gone this way. It didn't have to.
  21. It was a ridiculous idea in the first place, used to bully people. Was it the MENA list? 1 night club owner with all that power, madness looking back.
  22. He was a lovely lad, I haven’t seen him for oooh 10-20 years, he was a good looking boy in his youth, kind and caring too. Shame
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