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  1. It is starting to look a bit tired. Just a bit of white paint and a couple of the doi boys on a ladder instead of digging into water mains...
  2. For future reference, sometimes if you load in safe mode there is an admin account, you can then create a new user account.
  3. sounds like possible motherboard/processor fault. have you tried resetting the bios?
  4. How much for a front hydraulic caliper etc? and the chain?
  5. It's a pity. People on the forums usually seem to be a lot better.
  6. This is the one that promises to buy stuff and never turns up. Did it to nathan wind and my neighbour. Ill try get his number off my neighboir if he still has it
  7. Ok the fellas coming this week so ill pm you if it falls through
  8. well, has a tiger on the packet so must score high on the furrmark benchmark. as for the kitten blood you could use that in the liquid cooler
  9. We have an old man in a little bedford rascal style van down south. think they have people they pay 50 odd pence a delivery so sometimes they can sit on it for a while til they have enough worth delivering.
  10. Because everybody on this island seems to forget what they did when they were younger. I'm sure most of the police force have been drunk in public and alike or have been a bit boisterous and i'm sure the people who reported the matter were the same. A lot cheap or free to do for kids in the past has been built on or gone bust, yet these kids are seen as yobs for having nothing to do. I will say though that some of the gobby youths do need a good slap because they think they are untouchable (which they are with all these ridiculous views of not being able to smack kids). The problem is that mos
  11. Approx 480mm x 680mm x 1250. Or 48cm x 68cm x 1.25m. These are approximate and if exact dimensions were needed I can measure at work on monday. It is stored at work.
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