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  1. I wonder if we'll see any form of immunity passporting in the future. Especially when a vaccine starts to roll out. If you rock up with a negative PCR or two and COVID antibodies, you're free to go. Though, they're allegedly quite short lived, and I think it'd far too easily encourage people to catch it so they can go back and forth without isolation.
  2. Well, someone else lost the gamble today: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/one-new-active-case-of-coronavirus-on-island/ I'd be interested to hear what proportion of returnees are bothering with the 7 day test. If you've got an ample garden and can work from home, it doesn't necessarily seem worth the risk.
  3. Non-resident vehicles can spend up to 12 months here on foreign plates, provided they remain legal in their country of origin. In other words, you still need the UK tax/MOT or you're committing an offence. A lot of people assume you don't need UK tax, which I suspect is what gets the cars seized over here when people get tugged, along with questionable MOT, insurance and/or attitude. Having asked the test centre, you need English tax to drive around in that period. Otherwise, you can only have it on the road to and from the booked test. I think one of the big delaying factors is the reputation of the test center, it seems they get a rap for being quite arbitrary. Depending on their mood, an immaculate car won't have orange enough indicators, but a shed will sail through. Whereas the UK MOT or even an SVA has public specifications for everything that is checked. How true this is, I don't know. I've used the test centre once and given the class of vehicle, there wasn't enough to it for anything to not be clearly wrong.
  4. I've used a couple that have worked quite well. Last one was one that scans directly to an SD card and has a built in display. There are much newer versions available for around 100 quid. It's a Veho smart fix.
  5. You gave him plenty of chance to settle up with you, but if he's not responding, just tell your insurers and they'll deal with it all and recover costs from the other party.
  6. You're correct, in the UK, given the circumstances, and apparent length of time that they had no idea what was wrong with the core network, you'd expect Ofcom to be nudging or investigating the CSP.
  7. ***Update***15:19 Investigations with wholesales engineers and vendor are ongoing. We are going to attempt to restore service in full in Peel, St Johns and Kirk Michael in the next hour however this will result in all users disconnecting & reconnecting. Impact currently remains the same. latest update chez Wi-Manx, anecdotally it seems to be improving. Whether this means they can get the rest of us online, who knows?
  8. Well, if it's core network gear giving intermittent faults, it can be tricky to work out exactly what to replace. Mix in with that 6 figure costs for it with the associated headaches of getting that sort of stuff over in a pandemic, and the disruption of replacing it, you can see why they're trying to fix it before cutting their losses. There may well be a new one on the way already, but that may not even be in the UK.
  9. According to this, it will run on low, but not particularly well. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-610-GPU-Benchmarks-and-Specs.257794.0.html
  10. The poor social media folks getting it in the neck all day will have about as much technical info from the engineers as you or I. Update from WiManx ***Update*** 16:52 Wholesale engineers Investigations with their vendor have concluded that a hardware replacement is needed in the Broadband Core Network. This will be scheduled tonight after peak traffic to avoid further disruption as the change is deemed high risk. In the meantime the impact remains as per previous updates. Next update at midnight prior to the change.
  11. I've heard from MT that it's some form of card that's malfunctioning. We've been off since 5pm with a brief few minutes online this morning, albeit slowly. Fibre. Making guesses from a network perspective and where I've seen impacted, it seems that the problem is in the Douglas North exchange. I'm guessing that all the others are linked back there. At a guess, the other exchanges which have DSLAMs (the boxes attached to your telephone lines), route into a BNG (broadband network gateway) over in Douglas North, and it happens to be that's the bit of kit that's on the fritz. The BNG will be handling the PPPoE or PPPoA sessions, which aren't being opened on faulty connections. On my end, there's just no response to the initial 'hello' message sent from my router. The seemingly random nature of neighbours being impacted differently could simply be load balancing across multiple links between exchanges. BNGs are expensive, and can handle a lot of connections, so having a shared one wouldn't be a huge surprise, albeit liable to cause the faults here. According to Wimanx's support social media, MT have been trying to rebalance traffic away from whatever is causing the fault, and that has booted people off this morning. Realistically, I'd guess tomorrow at the earliest before they have the equipment on-island in and properly to get it sorted. Disclaimer: this is purely conjecture from being fed up of being offline with a dose of knowing enough to be dangerous in networking.
  12. We're on Sure's fibre offering, MT fibre but via Sure and even at peak times, it's maxxing out at around 100mb/20 up with no problem. Not noticed any slowdown yet up North.
  13. This isolation lark is frustrating when it's so lovely outside. I'm going to be tootling around the garden on a pedal and pop moped at this rate to maintain isolation whilst also being able to feel like I'm out and about.
  14. So, how far are we away from a lockdown do we reckon? Not been active on here for a while but looks like I'm set to be back on the island for the foreseeable soon. I'll be taking my own vehicle home, into a seperate part of the house for only my use, and staying seperate for the 2 weeks. At best, I might go as far as the garden when everyone is out. Is there an advice line for self-isolators? Website says garden is allowed, what about driveway at side of house? I'd be able to get plenty of mechanical stuff done if I'm not allowed to leave for two weeks, but don't want to push my luck. Other question is the 14 days, does that mean I can leave the house on a Monday 2 weeks later if I arrived on a Monday? or would I have to wait til the Tuesday?
  15. Thought I'd chime in with fibre experiences, We ended up going for Sure fibre as our road was cabled for it. It's such an astonishing upgrade from the 20 down/1 up that we were getting from VDSL on a tired line. Installation was painless and just terminates with an RJ-45 jack near the phone socket, and a little electronic box of tricks behind it. Lead time was 3-4 weeks when we booked it. In terms of speed, it seems pretty consistent at 100 down and 20 up, it'll try and go quicker until the scheduler on the other end tells it to stop it. Seems 100meg is priced as the sweet spot as well.
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