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  1. Our friend hilly has a ten foot willy.
  2. Yes. It doesn’t always have to be a willy measuring contest.
  3. It’s a genius idea really. If nobody wants to work for what you’ll pay, you don’t have to pay anyone at all as they’ll all have buggered off for greener pastures. Then you can employ a committee to work out what went wrong.
  4. From people I know, 10% earlier this year wasn’t unusual for their annual pay review, their employers were keen to get it locked in as they anticipated it getting worse rather than better. Oh my cod, you’re really upset about a hasty fish joke.
  5. If a firm won’t give you the pay rise, another will happily give you far beyond. More employers are realising that it’s cheaper to find that raise than to train someone else. There simply aren’t enough staff these days. Look at the number of vacancies, vs the number of unemployed here. There are far more jobs than people spare. As a side note, is plaice a fish know for financial acuity?
  6. That’s generally about the pay bump you can get from moving jobs in some industries.
  7. It really does feel like they’ve tried to make a click bait article out of asking “what’s your policy for children identifying as XYZ” “We don’t have one” The comments section has then gone: “Oh my god, these children are all pretending to be cats and dogs and it’s ludicrous” It sounds fit for the Daily Mail or the Mirror.
  8. A Banker like you would know that 6% is nothing in the current climate mind you.
  9. MIC only do it wholesale for Hermes/EVRI. They pass it onto the couriers, who are bound to only doing what their manifest tells them to. I don't think they have any extra real insight into the process.
  10. But, that debt can be far more valuable in some areas rather than others. That's why you can get bursaries to be a teacher, not many accountant bursaries led by the Government. https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-and-support/scholarships-and-bursaries Only takes a 2:2 for the 25k.
  11. If you've done a good computer science degree, that could easily be your starting salary. Why would you go into teaching instead? The UK Government will give you 25k tax free if you go and train as a teacher with a computer science degree, or some other STEM subjects.
  12. Or a really angry local newspaper front page about moving bin collections.
  13. Well, apparently if you've been jabbed, you'll be dying soon anyway. So. According to their own logic, their campaign has a limited time-span.
  14. Given the way the pound is going, it'll be far beyond the roof too. Can't blame anyone for wanting to try and up their chances of weathering what could be an awful storm. Plus, it's not like they can get away with striking next year for another pay rise if it is still all going to shit. They've got to get what they can whilst they can.
  15. There's a growing number of kids starting school where the parents haven't even potty trained them properly, and they're expecting the teachers to be able to cope with this as well.
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