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  1. We're on Sure's fibre offering, MT fibre but via Sure and even at peak times, it's maxxing out at around 100mb/20 up with no problem. Not noticed any slowdown yet up North.
  2. This isolation lark is frustrating when it's so lovely outside. I'm going to be tootling around the garden on a pedal and pop moped at this rate to maintain isolation whilst also being able to feel like I'm out and about.
  3. So, how far are we away from a lockdown do we reckon? Not been active on here for a while but looks like I'm set to be back on the island for the foreseeable soon. I'll be taking my own vehicle home, into a seperate part of the house for only my use, and staying seperate for the 2 weeks. At best, I might go as far as the garden when everyone is out. Is there an advice line for self-isolators? Website says garden is allowed, what about driveway at side of house? I'd be able to get plenty of mechanical stuff done if I'm not allowed to leave for two weeks, but don't want to push my luck. Other question is the 14 days, does that mean I can leave the house on a Monday 2 weeks later if I arrived on a Monday? or would I have to wait til the Tuesday?
  4. Thought I'd chime in with fibre experiences, We ended up going for Sure fibre as our road was cabled for it. It's such an astonishing upgrade from the 20 down/1 up that we were getting from VDSL on a tired line. Installation was painless and just terminates with an RJ-45 jack near the phone socket, and a little electronic box of tricks behind it. Lead time was 3-4 weeks when we booked it. In terms of speed, it seems pretty consistent at 100 down and 20 up, it'll try and go quicker until the scheduler on the other end tells it to stop it. Seems 100meg is priced as the sweet spot as well.
  5. I’ve not actually had any parking tickets so no gambles yet. It was more of a “what would happen if” as I know lots of private companies struggle to enforce English fines for English cars, let alone those for foreign cars.
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know what the deal with private parking ticket is if you have Manx plates in the UK? Does the IOMG hand out details to private companies over in England that are trying to enforce parking tickets? Cheers AC
  7. Isn't the MX5 the car for middle-aged women and 20-something males who want to be racers on a budget? The Mini Convertible reeks of middle age and trying to be trendy too. There are the hard-top convertibles which try to get rid of the bad parts of owning a soft-top, at the cost of a heavier roof with more electronics controlling it. However, they're not necessarily married to reliable cars (think the Peugeot 307 CC)
  8. Remember, Skoda and Seat are nowadays just VW by another name and have been for almost 2 decades now. Seat tend to be a bit boy-racer-y but I have a Skoda and love it. It's got 130k but puts up with my abuse without blinking. Anything VAG tends to be pretty solidly built, aside from some of the 1.2 engines are known to be a bit problematic. Golfs tend to be pricey for what they are based on their reputation but at the same time, they're also very nice cars, hence their reputation.
  9. It's a shame Raymotor's are closing, their shop was a godsend in Ramsey for tools and cans of EZ-Start in a pinch. I even found that their pricing on most of the car cleaning kit was fairly competitive with Amazon and such, never compared any of the other bits. Always went in needing X quickly and they almost always had something that'd do the job. Where is left now for an array of automotive oddities with DMS gone, Raymotors now gone too?
  10. FWIW, you can also get 3 SIMs on Amazon fairly cheaply that come loaded with X amount of data, they also do one with a free 200mb a month which is great for occasional use. 3 SIMs also roam here freely using the FeelAtHome stuff, but do theoretically have a time limit when used here.
  11. Hi all, Got a Chromebook for sale as it's not getting used now I'm home from Uni It's an Acer C810, 13 inch screen and 4gb of RAM. It runs Chrome OS so everything is backed up to Google Drive automatically and it's a lot more secure than Windows/Mac Ideal for kids at school and their google accounts, as a second machine or for an older parent. Almost impossible to goof up anything software-wise without really trying hard Boring spec stuff: 13.3 FHD screen 4GB RAM 2x USB 3 and 1 HDMI port Webcam/speakers £80
  12. Hi all, Got a Dell Latitude E6430 for sale as it's now surplus to requirements. It was previously used for some hefty development work and didn't skip a beat. It's a 14" business grade laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i7-3720qm 8GB RAM Nvidia NVS5200M dedicated graphics and Intel HD4000 320GB HDD 14.1" 1600x900 (high-res option) screen 6-Cell battery (good for an hour or two, holds about 50-60% of original charge) Windows 7 and Windows 10 licenses on the bottom VGA/HDMI/USB3/eSATA £200
  13. Further to this, spoke to a traffic warden today and it seems the consensus tends to be if it's in a disc zone but not in the way (parked sideways on) it's a lot less likely to catch their attention. Aside from that, he confirmed the spots on Hill Street and along the prom are fair game for all day parking. Cheers (most) for the guidance.
  14. Both. I really struggle with standard width doors too, it takes 2 blokes and a lot of butter to get anywhere.
  15. Not sure how you figure that one. I have a car, but trundling a tonne and a half around the island every day, versus a hundred kilos or so, one feels far more economical than the other. Anyway, cycling would mean a 3hr round trip commuting, so I think it's safe to discount that. Walking something closer to 6 hours each way...I mean, if that's your thing, go for it. But it isn't for me. I'd rather be "too lazy".
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