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  1. I know, I meant that the police also being ready doesn't make it something that's definitely happening. My biggest worry comes from the fact that two different households have appeared as part of this potential community spread bit.
  2. Ha. Oops. It's just a name pinched from an old Pendragon album.
  3. Probably something about it being a muzzle and symbol of oppression or along those lines.
  4. I wouldn't read too much into that. Technically speaking, a lockdown hasn't been ruled out. And the police will need to be ready on the off chance anything changes.
  5. They've only just started on the over 70s. It won't alter immediate strategy, move on. We know that around May is the target and review point for any fundamental changes.
  6. Needs to be in this case referring to those in our priority categories. Those over a certain age, or with relevant medical conditions.
  7. The goalposts will shift when everyone has been vaccinated that needs to be. Until then, what has changed? There is a somewhat reduced risk, but in your preferred words, 'it won't alter strategy, move on'.
  8. So to summarise the press conference, 'fuck knows', ah sod it, we'll be alright. be alert, the world needs more lerts'
  9. Well. For once, I think they actually took a pragmatic approach. They told us to be careful for 24 hours whilst they figured out the situation when it looked like there was a problem. As soon as there was an update, they pushed it out saying the issue wasn’t as bad as expected, so life can continue as normal.
  10. No more positives have been found. No restrictions. Latest press update.
  11. I stand corrected. It’s now showing #StayHome_MT.
  12. It has been #StaySafe or to that effect for as long as I can remember on my devices.
  13. Nobody with any sense is asking for an immediate or automatic lockdown. The majority of people want this over with, so we don't crack on in and out of restrictions indefinitely like in the UK.
  14. I don’t think anyone really wants a lockdown. It doesn’t really help anyone but Granny Smith’s home bakes by delivery and various takeaways. The vocal ones are usually fearful, and need clear direction to put their minds at ease We want a calm, measured response to the risk. That’s likely to be masks and social distancing if risk exists We are currently waiting on results of testing and contact tracing to validate whether even that is needed. In the meantime, we’ve been asked to be careful. This is to minimise any further spread until the breadth of any infection is known.
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