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  1. For comparison, how much does it cost to call the IOM from the UK? O2 charge 55p per minute to call the IOM on PAYG. Manx Telecom charge 48p per minute call the UK on PAYG. Both are dear, but both are the same ballpark. Three and EE charge 19p/minute to call the IOM. Sure charge 20p/minute to any IOM or UK number from the IOM. So, there are competitive options about if you look for them.
  2. Ask anyone in hospitality, and staffing is a huge issue in itself. Look at Pizza Napoli in Ramsey closing, blamed on a lack of suitable staff. Add in the spiralling cost of everything, and people tightening their belts, it’s not set to be much fun for anyone.
  3. It's fundamentally the modern day equivalent of accusations of witchcraft. People who don't understand things assuming they must be evil.
  4. I'm boostered and jabbed. Catching COVID was still bloody miserable, I dread to think how bad it'd have been without the jabs, and I'm not in any risk groups. If you're in such a way that the vaccine would injure you, COVID is far more likely to do you harm.
  5. How is remembering a kids pronouns any more difficult than remembering their name? Equally, if the child is going 'fuck you I won't do any work, I'm gender neutral', I'd speculate that they'd probably say that regardless of how they identified and there were some deeper behavioural issues to resolve.
  6. But in reality, it isn't really that for the most part. It's that James now wants to be called she/her, and goes by Elizabeth. An email is sent out to teachers, the student is signposted to appropriate support and that's that. Or Susie wants to be known as Alex now and wants to be he/him or even they/them, an email is sent out, the student gets the appropriate signposting and that's that. As Helix pointed out, the cat thing appears to be a student suffering some significant difficulties, and I don't think it's necessarily fair to pontificate about an individual's own difficulties on social media. Do individual children with difficulties usually get their own MF thread?
  7. I think it's a thinly veiled grumble about gender identity really.
  8. Where's this irreversible hormone treatment being to given to kids? This is sounding more and more like Fox News. There is the option of puberty blockers, which simply delays puberty, to allow the child to be old enough to make the right decision. But that's temporary, and they can readily continue with their puberty when they are ready to. Whether they do or don't transition. Gender binaries have been broken for as long as people have been around. Even the Mesopotamians wrote about it and that was what? 4000 years ago? In many different and very distinct cultures you find it time and time again. Have you actually spoken to any trans people? To even get on the right waiting list takes years. Then you've got years for appointments and so on. Then you have to convince a psychiatrist that you're 'trans enough' before you can actually start that treatment.
  9. This does sound like a wonderful facebook fabrication. Furries have a real spectrum. For some, it's a weird sex thing. That often tarnishes it. But for some ASD teenagers and adults, it can be an invaluable outlet and way to socialise without the same pressures of normal socialising, where they might simply lack the skills needed. Some of these teenagers struggle to leave the house, let alone socialise, but come out of their shells through dressing up as a big furry dog or similar. You could probably read into it in that one benefit would be that the communication is far less reliant on subtle cues like facial expression. If you're in a big mascot-sized suit, your expressions are going to be exaggerated.
  10. I've recently gotten myself a Prusa, and it's so much better than Chinese clones I've had in the past. The build was enjoyable too, though I'd pay the extra next time if I was getting another. I wanted to do it the first time to understand how it all goes together. Nothing worse than being at step 45 of the trickiest part, and realising you need to go back to step 5.
  11. We don't, but, since it was introduced across, their fuel has been notably more expensive. I wondered if the ethanol played into the cost difference. Or whether it is just artificially held high in the UK.
  12. How often do we get deliveries? It has been a good 6 months that you've been paying more for fuel off the boat in Heysham, even at ASDA, than you have at the local petrol stations. It all went backwards when fuel prices went silly in the UK last September, and it has been the 'wrong way' round since. Until then, the UK was always cheaper as long as I recall it.
  13. Manx Radio ran this the other day, https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-petrol-cheapest-in-british-isles/ and it is something I've noticed since about last September when the UK was having the 'fuel shortage'. Suddenly, UK fuel prices overtook us and stayed ahead of us. Why is our fuel consistently so much cheaper lately? It always used to be notably dearer. Is E10 costing that much more there, or is it simple profiteering from the UK side? Even the supermarket fuel pumps are dearer than we pay at the moment. Or are our local suppliers just really good at hedging ?
  14. Petrol cars go up all the time of their own accord. Remember the Zafiras on watchdog? For comparison, a petrol/diesel car catches fire at a rate of about 1300 per 100k sold. An EV? 25 per 100k. Interestingly, hybrids seemed to go up at about 3k per 100k. So, yes, whilst the fires are notably harder to extinguish, they’re also significantly less likely to happen in the first place.
  15. A not insignificant proportion (a figure of about a 3rd was drilled into me on a BikeSafe course across a few years ago) of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents. Failed to negotiate bends etc. Anyone with a bike of any reasonable capacity will agree that they are wicked quick compared to most vehicles within reach of the average person's budget. For not much over a grand, you can have a 100bhp+ sports bike weighing 170kg doing 0-60 in somewhere around 3 seconds. Yes, there are some tragic low speed accidents too, but, it's not uncommon for things to go wrong because you've overcooked it or misjudged. Sometimes, people do just get lucky.
  16. Has anyone else found themselves clucking and flapping lately? With meal worms looking like a tasty treat? Asking for a friend.
  17. It sounds like Windows isn't indexing the other drives. Indexing is the process it goes through to make the search able to search everything quickly, when you're going into the drive, it's searching without the index. You can add the second/third etc. drives to the index by following these steps. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/search-second-hard-drive-windows
  18. Latest from the Times suggesting that they're binning off free LFTs soon. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/end-of-free-lateral-flow-tests-as-country-told-to-live-with-covid-3bpz8lnqf https://archive.is/1IbIw But, they've said that since about July last year too. I'd guess the timing will be as we move over this peak and towards spring and prevalence drops. Interestingly, another quote from Zahawi. 5 or 6 years is oddly specific.
  19. One of Bosch's approaches to anti-tampering is quite interesting. Basically, if it detects tampering, it'll log a fault code that can only be cleared by either a sheepish trip to a Bosch dealer, or, by cycling the bike without any power assist for 90 minutes. The bike figures this out by looking at how much assist it has been providing over the last however many hours, it's a bit of a cat and mouse game.
  20. https://www.protectivemasksdirect.co.uk/non-valved-ffp3-mask-individual-hy9330 To quote the site selling them. 'The non valved FFP3 mask is used by many UK NHS trusts'
  21. Will the Island copy the UK in granting B+E (trailer) licenses to everyone? https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021 They recently changed the rules, so that anyone can tow a trailer up to 3.5t, not necessarily a good idea but. Equally, there is an interesting way to get around having a UK restricted motorcycle license. By swapping your A2 (47bhp limited) license to a Manx one, your restriction is automatically lifted as you get granted a full A.
  22. I really must be ferrous tonight, that's the second time I've been called metal. Maybe I should invest in some spiky boots. Where's my twitter? I keep hearing that I have one but I've never actually found it. I'm dreadfully excited about it now, apparently I've been posting all sorts. Perhaps we're at the stage of the evening where in some cases we've moved from survival of the fittest to survival of those at the bottom of a bottle of pinot.
  23. Are you okay? 3 out of your last 5 posts have been calling people mental. Lady doth protest too much perhaps?
  24. You care enough to be name-calling on ManxForums at 1 in the morning on a Friday night.
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