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  1. In my experience, when my credit card was cloned, it was a minor inconvenience. The charges were wiped off with a phone call and the card re-issued. Interestingly, one was at a petrol station in the UK with pay at pump at a major and busy supermarket. When I've had similar experiences with debit cards, it takes much longer before the money in your account is refunded or accessible again.
  2. It takes over 70MB to load the full page on desktop with no cache. Most of that is split across three picture files, each that are 20MB. There's the problem.
  3. Again, not at the moment. A 6 month old car that has all its computer chips is worth far more than an order for the end of next year for a car that might turn up on time.
  4. To be fair, at the moment, you can actually be in the black with a reasonable car. Stock is still in short supply.
  5. I listened to a podcast discussing the smell of nuclear war. She dug into all the archives for recommendations of waste disposal, which mostly boiled down to mass graves, buried rubbish and latrines. And that's after your two weeks in your 'inner core or refuge' where you're shitting in a bucket with the rest of the family and no fresh air. If Granny croaked it, you were to wrap her in blankets and stick her in the next room for a few days. After that, you'd move her outside. Horrendous notion all around really.
  6. Just tell people to watch Threads. Then nobody would want to survive it.
  7. So now we’re talking on hypotheticals and speculation and name calling, as people pointed out that your claims were demonstrably false? You are fun on a Monday night. I love how varied it can be.
  8. Why does this make me think of some of the posters in this thread?
  9. Try getting a plumber to take on work this side of winter and you'll struggle. Hint: It's not because they're all buggering off to sun themselves, it's because they're still inundated with work.
  10. Can't be too long, they work 60 hour weeks you know. No time for faffing on the Internet.
  11. Have you seen the price of pretty much anything at the moment? The price rises have already come. The cost and scarcity of plumbers and other trades is already here too. Lots of money to be made if you can do one. You're buggered if you're paying for work to be done though.
  12. No, we'll just hear grumbling about how the private sector would never entertain the idea.
  13. A claim before has boiled down to 'if we give teachers pay rises, we'll have to give nurses and firefighters rises too'. Would that be such an awful precedent to therefore set?
  14. You can actually, if so inclined, find debates from 1961 where the resolution was to increase teachers pay by 18%. In 1963, teacher pay for 'men teachers' was £1,244, rising to £1,880 by 1970. Or about 30k in modern terms. With a £120, (2k in modern terms) pay rise each year guaranteed after that. Of course, at the time, the average house was £4000, whereas the average house now is £296,000. So twice the average teacher salary, whereas it's now more like 10x. https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1970/may/07/men-teachers-average-salary During the same period, lots of discussion about raising nurses salaries by 22% too.https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1970/mar/09/nurses-pay The whole present debate started around stagnation, DESC would've saved themselves a few quid and then some if they'd resolved teacher pay sooner.
  15. Or have they been paying as little as they can get away with for as long as they could get away with?
  16. It's scary really, it cost me nothing in depreciation to own a car for a year bought from Motor Mall at a reasonably high price at the time. It was up for a grand more than I paid originally when I sold it to used car dealer, with twice the mileage. But then, manufacturers have football-field-sized car parks full of cars waiting for various components, and wait lists can be ridiculous, so it's clear why it ends up that way.
  17. If teaching was such a wonderful career as it stands, they wouldn’t be having to bribe STEM graduates with 27k tax free bursaries just to do the training. If they sack all the teachers, they won’t get replacements, recruitment is a nightmare because the pay isn’t great, and everyone assumes they’re a layabout. Plus, with the current climate and prices of things, a salary commensurate with that of 12 years ago, doesn’t really entice.
  18. Interestingly, with a major UK insurer, my policy stipulates that my vehicle must be taxed and roadworthy to offer me coverage for driving other cars, to stop me insuring something cheap, leaving it on the drive and driving something else that’s insured by someone else. But, it doesn’t say I don’t have cover if it isn’t. My Manx insurer for another vehicle doesn’t stipulate tax either. Just roadworthy, which, you could maybe argue to include tax. Interestingly, the UK one does stipulate now that you have to keep your “safety critical software” up to date, and that if your vehicle is in autonomous mode and hasn’t done an update you reasonably know it should have, you’re liable.
  19. If you get nailed for no insurance, it’s 6 points and getting insurance after being done for it is both challenging, and where possible, expensive. The insurance companies have you over a barrel, and history suggests you don’t follow the rules.
  20. My order history begs to differ. The two latest were both prime eligible sold by Amazon items. Both would dispatch same day with a UK address. One dispatched 3 days later. One dispatched 6 days after ordering. Delivery estimates are currently around the 18th November, or tomorrow, for the same items, with a UK address.
  21. Why would you pay them more when they’ve demonstrated for a whole year that the system can work without those pay rises?
  22. I agree with you, Hooper’s response is disappointing. “What do you expect Government to do?” Well, I’m sure there’s some avenue through which they can discuss ways to make credit card offerings commercially viable here. They clearly used to be, otherwise none of us would have them.
  23. Their dispatch time for a package to the IOM can be in excess of a week before they’ll hand over to Royal Mail, EVRI or DPD. Same items can be had next day or even same day in the mainland UK.
  24. It may not be a dealbreaker in itself, but it adds to the list of concessions you make. Plus, “such a peculiar place, you can’t get a credit card” smacks more of Royston Vasey than somewhere you’d want to move to As a matter of interest, I can’t find Lloyds offering cards on their international (islands) site. I think HSBC are currently the only provider offering cards specifically to IOM residents. HSBC also having a godawful app and website and quite a chequered ethical background to say the least.
  25. Their eligibility checker for me suggests no change in my odds of getting a new card with them. Must be further along that computer says no.
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