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  1. I would suggest that it can be fundamentally summed up as a bunch of bollocks. He claims her offers the source code, but it's if you download it, it's not source code, it's a bunch of poor sources screaming conspiracy.
  2. Has anyone else found themselves clucking and flapping lately? With meal worms looking like a tasty treat? Asking for a friend.
  3. It sounds like Windows isn't indexing the other drives. Indexing is the process it goes through to make the search able to search everything quickly, when you're going into the drive, it's searching without the index. You can add the second/third etc. drives to the index by following these steps. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/search-second-hard-drive-windows
  4. Latest from the Times suggesting that they're binning off free LFTs soon. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/end-of-free-lateral-flow-tests-as-country-told-to-live-with-covid-3bpz8lnqf https://archive.is/1IbIw But, they've said that since about July last year too. I'd guess the timing will be as we move over this peak and towards spring and prevalence drops. Interestingly, another quote from Zahawi. 5 or 6 years is oddly specific.
  5. One of Bosch's approaches to anti-tampering is quite interesting. Basically, if it detects tampering, it'll log a fault code that can only be cleared by either a sheepish trip to a Bosch dealer, or, by cycling the bike without any power assist for 90 minutes. The bike figures this out by looking at how much assist it has been providing over the last however many hours, it's a bit of a cat and mouse game.
  6. https://www.protectivemasksdirect.co.uk/non-valved-ffp3-mask-individual-hy9330 To quote the site selling them. 'The non valved FFP3 mask is used by many UK NHS trusts'
  7. Will the Island copy the UK in granting B+E (trailer) licenses to everyone? https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021 They recently changed the rules, so that anyone can tow a trailer up to 3.5t, not necessarily a good idea but. Equally, there is an interesting way to get around having a UK restricted motorcycle license. By swapping your A2 (47bhp limited) license to a Manx one, your restriction is automatically lifted as you get granted a full A.
  8. I really must be ferrous tonight, that's the second time I've been called metal. Maybe I should invest in some spiky boots. Where's my twitter? I keep hearing that I have one but I've never actually found it. I'm dreadfully excited about it now, apparently I've been posting all sorts. Perhaps we're at the stage of the evening where in some cases we've moved from survival of the fittest to survival of those at the bottom of a bottle of pinot.
  9. Are you okay? 3 out of your last 5 posts have been calling people mental. Lady doth protest too much perhaps?
  10. You care enough to be name-calling on ManxForums at 1 in the morning on a Friday night.
  11. Grammatically speaking, most of the IOM is 'pissing myself laughing' with myself referring to you? Does that mean that you or are being collectively expelled? That sounds worse than passing a kidney stone for all involved.
  12. Hospitals aren't as quiet as you make them out to be. The lack of staff isn't the only problem, the fact you have to seperate COVID+ patients from non-COVID patients adds significantly to your problems. They're only cancelling electives because the beds aren't there. Care homes won't take patients back who are COVID+, even if they're feeling alright. The same goes for a breadth of adult social care. Beds are being filled because of a lacking onward support chain. Overall, in Greater Manchester, 90% of beds are occupied. Excluding intensive care, that figure rises to 96%. That's not exactly a lot of room. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/operations-cancelled-covid-hospitalisations-doubling-22657705
  13. Is there tea and cake to go with this new launch?
  14. I certainly wouldn’t want to be getting ill in the UK any time soon. 40 hour A&E waits do not sound pleasant. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/nhs-struggles-as-sickness-takes-out-1-in-10-staff-x29mwv5rw In the short term, I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult for trusts as they try and cope. In the medium and long term, it likely highlights that the NHS really needs more capacity. More than 20 trusts have declared critical incidents now. Of course, declaring incidents allow them options they might not otherwise have, but I don’t think the government saying it’s “not necessarily a reliable indicator of performance” is quite the truth. The other ongoing problem throughout the pandemic has been a lack of out of hospital social care. Beds are left occupied when nowhere else can take people. Whilst with any luck, things will only be this bad for the short term, and Omicron might well be the key to the end of the pandemic, that doesn’t make the immediate future any less harrowing for this impacted now or up until now. On the bright side, lots of stuff coming out now about HEPA ventilation evidentially reducing transmission, even in hospital COVID wards. Of course, if they’d have brought in some filtration for schools and workplaces last year when things weren’t so bad, they might never have been in quite the mess they are now.
  15. It’s tricky to work a sewing machine over Zoom for the students, you can’t reach the pedals for starters.
  16. The UK government have paid for every regional and national newspapers to have a special wraparound cover tomorrow What is the messaging likely to be?
  17. A really easy to understand and helpful primer on why the vaccines need boosters, and why that’s helpful. https://reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/rij1bz/why_does_a_third_dose_of_mrna_vaccine_decrease/
  18. Jesus has been doing that for years. With all the come forth and receive eternal life. The fifth is your toaster there though.
  19. To really highlight that news outlets are churning out articles for clicks, this one, also from Bloomberg suggests that there’s no evidence yet to suggest Omicron is less severe than Delta. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-17/omicron-gets-around-previous-covid-infection-u-k-study-warns It points out that we might have a clearer idea in a week or so.
  20. Mostly because there isn’t enough statistically significant data. You can readily find data arguing that it makes you just as ill. https://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2021-12-17-forste-omikron-erfaringer-far-laeger-til-at-frygte-mange-indlagte
  21. I think the advice from 1918 is interesting. Especially 'Do not disregard the advice of a specialist, just because you do not understand' and 'Do not disregard the rights of a community'.
  22. There's an interesting response on the article from Professor James A Dickinson too.
  23. Most people are taking agency and their own authority over the situation, I don't think it's quite as infantile as you make it out to be. The majority of people are acting and behaving based on their view and assessments of personal risk, and the risk to those around them. Many will take lateral flows before they go and see 90-year-old vulnerable granny, and will wear a mask in the shops where it is asked or advised. They'll take their jabs when offered too. But they'll also quite happily be going out for meals or pile into pubs and generally cracking on. People seek clear guidance from the Government, because, frankly, it has been an inconsistent, poorly articulated mess. People want faith in their leaders decisions, faith that a badly-read speech with baked-in jokes from a blustering man in an ill-fitting suit often didn't provide.
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