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  1. Apparently this was deliberate, driving at someone, domestic I believe....
  2. Matilda33

    TT ITV 4

    This happens all the time on reality TV, done for dramatic effect. It only looked stupid to use lot because we know the area etc... You would never notice these things on Police Interceptors, or 999: What's your emergency? etc...
  3. And with the emergence of social media you find out a lot more about every single crash that happens, with the police tweeting/face-booking them all
  4. Sorry, I didn't read the full thread before posting.........
  5. Are you female? What has that got to do with anything?
  6. oh I did... As I had no other way to explain that I was doing nothing wrong. It happens a lot haha!
  7. I shall correct oneself... I am not like *most* Manx drivers! That's what I thought re right of way, but he was behaving as if I had blocked a junction or similar. It was dark grey, that's all I could see of the car.
  8. Changing the subject and feeling the need to rant... I stopped at a red light yesterday on the promenade - one of the puffin crossings - and suddenly a guy who was parked on the prom started beeping and ranting and raving calling me stupid and thick because I had blocked him in ??? Not being funny, but he hadn't started pulling out so how was I supposed to know he was in his car about to pull out as the traffic lights turned to red? Obviously if he was halfway out I would have seen him and stopped further back to let him go (I am not a Manx driver, who will not give way to a single person EVER) Please can someone just let me know that I wasn't in the wrong? I was fuming
  9. Ignoring the bad language and grammar...... seriously what is going on, why is it in 3 way controls for a 2 way junction? I am lucky I don't work in Douglas anymore although did notice the traffic on Summer Hill, Blackberry Lane and King Edward Road earlier!
  10. I have a dash cam too, mainly for my own protection against the poor driving over here. Whilst I see awful driving everyday I've not actually seen anything that bad to warrant me being bothered to sitting and uploading the data onto my PC!
  11. Sure my fellow neighbours that live in Governor's Hill estate must be enjoying its closure as much as I am in the morning :-D
  12. Maybe its the fact they are being reported more and more on social media than say few years ago? It is shocking though. Every single junction/roundabout on this island is an accident black spot imo !
  13. Oh, I was hoping this thread might have been about my favourite desert - Las Vegas!
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