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  1. For cleaning yes. Mainly for my oven.. Thanks guys
  2. Hi there I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase this on the island? Thank you
  3. Howdy. Genuine interest of the place. Just honestly wondered if anyone had tried the food there. I can't really see the problem personally. I haven't said it's really nice or anything. IF I do try the food any time soon I will post here.
  4. I've recently had a flyer through the door about a new polish takeaway on Victoria Road next to the chinese there on broadway. I am tempted to give it a go but thought i'd ask if anyone has tried it yet and their opinions. Thank you
  5. I can't think where that is located? I thought the only wooden bench was right behind a window on a slight raised step next to the bus stop?
  6. substitute


    Agree with the re-fit.
  7. substitute


    Except from Tesco deli where can I buy sliced ham that is not packaged? Do Castletown deli still do it? Sliced beef would be lovely too Any answers are appreciated!
  8. I've only tried A&J's and Harrison & Garrett so far and A&J's for price and most of all service for me.
  9. Did check the Deli in Tynwald Mills but to no avail. I don't suppose anywhere sells it?
  10. +1 for Anne the barber. Tenner a pop and you get a card after I think after five haircuts you get the next half price. Fellas was £17! I didn't use again after the once.
  11. Recommending Ron Smith's in the window rather than advertise the new venture? Hmm..
  12. If your missus orders a baked potato with a side order of chips, no wonder they skipped the salad. Chips were for sharing in the workplace but nonetheless their standard was lowered. I guess this mistake 'won't be happening again' though.
  13. Yesterday about half two. Said originally the woman serving her 'overcharged' her to the sum of £11 something I believe until she queried. Also said the beans tasted horrible.. she thought they had been reheated many of times. Thanks..
  14. Talk of the cafe in Tower House. Missus had to wait over 15 minutes for the following to take away and got charged £8.50 for the privilege.. said it was as good as it looks. No idea why she didn't complain! So there is my input for anyone who was considering..
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