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  1. On Manx Radio the spokesman of the group says he wished to scotch the rumours that there are hundres of rougue landlords on the Island. I would remind the spokesman at least 400 properties do not conform to fire regulations. I would also advise the spokesman that there are approximately 2000 premises that are not classified at the moment as rental units, possibly for tax reasons or likewise. Given that the problem is widespread and getting worse , in future maybe the spokesman could stop coming out with such bullshit. The new act will come into force and it will save lives and
  2. what a waste of time , oh dear bell is a fuckwit.
  3. Now that the re-shuffle is going to happen who will go and where. My bet is that he moves his pet John Shimmin from DED so the heat is taken off him . Robershaw will stay in current position. Watterson moved and Alf cannon given the position as a little sweetener. Any more for any more.
  4. Fact of the day the premises and glen were bought from the church for a pound. Worked on it fella that owned it invented ceefax , another useless fact.
  5. Best Bill in that last ten years. Long long overdue. The squats that the tax payer is paying landlords 600-800 a month for will have to be brought up to a civilized standard. Thats all only a handfull have signed up, not sure if they understand they will all be forcibly made to do so or face fines in exess of 5k per offence. Robertshaw may get somethings very wrong, this is not one of them.
  6. To be fair it is a poor spot for a cafe with the parking problems. However the food i have had in the bakeaway, pies , pasties and the like were disgusting so any new cafe or shop in that area would be great.
  7. Im sure i remember the Taxis all crying that they dont want any more competition as there is not enough trade. If you have a shit business you will fail. Simple why the state has to help out and restrict free enterprise beggars belief. Whats this freedom to flourish they talk about.
  8. A revelotion woulnt be required. Just enough numbers to demonstrate outside Tynwald on a frequent basis , let the outside world know how we feel about our own Government. Although everyone has time issues with work ect, get the numbers together and share the responsibility. The only power the public have at present is demonstrations. Bell will crack soon enough given the pressure his vanity could not cope with it.
  9. Actualy its directly from a MLC. But seeing as your such a wanker il leave you wondering.
  10. The Sefton groups business model is fxxxed to put it mildly. Office Space and Hotels. Last time i looked both were not in demand. Basically the Tax Payer has been robbed by our own elected Government. Dress it up any way you want its a scandal , and when you look at the shareholders it makes the Chief Ministers mount Murray mishap look like a minor event. We cant self rule while this sort of shit is allowed to continue.
  11. from my very reliable information the Sefton Group have been loaned far more than the official press release. Wonder when the exact figures will come out, my bet tt week. Bullshit Island where you can if your in the club.
  12. All the best with the fundraising very worthwhile cause.
  13. never said I was a fireman, please point me to where I did. Thommo has indicated he is a policeman and I'm sure other people are aware of the references . burp.
  14. Thommo just purely out of interest what do you get out of pretending to be a policeman.
  15. Looking at who is standing at present, the only candidate that has the potential to be a decent representative is Chris Thomas.
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