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  1. Public/ Private Development Partnership proposed with something like the Super Casino that never happened in the UK as an example of the kind of thing that this "development partnership" could be looking at constructing. How many hundreds of millions of pounds would a Super Casino/ leisure/ Multiplex Cinema/ Indoor Sporting Arena cost to build would you say? 150-200 million Twice that? Half that? Isle of Man Karaoke business................... SHL
  2. You must have wanted to pay the least amount possible, to save up for something? I know of umpteen flats, one and two bedroom and a couple of very nice cottages that can be rented for around the 450-500/ month mark. Not in Douglas though, maybe that is the problem? A while ago when I looked into flats for a mate to rent for around a year while he was here on contract, flats advertised at 750-900/ month were offered at around the 500 mark as they were desperate for tenants. He was a smoker too which even on flats describes as non smoking when push came to shove the landlord was prepared to sa
  3. From what I was told a few years ago there was a company in the UK/Europe that offered to build the incinerator for free as long as they could run it. I would imagine on profitable terms but they were turned down, why I dont know but it does make you wonder. I thought at the time they must have been demanding a set amount every year as a payment and a weight payment on top of that, plus a guaranteed amount of rubbish through the gates. That is what we have ended up with though AND we paid to build the place! Someone mentioned the lack of a glass wall at the incinerator, as in, it is less flam
  4. The lights may still be on site but DCCL may have off-hired them but I dont think they will have done that as I would guess that the DCCL do not often hire stuff like this so will not know what you can do to save a few quid. I know about it because a few years ago I hired a mini digger and my mate told me the MO to get a free weekend. I took the whole week off and the mini digger was delivered on the Monday morning, I waited until five to five on Friday afternoon, as my mate said, to call the hire company to tell them to off hire the digger and pick it up ASAP. It was too late in the day for t
  5. Then what is the point of the forum? Oh come on Cens, i don't need to answer that question, a you didn't need to ask it. I know that lots of people read this forum. Maybe i should've said what kind of people read this forum? Not many who've any kind of influence over this matter, i'd say. As Lonan says, and he tells it like it is as far as i'm concerned, this thread brings to mind 'how many times can one flog dead horse?' Enough times so that it empties the contents of its stomach? I know that would take a lot of flogging but I am sure it is possible. SHL
  6. Apart from your near death Matt, what else have you to complain about? I have found thecoffee shop now serves drinkable tea, which is unusual. Seriously, there are good surgeons and there are bad surgeons but there are never good and bad surgeons, or have I got my sayings mixed up again....................................
  7. This story is getting better by the minute, anyone know when the details of the student loans will be available? I never got to go to University, I was never that smart. That is the most worrying thing for me, if they are the same loan conditions, as the UK then, OK I can live with that but what if its some half assed mountain boy idea, no matter how sophisticated, It sounds like bullshit, all of it but what happens if a child falls behind? They are on their own? Its got Karran spooked, will he will make a stand? There will be no island children going to University. He used to be som
  8. The whole world has wised up to tax havens, tax "favorable" jurisdictions, it seems, every day, we hear of new rules and regulations that we have to comply with as, if we dont, we will not even be able to do the totally above board tax planning. Our government really does not seem to have taken this fully on board. We have mostly the same MHKs as we did in the years when we were being subsidised by the British taxpayer to the tune of about 200-300million a year. These same MHKs now dont appear to know what to do, as TBH, they have done nothing decision wise, over the last 20 years. We need ma
  9. I dont think the doctors are doing anything other than their best and as humans they will make mistakes like we all do, it is the nurses that I have had most of my problems with. The nurses here are very different to the ones I experienced in a UK hospital. The ones in the UK could not be more helpful and kind, the ones here, I will just say, not so helpful. They seem to have the typical IOM public sector attitude. I have grown up with this and a short stay in a UK hospital was a real eye opener. I was not a patient, one of our children was and even as someone "camping" with my wife in the wa
  10. The treatment my Father got up there was shocking, he was in for a few weeks and when the rota of nurses changed, the family had to tell them again what he needed etc. He was moved out far sooner than he was able to be moved, I actually received a phone call from a Nursing home about his arrival, which given his condition was just never going to happen. That may sound like good care but he was dieing and had no more chance of moving residence than I have of sprouting a second head. He ended up in Ramsey Cottage old peoples ward for his last two days. Where they proceeded to fill him full of mo
  11. Our new build houses, not just the island ones, the whole of the British isles, are really dire in comparison to the likes of these and similar German ones. We still build houses the way we did in the 50s. Yes some are now timber frame but still they are finished on site and that finish, the joinery and plasterwork in particular wholly depends on the men that do that work, ie open to massive differences in quality of finish. "Kit" houses maybe frowned upon because of the name but houses manufactured under factory conditions are always going to be of a higher standard finish wise, than somethin
  12. Thank you all for the replies and words of wisdom! I spoke to their Headmaster today and it has been agreed that their time would be better spent in the Library until the injury is better. I must say, that the attitude of the teacher was very positive, they could not understand how this situation had occurred in the first place, as it is not school policy, to have pupils who are not able, due to illness/injury, stand watching PE long term, unless a pupil has just a week or two off PE because of a cold or something similar which I can fully understand. SHL
  13. Oh but there is, not only one Moon but according to the TV program QI there are actually 2! Never got my head around the second one but would you argue with Steven Fry?
  14. I have a question for the board if anyone can help. One of my children at secondary school on the island has been unable to do their PE lessons recently, because of an injury sustained. They have a Doctors note saying that they are not to do PE for the next 6 months. The trouble is, they are being made to stand watching the outdoor sports being undertaken by their class mates during their PE lesson. I would have thought that this time would be better served in the library or the computer room, not stood at the side of a sports pitch for one and a half hours. Before I go into see their
  15. Are they paying the irish lads less money?
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