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  1. Will Halsall


    David, Indeed, our personal relationship matters not a jot, but using this Machiavellian tactic as a smoke screen to distract the reader from the point in question (specifically The Standards and Members Interests Committee Report, which, as has been pointed out is ‘pretty damning’), is rather disappointing. If, as you appear to imply, the conclusion of the report is not entirely correct, perhaps you should enlighten MF posters with your side of the story, this would allow the reader (and myself) an opportunity to make balanced judgement? Will
  2. Will Halsall


    Your bromance probably relates back to when David was heading the ever important Department of Home Affairs. I am sure the 2014 Health Minister David Anderson who was reported to be ‘badly let down by his CE’ is less impressed? Based on The Standards and Members Interests Committee Report in Feb 14, suggesting several failings by David, such as being ill-prepared with evidence, showing a serious dereliction of duty to his Minister, and by extension to Tynwald deserving censure, I am surprised that he is even an associate of Beamans.
  3. I agree, the ‘Starter Homes’ are ridiculously unaffordable, but whilst addressing this issue, IOM Gov need to address the ‘Buy to let’ issue too.
  4. Well done for starting this thread, it is a massive issue on the island, and it saddens me greatly because suicide cases here are simply staggering; too many of us on the isle know at least someone who has died, leaving a devastated family! IOM Gov need to roll their sleeves up for this challenging and sad problem, and I would like to see big businesses such the Egaming industry (I appreciate that they do great work with various charity’s) and the Chamber of Commerce being more vocal too. My nephew is a big hero of mine and 40yrs old today - he won’t mind me sharing his story with you. He
  5. Excellent post! It continues to amaze me that so many CEO’s and Directors (so-called experts) of departments, are still retained in their roles after such blatant failures under their watch. There are plenty of recent instances to substantiate this. We undoubtedly have some excellent CEO’s, who work tirelessly for the betterment of the island, but there are a few that have been winging it for many years. Unfortunately because of the low calibre Ministers that have been fronting these departments, they have been able to thrive after frivolous spending and project fuck-ups - DOI is th
  6. Watterson (your only ever 6’ away from a Watterson or a longtail in PE) IMO has done sweet FA for Rushen, or the island, other than pontificate about how hard working, loyal and all knowledgeable he feels he is. Sadly, too many constituents buy the bollocks of his mantra and continue to put an ‘X’ next to his name. His family background surnames on both sides have been very helpful for him in both Port’s I would suggest. As far as I am concerned he is a devious fecker, who just wants to ride the wave of government pay and pension in an arguably ceremonial role (if he can get away with it), whi
  7. Apologies, I forgot Blackpool was a unitary authority. Didn’t Lancs CC have plans to split the whole county into 3 a couple of years ago, with Blackpool and Lancaster etc becoming one unitary authority? Would you advocate such a proposal John, joining up with Blackpool and North Lancs, with Our Man Flint as the island representative? Longworth, the islands transport saviour, would amusingly be reintroduced to the buses he sold for peanuts to Blackpool a few years ago. He would probably convince Tynwald to finance a monorail to North Lancs via the Morecambe Bay wind farm, advising HSE
  8. Hahaha. Unless our narcissistic ex-copper: a. Returned to this beloved island that he seems to be all knowledgable about, along with Josem et al - See the 3 wise men and their regular media broadcasts. As John Cleese said in The Life of Brian ‘not so much of the myrrh next time’. b. He stands in his own local elections on Thurs and persuades Lancashire CC to claim Ellan Vannin as part of their county, to be administered from Fishergate, Preston.
  9. I can’t say I agree that our (or some of our) political representatives hold back local businesses through ‘Manx crabiness’ Derek, they have faults for sure but I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. However, I do recognise that ‘some’ of our political representatives have a severe form of narcissistic personality disorders; perhaps you should throw your hat into the ring for September, you seem to have the perfect narcissistic credentials.
  10. What an interesting read, I can recall the Blacksmiths at the 4 Roads PSM from my days at Rushen Primary late 60s early 70s I remember Stanley Garrett too from Grenaby, as I worked with him at Colas 79/86, and he kept bees and sold some fantastic honey. Haven’t seen him since the 80s, lovely guy!
  11. The issue isn’t about whether Ticketer is a good system or not, it’s about Longworth, Black, Thomson, Cregeen, Robertshaw et al, following procurement procedures correctly. I believe that on public evidence, and my experience with procurement in the industry during this period, that it wasn’t. A lot of unsavoury and contradictory instances happened during that period that show Longworth, Cregeen, Black and Thomson in a very bad light. How they are all still collecting Government salaries and hold such high positions is beyond me!
  12. In 2012, when Ticketer had been recognised as the preferred replacement to Almex (which Mike Ball introduced to the island in Sept 2008) by Ian Longworth, Nick Black and Graham Cregeen, Ticketer was actually very much the ‘new kid on the block’ (2 years old). Ticketer had mixed reviews throughout the UK during that period, particularly in comparison to Parkeon’s market leader - Wayfarer. With regards to your “nothing dodgy” about BV using them, I totally disagree and refer you firstly to the Standing Committee of Public Accounts Report on Bus Ticketing – 4th Sept 2012. ERG, Almex, Wayfarer an
  13. .......... add to that a list of UK consultants who operate on behalf of BV, and start by looking at the procurement of Ticketer?
  14. Hi asitis, Rather than clog up the Nosy Cook thread, I thought it prudent to discuss the Golf Links Hotel on the correct one. I thoroughly understand the suspicion and doubt you have regarding your above points, along with your comments on the other thread but I wonder how many people are actually aware of the real facts. History: The Golf Course and the Hotel were both for sale at the same time (when a court judgement forced Ferguson-Lacey to sell in 2011ish), Vermeulen bought the course but not the hotel, the hotel was bought by Heritage (Dandara) a few months later. The hote
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