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  1. A Court Judgement of roughly £1m was made against Graham Ferguson Lacey (around 2012), resulted in the Golf Links and Hotel being sold as two separate entities. Fort Island Developments (a Dandara owned company) bought the Hotel, and have been trying to develop it as a 40 Bedroom Hotel on the side and rear ground floor, with a similar amount of Luxury Apartments on the upper floors. A good percentage of Derbyhaven Residents have been vehemently opposing the proposal from an early stage, including the Golf Course owners. That is pretty much it in a nutshell.
  2. Thanks John, I happen to run No.19 - if any of our members are in when I am there, let me know, it’s always good to have a chat about local issues! Will
  3. Indeed; it is as out of control as the Electric Tram was when hurtling from Snaefell to Laxey at over 40mph for 1400yrds, and a very well done to the crew who managed to avert what could have been an absolute disaster! The Director of this very same department reportedly claimed the distance was only 200m and tried to apportion blame onto the motorman; fortunately, HSWI found enough evidence to contradict Longworth and Black. The DoI was fined £18k last December for 5 breaches of H&S regulations; perhaps the fare increases are going towards paying the fine?
  4. "Health & Safety issue"? I have seen enough of Ian Longworth's management at BV to determine that H&S is not the issue; H&S wasn't an issue when he wanted 100 kids standing on a Bendy Bus. As for Moorhouse's response, he is as stupid as his co-constituent Cregeen, who was brain washed by Longworth's bollocks, resulting in the closure of DCCL.
  5. I understand the Commissioners concern because Longworth tried secretly pushing C/town Sq to be “Buses Only”, to make it easier for Bendy Buses when BV was part of the DCCL. He had a slap on his wrist from the then Head of Highways, who ridiculed IL’s business case to Tynwald. The guy has previous so C/town Comms are wise to be cautious.
  6. No; I ask because the Whitthalls Wines/EFB v HMRC is in the public domain, and apart from Ballafletcher, I didn't know of any additional rumours.
  7. What rumours exactly - does it relate to HMRC?
  8. For what it's worth, 3 years ago, I had direct dealings with the following members of management at H&B: Ollie Neale, Heath Craig, Blaydon & Lennox. The four of them left a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth; no wonder they have a poor reputation - pay peanuts and you get monkeys!
  9. I appreciate several wrongs don't make a right, but all of the last administration have to take a huge responsibility for frivolous spending tbf. The roundabout at Ballakillowey was not PG's wisest decision, and his confidence in Nick Black and Longworth also left me in some doubt, but what I saw in the EFW meetings left me impressed. I also can't help but feel the DoI job was/is a poisoned chalice, and credit to the guy for taking it, as I think that was a huge contributor in his lack of votes.
  10. Hahaha, each to their own; on topic I personally have no problem with comments like this irrespective what pseudonym is used. I still think highly of RC and PG though and stand by my conviction of their political capabilities, and I am amazed that Castletown and Malew chose Cregeen instead, who in my opinion has been a failure - DCCL being a perfect example, and now he is a Minister for E&C? I attended one of the Hustings for these guys in Malew and I am astounded that PG who was polished, honest and dignified was not elected by his constituents. Moorhouse came across very poorly and the other candidates appeared caught in the headlights, Cregeen made a big self congratulatory play on his Traffic Calming in St Marks, and the electorate that I speak to in that constituency now are all incredulous. I haven't spoke to anyone in Abbotswood though!
  11. And long may that continue. I was endorsing it. The ones that get me are people like Callister who use here as yet another self adulation and publicity platform in their own self love campaign. I'd much rather hear their sock puppet say whatever they really believe without any of the baggage or personal bounce back. Jack, for what it's worth I was part of the Energy for Waste Working Group Meetings chaired (very well may I add) by Phil Gawne, and I have witnessed Rob in action. I can tell you that Rob was probably singularly responsible but certainly the key individual who should take credit for keeping the waste charges as they are. He achieved this through nothing more than being thoroughly diligent in his investigation work, he was tenacious in presenting the correct facts to all at DOI, despite some very disappointing presentations from government representatives. I have had dealings with and know personally many MHK's past and present, and without doubt RC is one of the very best. I am personally very pleased that we have individuals of this calibre and integrity in the Keys. It is just a shame in my opinion that Gawnie wasn't reelected, as I feel PG is a significant loss to Gov.
  12. At least the IOMSPC haven't blamed this incident on "ingested debris" from those naughty fisherman......................yet!
  13. You could say the same about the next UK civil servant who rocks up here? Perhaps Mr Stewart would be well advised to contact Mr Longworth and Mr Black to see if his skills could be used at Bus Vannin; they (IL & NB) both "rocked up" here, and have an interesting record of getting around the whole ethos and spirit of our Work Permit system. The position "Head of operations" epitomises the abuse within IOM Gov of our Work Permit system in my opinion!
  14. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/pacb120904.pdf
  15. Ticketer is basically the "new kid on the block", Parkeon are without doubt the market leader and popular internationally but Cregeen, Longworth, Black and Robertshawe new better strangely enough. However, it must be acknowledged that Reading City Council (I have supplied hardware to them) speak very highly of Ticketer. Regarding "Top-up" our IOM Gov site states: "allow 24 hours for online top-ups to be available for collection on the bus". For those interested click on the following link and look what we could have won! Go to the next to last video headed: Transport for NSW - Opal & Self-Service Ticketing Technologyhttp://www.parkeon.co.uk/videos/
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