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  1. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51093&headline=Lack of bus drivers hits services&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  2. asitis, it's a shame you didn't introduce yourself when I was there, it would have been a pleasure to have discussed this in person. I strongly suggest anyone with an interest in the site and the litigious potential of DRS have a good read of this before they assume that Dandara/FID are stifling the development of the hotel: https://www.judgments.im/content/J1462.htm In a nutshell, for some bizarre reason the DoI inserted LP21 into the Area Plan South - "New or replacement buildings on Langness should not be permitted except for, uses ancillary to the operation and use of the golf course or, in the case of the former Golf Links Hotel site, for hotel accommodation" - even though the Department considered that this site was adequately provided for in planning terms through the "Tourism Proposal 1" and "Landscape Proposal 22". Deemster Corlett Conclusion 44. I therefore make the order sought by the Claimants. The quashing of LP21 will leave this part of the Isle of Man (much of which is an area of special scientific interest (ASSI) under the Wildlife Act 1990) with the protection of LP22 and TP1 and indeed the various general policies for the protection of the environment, public access and heritage sites set out in the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2007. The belated attempts by Mr Vermeulen, LGC Ltd and the DRS to persuade the Court to widen the relief properly to be granted as a consequence of the quashing of LP21 are rejected. Last year there was a planning application for Skeddan Veg in Derbyhaven - The inspectors report is very interesting reading, particularly the "other objections". I am sure that if FID hadn't had continuous fences put in front of them by DRS, the site would be well under development by now. Some of the objections that I have heard are in my opinion just ludicrous, and from a commercial sense a stand alone hotel would be very difficult to run successfully, particularly now that MM is up running again, Premier Inn has arrived and Travel Lodge will soon be here too.
  3. For what it's worth, I ran the restaurant (No19) at Castletown Golf Links from 1/4/16 until the end of August 19, and I can say with some experience that it is very difficult to operate a catering business in that area. The views maybe superb from both Castletown Golf Links and Bar 26 but apart from the "Blue Rinse Brigade" over weekday lunches, it is extremely difficult to entice people out there. Unlike Castletown it isn't served by Public Transport, which means drinking is out of the question, and the competition from Sidings/Tap Room/George/Leonardo's/Union/Gluey/Tuscany/Secret Pizza/Mustang Sally and even the Whitey, further exacerbates the ability to trade out there. I left because the owners of the Golf Links presented me with a new contract in April that I believed to be commercially unworkable, therefore I gave my 3 months notice. We tried opening in the evenings but that was an absolute disaster, and there aren't enough golfers playing throughout the week to rely on either, and because they all have vehicles, the bar does poorly - the Sunday Carvery was fairly successful though. I was fortunate enough to have been privy to several Derbyhaven Residents Association meetings that we hosted, and I have to say I am bemused at best about their objections, and I am unimpressed with the protagonists rationale and attitude to what is actually a realistic planning application from Fort Island Developments. I recommend anyone with any interest in this development to read the following judgement: https://www.judgments.im/content/J1462.htm It's also very interesting reading to look at the objections/objectors for other very recent domestic planning applications - I personally find some of the NIMBYistic attitudes culturally unacceptable at best. This was passed around at the last DRA meeting a couple of months ago when the main agitators were comparing Langness/Derbyhaven to the Calf of Man.
  4. Hi Amadeus, a. To be fair, it is very responsive and fairly commendable for IL to ring you personally but KPI's are statistics that can be manipulated to suit an argument, and Ian has played that card on many occasions; sadly whether it was the DCCL, DOI or Procurement Dept., he has never had anyone with the experience or wherewithal to challenge his spending authority. Even the CEO withdrew an offer he made to Unite under bizarre circumstances, an offer that was contrary to IL's wishes. b. It should be a Rolls Royce service based on the amount of money that has been signed off in recent years for IL to spend at his behest. Irrespective of the whys and wherefores of the old contracts and working practices etc. IL is solely responsible for the staffing issues that have ruined many lives in the process due to his dictatorial management attitude. The strikes and antipathy towards management by the old guard resulting in weekend staffing issues are down to his bullish demeanour, arguably resulting in lower KPI figures. c. The Oyster Card providers (Parkeon) decided against tendering (with their Wayfarer machines) after it was clear to them that IL and Graham Cregeen had abused the tendering process in favour of Ticketer. I had a meeting with the Head of Procurement about this but I understand Robertshawe signed it of when he had his month at DCCL. The capabilities of Ticketer's system was over played by Cregeen when justifying the original £400k to Tynwald. I hope this gives everyone a better understanding of everything.
  5. Tbf, he does have a documented history of taking medication for encephalopathy.
  6. Nothing to do with me but an FOI request was mentioned to me recently regarding this: https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/servlets.getImg?ref=D438869&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=YbbkwwrI_bldRD1gxQepAJWhuXAO9JO42361__OiZ__EB1tkFxO3gHwuZ3IKoqxI.XMnFeDuAnDjv9PgU3Roobw%3D%3D Dear ### We write further to your request which was received on 14 August 2019 and which states: "Good morning, I wonder if you could let me know the highest hourly rate paid to any person (whether normally employed as a driver or not) driving a bus for Bus Vannin, whether part time or full time, casual or permanent, or just helping out, at any time during the week, during the calendar year 2019. I appreciate that many of the driver's rates are in the public domain but was just interested in any anomalies." On 15 August 2019 you were provided with the following information: “Please be advised, the highest paid employee who has driven buses during the period is the Department’s Chief Executive Officer, who is employed on the JESP 14-18 pay scale of the Public Service Commission, the pay rates for which are publically available on the Office of Human Resources website. The Chief Executive Officer does not claim any additional or overtime pay, take any time in lieu, claim any allowances or take any form of benefit over and above his annual salary for undertaking bus driving duties, when requested over any weekend on which there is a temporary shortage of drivers. The following link will take you to the Office of Human Resources website: https://hr.gov.im/salary-leave-and-pay/pay-scales/ On 16 August 2019 you asked for clarification, asking us to calculate what the actual hourly rate for the highest amount paid is. As we have advised, the Department of Infrastructure’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest paid person in the Department who drives a bus. Any work required of the CEO in order to support the Department is part of his substantive role and is therefore included within his normal salary, which is contracted on an annual basis but paid monthly. In order to calculate his hourly rate, we have used the fact that driving a bus adds an average of 7 hours 24 minutes to his usual working hours, thus making it a 70 hour week; on this basis, the hourly rate paid to the CEO for the discharge of all his duties is £36.68. The clarifications in the first response to your enquiry continue to apply. For comparison purposes only, a contracted bus driver, dependent upon contract and the date worked could earn a maximum of £20.03 per hour.”
  7. A Court Judgement of roughly £1m was made against Graham Ferguson Lacey (around 2012), resulted in the Golf Links and Hotel being sold as two separate entities. Fort Island Developments (a Dandara owned company) bought the Hotel, and have been trying to develop it as a 40 Bedroom Hotel on the side and rear ground floor, with a similar amount of Luxury Apartments on the upper floors. A good percentage of Derbyhaven Residents have been vehemently opposing the proposal from an early stage, including the Golf Course owners. That is pretty much it in a nutshell.
  8. Thanks John, I happen to run No.19 - if any of our members are in when I am there, let me know, it’s always good to have a chat about local issues! Will
  9. Indeed; it is as out of control as the Electric Tram was when hurtling from Snaefell to Laxey at over 40mph for 1400yrds, and a very well done to the crew who managed to avert what could have been an absolute disaster! The Director of this very same department reportedly claimed the distance was only 200m and tried to apportion blame onto the motorman; fortunately, HSWI found enough evidence to contradict Longworth and Black. The DoI was fined £18k last December for 5 breaches of H&S regulations; perhaps the fare increases are going towards paying the fine?
  10. "Health & Safety issue"? I have seen enough of Ian Longworth's management at BV to determine that H&S is not the issue; H&S wasn't an issue when he wanted 100 kids standing on a Bendy Bus. As for Moorhouse's response, he is as stupid as his co-constituent Cregeen, who was brain washed by Longworth's bollocks, resulting in the closure of DCCL.
  11. I understand the Commissioners concern because Longworth tried secretly pushing C/town Sq to be “Buses Only”, to make it easier for Bendy Buses when BV was part of the DCCL. He had a slap on his wrist from the then Head of Highways, who ridiculed IL’s business case to Tynwald. The guy has previous so C/town Comms are wise to be cautious.
  12. No; I ask because the Whitthalls Wines/EFB v HMRC is in the public domain, and apart from Ballafletcher, I didn't know of any additional rumours.
  13. What rumours exactly - does it relate to HMRC?
  14. For what it's worth, 3 years ago, I had direct dealings with the following members of management at H&B: Ollie Neale, Heath Craig, Blaydon & Lennox. The four of them left a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth; no wonder they have a poor reputation - pay peanuts and you get monkeys!
  15. I appreciate several wrongs don't make a right, but all of the last administration have to take a huge responsibility for frivolous spending tbf. The roundabout at Ballakillowey was not PG's wisest decision, and his confidence in Nick Black and Longworth also left me in some doubt, but what I saw in the EFW meetings left me impressed. I also can't help but feel the DoI job was/is a poisoned chalice, and credit to the guy for taking it, as I think that was a huge contributor in his lack of votes.
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