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  1. The writing has been on the wall since 2013 when Longworth, Black and Cregeen (hiding behind the governments need to reduce costs because of the VAT reduction), decided to ride roughshod over the bus drivers by attempting to reduce their wages by £3k a year, which resulted in accusations of bullying and lies from BV/DCCL management, culminating in 73 out of 77 drivers voting for strike action. Several 'striking' drivers were intimidated by management, fired for dubious reasons and reinstated after HR pressure, we also had a consultant from the NW of England who did the hiring and firing. We had Bobby Morton agreeing a resolution with Black on the Fri, only for Black to state that he had a loss of memory due to a change in medication, and reneged on the agreement (after IL's input) on the Monday. Over time, the working terms and practices have been overhauled to compare with casual drivers in Bolton and Preston, the culture of the IOM has been completely overlooked in an appalling manner, particularly with the draconian implementation regarding School Go cards, and 6th formers being denied transport to see/uplift elderly people during school days. I could go on and on and on, but the truth is, between Cregeen, Longworth and Black, it was only a matter of time before we arrived at this stage with no bugger wanting to work for BV. And don't forget that Crookall supported all these failures and is now reaping what he sowed, whilst trying to absolve himself. A classic example of everything that is being said right now about IOM Gov management arrogance and bad practice. Lessons will be learned I can hear - will they fuck, there are too many managerial fuckwits just whinging it within IOM Gov!!!!
  2. If the senior clowns at the circus had had their way with Bendy Buses, they could have had 40% more passenger capacity and less drivers 🤔🤣 I suspect he is already in the ear of Dim Crookall😉
  3. Thanks. I hope he isn't on his old medication and has a loss of memory again, I would hate him to forget and take the No 1 to Rhumsaa!
  4. All rather embarrassing in my opinion. Good on Crookall for making the U Turn but the refusal to give the rationale behind it is silly. Why can't he just say that Longworth fucked up? I am intrigued to know if it's true that Nick Black is back on the payroll driving buses? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/bus-u-turn-due-to-new-information-says-doi-minister/
  5. It's a very good question to be fair. A few years ago when Anne Reynolds added the Harbours to her PORTfolio (see what I did there), she did a presentation to PE Commissioners and I assume other LA's, as she had a bee in her knickers about the amount of 'dilapidated boats' around the island, using Derbyhaven, Port St Mary and Port Erin as examples. A tad ironic that she allowed Reynoldsway to become so dilapidated though - Perhaps she prefers/preferred the third world rustic look?
  6. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/enterprise-and-doi-working-together-to-deal-with-airport-issues/ What is disappointing but generic of many government employees, is the immediate unwillingness to accept any complaints against their departments, especially when complaints are justified.
  7. I had 3 messages from 'service@manxtelecom.com" including one from Jane.smith@manxtelecom.com apologising for sending again. I thought it was genuine????? Unlike @2bees I am still in the dark ages unfortunately. I would describe myself as 'the hamster is dead but the wheel's still turning' when IT is concerned. I would welcome confirmation if it's a scam or not???
  8. I think you have answered your own question 🤥
  9. 2010 - 2014 He took voluntary redundancy, make of that what you wish but I thought he felt that he was unlikely to climb any higher up the ladder while Black was running ruining the show - maybe his tea leaves said 'get the feck out now while you can because the Prom is going to make you look a right txxt? His email reply to Longworth was straight to the point and critical of IL.
  10. Hi Frank, Is he highly regarded or are people bamboozled by his flannel? I remember when Pearson was head of Highways, he sent a damning email to IL advising IL/Cregeen to return to Tynwald and correct his statement regarding Bendy Buses, after IL requested C/town Sq should be closed to private vehicles to allow safe passage for Bendy Buses - Pearson certainly had the measure of Longworth. When I met with Teare and Procurement, I can tell you without question that they were far from impressed with his antics. After the disasters of Ball and Co, IL had an easy ticket, and probably set his own KPIs/OKRs tbf. The lack of parking, higher employment levels in Douglas, along with an increase in residents have all contributed to an increase in Bus use, as well as other factors. However, his attitude to the safety of school children (supported by Black and several ministers) has been utterly shameful IMO, and the writing was on the wall when he wanted to cram 150 kids like sardines on a Bendy - the consequences of an accident were potentially catastrophic. If you speak to some people with authority (even when talking shoit) they are convinced you are telling the truth, people like Cregeen etc, were too dumb to question him.
  11. The guy has dodged many bullets and survived because he has been supported by ministers at DCCL/DOI who were not bright enough to challenge him, along with 'I had a change in medication and have no memory of what I concessions I agreed last Friday' Nick Black. I have said it many times, IL has ridden roughshod over the islands procurement system since his arrival, he has abused our works permit system, spent unnecessary money on egotistical projects, and has a dubious H&S record under his watch. The treatment he has had on MF is justified!!!
  12. She left Berlin in 1933 when she was 9, after years living in cheap hotels, rented flats and boarding houses, in Switzerland, Paris, Belgium and London she settled in Barnes.
  13. You are so predictable haha, I lined that up for you in bold too.
  14. I noticed the Ireland error also, I assumed they were confused with perhaps the Lakes, or maybe they had seen Ireland after travelling somewhere over to the west. Very interesting article in the Saturday Times with Matthew Kneale, the son of Judith Kerr - The Tiger who came to tea author - with childhood references to the IOM. The Manx Grandfather had been a journalist and ran the Mona's Herald. There is a great line about his great aunt who wouldn't travel 12 miles to Peel 'because she considered it a wicked and immoral place'. You need to subscribe to the below link but I read it in the Review section on Saturday! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/step-into-the-kitchen-that-inspired-the-tiger-who-came-to-tea-qbvttdvkp
  15. For those interested in some extremely diverse characters that were interned at Hutchinson's Camp at the beginning of WW2, this YouTube clip from the author Simon Parkin (Mon 7th Feb) is well worth watching. Some superb photo's and videos. Thank you @Roger Mexico I enjoyed watching that on Mon eve 👋
  16. Thank you Roger, that's excellent, I have registered to watch that!
  17. Sid, the right letters but as Eric Morecambe said: 'not necessarily in the right order'! 🤔
  18. Thank you John, what an interesting story, I would be interested to know which property she was billeted at (on PSM Prom?), particularly as a PSM lad. I read the 'Island of Barbed Wire' shortly after it was published - very interesting it was too. My book of the moment is 'Looking for trouble' the memoirs of Virginia Cowles. She touches on her experiences of these human traits as a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War and WW2. I agree totally, it's extremely worrying: Bosnia and Herzegovina is brewing at the moment, and the genocides of the Balkans during the 90s seem to be of little deterrent. The world is a dark place!
  19. Fortunately @quilp gave me something very interesting to read on another thread, so I was able to turn the old transistor off. Henderson sounded like he had plenty of words but couldn't deliver a coherent sentence with them. Who out of the last administration thought that he would be suited to scrutinise legislation - LegCo, no training necessary! I am not a fan of Tim Glover, but I thought his speech was excellent during the debate.
  20. Cheers Q, I enjoyed reading that over lunch!
  21. Back on topic,with references to Hutchinson Camp, I found this an interesting read this morning: https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/books/2022/01/deplorable-things-have-happened-inside-britains-second-world-war-internment-camps
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    Not before time but Alf does waffle: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/blocked-foi-request-over-cm-support-was-error-of-judgement/
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