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  1. Similarly, the same applies to the runaway tram down the mountain.
  2. Sorry Rox, you weren’t making it up and I feel there is even more hidden under his shagpile, if you get my drift 🤔
  3. HD, I know you weren’t defending him, I was just being a twat. However, we can’t escape the fact that after Nick Black left the ineffective Office of Fair Trading, he became CE of the DCCL, and along with Cregeen and Longworth he completely fucked this department up. We had strikes, no buses over TT, sackings and reinstatement’s after HR involvement, loads of bullying allegations, an unnecessary train station at Castletown, H&S breaches, £400k of diesel cabbage/train failure. Bendy Bus lies and spin, that could have resulted in a serious accident if 150 school children had been used as pawns to suit the 3 not so wise men’s rhetoric, kids being over charged for after school activities travel, and lonely pensioners being stopped from having 6th formers from school visiting them because Black wanted to charge the kids for travel. Feck knows how much was ultimately spent on Ticketer and who benefitted? Then this dipstick is promoted to CE of DOI. Cregeen eventually ends up as Minister for Education, and Longworth slithers like a snake into various roles frittering away whatever cash he can get his hands on; he will be rivalling Branson and Bezos for commercial space travel soon with Bus Vannin down the side of a Mercedes rocket! Bell and Quayle are equally responsible for allowing Black and co to fuck so much up, and it’s excellent to see Alf being vocal about the obvious issues. That said, Alf didn’t do anything in the last government to address this department, or the prom balls up.
  4. Fair comment, I stand corrected 🤭 I wonder how many “patsy’s” have fallen victim to Black and left his department over the past few years?
  5. Will Halsall


    Another fine mess by Graham (Stan Laurel) Cregeen, but all will be forgotten when he throws is hat into the ring for LegCo.
  6. Nick Black running DOI is akin to Henri Paul being in charge of our road safety unit! I would be interested to know just how many staff members have left the DOI directly because of him, starting with PA’s and then spreading the net wider. He is as much use as bollocks on the pope!
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/doi-clearly-not-fit-for-purpose-says-chief-minister/
  8. Very attractive? This is one of those occasions where I wish I used a pseudonym on here.
  9. Utter bollocks!!! I was starting to warm to you Stuart, but you’ve slipped down the ladder and yer little chubby arse is under water at the moment. Are you trying to tell me that in 2015, Crookall was a better choice for LegCo than the esteemed Mr Moyle? And that Cregeen would be suited to LegCo? The truth is, many MHK’s have and are winging it, and they have no feckin idea how to buy a pint let alone scrutinise legislation!
  10. Please don’t be confused thinking they’re my words. I only cut and pasted what Jason Moorhouse posted on FB, for the benefit of those members not on there. Tbf to him, he seems to have been far more translucent and informative than other MHK’s, irrespective of whether we think he/they made the right decision. Joney (Honey came up as autocorrect then, eek) Faragher and Michelle Heywood were less clear on their pages. This is exactly what our politicians should be using social media for! What I do find disconcerting in his post is this sentence: Ahead of the Tynwald Sitting Manx Gas did confirm that they would make support available through the Salvation Army.
  11. For those not on Facebook, this is what Jason Moorhouse posted earlier: Good Morning, Please stay warm and Turn the heating ‘On’ when you need to… I know, that many of you are REALLY worried about the increase in gas prices. This is a dreadful position for the Island’s people and businesses to be in. If the Government’s role were to extend beyond regulations to direct support, in an attempt to remove the impact of price rises the cost would be over £10 million this winter. As a small jurisdiction with limited finances we can mitigate the impact, but we cannot affect the gas price increases. This is a deeply worrying situation. Yesterday morning, we had the most challenging Tynwald debate for many years. The choice faced by Members was extreme: EITHER: Support a rise in gas prices that will directly impact on the lives of Island people and businesses. OR: Take a King Canute style decision and say ‘No!’ The problem of voting ‘No!’ or even delaying the vote as Mrs Christian suggested placed us in real danger of the gas being switched off. *The two key factors in making this decision were: • Limited data was available on the exact nature of the financial challenges being faced by Manx Gas. The data which was provided several weeks ago did suggest the company was in a viable financial position until February, but don’t most companies place a ‘positive gloss’ on their finances and prices had reached new highs since then. • Manx Gas is currently being placed in the impossible position of selling gas for less than it cost and on the day before the debate prices recorded a record high as the expectation that Russia would increase supplies to Europe was dashed. From my perspective, a significant loss on each unit being sold, a record price being set for deliveries in November and no real clarity over the finances of the company beyond the February date left me incredibly concerned. The worst case scenario that we faced yesterday morning, from my perspective was that the company could potentially follow UK peers into administration and if that were to happen, there was the possibility the Administrator’s first task would be to cut costs and turn off the gas. Potentially leaving the Manx Government in a most impossible of positions as one of the Island’s key fuel sources and energy networks was closed for hours, days, months or even years…. My priorities yesterday morning were to ensure: 1. The gas kept flowing. 2. The support was in place for those people with low fixed incomes 3. Businesses were being considered at this most challenging of times. Ahead of the Tynwald Sitting Manx Gas did confirm that they would make support available through the Salvation Army. The Treasury Ministers response was positive: ‘I’D LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNTIY TO CONFIRM TO THIS HONOURABLE COURT TREASURY’S INTENTION TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO HELP THOSE ON THE LOWEST INCOMES TO MEET THE LIKELY INCREASE IN THEIR GAS BILLS OVER THE WINTER PERIOD, SHOULD THIS MOTION BE APPROVED AND THE GAS TARIFF INCREASED AS A CONSEQUENCE. THIS ADDITIONAL SUPPORT WOULD BE PROVIDED THROUGH THE SOCIAL SECURITY WINTER BONUS SCHEME. THIS SCHEME PROVIDES FOR LUMP-SUM PAYMENTS TO BE MADE TO CERTAIN RECIPIENTS OF INCOME-RELATED BENEFITS IN JANUARY EACH YEAR WHICH WOULD BE ALSO AT THE POINT OF THE FIRST INCREASED BILLS BEING ISSUED. FOR INCOME SUPPORT RECIPIENTS WHO WOULD ORDINARILY QUALIFY FOR THE £350 WINTER BONUS, THE AMOUNT WOULD BE INCREASED BY £100 – THAT IS, TO £450. BUT TREASURY DOES RECOGNISE THAT NOT EVERYONE IN RECEIPT OF INCOME SUPPORT CURRENTLY QUALIFIES FOR THE WINTER FUEL PAYMENTS. SO FOR CERTAIN OTHER INCOME SUPPORT RECIPIENTS AND EMPLOYED PERSON’S ALLOWANCE RECIPIENTS WHO AREN’T CURRENTLY ELIGIBLE FOR THE WINTER BONUS, THEY WOULD GET A £100 WINTER BONUS PAYMENT IF, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT OF HOUSING COSTS. THE USE OF BENEFITS AS A MEASURE CAN ALSO SOMETIMES BE A BLUNT TOOL MR PRESIDENT AND CAN LEAD TO CLIFF EDGES WHERE PEOPLE ARE JUST OUTSIDE OF THE QUALIFYING INCOME THREASHOLD BUT STILL STRUGGLING. I AM THEREFORE ALSO COMMITING TO, SHOULD THIS MOTION PASS HERE TODAY, INTRODUCUING A VARIABLE RATE WINTER BONUS, TARGETED AT PEOPLE WHO HAVE INCOMES JUST ABOVE INCOME SUPPORT LEVELS, WHICH WOULD BE WORTH BETWEEN £25 AND £75 DEPENDING ON INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND INCOME’. Minister Hooper also provided some reassurance about the impact on businesses. I hope this short article will provide some reassurance. Yesterday, Tynwald Members were working with imperfect knowledge and a massive potential impact. The outcome will affect many of the Island’s people, but changes in prices are manageable with the innovative support mechanisms that are being introduced. At this point, the increased costs will NOT be seen in gas bills until January and even then the changes that were supported yesterday will be nowhere near the doubling of bills that many of have seen being experienced by families on the UK media channels. This is not a good situation to be in, but hopefully the situation with appropriate government support can now be dealt with in a reasonable way by the Island’s people. The bottom and most important line is – Please DO NOT be afraid to turn your heating on. Jason.
  12. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mhks-welcome-extension-to-psm-post-office-procurement-process/
  13. Stonewall have demanded EON Productions cast the next Bond with a LGBT culturally diverse disabled character, so that rules Rob out!
  14. Rob does actually state: ‘I don’t believe the CM treated all MHK’s fairly…………’, and follows with: ‘my comment above does not relate to me personally but to a couple of my colleagues……….’. He doesn’t state that he personally was mistreated. I agree with what Declan said in his two posts above, particularly the ‘over thinking’ comment. I share Roxanne’s wish too, Social Media (particularly IOMN&P) is not the ideal platform to discuss this. If I was fecked off, Moulton, MR, Butt and Gef would be the obvious mainstream media outlets that I would use to vent my observations via an interview, not Corrin and Co. Using Social Media takes up so much time in answering messages, and trying to constantly correct people who misinterpret (sometimes ignorantly and often mischievously to make themselves look clever) your explanation. Hell, we see it on MF on a daily basis, I have probably been guilty of it myself. What I find sociologically amusing is the strategic ‘dipping in and out’ of MF by MHK’s, and ex-CE’s etc., using the odd one line to correct a single point, but they don’t return to answer more pertinent questions - Chris Thomas is an example of this, and we know a few MHK’s past and present follow MF frequently to gauge opinion. However, in fairness for the reasons just stated, I can appreciate that these MHK’s can end up getting bogged down replying to agitators, and probably avoid contentious questions to prevent them looking like a twat!
  15. Manx Radio on Saturday - it’s still on the website.
  16. Cheers Sid, JPW clarification after my flippant remark - thank you, I appreciate that. Agreed, it isn’t a playground game, but I wasn’t a fly on the wall and because of that, I would like to know, as Andy asked, exactly why Rob feels that AC’s behaviour was unforgivable last week. I trust Rob personally, and I worry that Alf will continue in the same vein as his predecessor, I genuinely and sincerely hope I am wrong.
  17. a. I can’t argue with you. b. I would like to know too.
  18. Andy, Rob specifically alludes to Alf’s behaviour to some MHK’s last week, which Rob (and I assume other MHK’s - Chris Thomas perhaps?) found unforgivable - it is a strong word. To offer some balance here (and yes, I like Rob and know him reasonably well), I wonder if Alf is paving the way to become a megalomanic, arguably like his predecessors; it could be perceived at this very early stage that he is creating a divisive government. We have seen this behaviour with Bell and Quayle, where CoMin becomes an unchallengeable authority, and those back benches that the CM simply doesn’t like, or who challenge his decision making, are ostracised to the detriment of the isle. We don’t need to be sociologists to understand how misogynistic and authoritative Bell and Quayle appeared to be, and how it benefitted them to have incapable ministers (Cregeen for example) in the IOMG Politburo, that in some instances appeared (and still do) to be mere votes to push through the CM’s own agenda. Already Julie Edge is flexing her muscles and setting her stall out, stating how vocal she was over schools and Covid as a backbencher, and how she will sort the department out - a slight against Allinson’s tenure? Crookall has said that he won’t give a completion date for the prom. I am already miles ahead with this, you can see that it will drag on, Baker will be the scape goat, but little attention will be drawn to the officers that have failed on this project because they will wrap TC around their fingers, just like the last time (granted it was DCCL). Mrs PW is beefing herself up over what she brings as the Minister of Home Affairs (does this isle really need this as a single department?), suggesting that her experience as a ‘non-practicing’ solicitor (not sure what exactly that means, perhaps she did law at the college) will be important. Ashford is looking forward to rebalancing, recovering and diversifying the economy, and enjoyed his time at DHSC. The reality is that if DA had been, or even had appeared to have been a successful DHSC Minister, he would have been kept in that position. On the DHSC subject, I will be surprised if Hooper lasts the distance, I think he might well get knocked out in the 2nd round. I sincerely hope that Alf doesn’t start enforcing collective responsibility, and that CoMin are far more open and transparent to the public importantly, and the media too. On the face of it, this doesn’t show Rob in a good light, having ‘respectfully declined’ the Post Office role, but I sincerely think there is more to this than meets the eye.
  19. James, were you in a shebeen under the influence of Cannabis when you implied that Crookall could have been an option for Treasury, based on his ineffective spell in Education? Don’t forget that prior to Education (which he lacks) he was the Minister of DCCL, and along with Black bought the ‘Cabbage’, then Bell replaced him with his mate Cregeen. Despite his confidence (or arrogance), he will be simply another victim of this out of control department. He is blagging at the moment, he will be winging it for a few months and lording it up, and then he will be found wanting, which is why Bell moved him to education 9 yrs ago. Experience is only useful if you learn from it, he will fail without doubt.
  20. Tim Crookall MHK has been appointed as Minister for Infrastructure Interesting call, he is back working with Nick Black again after a 9yr break, it will all end in tears!
  21. Roger (as always) is correct as I understand it. As an example, Manx Radio had Allinson on this morning in his present capacity as Minister for DESC, advising that he supported Ballakermeen regarding pupils staying at home because of staff illness.
  22. Roger, they (NOT ME) would argue that she is spending inordinate funds on projects such as the Runway Extension, Perimeter Fence, Tower, Fire Station etc. to make sure that Reynoldsway complies with all the statutory requirements for an airport.
  23. If Juan or Michelle had drawn a naughty genitalia image and spoilt the paper, I would have been disappointed (amused though), as they represent Rushen/PSM/PE, not themselves. I wonder if Wannenburgh was considering his constituents or just being a twat? Granted, he could use the old argument that the electorate voted him in to make the decision on their behalf. Stu (wasn’t keen but starting to like the chubby little Mancunian) on the other hand asked his constituency for their thoughts and voted for Alf. I like that attitude, and I am starting to like Stu.
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