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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moorhouse taking charge of DESC.
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/alfred-cannan-appointed-as-chief-minister/
  3. Crookall will be hoping for a ministerial position for his safe vote, and will probably get one.
  4. Chris, I appreciate that this question should be on a different thread, but could you enlighten me as to why you spoilt your vote in the CM election?
  5. Not everyone follows the correct speeds in the bay zones, that I can assure you. I walk around the area on a daily basis, and I have seen some very poor examples of seamanship, and that includes the Shona too. Some of the adult swimmers are closer to 5 times the size of the kids actually, however, many do not have buoys with them, and they are far harder to see in the middle of the bay than 30 kids on the Raglan Pier. I witnessed the Shona steaming into the jetty on one occasion a month or so ago, knowing full well the kids were there. It is the jetty where the adults tend to swim from and the kids play there too when the tide is low. Your suggested analogy is bollocks, I am not taking sides here, but I am saying that the hotheadedness of the lad on the Shona has exacerbated the situation. Even though we all did it as kids, and I swam loads of times in PSM harbour, it is dangerous and needs to be addressed, but grabbing a child (if true) is not the way to go about it!
  6. It was Wannaburgh and Thomas I thought who spoiled it?
  7. I thought Watterson voted for Allinson?
  8. In this instance at Port Erin, my understanding is that the escalation of events was down to the attitude of one of the guys on the Shona (the little blue boat that does the trips to the Calf - Port St Mary to the Calf is a far better journey for those who haven’t been, and the skipper is far more knowledgeable!), who appears to have been over zealous in his behaviour. What I find concerning is that the kids are being accused of being little brats, but there is no mention of the open sea swimmers who swim around the bay daily. There is arguably more chance of one of these adult swimmers being hit by a boat in the middle of the bay, but I suspect the Shona boy finds it easier to vent his spleen at a 9yr old 🤔
  9. Stu, I don’t mean to doubt you, but if neither Allinson or Cannan get 11 votes tomorrow (I think I am correct), an alternative candidate can be nominated - have you given any thought regarding another suitable candidate? I couldn’t get beyond half way during the MR debate without feelings of nausea, so I called it a day. However, I would be interested in knowing if either of these two are successful, what position (if any) would they give in CoMin to their combatant? I would have liked that question to have been asked personally but I didn’t hear it.
  10. Oi Jiminy Cricket, did you not try twice to become one of those said members?
  11. Thank you for the comprehensive analysis of events Roger, a lot of wine might have passed my lips since then but I recall it well. The fact that Crookall (who certainly faced uncertainty with the forthcoming elections) was chosen ahead of Moyle to scrutinise legislation, says it all about cronyism in my eyes. How quickly the electorate forget and vote back in the names they know, the faces they recognise and believe their latest mandates, irrespective of their candidates past failings.
  12. Has the poor fecka developed galloping knob rot from this alleged indiscretion?
  13. Barlow, if I remember rightly it was frighteningly close, the Antipodean narcissist very nearly got in ffs. I remember some of the nonsensical bullshit this clown was spouting on IOM News and Politics (Facebook) at the outset of Covid, with the all knowing duo of Weatherall and Corrin supporting how wonderful Australia was compared to here. Imagine if Jizzem had ended up Health Minister, no doubt that would have resulted in another pointless fact finding holiday to the other side of the world for a month or two. We have seen worse people in powerful positions than Josem start wars! Our very own Derek Flint lost a lot of credibility with me by sharing a podcast platform with this joker.
  14. Fair point Roger, but let’s not forget Crookall and his strategic manoeuvring to jump on the LegCo payroll before he was emptied by the electorate. How many other devious slippery fuckers have taken the same route?
  15. Absolutely, but I am convinced like Crookall and Henderson, that this prick will get the nod.
  16. They would make good lobster pot bait and that is about all!
  17. How disappointing. I thought he had been caught rear ending one of those Dhoon Bay goats in an ould pagan ceremony for the Quayle’s, Quilliam’s and Qualtrough’s, arranged by the Garff sect every Harvest Moon!
  18. Will, do you not think this has been contrived to get IOMPO, and Julie Edge out of the shit. 2112, Click on here and draw your own conclusion: https://www.iompost.com/our-news/press-releases/update-on-postal-services-in-port-st-mary-/ I try to avoid FaceBook at all costs, but Port St Mary Residents and Ratepayers closed group is probably the best place to gauge local opinion and views. It also gives a clear indication of how thick many new residents are, and questions how our work permit system has allowed so many people of this ilk onto this isle. What I do think is that Juan and Michelle are probably the wrong choice of MHK’s for PSM/PE/Rushen with hindsight. Julie Edge and the Post Office - the jury is out and has been for a long time.
  19. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/late-expression-of-interest-for-port-st-mary-post-office/
  20. Ooooomph, I thought you were a touch more pachydermic Christopher. I am actually unclear about what you are trying to say above?
  21. Juan has posted this on his Facebook page about PSM PO: If you feel strongly, please write to julie.edge@gov.im or simon.kneen@iompost.com, perhaps also the candidates for Chief Minister? I basically read that as passing the parcel!
  22. So he is a real doctor then, unlike Michelle H?
  23. She did very well out of the regeneration scheme! The photo on Manx Radio News of her and Juan standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity outside the post office is crass tbh, this was on the cards for months, but as you said on the PO thread, it wasn’t important enough to them during canvassing!
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