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  1. boswellian

    5G security concerns

    Apologies for the double post.
  2. boswellian

    5G security concerns

  3. boswellian

    Welcome back

    That’ll be the coinage that is accepted nowhere else on earth? Bound to be of massive global interest. Not.
  4. boswellian

    Man bites dog?

    Is there not a dog sanctuary these days? Purpose being to take care of the dogs who aren’t suitable for rehoming.
  5. boswellian

    What an advert for the IOM

    Been looking for some in-depth reporting. But didn’t find it there either. Which is why I thought there might be more news on MF.
  6. boswellian

    Moorehouse Strikes Again

    I rarely comment, but persecuting the goats, that really gets mine.. Kill a few innocent animals to earn some brownie points?
  7. boswellian

    Climate Change Coalition

    Typically skewed interview from Faux News. But the label of ‘denier’ for those of us who question AGW just shows how skewed the science is. Since when can research not be challenged?
  8. boswellian

    Steve England for MHK For the people by the people

    Do they run any kind of sanity checks on those permitted on the course?
  9. boswellian

    "Bungle" Moorehouse strikes again in Sesame Street

    Moorhouse really tackles the topics that concern us all. Not.
  10. boswellian

    Chief Minister on Gardening Leave

    Complaints of unfair abuse on mf? Isn't that the standard form of discussion here?
  11. boswellian

    Fluoride In The Water

    What happened to freedom of choice? Many people eat food with artificial additives. FDA approved. Does this really mean they are safe? No. Check out the members of the FDA though and it might make sense. Is this presently pertinent to the IOM or is someone trying to drum up public interest? I suspect the latter and for that reason will make no further comments. I have a life.
  12. boswellian

    Fluoride In The Water

    Fluoride is poison. Why introduce this into our water system. This is not practiced in non Anglo Saxon countries. It is useless unless applied topically. Why have some US states reduced the concentration? Because it was endangering health. Is this discussion pertinent to the IOM btw? At the time this was on the cards I did shed loads of research. If people are really so easily taken in by research from one country then perhaps this is another reason to leave.
  13. boswellian

    Fluoride In The Water

    Fluoride must be applied topically to be effective. Putting it in the water, thereby affecting the entire body for no good reason, can be compared to drinking sun tan lotion. Fluoridation is supposedly aimed at children. Those children supposedly in need of this drink sweetened drinks, not water. Where is the sense in this proposal. Btw. This is an Anglo Saxon thing. Europe as a whole does not fluoridate. Generally, European caries levels are at least on a par with fluoridated countries.
  14. boswellian

    Chief Minister on Gardening Leave

    When will the Cabinet Office finally make a statement as to expected duration and how matters are to be taken care of in the meantime?