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  1. Hoping someone can help. My license was issued in 2018. No part two. No address. Thought I had mislaid part two but others tell me it no longer exists. Have been advised to obtain duplicate, but assume these are also lacking in address detail. Can anyone throw a light on things, please? Many thanks.
  2. Be scared. Be really scared. Because it is not good for the immune system. Neither is becoming a couch potato. Neither is not obtaining natural vitamin D from sunshine. Countries which have been imposing mask laws for some time report an increase in bacterial respiratory system issues. And why oh why are masks not disposed of as toxic waste? Imagine it’s Ebola, would you discard the mask in public? How does the virus know if people are out after curfew. ( in place in some areas)? Why does no one mention looking after the immune system? Why is an inadequately tested vaccine the only answer? (Normally it takes several years to test. Long term effects are unknown). Just a few matters that perplex me. (By the way I am in the ‘vulnerable’ group). Why is it ok to traumatize children so that they are afraid to engage with their grandparents and suffer nightmares and stress? Sounds like child abuse to me. Why are emergency teams trained to reassure, not to cause panic and stress? Yet governments seem to be doing their utmost to practice the latter? Just a few things going through my head. What I fear is the fix. The inadequately tested vaccine, or the Klaus Schwab reset. If you wish to live in fear and dread and protect yourself to the hilt, please do so. But other opinions should also be acceptable and not simply dismissed. Seems extremely dangerous to me when there is only one truth and only one acceptable set of experts. Btw. My father was a D day veteran, suffered injury in the war, Desert Rat etc. and I know exactly what his views on the present situation would be. And I understand why he thought that way.
  3. It is good to be free of fear. Fear is very bad for the immune system.
  4. I doubt it. Is your question based on age references ot do you have a libertarian parent? I’m intrigued.
  5. As someone who would be considered to be in the ‘vulnerable’ group, I completely agree with what you say. Lord Sumption has also mentioned this on various occasions. For those who wish to isolate and keep distant etc., they should be assisted in doing so, if it helps them. Personally, I am still looking for anything which doesn’t resemble scaremongering, which informs us of how we can strengthen our immune systems and permits life quality. Who wants to become a centenarian if it means spending thirty years in quarantine?
  6. Take your pick. I see no scary spikes and neither to many other international experts. The tests are designed only to detect Corona virus of any strain, not specifically Covid 19, so likely many will test positive and these figures will spike when testing increases. Doesn't mean we are all doomed, doomed. https://epidemic-stats.com/coronavirus/switzerland?
  7. That sounds too much like common sense and not enough paranoid irrational thinking. People want to be protected and controlled.
  8. Apparently, some do. An easy game when you ramp up the fear.
  9. Are the death statistics taken from those who died with COVID 19 or those who died of it? And can you supply details of autopsy results which confirm this?
  10. Just wondering how present situation is justified considering this As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid?fbclid=IwAR12f1P2chQDjLJuCh-cri0WQYvvDi7yPu978t7e5Qpr6ina-IueSZnvXG8#status-of-covid-19
  11. IMO, based on my own experience, this not intended as medical advice and any other disclaimers that might apply, it would benefit people enormously if Pharma didn’t have a monopoly stranglehold on health. What I’m saying is that non conventional methods should not be immediately damned by the ‘system’. I belong to the risk group being of a certain age and having been diagnosed with lung disease. I took charge of my health and decided that Imo (please insert all appropriate disclaimers) my body is my property and my health is my responsibility. Which means that I do all I can to help myself (this does not include pharmaceuticals because I discovered I manage better without). Will not attempt to say any more about my situation because such is the legal position that it is easy to fall foul of the gagging system in place. Perhaps, I could make my point clearer by referring to all media coverage. Scare. Anxiety. Pile it on.Things which are known to negatively affect the immune system. We have immune systems which we should be doing our best to support. How come no one mentions this? This would be a very positive step and would help remove the feeling of helplessness many have at present. Or are we supposed to feel dependent and helpless?
  12. Makes me wonder why you post on here .
  13. But the media has been very sparing with the exact details of how it all started in Italy. Might be reassuring to others if it was known. After all stress and anxiety are not good for the immune system, and a little more clarification might serve to reduce both stress and anxiety.
  14. Where attention goes, energy flows. Imo the answer to many issues is supplying better alternatives. But how do you bring about a sea change in gutter press addicts? How do we raise vibes rather than spend time condemning and pouring attention on undesirable facets of everyday life? But let’s look at the media as a whole. Fact is that negative, scary, scandalous stories are news. However mild the reporting. We need a daily source of positive stories etc.
  15. Thankfully not taking part in any of this circus now anyway. However, as stated the generic version I referred to above was quite obviously not what was stated on the package. As mentioned, other generics appeared to be ok. But this definitely wasn’t. The issues of doctors’ preferences opens up an entirely new can of worms. Thank goodness I’m not participating in any of this nowadays.
  16. They can be. And that comment comes from doctors. Although I was taking generics for some issues, one particular medication was quite obviously not what was stated on the pack. (I experienced a particular and severe side effect from the standard version). A family member was also advised to insist on original. Thankfully, this is history for me. I found other ways of dealing with things.
  17. But since the vast majority of island docs were against it, that seems an unlikely defence.
  18. How many remember these old cottages? I do. My great aunt lived in one. Not quite as old as the one in the Folk Museum, but quaint and cosy.. Could it be that we are to be robbed of anything that pertains to life here before the financial sector arrival and all that came with it? The Manx language was practically eradicated. How is Manx culture to survive if MNH gives it the boot?
  19. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=48506&headline=Arrests after alleged stabbing&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
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