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  1. Do any of you know why we had such a good VAT agreement? Well let me tell you that it was because we (the IOM), decided, when England pulled this stunt years ago we wouldn't let them get away with it! And for as fact I know that to ensure England knew their place we invited Russia to patrol our borders instead!
  2. Irishone! I was sorry to hear that you have had so much trauma over the Summerland Fire. I have a copy of the original 'Report of The Summerland Fire Commission which was carried out to inquire into, and report on, all the circumstances of, and leading up to the fire'. It may not be what you want to read although interesting, it does not tell the full story and large parts (which I know as fact) were never put into this report.
  3. That's what your horn is for, just keep your hand on it and shame the idiots.
  4. If I was Mr Bell I would be laughing at the attempts to overthrow this 'corrupt government'. Everyone knows Mr Bell has no hidden agendas. Neither did Nick Leeson.
  5. Mulokin, I feel you are taking advantage of this site by airing your personal grievances and using members on this site. Posting untrue remarks about our MHK'S, could lead you into a quagmire of problems. I'm unclear about what you are trying to achieve by undermining the Government in POWER!! Who have been voted in by the people of this Island. Maybe your just not a true manx man. This site is for public discussions not personal agendas against our Government.
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