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  1. You mean the old railway line that they are built over? This is one reason it would be near impossible to reopen the railway line to Peel.
  2. But when it comes to imported goods including food then we are all users so everybody still pays unless you but only local produce which is getting harder and harder.
  3. @Chinahandwhilst I can understand your position I am not so certain that Johnson and the UK Government actually translate his words into action. Do we know what the UK has actually supplied to Ukraine? My fear is that the supply of weapons and support is just like the refugee process for Ukrainians. A wonderful idea but either incompetently implemented or made deliberately difficult.
  4. I don't get this argument regards modern bikes making it more dangerous. If you look back over the whole history of the TT the number of fatalities is fairly consistent. There have been a few years where it has been worse but if your view about modern bikes was true then we should also have seen a gradual and prolonged increase in fatalities year on year. This is the problem with this discussion. It is highly emotive on both sides and no one really has all the data and understanding required to support their positions.
  5. After 362 pages it should be clear that this is not the forum for that debate. Nothing said on here is going to change the death rate and all we have are circuitous arguments.
  6. The whataboutery and point scoring on this whole discussion is non stop. You have done it yourself several times.
  7. No, but that was rather the point that was being made. Road Racing itself is inherently more dangerous than racing on a custom made circuit. The TT is the pinnacle of road racing for those who choose to compete. I don’t agree with this lads name being thrown into this debate but I also find your lack of compassion for him just as disappointing.
  8. You will probably find that information in the programme or results listings.
  9. Those of you wanting something to compare the TT with why not the Nurburgring Nordschilfe? Pay €24 and you can take your own vehicle for a lap. The report I saw suggest that there are 3 to 12 deaths per year during these public sessions. The German Government haven't closed this down and people are making money off it and arranging these public sessions.
  10. Yes let's ban the Parish Walk now... I bet you never used the environmental side to object to it before. Probably more unhappy about road closures.
  11. No it doesn't have to mean that but probably will do.
  12. @Roger Mexico I am not disregarding anything. Simply suggesting caution when using Google translate. Having worked for a French business I know just how terrible the translations can be. Unfortunately my French is still poor.
  13. The problem will be footfall particularly if high quality also equals high cost. People will go for a treat but won't go on a regular basis especially if there are more competitors. There are already people calling for heritage attractions and sites to be closed. Places like Summerland would have reopened if there was a market. I am not sure what "destinations" would be economically viable. Reduce people's reliance on private cars and do something about the state of public roads and footpaths. Stop trying to turn the Island into another English County.
  14. Are you relying on the Google translation for this statement? Google translate is okay but it seems to translate individual words rather than the full sentence. We might think that is okay but in languages like French the structure of the sentence can alter the meaning.
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