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  1. Mooring a vessel does not affect passenger comfort nor the overall performance of the ship so has not attracted the attention of designers looking to improve it.
  2. Exactly the ropes allow the boat/ship to move up and down with the tides. It's also a cheap and reliable system.of securing a vessel in a harbour. The same as an anchor is a cheap and reliable way of securing a vessel outside a harbour. Just because something is old doesn't mean its ineffective. And yes, it was probably a random rope from another vessel that has been lost or dumped overboard. Fishing nets are a regular culprit.
  3. It was never going to get through because the two biggest parties were against it. Why? Because it would end their dominance of UK politics forever. The Conservatives and Labour were and remain interested in only one thing. Themselves and the survival of their parties. We are only in this mess now because of the Tory party and an attempt by David Cameron to unite the party and stop losing anti EU supporters to UKIP. Without the EU ref would the UK have a Conservative Government?
  4. And is that not a good description everything wrong with first post the post....
  5. Frankly as long as they are not illegal then I don't really care what type of immigrants they are. Even then illegals are often victims themselves so sometimes deserve kindness and compassion. Not sure which party I would vote for. Probably the Greens though as I think they generally have some decent policies even if I don't agree with them 100%
  6. That parties performance at the recent byelections have not suggested they could win a general election. Much more likely that they split labour and conservative voters.
  7. Just a shame they are all conservatives... In all seriousness my preference would be having competent and trustworthy people in those roles but there is a dearth of those in British politics. I am also amazed that these descendants of immigrants seem to be so anti- immigration. Particularly those with family from poorer backgrounds.
  8. No. Farage was elected to be an MEP. You know a Member of the European Parliament, which by the way he rarely attends. Farage has never been successful in his attempts to be a Member of Parliament in the sovereign parliament of the UK.
  9. Homelessness is a tricky one especially when it comes to non-Brits but it blame the EU for this is to ignore the issues of illegal immigration and modern slavery. Neither of these will be addressed by brexit. And if the UK Government continues with austerity measures and, god forbid, privatises the NHS whilst doing nothing about affordable housing then homelessness is only going to get worse. Again not a direct impact of Brexit but any recession post brexit would compound the matter.
  10. And the UK has been able to send EU immigrants back to their country of origin if they do not have the means to support themselves after 3 months. It's just that various UK governments have failed to implement it. Cool. What's your point?
  11. You may want to explain that to a number of brexit voters/supporters I know. They won't accept it from me. ETA: Project Fear or Fake News is the response I typically get.
  12. Finally some good news about Brexit. We can take back control of our national game.... Oh wait... That's more bollocks isn't it? The EU has nothing to do with the laws of football.
  13. That's the best joke yet woody! Someone who suggests an independent Isle of Man is xenophobic whilst someone supporting the UK leaving the EU is somehow fighting for sovereignty?
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