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  1. @Manximus Aururaneus I don't think any believes that children of any politician, leave or remain, should be subject to abuse. Neither should children be left without a mother because some nutter decided to kill a serving MP as he disagreed with her view on Brexit. The language used on both sides can be very inflammatory and needs reigning in. Politicians and the press are currently stoking the fire especially with those at the extremes of both leave and remain. As to the standard of journalism what does the below do but aggravate both sides; "Forgive me, but by the time they were over I relented – and went to the pub. Inside, a throng of weirdo anti-Brexit protesters had gathered after their People’s Vote march: a group of sandal-wearers who spent an age debating over the merits of different beers before placing their order."
  2. As I said, Boris supposedly has a plan. No matter how sad or juvenile it is.
  3. @woody2 I have no doubt that Brexit will happen. The two major parties are supportive of it. The question is what form it will take and realistically that is the question dividing parliament. The Conservatives are on the verge of destroying the Union. We already know about the SNP and that Scotland voted in favour of remaining but now the Tories have managed to piss of the DUP. Ironically whilst doing so have managed to push Northern Ireland into a closer bond with Ireland and the EU. How long will the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland survive as an entity after Exit Day?
  4. But senior EU officials said it was clear during the discussions among the leaders at a summit on Thursday that “they would grant an extension”. “Even [the French president Emmanuel] Macron in the room didn’t suggest otherwise,” the source said.
  5. EU have stated that they will grant an extension if requested. Over to Boris now to unveil whatever trick he has up his sleeve to sidestep the Benn Act.
  6. @Manximus Aururaneus None of that requires a majority though. The real test comes on Saturday when Parliament discuss the deal he has negotiated. Which in my opinion is Theresa May's deal with some makeup and a blonde wig but I think it will scrape through. The ironic thing is that Nigel Farage hates it.
  7. Think carefully and you will realise that the definitions and legislation I cited are relevant to what was being discussed. Specifically a workplace scenario involving people of different national origin and nationality. Of course dictionary definitions will be different but aren't relevant to the question asked.
  8. Maybe you would like to review the Race Relations Act 1965 and the definition used there. An Act which had nothing to do with the EU or the so called "snowflakes". Read it yourself. I am sure you are capable of reading and understanding it yourself. Fettle all you want.
  9. Please refer to the Equality Act 2017 Section 10.... https://www.legislation.gov.im/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/2017/2017-0005/EqualityAct2017_4.pdf In the scenario presented by PK it does not matter whether the individuals involved were all white or black or whatever. The Polish workers could choose to bring a claim of harassment on the grounds of race against the employer. This is because employers are liable for acts of discrimination, harassment or victimisation carried out by their employees in the "course of employment". Harassment is defined as unwanted conduct related which violates a person's dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. I have certainly heard of similar anecdotal cases to that outlined by PK but have not had to deal with such a situation myself.
  10. I would like to refer both of you to the Equality Act 2010 section 9 (1). This defines race as including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins. Whilst I am cannot say for sure that the anecdotal case supplied by @P.K. is true I can certainly tell you that had that happened in my company the foreman would have been immediately suspended and a disciplinary hearing held. In all probability he would have been summarily dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct. If the Polish workers brought a claim of harassment or bullying under the Equality Act 2010 then we would have moved to settle it outside of the Employment Tribunal system. Why? 1. The chances are they would win. 2. Employment Tribunals are open to the public and settling it out of court avoids any bad press. ETA @quilp religion and belief is covered under section 10 of the same act.
  11. Yet the case you cite was in a Belgian court and not an EU court according to your earlier post. Time to put up or shut up Woody
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