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  1. I certainly think leaving the EU was a bad idea and I am no fan of the campaign ran by Brexiteers nor of the current UK Government but I don't think I have been "whining" about anything. I might point out things that are not working but why should anyone turn a blind eye to it.
  2. And once she answered where she was from it was the followed up by the question "where are you really from?". It is that point at which the conversation starts to be racist.
  3. I suggest you go and read up on the Council of Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights. You seem to be confusing them with the EU which the UK has left. I am not making any suggestions as wild as you think. So in your view every member of the EU and Council of Europe (two different things remember) are not self-respecting states?
  4. You have also quoted me on a response which wasn't about the ECHR or even the EU. That particular response was about my view that UK democracy is broken. I do think there is an argument for the ECHR. We may think that the time of totalitarian rulers in Europe is in the past but I have given you examples of the UK Government trying to remove rights. I could also point to the Polish Government removing the separation between the Judicial and Political systems (a move I believe that the Tory Party would like to follow). Hungary is another good example where Orban is more than happy to play the EU/NATO and Russia during the current conflict in Ukraine. He is another leader who would happily remove the rights of citizens. So, in answer to your question, I do believe there is a case for a legal system free from Political interference and that does require it to be outside the country.
  5. Sure, that is possible. It could be there is more than one racist at the Palace
  6. Apparently the Lady in Waiting who allegedly made these comments was the same person tasked with preparing Meghan Markle for life as a member of the Royal Family... Given the allegations made by Meghan then maybe this is a case of no smoke without fire.
  7. I know it is the way it works but that doesn't mean it should work that way hence why I see UK democracy as being broken. Don't forget this is a Government that wants to restrict the right to protest and have enough MP's to vote it through. What else might they push through to preserve their positions and party?
  8. They were voted in based on their manifesto. That manifesto has fundamentally changed but they won't present it at a General Election as they know they would at the least lose seats or at worst become the third party. The opposition don't have enough numbers in Parliament to force a General Election and even those in the Tory Party who are critical of the current Government/Leadership are not going to put their jobs at risk by supporting calls for a general election. The UK is then stuck with this situation until the end of the five year term in which time the Tories are hoping the population forget about everything they have done..
  9. Yes, the country is now being run by a party clearly divided and not fulfilling it's own manifesto pledges. That party is now on its second leader who has not faced a general election despite the fact that each of those leadership changes has shifted the party in different directions. A healthy democracy would have called a general election to reaffirm the public's support for the revised manifesto and aims of the Government.
  10. Some examples of rights being removed would include 1. the new piece of legislation imposing restrictions on protests where they are deemed a nuisance. That is wide open to abuse. 2. The "planned" removal of EU legislation including The Working Time Regulations and environmental legislation. 3. Currently under discussion is the removal of even more Trade Union powers placing workers at a huge disadvantage. As I understand it the UK were a founding member of the ECHR set up to protect Human Rights in Europe (not the EU). The UK Government sometimes needs to be checked by an external power. Even a pro brexit anti ECHR activist had realised that as I linked earlier. UK democracy is a busted flush so I don't trust it to sort itself out.
  11. @John Wright It's because of the connection to William and the previous allegations made by Harry and Meghan that members of the Royal Family are racist. That linked with Will and Kate being in the USA at the moment makes a compelling story to sell papers/get clicks. I still think the questioning started okay but very definitely took a turn into racism especially with the insistence that the individual couldn't be British apparently based on her skin colour and dress.
  12. That's better. Strangely enough I was talking to a guy recently with a very Welsh name who works near the England and Wales border. He is most definitely English not Welsh and would be offended if I kept saying he must be Welsh after he told me he was English and born in Chester.
  13. I dont see this as being an equivalent to be honest.
  14. Once she says that she is British then why continue to push about "where are you really from?" If the prompt for that is the clothing then ask specifically about the clothing. If you are interested in the persons family heritage then ask that question. Personally, I will tell people I am Manx or British. As I am white they would either be satisfied with that or ask where I was born or grew up. They are not going to ask me "where I am really from". It is once that question gets asked that it starts to become racist. Essentially you can't be British because you are black or because you are wearing clothes that mark you out as different.
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