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  1. There are plenty of people who will not be happy with uncapped immigration and more people from different cultures. We have said all along that not everyone who voted brexit is racist but that all racists will have voted for Brexit. See for reference the "breaking point" poster.
  2. Rog's point is described badly but what he means is that Eire will remain the EU and EU nationals will retain the right to live and work there. So in theory an EU national enters Eire via the normal route and had their passport or National Identity card checked on arrival. They have now entered the CTA and there would be no checks if they they boarded a flight or ferry to the Isle of Man or UK. That EU national.can now "disappear" into the UK. The EU Settlement scheme which is currently open does not result in any Visa or mark in the passport. Instead it is a digital verification which requires the person to provide a check code which an employer or landlord can then verify online. So I agree with Rog the CTA would appear to create a weakness in the UK Border. For many that will be viewed as a major issue. However, if people concerns are about immigration, well you haven't seen anything yet. The Tory party manifesto quietly dropped the caps on migration that they have had for several years. Countries like China and India are likely to demand easier access to visas for their nationals as part of trade deals. The new points based system has not been announced yet. It does however seem likely that they will include exemptions for skill shortage areas and the salary requirement will also be removed or significantly lowered from the current £30k. Overall it may mean that migration increases not decreases, depending on whether the UK remains an attractive destination. The problems with illegal immigration will not go away. You will still have overstayed and people smugglers.
  3. Do you understand now why some of us are very concerned about the real impact of Brexit? As a British Citizen (it says so in my Isle of Man passport) why should I be subject to checks when travelling within the Common Travel Area? Brexit not only limits my ability to travel, live and work in the EU but potentially impacts upon the ease of travel around the British Isles. I am not sure fun is the word but there is a hell of detail that needs to be sorted before the end of the year. Not all of that detail is going to be popular.
  4. I must admit a career in the armed forces never appealed to me. I respect those that do choose to join the armed services and appreciate the work they do, however, I don't see them all as being "heroes". I tend to reserve that term for those who have done something outstanding. That said Brexit has overshadowed the scandal of many ex-forces personnel becoming homeless and living on the street. The UK Government really should do more to help people leaving the armed forces and certainly should not allow them to go homeless.
  5. We know Brexit will have an impact. If border and customs checks are required on the Isle of Man then they should be paid for by the English taxpayers. The Isle of Man did not vote in the referendum and therefore should not have to face increased costs for border/customs checks for something that was decided by the UK.
  6. Welcome to reality. The UK Government had assured everyone that the Common Travel Area will continue to exist. So no checks from Eire to anywhere else in the British Isles. You are at least finally thinking about some of the challenges that need to be overcome in the next 11 months.
  7. Have you heard of the French Revolution? Or in fact that nice English guy called Oliver Cromwell. Both good examples of how to deal with a belligerent monarchy....
  8. You did a little but you are talking about the benefits, as you see them, of Brexit for the English and have expressed a disinterest in the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. Personally the more I hear from you and your "England for the English" nonsense the more in favour I become of the Isle of Man becoming independent and throwing of the shackles of Westminster and truly becoming the "throne of home rule".
  9. Great, so you are English born, live in England, pay English taxes so why the hell are you on Manxforums discussing brexit? Surely there must be a more suitable forum for you?
  10. What is it with your focus on the English? Do the "indigenous British" of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not matter to you or perhaps you see them as "foreigners" and that they should be excluded from England? The more I read some of your posts the more convinced I am that you are a troll trying to fill the vacuum left by another crazed brexiteer.
  11. The reality is that the UK would not impose the controls. I think it was ballaughbiker who has explained about Spain but you could also look at Belgium to see how they impose rules within the EU framework.
  12. @Manximus Aururaneus The UK Government could have imposed rules and conditions but chose not to do so. They then blamed the whole thing on the EU, which is what Johnson built his whole career on.
  13. My reasoning for reducing the voting age, to the same as the Isle of Man by the way, is just as valid as Rog arguing for an increase to 25. I know as well as Rog does that shifting the voting age can have an impact on results.
  14. Thanks John. I stand corrected on the detail in relation to the courts.
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