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  1. Any views on the "Farage Garage" in Kent from our Brexit experts? Why are Government advising businesses to seek professional support for the import and export of goods if we are to have frictionless trade with the EU? I thought increased border checks and paperwork were all "project fear"? A pro-brexit Government can hardly blame remoaners now. The new immigration rules do not grant any exemptions to care workers (outside the NHS). This is a sector that has thousands of unfilled vacancies and is reliant on migrant workers. The Government are suggesting we "grow our own" but that clearly isn't working if there are already skills shortages.
  2. Yes, yes I know what virtue signaling is. My question was what is "virtue signing"? That is what this thread is meant to be about.
  3. Oh so cocky... Have you googled "virtue signing"?
  4. @Declan to be clear I am not saying he should have been sacked for it just that he might be better avoiding controversial subjects. Its been raised here before but he has got history of opening his mouth before engaging his brain. That is not a good thing on a phone in show so his skills are simply better suited to another format.
  5. On the subject of this laugh... I have not heard the broadcast but in my experience if you laugh during a "confrontation" things go one of two ways... It either helps defuse the situation or more commonly it enrages the other participant as they feel you are laughing at them regardless of what you are really laughing at. With that in mind it was another example of why Stu is perhaps not suited to a radio phone in show with controversial subjects.
  6. There is plenty of research available online on the topic. Of course it doesn't ways lead to paedophilia it can be other extreme versions of sexual activity. As I said this was just an aside on some of the impacts of pornography.
  7. @quilp Helix has done a good job replying and I share many of the views he has expressed. There would still have to be punishment for those that did offend of course. There are some people who are just downright awful and there is no helping them. To make it work you would have to enable people to feel safe about coming forward and without fear that they will be stigmatised and lose their jobs. Of course once someone has come forward then they can be monitored, checked and Internet activity restricted. I have said before that the more we can work with paedophiles and understand their mental state the more we can treat and hopefully even prevent it from happening. Another related point is the impact of pornography on the human brain. There are studies which suggest that regular users of porn will gradually seek out more and more extremes as they fail to get the same "thrill". That in itself causes problems.
  8. @HeliX I agree with you. Better that paedophiles are encouraged to come forward and get treatment before they commit an offence than to deal with it after an offence has been committed. Paedophiles are often people who have been abused as children themselves. Those of you interested in psychology might be interested to read "Infant losses, Adult searches". I am sure a few of you will react negatively but think about it. Wouldn't you prefer a system whereby paedophiles are identified early, get treatment and are monitored before a child is harmed?
  9. @Declan is right. There is no rational discussion to be had here in relation to the BLM Movement or transgender issues, although the latter was not part of the original topic. Gladys is the only one who seems willing to research, reflect on her views and to and try to understand some of the issues involved. I don't expect Gladys to share my views but she does get my respect for actually trying to understand. In the past I held similar views to a lot of you but I did what Gladys is doing and opened my mind and listened to the experiences of others. It is only recently that I have come to an understanding of transgender issues. Everyone is welcome to their own views and freedom of speech, however, those views should not negatively impact on someone else who is acting within the law or peacefully protesting with a view to reforming the law. I would remind some of you that the suffragettes often went to extremes to get their message across. I suspect a similar protest today would have many of you calling them "snowflakes" and socialists (I am not sure why that is meant to be an insult).
  10. To fully understand and be conversant with the correct terminology you need to speak to people who identify as trans. There are several trans YouTubers who do a pretty good job of explaining it. You won't get clarity here because the people who would engage in a rational discussion wouldn't post or interact here because of the prevailing attitudes displayed by numerous posters. The only people you are likely to get here are those who are militant enough to stand up to some of the rubbish that gets posted.
  11. As someone who doesn't listen to Stu's show can you explain to me what the format is? When I used to listen to the Moanin Line it used to be based around the news topics of the day/week but I appreciate that Stu's show may have been different. If the format is just to call in and have a chat about whatever is on your mind then it just reinforces my view that Manx Radio and Stu were significantly under-prepared to deal with a potentially controversial topic. Stu has already explained that Manx Radio does not have a producer or researchers filtering calls prior to them being put on air. You are therefore going to increase the likelihood of having a caller or caller(s) getting on air and challenging the host with inflammatory comments. That of course becomes worse if the host is following a "shock-jock" model and has there own strong views on the subject. Even LBC with their set-up sometimes find that people slip through the net and have to be cut off before the calls get out of hand.
  12. On the subject of the alleged "ambush"... A phone in radio show normally has a topic or topics that are being discussed that day. I presume that on the day Jordan called in the discussion was in relation to the BLM Protest (I wasn't listening so please do correct me if that is incorrect). That topic is likely to attract a certain type of caller who may not ordinarily call the show if it is to discuss the traffic lights in Onchan or whatever else the "hot topic" of the day is. Typically the shows will invite callers who have relevant experience or a strong view. It is therefore unsurprising to me that the show would attract 2 or 3 callers who felt strongly about the subject, may have had some involvement with the BLM and who decide to then call in. That is not an ambush. That is just people responding to a topic on a phone-in show. Manx Radio, and Stu Peters, should therefore have been prepared to deal with callers who might have a strong opinion (on both sides of the argument). It strikes me that they approached a highly inflammatory story without being prepared.
  13. Are people really commuting from Onchan to Douglas everyday? Why not use the buses or car share or walk into Douglas? How over reliant are people on cars for this to be an issue? (apologies but I don't travel that way in the morning.)
  14. Herd immunity does look rather sketchy at the moment. https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/studies-report-rapid-loss-of-covid-19-antibodies-67650
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