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  1. Once more for the slow of thinking... Are you surprised that those in favour of Scottish independence feel that they have a case to make? I am not sure how I can make this point any clearer. Those who want Scottish Independence believe that they have a case to make for another push for independence.
  2. Emile Heskey would be a much better example..
  3. The threat was made that if Scotland voted in favour of independence it would not remain a member of the EU. The Scottish referendum allowed citizens of other EU countries who were resident in Scotland to vote in it. The EU referendum did not allow EU citizens resident in the UK to vote on the matter. Are you surprised that those in favour of Scottish independence feel that they have a case to make? Sturgeon = A more successful Nigel Farage
  4. Bit obsessed with Manchester United aren't you? Just a reminder that he has won; 1 FA Cup 1 Caraboa Cup (or whatever it was called at the time 1 UEFA Europa League (and a community shield if you count that). Plus he is an England international so I would suggest that he is actually a pretty good player. That miss was rather unfortunate though.
  5. How would you like to celebrate St George's day?
  6. Not much difference from them and the Brexit Party then.
  7. Manxy - I hope you have either cut down or cut out entirely bacon from your diet. Research has indicated that eating red meat increases your chances of developing certain cancers.
  8. Nothing to do with the manager. The stats on running and closing down have been terrible for the last couple of seasons. Okay under Van Gaal the possession was better but the team was still underperforming. It was possession for the sake or possession. There was very little attacking possession. Under Mourinho possession was surrendered and counter attacking built around a good defence was the priority which is why you will see some horrendous possession stats. The players are now too complacent and need a rocket up their ass.
  9. I hope we beat City. I am a realist though and don't think it is likely. United are carrying too many mediocre players and a bunch of others who are more interested in their next big move. Pogba should never have been signed. The first time he left he was sulking that the club did not rate him. Since he has been back it seems he believes to is too good for the club. Sanchez and Fred appear to have been signed just to keep them away from City. I actually think that the recent results might wake the board up and realise they need to listen to people who k ow football rather than chase players who increase the clubs social media profile.
  10. Yes, the squad needs a complete overhaul. It does mean that Liverpool winning the title looks less likely though as City will destroy United if they play like that on Wednesday. Every cloud and all that...
  11. News reports are suggesting it was an electrical fault which caused the fire.
  12. I thought it was commonly know as "f**king". Maybe I have been misled.
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