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  1. Yes, the current crop of Politicians are going to prove very difficult to satorise. Trump, Johnson, JRM, Farage*, Hancock, Patel.... etc *Not a politician but remains lingering in the background.
  2. @pongo I can't argue with the assessment that Gatwick makes sense as a destination, however, what will travel be like from other UK Airports when the borders re-open? For me a connection to Manchester is very important (I can just about put up with Liverpool but its not ideal). As for a short-term approach I understand that air travel can be unpredictable but the Island does need to ensure that it has good connections with our neighbouring Islands for both leisure and business travel (both ways).
  3. Sure but you then have to accept it is a short term solution and that the timing of the flights may be far from ideal for the Island. They probably do make a lot from the Isle of Man routes and flights to Gatwick in particular may be popular. If they could get the planes onto routes which would be more popular and therefore be able to charge more then they will not hesitate to do so. My experience of EJ is to/from Liverpool John Lennon and while the flights seem to be full the times are a nuisance and getting to and from Liverpool John Lennon is not ideal when compared to other a
  4. In my view EJ only started the flights to the Island to prevent them having aircraft sat at airports incurring fees. Getting them up in the air on a short hop and carrying some passengers reduces their costs. They will pull out of the Isle of Man if they find something more lucrative for those aircraft to do.
  5. There flight times were a pain in the ass if you are travelling from the UK to the Island.
  6. Why? Surely businesses and people want to know what is happening in advance of January 1st.
  7. A week and not one brexiteer has even attempted to explain the above mentioned Irish borders...
  8. What does that article have to do with Teachers on the Isle of Man? The nurses that are being referred to in that article are those that work in the UK and who are now expected to take the claps that they received on Thursday evenings to the bank rather than actually being given a pay award.
  9. Does anyone remember how us "remoaners" told everyone that the Irish border would be an issue for Brexit? The UK Government are now giving £355 million to businesses to help them deal with the new red tape. https://www.lbcnews.co.uk/politics/brexit/355-million-public-money-northern-ireland-business-europe/
  10. Bit like Johnson v Corbyn...
  11. He will struggle to cancel the election due to the US Constitution; And here is an article on what would happen if he refuses to accept the election results having lost; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/27/trump-loses-election-what-happens-possibilities "an unusual constellation of forces – the need to rely heavily on mail-in ballots because of the Covid-19 pandemic; the political divisions in the key swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania; and a hyper-polarized Congress – all work together to turn Trump’s defiance into a crisis of hist
  12. @TheTeapot I think you spelt imbecile wrong.... It is a painful watch and it is interesting to note that the only time he does not try and cut across the interviewer is during a period where the interviewer is telling Trump how his supporters want to hear from him, hang on his every word and dismiss anything that he, and several other news agencies, reports as being "fake news". You can tell just how much Trump love's hearing this.
  13. The latest car crash interview..
  14. Sadly true but at least the Brexiteers are happy.
  15. @woolley I see on the Isle of Man Covid-19 thread that you say that people are never happy with the speed of response from the UK Government (initially they were too slow, and now have been too quick). I actually have several friends who live in Greater Manchester and East Lancashire from my University day's. They are unhappy with only a few hours notice mainly because outside of a few specific areas (Blackburn & Oldham) there had been no real indication that infection rates were increasing. One friend had received a text message from their GP saying that rates in 18 - 29 years olds
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