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  1. I simply don't have time to work through all the minutiae for you. The NHS is a lot more than frontline Doctors and Nurses. It owns and maintains substantial amounts of property all of which must be maintained, updated, and ultimately replaced. It has huge quantities of assets such as medical diagnostic tools to computers for admin staff. All of which must also be maintained, updated and replaced. There will be loads of other activities which are not directly related to providing medical care but without which the NHS would simply stop operating. It needs more funding, it needs less political interference and it needs the public to not swamp it with minor ailments that can be treated at home.
  2. The NHS generates huge quantities of data which cannot be managed by the frontline staff. They therefore need admin functions and management to deal with it. They need all that 'paperwork' to keep track of patients, the drugs they have been administered, a history of treatment etc etc to not only assist with patient care but also in the event that the NHS is sued. Just put a little thought into it and you will see that it is a very complex organisation and one that would not operate without the 'pen pushers'.
  3. That is probably why it works. We have a tendency to be jealous of those who start with nothing and then make a vast fortune through either skill in a sport or talent in other areas. It's almost as if we look at them and think "with a bit more luck that would have been me". Those who are wealthy by birth we tend to look at in a different way. We don't seem to feel the same resentment towards them which I suspect is a result of our Monarchy and Feudal past.
  4. The Liverpool board have reversed their decision to use the Job Retention Scheme. Good decision but too late in my opinion.
  5. I even know the book that is referencing..
  6. All these religious nuts are waiting for the scientists to find a cure, then they will claim that God did it. The question I have to anyone religious right now is where is your God(s)?
  7. Can't say I like Boris as a Politician but I do wish him a speedy recovery.
  8. The criticism from former players, fans and the media has been pretty fierce given the profits they announced. The owners may just have blown any goodwill from the general public with this move. You expect this move from Ashley and Levy and the smaller clubs but not the top clubs.
  9. And now Liverpool have furloughed their non-playing staff..
  10. Ashley and Levy... does more need to be said?
  11. How do you intend to maintain the health of the economy if significant parts of the workforce are falling seriously ill and even dying? What you really mean is "I don't give a toss about anyone else as long as I am okay. Go screw yourselves". You have admitted as much yourself a few weeks ago. Now why don't you go back to soaking your shopping in dettol and cowering under your bed from all the nasty immigrants in Norfolk.
  12. They have... United players have donated 30% of their wages to the NHS. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/man-utd-wages-nhs-charity-30-per-cent-cut-harry-maguire-coronavirus-covid-19-2528355 United and City also donated money to local food banks and are looking at making their stadiums available to the NHS as well. Chelsea have made their hotel available to NHS workers. I am sure other clubs will be doing similar within their local communities.
  13. No, they really haven't. Think of the reaction there is to nurses, firefighters, police officers and even teachers when they talk about how poorly paid, treated and respected they are. People are slowly starting to realise that the jobs these people do are critical to our society. Football clubs are no different from other private enterprise. Many have lost their main source of income and are now cutting back on costs which means that employees are being furloughed. The Italian and Spanish clubs are cutting the wages of playing staff so it will also happen here. Don't forget though that they are comparable to execs and bankers who are probably not being furloughed either.
  14. Yes, as pongo has pointed out there are still flights (albeit a reduced number). The Channel Tunnel remains open as do the sea ports as far as I am aware. The biggest restriction on travel at the moment is being able to travel from your home to a port/station but the borders do remain open.
  15. 1. What do you think is going to happen to public spending once all the current Government initiatives around supporting (rightly so) people through this public health crisis? We will once again revert to austerity and the poorest in society will suffer once again. 2. Has Johnson or any of his cabal bothered to close the UK borders yet? Even the IOM Government have shut the borders. The only reason that international travel in and out of the UK is reducing is because airlines are cancelling flights. Priti Patel has been calling for the UK borders to be closed but they still remain open.
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