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  1. To be fair he does have a point. I can't recall the last time I had an full instruction manual with a new mobile device. Most have the "How to get started" leaflet but beyond that you have to find an electronic instruction manual. Even my car doesn't have a manual anymore. I have an app on my phone instead!
  2. And he does it again... https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/nigel-farage-pranked-again-saying-21911691 Hopefully people realise that the "engineer of Brexit", "Sir Nige" isn't the sharpest tool in the box and is only interested in doing what benefits him.
  3. This has been done for years particularly with alcohol and cigarettes.
  4. Had he not been thick enough to fall for the obvious pro IRA message then I doubt they would have asked him on the show.
  5. You already know the answer. This is just a way to exploit the gullible.
  6. @The Voice of Reason because the pillock is now sticking his nose into Irelands politics despite being unelected in either the UK or Ireland. He then has the nerve to try and lecture the Irish people about their history and fight for independence. Ask him for his views on Scottish Independence and he will happily say Scotland should remain controlled from London. I am sure he would have the same view about Northern Ireland and Wales as well.
  7. Given the number of Liverpool fans on the Island that should not be an issue.
  8. Is this something new? I didn't play at senior level but can well recall under 14s sides struggling to put teams out. If things were bad at that level it would suggest that senior sides would struggle later.
  9. Good win for them this week. I think the creation of FC Isle of Man is a very positive step and it did have the support of the local teams. I don't expect to ever see them competing in the Premier League but it would be a fantastic achievement if they could reach a professional level and be competitive in the lower leagues. We might even see some Manx players go on to play in higher leagues (I know Keiran Tierney of Arsenal was born in Douglas).
  10. The way I explain common law to those who are not familiar with the concept is that we have the written law (contained in statutes) and the decisions made by the courts which interpret how those statutes are applied. It is these decisions that become common law. When you hear a legal professional referring to the judgements in previous cases that is common law. They are trying to show the judge that the facts of their case are similar or the same to a previous case which has the outcome they want. Not all court decisions become common law though. In my field a decision at an Employment Tribunal does not become common law, however, a decision at an Employment Appeal Tribunal does (although that can be overturned in higher courts).
  11. Most Australians I have met have said completely the opposite. The one animal that they complain about are the magpies. Maybe they just don't want you visiting their country?
  12. This comment is beyond belief and I wasn't going to reply but I think that people need to know what you think of women pursuing careers in traditionally male dominated environments.
  13. @HeliX has given you a good response. All that I would add is that I do think that transgender rights is an area that needs further discussion and debate. It is not a topic that I am an expert on and I can see, and empathise with, both sides of the argument. What I don't see at the moment is a solution. I think we are generally doing well with addressing the big and obvious elements of sexism, racism, homophobia and disability discrimination but there are still day to day issues that people do encounter that makes them feel less valued but that other people would not see. I think the discussion on disabled access to the polling stations is a good example. How many of us gave a thought to that topic when casting our vote? As an able bodied person did you notice the lack of ramps or lifts? That is only one example that should have been blatantly obvious if we were all truly aware of the issues. The same applies with the other "isms". We tend to miss things unless they are pointed out to us by someone who is suffering unfair treatment as a result.
  14. Well obviously this is how they install the GPS/5G device which could not be injected intravenously... You will have to take the tablet every week to reinstall the device which by then will have passed through your digestive system and out the other end. In all seriousness if you really want to understand all the details then enrol at a University on a suitable course. Whatever you do, do not enrol on a course at the University of YouTube though.
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