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  1. I was trying to recall the West End show I had seen him in! It was Follies! Mum had arranged to go and see him on stage and he took us backstage where we got to meet Eartha Kitt! I think it was my Mum who put together (I think "directed" is a little over the top for a school play) "Dick Whittington" at Willaston Primary School.
  2. My Mum taught Dursley at Primary School. Sadly she has now passed away but I may have some bits of pieces of information. My Mum was very proud of what he went on to achieve. She remembered a shy quiet boy who came out of his shell on stage.
  3. You won't get many people who argue against you on this point, however, at the same time you appear to be calling for riots and protests against Government lockdown measures.
  4. Yes, this is a major concern for everyone, however, despite what the UK Government are now saying isn't it telling that the number of cases increased when the schools re-opened? Young children do not understand that they have to socially distance, they don't follow good hand hygiene despite the efforts of their teachers and parents. Older children like to challenge authority and push boundaries, and tend to think they are invincible. The risk is that the schools re-open the children carry and spread the virus and we end up with more lockdowns. If you have kids yourself you will k
  5. Are you suggesting that we should all go out and riot? Smashing windows, looting, causing damage is hardly going to help the economic crisis is it? Unless of course you have a business that replaces windows and the other damage caused by rioting....
  6. The riots in the Netherlands are being reported throughout the MSM. Maybe this financial crisis will make us realise that the "money" is just an idea. We accept it as a means for doing business and trade but really there would be nothing stopping world Governments coming together and figuring out a way of dealing with these debts in a sensible way that would not cause hardship. The problem is that the wealthy capitalists who will have taken advantage of this crisis to further line their pockets will not want that to happen and given that they are often the people who fund political
  7. That's a pretty impressive list... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/20/trump-pardons-and-commutations-the-full-list
  8. What have I missed this morning? The last update that I saw is below; https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=dec76b5f-3e23-4e1d-88e6-bb6ee6fa3fc5&utm_source=Lexology+Daily+Newsfeed&utm_medium=HTML+email+-+Body+-+General+section&utm_campaign=PPR+IOP+subscriber+daily+feed&utm_content=Lexology+Daily+Newsfeed+2021-01-15&utm_term= Surprisingly seems to strengthen the position of employees in most cases. That is, of course, assuming that whatever announcements you are referring to have not changed these
  9. Don't forget it was the EU that insist that kippers have to be posted with an 'ice pillow' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49030873 Why anyone is surprised that this Government is unprepared for Brexit is the big shocker! We held all the cards! We were going to do away with EU red tape. The EU can't survive without the UK!
  10. Declan has answered that one for me. Trump and his supporters believe that the election was "stolen" and therefore feel justified in taking action. It matters not one iota that the rest of us know that Trump is lying and that it is all BS. In fact I increasingly wonder whether Trump even knows he is lying..... Not going to empathise with them. Would be interested to know why though in order to spot others with the same mental disorder. I am sure plenty of us would like to understand how Trump got elected and how his supporters think so we could avoid future occurrences and put
  11. Not sure I agree with that interpretation. I would have said it was more, "I won't be attending the inauguration of Biden because he did not win. We won. #electionfraud". I could possibly accept that their is a suggestion that insurrection is acceptable given the circumstances.
  12. Smaller animals have a higher heart rate to support their metabolism and because of the surface area/volume which is getting into an area I don't fully understand. However, to suggest that we have a limited number of heartbeats is a bit silly. Those who undertake cardio exercise and therefore have a lower heart rate than someone who isn't fit aren't going to live longer because of some limited number of heartbeats. They will live longer because they are fitter and healthier than their more sedentary counterparts.
  13. This was one of my original objections to the widespread wearing of masks because to be effective they have to be properly fitted and once they become wet they lose their effectiveness. I see so many people wearing them over big beards where the mask is nowhere near the persons actual face. I also see plenty of people wearing them incorrectly including upside down, under their nose, around their chin etc. Then there are the people who will pull them down to talk to someone or those who constantly fiddle with them. If mask wearing/face coverings are going to be part of the solution
  14. @Declan That is one of the unfortunate risks of becoming reliant on private organisations for communication and distributing information, however, that is hardly new. The complaints about the "mainstream media" are valid to an extent as they often promote the view of their owners/controllers rather than simply providing unbiased news. I would suggest that if Twitter/Facebook do start to ban people based on a particular political view that is not inciting riots then those people would simply move to another platform. Don't forget that before Twitter & Facebook we had Bebo and
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