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  1. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    The availability of information is not the problem. The problem is the fact that people no longer critically think about the information that they are presented with and do not consider the source, how much evidence is available to support it and whether it should be trusted or not. Take a look how quickly people share memes which look/sound cool but have no real basis in truth or factual accuracy. To quote someone, maybe Mark Twain, "a lie can travel can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes".
  2. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Is this the death throes of the Conservative Party? Does it even exist anymore? How can this party include MP's whose ideologies are now so far apart from each other? More importantly, all the plotting and scheming just highlights how obsessed certain members are with self-advancement over doing the actual job of governing the country. Even if the vote of no confidence fails tonight then they have laid the perfect groundwork for the Labour party to lodge their own vote of no confidence in the Government and try and force an election. God only knows what the outcome of a general election would be or how it would impact upon Brexit. The only positive that I can see from the vote of no confidence is that under Tory Party rules they cannot push another vote of no confidence for 12 months. If May loses the vote of no confidence then the new leader of the Tory Party would have about 6-days to sort out Brexit. Not only that but the new PM would be elected by Tory Party members alone, which is hardly democratic given the small percentage of the population that this would make up. Of course, whilst the Tory Party is busy trying to tear itself apart then there is still nothing stopping the Labour Party moving for the vote of no confidence. Basically the Tory Party have mucked up big time!
  3. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I was going to say that I don't understand that either. It seems perverse to stand for a position in Parliament and then refuse to take it up but I understand that this is a vast improvement on having ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland and the deaths that this brought. I was aware that Sinn Fein refuse as they do not want to swear an oath of allegiance to the British Crown but as far as I know MEP's are not required to take a similar oath? Interesting as I had no idea that Sinn Fein did this. It does really highlight a difference in attitudes between Sinn Fein and UKIP/Farage.
  4. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I must admit that it always puzzled me why anyone from UKIP was ever re-elected to the European Parliament. Let me explain my thought process; I can understand that the electorate (those that could be bothered to vote for an MEP anyway) wanted a representative who was euro-sceptical and would seek to defend the sovereignty of the UK and to uphold its interests. Having seen that UKIP MEP's, and in particular Farage, fail to turn up to most votes or sittings of the Parliament why would they then reelect that candidate? Surely they would be better represented by someone who actually attended the European Parliament and took an interest in what was going on. Could you imagine an MP/MHK who is elected but then can't be bothered going to Parliament/Tynwald apart from when they wanted to make a statement that was really nothing to do with the normal operations of Parliament. Then would be criticised and vilified by the public, the press and colleagues and yet Farage and co. somehow have seemed immune! It is no wonder that the UK population feel that they were never represented in the EU Parliament when a number of the UK MEP's so fundamentally failed to do the job that they were elected to and paid for.
  5. manxman1980

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    The real worry for some men is not women's rights or safety in public bathrooms. The real concern is that they won't be able to tell the difference between a woman and a trans and may end up feeling "gay" after spouting out the usual wolf whistles and "bantz".
  6. manxman1980

    Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

    I have a fitbit blaze which is a few years old now but I would recommend fitbit and the versa does look good.
  7. manxman1980

    5G Network Radiation?

    1. Bristol is a test bed for 5G. Are the figures the same there? 2. Gateshead is in a relatively poor area of the country with more poverty than other areas. Does that not impact upon public health more than 5G?
  8. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Think of a skip... One on the street where every passer by love rubbish into it.
  9. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Nerves? No, I just have better things to do than continue my respond to your nonsense. You, like many who believe in a flat earth, have a very open mind. Sadly that means it often gets filled with crap. You, like many flat earthers, seem scared about the concept that the universe is huge and that human life is a mere speck of dust in comparison. I see no point in responding further because you are never going to change your view, or understand the complexity of the science. Enjoy your pizza shaped earth and I will gladly continue to live in the knowledge that these delusionals are limited to the minority of people along with anti-vaxers, people abducted by aliens and bible bashers.
  10. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Thank you for just confirming what I said. Flat earthers find it easier to deny the accumulated knowledge of many years of scientific research, astronomy, polar expeditions, and space exploration than to actually provide a theoretical model that works and fits with what we can observe in the world around us. Proponents of a flat earth model will never accept that the burden of proof is on them because they know, deep down, that their observations and so called science can easily be debunked and do not work in reality. Additionally, the burden of proof does lie with them by your own definition as I am questioning there model! I want to know how it works and to understand the evidence so that I can replicate their experiments and see the outcomes for myself. Here is a question for a flat earther... Where is Polaris when the observer is in the "southern hemisphere"? In my experience of travelling to the "southern hemisphere" it is not visible at all? Similarly I cannot locate the Southern Cross when in the "northern hemisphere", can you explain why this would be?
  11. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Let's just address this point shall we? The most widely held position is that the world is indeed a spinning oblate sphere and this is the model that is taught the world over. There are plenty of books, scientific papers & journals over centuries which build up the evidence. There are even photographs taken from space showing the planet as a globe and we can see other planets which are the same shape and follow similar orbits around the sun. The claimants therefore are not the so called "ballers" but the flat earthers. The burden of proof is on the proponents for a flat earth as they are the ones challenging the established and widely understood and accepted evidence that the world is an oblate spheroid.
  12. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Paul, I agree with China. There is little point joining in on that channel. Nathan and his friends are not going to change their views regardless of any evidence provided. There is no real debate. It's just a group of people failing to understand science and the world in which we live, who cannot put forward a valid and testable hypothesis for how their model of the world works up against some very patient people who understand science and who put forward evidence and experiment that demonstrate that the earth is an oblate spheriod. Going on that panel is akin to walking into a US Baptist church to make a case fot their being no god. It's pointless...
  13. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    And now for some light relief...
  14. manxman1980

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    What contribution did Thatcher ever make to science? You see W2, if you post facts then people will concede the point or agree with you, it's that simple. Very probably. I wonder what Thatcher would make of Brexit?
  15. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    I know Chinahand has quoted this, and I am pretty sure that I have as well, I thought I would post this for some light relief but with a massive element of truth running through it...