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  1. I am not going to say you are wrong but as a parent of a young child I to have concerns, however, they aren't the same as yours... I worry about my child being abused because someone in a position of power or trust tells them it's fine. I worry about them not knowing enough about healthy relationships, consent and not feeling able to get out of a bad relationship. I worry about them being exposed to the misuse of drugs, alcohol and illegal substances, such as weed. Neither of us are wrong but we have perceive the "threats" differently.
  2. Unless we as a society move away from smartphones then I doubt anything will change. If you are genuinely concerned about grandchildren then look up Click CEOP. Parental controls can be bypassed by tach savvy kids but, as I have mentioned before, abusers also find other ways to access children through the most unlikely of places. The last one I heard of was using playlists on Spotify as a way to communicate with children. I have also heard of apps being available that look like calculator apps but really mask chat apps. Best thing to do is make sure you are educated and that you have a relationship that means your grandchildren can approach you with any concerns they have. Remember that abusers will use blackmail and shame to encourage children not to report it.
  3. Generally after Liverpool lose to Bournemouth... 😉
  4. Apparently Brighton are a better team than Liverpool so it sounds like he has a job at a top tier club... 😉😉
  5. Aston Villa 7 - 2 Liverpool in October 2020. Did that mean Liverpool were not a good team or was it a one off freak result? I do hope you enjoy parading that 3 points you won on the 5 March.
  6. Funny, I think the same about Liverpool fans especially through the 1990's and early 2000's... The important thing is United have won some actual silverware this season and may win more. Plus they are in the Champions League qualifying positions and it genuinely feels like the team have progressed.
  7. The funny thing is that I would have expected Liverpool to beat United earlier in the season by a bog scoreline considering their start... Perhaps that result was just delayed or perhaps the players knew it was there "cup final" so actually made an effort. I see Liverpool are currently equal on points with Brighton. How is that era of dominance going?
  8. At least you can take solace in the three points you won against United a couple of weeks ago. That must be better than any tin pot trophy eh?
  9. Wasn't that a popular idea in 1940's Germany? Lebensborn I believe it was called.
  10. No, they weren't in a Trade Union but I would still have approached it in the same manner. One of the dark arts of a good HR employee and a good TU Rep is having the ability to build a relationship that allows a full and Frank discussion of a situation and working together to resolve it. A TU Rep can, and will advise, an employee to accept a settlement agreement if they can see the benefits.
  11. An employer won't agree to anything in excess of what a tribunal would award plus legal fees. Would you prefer that every public sector case go to tribunal and incur all the associated costs? That seems like a waste of tax payer's money. Sometimes a settlement agreement is the quickest way to remove a problem employee from the workforce without needing to follow procedures fully. I have done exactly that twice this year already in the private sector. Had we not done it we would have had two very disruptive employees being taken through capability processes for around three months. During that time they would continue to take up a disproportionate amount of management time and disrupting fellow employees. Best just get rid.
  12. A Settlement Agreement and an Employment Tribunal decision are two different things. A Settlement Agreement is used to terminate employment and settle any potential claims outside of the Tribunal process. They can be used at any point when their is a dispute between employer and employee. The figure is agreed between the employer and employee (who has to take legal advice). The benefit is that it avoids an Employment Tribunal (although they can be reached during an ET process). The Employment Tribunal decision is legally binding and any award for compensation (if that is the decision as technically they can also make a decision to reinstate an employee who has had their employment terminated) is made based on the guidance set out in law. The Employment Tribunal decision is legally binding although it can go through an appeals process. When discussing a Settlement Agreement the aim is to offer an amount the employee would accept whilst remaining below what an Employment Tribunal would likely award. You would also consider the legal fees that you are avoiding by settling. As part of the ET process there is normally an opportunity to settle outside of the courts as well. This is normally encouraged.
  13. And that comes down to empowerment and organisational culture. If senior managers view HR as "box ticking" then other managers will feel able to do what they want. HR then becomes unempowered and ineffective as they cannot intervene to stop whats happening.
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