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  1. The point I was making was not about the publication of the names in the accident reports. The point was that unless the matter ends up in a public court then the public will not be informed of any action taken by the employer (e.g. disciplinary action) as that is definitely covered by Data Protection and GDPR. On the other points I may concede some ground, however, I still think it is important for an investigator to understand the legal framework in the jurisdiction in which they are investigating.
  2. If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver. The late, great Ayrton Senna. Hamilton and Verstappen were actually racing. Shame they crashed because its that type of wheel to wheel stuff thats exciting. I find all the pit stop tactics dull. I want to see racing on the track for position not just overlaps and underlaps or whatever they are called.
  3. Those highly experienced investigators are experienced in UK law not Manx law. Whilst we may mirror the UK in many ways there are small but important differences. They would also not come free and there would be plenty of complaining about importing more people from the UK to do jobs that someone already on the Isle of Man could do. What we need is for accident investigations to be made available publicly. Even then people won't be satisfied because they won't publish the juicy gossip about who was involved, who got disciplined or fired because that would breach Data Protection rules. Don't misunderstand me. I have been involved in accident investigations and they need to be done thoroughly and professionally. They also shouldn't be rushed. I know of one HSE investigation that has taken three years and its still ongoing. Don't think for one minute that having an outside body investigate would mean its done any quicker.
  4. I presume you will pay a fee to use the upgraded cycle path along the Douglas to Peel line then? Certainly at least a toll on the new bridges? I think you are full of BS. You must also realise that the value in the Island's historic railways is the fact that they are still operational. Once you stick them in a museum they become less interesting and will attract even fewer people. Now you also have a large museum building to maintain as well...
  5. I think the larger heritage railways in the UK, such as the West Somerset Railway, the North York Moors Railway and the East Lancashire Railway all have paid staff in most departments. They spend the "off-season" fund raising, planning events as well as all the maintenance and refitting of stock. We are living in a world where being run by a "foreign power" is seen as less desirable - see Brexit and the rise of Scottish and Welsh Nationalism as examples. The Manx Government are unlikely to want to give any further powers to the clowns in Westminster. The same argument applies to every piece of preserved transport. Unless you stick them all in a museum and only dust them occasionally then they will need repairs and maintenance. If you wanted an example that sticks to the theme you just need to mention the Flying Scotsman. The way that I look at it is that all locomotives were built with maintenance and repair in mind. In their "normal" operational lifetime they would have boilers replaced, worn parts replaced or upgraded. During a humans lifetime we replace a lot of our individual cells. Your cells are different from those that you were born with. Would you consider yourself to be be like Theseus' ship?
  6. As I have argued elsewhere the Electric and Steam Railway are part of the Isle of Man's heritage and are pretty unique and will contribute to the limited tourist attraction that the Isle of Man now has. (Unique in the sense that the MER still operates over the entirety of it's original network with original rolling stock. The Steam Railway is similar but obviously doesn't have the entire network preserved) I did say that they had been promoted as public transport not that they still are. They had been doing events for many years. I remember the steam railway putting faces on the engines just like Thomas the Tank Engine and running Santa specials for years. I think you will find that most of the people who operate the railways are professionals. The issue is the management who mostly sit behind desks but decide they want to have a go at being a motorman occasionally. This has Politics written all over it. If the Isle of Man Government invited the UK's Health & Safety Executive, Rail Accident Board, or any of the numerous other regulatory bodies to investigate then the issue of "home rule" or sovereignty would no doubt arise. Would the Manx Government or indeed the Manx population want to become another county of England? I assume you have seen the current mess of a Government that is in Westminster?
  7. I'm not pretending anything. Most heritage railways don't operate to the sort of timetables that ours do. The Manx railways are somewhere in between and you know as well as I do that the Government have promoted them as public transport.
  8. Sure, but the Manx Railway and Trams aren't really run as a heritage railway are they?
  9. I owe Cavendish an apology... I watched the Tour live yesterday in anticipation of him breaking the record. This is the second time I have watched Cavendish on this stage and its the second time he has missed out on the win.. Great effort from him though. I hope he gets a ride at next years Tour if he wants one and gets a shot at that record again.
  10. I wonder if she will want to go on National TV again following this?
  11. The report into that incident does mention staff training as well as maintenance as being issues. Its possible that Longworth is competent but inexperienced but as he is the boss who is going to say no. No doubt being involved in any incident is scary but the fact that injuries., nevermind fatalities, are low suggest that there is a significant amount of tolerance built in. Find a tram or railway system that is entirely free of incidents... or as I said before compare the Manx operations to any other system and see how they stack up.
  12. Which suggests that it is not pure luck and that the safety measures are effective. Sure, it would be better not to have derailments and runaways but you cannot eliminate every hazard and risk.
  13. I think you would be hard pushed to find a tram and rail network with a safety record as good as the Isle of Man. Even modern trams sometimes jump the rails and derail or have incidents with other vehicles. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/metrolink-services-temporarily-halted-ashton-20539209
  14. Ah right... If you say so.
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