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  1. @Declan Going off at a tangent, I watched a video on YT recently about designed obsolescence. It primarily focused on the likes of Apple but did mention car manufacturers who change the colour options to set "fashions" in vehicle colours as a way to get people to change cars.
  2. What is a strange colour for a car?
  3. I thought the same but then I realised I had just got old...
  4. A personal data breach is a personal data breach it does not matter what goods or services accompanied it.
  5. @Declan So the prescription drugs are the only problem? You would not be concerned that your name, address, phone number and date of birth ended up in the hands of someone else without your consent? I wonder whether the person whose prescription drugs John received is even aware of what has happened?
  6. Don't worry John, it was probably a genuine mistake and I am sure that neither you nor the other person involved are in the slightest bit concerned about where your personal data may have ended up. As long as they apologised nicely and will send you the correct order why worry?
  7. That was 22 years ago under a Labour Government. Would the same happen now under the current, and very specifically, the current Tory Government? This Government is corrupt to the core and I would not out it past them to threaten the monarchy with cuts to their income or something similar in order to get what they want.
  8. The Queen and the Royals will do what they are told by a morally corrupt Government... Remember the Royal Family do not interfere with Politics and if Johnson et al say it is for the good of the nation....
  9. I won't really argue much with this. If people have the money to buy land/housing/businesses etc regardless of their religion/race etc then our current economic model allows that. Yet he hasn't been excluded from these "social benefits" despite the evidence against him. Is this because the powers that be perceive his wealth and the control he has over valuable resources to be too valuable to risk prosecuting or isolating him? If this was an asylum seeker who had allegedly abducted someone in the UK then the authorities would have been all over it and the media would be screaming
  10. @Chinahand what about the allegations of an abduction on UK soil? Is his wealth and connections allowing him to allegedly commit crimes on UK soil without consequence?
  11. Sorry for the deliberately provocative title... I have read many comments on these forums and other online platforms complaining about the number of illegal immigrants, refugees and the growth of the Muslim population in the UK and the fear that this could lead to the UK becoming a Muslim country. This is not a view I personally hold. However, I did find this article interesting; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/14/revealed-the-huge-british-property-empire-of-sheikh-mohammed According to this article Sheik Mohammed owns in excess 100,000 acres throughout the UK
  12. All my discussions regarding C/PCW has been in response to 2bees.
  13. The biggest risk to data during the lockdown isn't so much physical files being sat on the dining table but more the use of unsecured networks for transmitting/receiving data and the use of personal laptops/PC's for working rather than company supplied equipment. I can understand where you are coming from but as Annoymouse has highlighted if you are over charged by a retailer then it is the customer who has to take action to get the problem rectified. If you receive the wrong goods it is the customer who has to take action. The difference as I see it is that with these "trivial"
  14. I won't name the company but it is true and it is a massive multinational that I can almost 100% guarantee you have had some form of transaction with during your life. On the point about reporting personal data breaches we will just have to agree to disagree. While there is no legal responsibility on the customer to report the breach I would argue that there is a moral responsibility in order to prevent further accidental releases of personal data.
  15. You need to learn how big organisations work. I know of at least one who will not treat a complaint as being such unless the word "complaint" is specifically mentioned in written correspondence to them. Anything else is treated as feedback and no action taken.
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