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  1. News from yesterday... UK Construction industry has suffered its worst month in 10 years. It was expected but the extent has been a surprise. Brexit uncertainty is a major factor. Trump has announced increased tariffs on certain products including Scotch whiskey in response to a dispute over support given to aircraft manufacturers. This is the same guy who is going to do the UK a wonderful trade deal? I am still baffled by the argument that the UK will be able to do wonderful trade deals post Brexit (at whatever point it happened) when the evidence is the UK will be a much smaller player than it has been. Add in the fact that UK manufacturing and now UK construction are suffering and that Hunt has pledged £6billion for farmers and fishermen in the event of a no deal Brexit due to the damage that will be done to them. Oh if that is not enough Hunt (I think it was him) has also said that any businesses who go bust as a result of Brexit are a price worth paying... Where are the sunlit uplands?
  2. The investment would have created 150 jobs, mostly skilled, and would have led to opportunities for apprentices and graduates. It would also have had a positive impact on other businesses as there would have been a need for new suppliers. The decision had nothing to do with the company being French and everything to do with Brexit. The UK has gone from being a key market to target to one over which there are major concerns. On another point I see Jeremy Hunt is pledging £6 billion pound for farmers and fishermen effected by a no deal Brexit....
  3. Just giving you my recent experience of meeting with the DIT. Post Brexit will be the real acid test. Oh, my company have also decided to open a new manufacturing facility in Europe. The UK was considered and rejected. Can you guess why?
  4. No, the company is French owned and involved in the construction industry. The DIT are interested in trying to secure future investment and job creation in the UK. They are being met with a resounding message along the lines of "it will happen but Brexit must be sorted out". You see that's why I asked because I know what discussions are happening between the DIT and foreign companies. I know how desperate the DIT are getting to find good news stories and that desperation is increasing as we approach October. I wonder why....
  5. Question... What is counted as inward investment? Does it include the likes of EDF building a new nuclear powe rstation (maybe 2). Does it include EU companies already present in the UK continuing to do business in the UK? I am thinking of companies such as EDF, Arreva, Bouygues, Amazon, etc? Genuine question. Would just like some clarification on how inward investment is measured especially as I work for a UK registered business with foreign ownership who are in regular discussions with the Department of International Trade...
  6. Nobody wants them, I agree. However, leaving the UK without a deal will lead to them being imposed. Why? Because the legal default will be the use of tariffs. It is another case of people like Farage, Johnson et al ignoring the facts.
  7. I will take you up on the point about tariffs. Assume we leave the EU without an agreement and immediately we have to trade under WTO rules (rules not a deal/agreement). Immediately work will begin on a trade agreement between the UK and the EU, however, the EU will not offer the UK the same terms we have now. Any deal with the EU will be worse for the UK - there is no way the UK gets an improvement on the current arrangements with the UK. Businesses know this and are taking steps to prepare for the worse. As far as I am aware there is no transitional arrangements in the event that the UK leaves on the 31st October without an agreement. Trade agreements are not drawn up overnight but I suspect that the EU already has a draft prepared that could be used as a transitional arrangement - the UK probably not... Now back to the bigger picture... In the event of no agreement being in place what happens with travel etc? These as far as I am aware still not clear. I know that EU citizens resident in the UK will be able to apply for pre-settled status but what about business trips and short term travel such as holidays?
  8. Cultivated in the young by whom? Presumably the previous generations who had seen a world torn apart by war and hatred. People who thought that there was a better way of doing things that did not involve genocide, world war, nuclear weapons, suicide attacks and the loss of so many innocent lives. I do not have a problem with patriotism and being proud of where you are from. I personally am a very proud Manxman but I do not believe that makes worthy of any special treatment and as a white professional male I do not feel that I am being discriminated against or victimised by other people who, for whatever reasons, are different from me and want to have the same opportunities I had in life. I do have an issue with politicians who are out for themselves, the wealthy who seek to exploit the poor through modern slavery, low wages, long hours and those who would seek to profit from the privatisation of public services, those who would cut funding for public services which allow people the opportunity to try and better themselves (schools and libraries for instance). FFS you are making me sound like a Labour supporter! We have a generation now who are being denied the opportunities that many people of the previous generation had. It is now much harder to buy a first home, house prices are now much more than the average salary and the banks are not as free with their lending as they once were. I do not expect that I will receive a state pension - it will either have been abolished or the age will have been lifted so high I might be dead before I become entitled to it. Even with all the advantages of birth that I have had I am still renting - when I did own a property I was lucky to break even on it when I sold it and I could not afford a deposit on another property. Yet even with all that you will probably tell me I am part of the liberal elite or have fallen for their messages... @quilp Do you think she realised that she was/is a politician when she made that speech? The point that I have been trying to make is that terms like "liberal elite", "brexit means brexit", "hard brexit" etc etc are just empty soundbites. They mean nothing but people are attaching a meaning to them which is entirely dependant upon their own world view.
  9. Again with the Liberal Elite... Who are they? Why are they able to influence people more than the likes of Johnson, Farage, Trump et al? Why is the Spectator not decried as fake news or part of the Liberal Elite? These really should be simple questions to answer.
  10. BoJo the clown has now fudged his promise to cut tax for the rich.... As an aside, it is interesting to note that whilst the Tory Party will select either Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as its new leader that by no means guarantees that they will become the next Prime Minister. It is my understanding that Theresa May must recommend her replacement to the Queen and in particular that her replacement can carry a majority in the House of Commons.... Now, what if Theresa May decides to slip a knife of her own into the new Tory leader?
  11. Who are the controlling liberal elite though? Lets take a closer look at the blog you posted a link to earlier... "It means they have been injected with the views and assumptions of their teachers." - Was the writer of the blog not also educated by teachers? What makes the education that the like of Farage, Gove, Johnson et al different? "They have been taught that capitalism is inherently bad." - I was taught about economics at school (supply & demand etc) and even at University I learnt about the way the economy works without any of my lecturers or teachers saying that it was a good or bad system. I doubt anyone else was taught this either. "Meanwhile the pursuit of equality is good." - So equality is a bad thing? The writer goes on to argue that the last 100 years have taught is the opposite is the case. I personally cannot understand that view point. Much of the equality we have today was fought for by people who had no rights. A few examples, prior to the Great Reform Act only men over the age of 21 were allowed to vote and then only if they owned property over a certain value (voting was for the rich!). It was in 1918 (inside 100 years of that blog being written by the way) that all property requirements were removed for men over 21 and women over 30 were allowed to vote. It was 1928 when women were given voting equality and 1969 when it was reduced to 18 years old. I wonder why the wealthy find the last 100 years so disturbing and dislike the idea of equality of opportunity... If you want other examples consider Alan Turing - a national hero for his work at Bletchley Park - was brought to trial in 1952 because he was gay! It was not until 2009 that the UK Governmental issued an apology and pardon (a Labour Government by the way). "They think that because they studied English literature at Durham they understand the world better than a plumber in Croydon." - Nigel Farage was educated at Dulwich College (a private fee paying school), Boris Johnson was educated at Eton College and then at Oxford, Donald Trump educated at the New York Military Academy before transferring to Fordham University (a private research university) and then at the University of Pennsylvannia (an Ivy League University). So how do any of these people understand the world better than a plumber in Croydon? "They have only a token belief in democracy. They expect and intend to prevail." - As I cannot identify who "they" are I can only give a personal view on this statement. I have tried to find out more about James Bartholomew (surprising not much about his background online), however, I cannot help but feel that he belongs to the same group as Farage, Johnson et al. Privately educated, middle to upper class background and in a well paying job. I would suggest that it is in fact this group who are the elite and that the actions we have seen recently are the elite trying to cement in place a system by which they remain well off and in control of the capital whilst everyone else is promised "sunlit uplands" if only they would believe hard enough or work harder to generate more products, services etc for their employers to sell and make more profits of which the employees will see very little. ETA: Will the winner of the Tory leadership contest call a general election to ensure that they, and their promises/manifesto have a mandate from the general public? If not surely they only have a token belief in democracy? I think the "liberal elite" is nothing but a diversion from the truth. I do not believe that those who voted for brexit are stupid I think that it is they who have been conditioned over years and years by the media to accept what they are told by the mainstream newspapers. At the same time we have seen investigative journalism reduced to virtually nothing with most of the media concentrating on "fluff" and fads. Our media now tries to present everything with "balance" even when the other side is clearly full of BS (think Good Morning Britain entertaining a group of Flat Earthers to say that Tim Peake had never gone to space). Politicians, of every political view, are now allowed to appear on TV and the media without being challenged by the facts. How many times has Trump just rolled out the statement "fake news" when he wants to discredit an opposing view when it is demonstrably true (think of the crowds at his inauguration). I could go through that blog line by line and pull it apart with references to evidence and facts. If you have taken the time to read this thank you, however, for all that it will make a difference you probably should not have bothered....
  12. I agree with Declan on this point. Unless the result of the second referendum (and we are far from guaranteed that will happen at this stage) is resoundingly (70% plus) in favour of remaining in the EU then Farage and the Brexit Party will not go away. The Tory party will continue to haemorrhage support to the Brexit party with a small percentage of others choosing alternative parties such as the Greens and Lib Dems instead (probably those that would have traditionally voted Labour when fed up of the Tory Party). BoJo will not want to preside over the death of the Tory party any more that the Maybot did but the reality is that they are in real danger of imploding. I don't think either the Tories or even Labour will want a general election at the moment considering how they suffered in the local elections.
  13. So the Liberal Elite is a term used by wealthy capitalists who want to keep their control over the sources of their income namely the normal people. Creating an enemy of the Liberal Elite who would challenge the wealthy and governments to find another way of doing things is a handy way of ensuring that the general population focus blame elsewhere and away from the real culprits then? Sorry if that is not well articulated but I am just gobsmacked.
  14. I have also wondered who the "liberal elite" actually are... Does anyone have an answer?
  15. The point made by Richard is very relevant, however, I thought that I would add that I was out in a club over the weekend when someone started to get aggressive and started to push and shove someone I was out with. If I had stepped in and grabbed the guy by the neck and forced him out of the door I am pretty sure that I would have soon followed escorted by the club's security staff. Doormen, bouncer and police are very different from Joe Public (or a conservative MP in this case) when it comes to removing someone from a venue such as this. I would question how the protesters managed to enter the venue but that does not make Mark Field's actions any more acceptable.
  16. You could argue that a peaceful protest is also participating in the normal democratic process, however, you may dispute this so I provide a quote from someone who was present; "Asked what happened when the protesters entered the hall, a financier said: “People stopped talking and listened politely. A lady kept reading the same sentences over and over again, but she was very polite. We listened for three to four minutes, said thank you very much and clapped. Then they were asked to leave and security took them out."
  17. Just think about that for a while... Isn't that much the same as the UKs relationship with Europe?
  18. The point we are making is that the population of these islands has historically not been homogeneous. It was not all that long ago that Irish workers were vilified in Britain but now you would seem happy to state that the Irish somehow share in a British culture. That will probably be news to a lot of people living in Ireland. Your argument is weak and full of rhetoric which is not historically accurate.
  19. Gym is fine (I go myself) but getting outside is great. With a little imagination you can combine running outdoors with some circuit training Some ideas for you; Squats, walking lunges, plank, press ups, burpees, pull ups (use railings), bench dips, step ups (fallen tree for instance).
  20. So... Marine Drive, Douglas Head (for hill sprints), the old railway line from Braddan if you want something flat. Nobles Park, the Beach, should I go on? Alternatively we live on a small island so get outside of Douglas.
  21. How sad that you feel you cannot run outside in our beautiful countryside. It is much better for you than being on a treadmill plus the treadmill will end up being a glorified clothes basket within weeks.
  22. I agree that the EU is a modern construct, however, the European people are not. I stand by my assertion that the "British" are not as isolated and homogeneous as you make out. I stand by my assertion that if your argument is sovereignty then the nations which make up the UK should also have a right to a sovereign Government rather than being ruled over by Westminster. I find it interesting that many who campaigned against Scotland leaving the UK also campaigned for the UK to leave the EU. Don't even get me started on those who said that if Scotland left the UK it would have to leave the EU which was not in its interests... There is so much hypocrisy and personal power plays going on that the interests of the general population are being forgotten and trampled on.
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