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  1. To think that Brexit was supposedly about "taking back control" from unelected bureaucrats and advisors...
  2. I hope all those whinging about politicians decide to put themselves forward as candidates.
  3. Trust me the mental stress is very real if you have a relative whose health is declining and you cannot visit. Home schooling will have mentally tested parents and children which the teachers will be expected to fix. And of course people outside taking exercise will feel better as exercise releases endorphins. The reality is that many people are suffering due to uncertainty, and a lack of access to there social groups.
  4. And only a few stick with it. Much like nursing it is a vocation and people who do it need to be highly motivated to stick it out. If it is such an attractive career why don't more people teach?
  5. Primary school teachers often work longer hours as well. His neighbour may be home at 3.20 but that doesn't mean they haven't brought their laptop home to do lesson plans etc etc.
  6. I call BS on the short-hours. Every single teacher I know works long hours as they have to lesson planning, marking work, report writing, preparing displays and meet with parents. That is on top of the additional things that they may have to do such as deal with misbehaving children at break/lunch times. They are also not immune from many of the other realities of working such as attending meetings, training events etc. On top of that they are regularly observed teaching (how many other professions does someone come in and watch and critique everything you do?) both internally and externally by OFSTED. Yes, they get the school holidays but even then they still have planning and training to do ready for the next school term. I reckon out of the six weeks they at most get 4 weeks off in the summer and if they want to go anywhere then they are stuck with going at the most expensive times of the year.
  7. Not at all. I just respect people when they give an full and honest answer even if it is one that I don't want to hear. Sometimes you can be in a minority when wanting something to be changed and just have to accept that.
  8. Can't people just lay off teachers for a while. It used to be a highly respected profession until people swallowed Tory Government propaganda which then seeped in over here as well. How many parents have we seen struggling to cope with home schooling recently? And they only have their own offspring to teach not a class of 25 plus!
  9. I have contacted/spoken with Juan on a number of matters and I have always found him to be very responsive and to take an interest in what my concerns were. Whilst I was not always happy with the answers I received I did at least get a prompt and informed response. That is much more than you can get from others.
  10. I would prefer that the general public got the tests rather than a select few...
  11. I understand the risk. Remember that there have been professional footballers such as Paul Scholes who played with Asthma. There have been others like Marc Vivien Foe who have had underlying heart conditions. Football is also a contact sport and each player could carry the virus to someone who is vulnerable such as a member of the backroom team or a family member.
  12. It looks like the new Labour leader is worrying some Tory MP's, including a Minister, enough for them to share fake news on twitter. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/tory-mps-delete-tweets-sharing-22026488 Watching PMQ's with Starmer against Johnson is a real clash of styles. Johnson looks very exposed without his backbenchers jeering the opposition.
  13. Sure, let's just pick on professional footballers... By your logic all professional sports should fall by the wayside so that would include Golf (might as well watch grass grow), Tennis (grunting people hitting a ball over a net), Darts (bunch of fat blokes that should be in the pub), boxing (two thugs hitting each other), cricket (people stood in a field while the crowd gets drunk with boredom), cycling (lyrca hooligans), horse racing (shouldn't the horses be paid more and not the jockeys?) etc etc...
  14. This seems most likely as the clubs start to struggle financially.
  15. Or they could die like thousands of others who have caught Covid-19.
  16. It has Tory Party written all over it. You can go and see your boss in the workplace but you cannot go and see your Mum and Dad because that is far to risky!
  17. Go take a look at the flat earth thread and see how easy it is. Those who buy into things like the "flat earth theory" and David Icke tend to disbelieve science, evidence and facts unless it conforms to a very specific set of requirements that they set. If it doesn't then they just ignore it or shout more loudly. If you want another example on these forums have a look at Manxy and the 5G thread.
  18. The answer to your implied questions isn't really to do with Islam or Judaism. It is the simple fact that it is the USA and the population there appear to be mostly morons. FFS they elected Donald Trump!! I find this to be very true when it comes to the bible belt states who I suppose are the equivalent to the people you have highlighted attending funerals.
  19. You are right. If you think you live on a 2D image you are a moron.
  20. @Rushen Spy One especially for you...
  21. Amazing the difference a few years makes... Now we all stand outside on a Thursday evening and clap our 'NHS Heroes'. I hope after this crisis we never forget what the NHS staff, every single one of them, have been through to help keep us safe.
  22. I saw someone on Facebook trying to argue that take-away food shops were an essential service (clearly can't cook!) but at the same time found it abhorrent that Davison's could re-open even with social distancing measures in place.
  23. The really crazy thing is that he is now trying to pretend he did not say it, or rather that is was in some way sarcastic. Sorry, but how thick are American's? Surely they will not vote this guy in as President again? Surely the Republican party must be able to find a more competent representative?
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