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  1. That's fine if you do but it was hardly clear in your post. I would hardly describe it as elementary when so many people do not realise that the ECHR is not part of the EU. As for "us" being able to pass and enforce our own civilised law could I point you towards the legislation which is the UK Government is trying to pass. They are busy trying to strip out many employment and civil rights. They would love to get rid of the ECHR then they can start removing even more rights.
  2. Yes, I am well aware that the ECHR has nothing to do with the EU. Not sure if woolley realises this when he refers to "European Courts". The case, however, is full of delightful irony.
  3. You're going to love this... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/nov/22/owen-paterson-taking-uk-to-human-rights-court-after-lobbying-scandal
  4. Could be Belarus or as has been said a misfire from Ukrainian forces. NATO won't want to jump in just yet so expect a lot of diplomacy and an investigation.
  5. We need more foreign workers says Brexit supporter... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/nov/10/brexit-next-boss-foreign-workers-uk-lord-wolfson
  6. Nope, once again I am not a teacher no do I work part time. I work in tge Private Sector for a good employer that pays well, has good benefits and doesn't treat employees like dirt. Did it hit a nerve? I think so given the reaction. Nope. I don't claim to work 60 hours plus per week with no holidays and with total dedication to my employer. Those two clowns do or at least make similar claims.
  7. @Banker @Asthehills Having a busy day at work are we? How are those 60 hour weeks with no breaks or flexibility?
  8. You have time to listen to Moaninline? You really should get a proper job or at least stop wasting your employers time and do some actual work! The callers into that show can hardly be described as representative of the general population.
  9. I posed the question comparing the cost of childcare per hour v teaching costs per pupil per hour. The reason for doing so was to highlight the fact that childcare would work out more expensive on the basis of the calculations being used. The follow up was to reinforce your point that teaching carries greater responsibility than childcare and therefore we should be willing to pay more for it.
  10. What would the cost of childcare be per hour for one child?
  11. Of course he can and unless he himself posts on here we will never know an answer. Typically though a household has one or two cars (maybe 3). Given he is a single person the number of vehicles seems excessive. As for them being there whilst he sells them on this may not be illegal or unlawful but having lived near someone else who littered the street with crappy second hand cars whilst they repaired them for sale it is incredibly irritating.
  12. What would that achieve? You could start there but an employer is obliged to look at reasonable alternative employment and in most cases the change in the location of the work on the Island would not be significant. The teachers from the closed schools would simply be moved to these new locations and you would still have the same people employed. How has that solved anything?
  13. One wonders why he needs so many vehicles in the first place? As far as I am aware he doesn't employ any other drivers (otherwise surely the vehicles would have been taxed?). It sounds like he has nowhere to store this collection of vehicles other than public roads either.
  14. Redundancy should only be used where; - all or part of an organisation is closing - there is a reduction of work of a particular kind - the work has changed location Now which of the above would you care to suggest apply to your suggestion? Arguably you could offer new terms and conditions and dismiss those that do t accept the new terms but that is not a good look (ask P&O) and can come at a significant cost in the form of settlement agreements.
  15. Once again I am glad I don't have a shitty boss like you. We even get a paid day to go and do voluntary work for a charity. Your employees don't even get anything for giving up their own time on a weekend to help with an office relocation which you were too much of a skin flint to pay a professional office move company to do for you.
  16. Are they getting a day off in lieu for it?
  17. Have you never negotiated a price for something? The seller always starts high and the buyer low. The 30% will be an opening gambit. They won't realistically expect to achieve that.
  18. Private sector employers are clearly becoming much more progressive than they have been in the past then. Probably a good idea to consider why that is? Some is a response to legislation but increasingly its because the job market is very competitive and attracting, recruiting and retaining employees on minimal terms and conditions means you will soon be out of business. Unless you can find sadists like Banker of course...
  19. Private sector employee and I get an hour break for lunch plus being office based often have periods talking to colleagues which you could fairly argue as breaks. DSE regulations also recommend frequent short breaks from using such equipment. I can also work flexibly so if I shorten my lunch break I can start or finish earlier. Sucks to be you! Suggest you go and renegotiate your terms and conditions of employment if they are so bad.
  20. Trick or Treat is an American import and does carry a sinister threat. I was brought up when people walked around singing "Jinny the Witch" and people would then come to their doors if they wanted. Much like Christmas Carollers (spelling?). I now fit into the miserable bastard category which is distinctly different from being "vulnerable".
  21. If he was unwell then why was he there in the first place? Why hadn't they stopped him entering? Much more likely is that this was intended to disrespect Hu and undermine his position. Given that Hu doesn't normally appear much on TV in China it may be that we simply hear that his illness worsened and he passed away.
  22. If he likes to keep his religion private he is pretty bad at it.
  23. You may want to go and check your facts.
  24. "The Britain our parents fought and sacrificed for" The Isle of Man is not part of Britain, however, fine if you are referring people who were actually residents of or born in Great Britain. I do like the irony though of that statement when compared to "glorious burbling German V8". Did the parents of Britain fight and sacrifice their lives so you could drive a German car? The same company that was happily producing engines for German aircraft to bomb Britain? I know they have since admitted their links to the Nazis and moved on with the rest of the world but still... Hell of a way to repay the sacrifice of life. You should be buying British.
  25. More good news. That walking caricature had no place in the Cabinet. Hopefully he will lose his seat at the next General Election. Absolute self-servibg cretin!
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