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  1. I think the decline in industry in the UK is pretty much irreversible and not because "we have allowed European industries to become strong" but because the industries were not profitable enough and it was cheaper to move overseas. Take the Steel Industry for instance. All the raw materials to make steel in the UK are imported from overseas and the manufacturing plants themselves have suffered from a lack of investment and modernisation. I think I have mentioned it previously but one of the ex-Tata Steel sites still has camouflage painting on it from the war. The trains that move the "
  2. Let's face it not everyone who voted for Brexit was or is stupid. There were intelligent people who voted for it and it increasingly looks like they are the ones who are going to benefit the most from it. Some of the others in favour had been conditioned by the media and UK Government over many, many years that the EEC, EU were bad. BoJo being a good example of this with the lies he got published in his column before getting sacked. Others will have had concerns over immigration and changes in British culture. Those like the caller to LBC just did not fully understand that t
  3. Do you mean like the one in 2019 towing a "Glazers Out" banner above the Manchester United v Chelsea match? Or maybe like the one flown over the Leeds United v Manchester United game this year with the banner "2bn stolen - Glazers Out"? I don't think hiring planes bothers the Glazers one little bit.
  4. Where is the 20 point deduction coming from?
  5. Why would the game be rescheduled if they are planning on awarding a 0-3 win to Liverpool? Based on what I have seen Liverpool, United, Trafford Council, GM Police and the Premier League were all involved in the discussion and decision to postpone the game. It would have been a surprise if Liverpool fans had turned up to protest about the Glazer's ownership of United. Many Liverpool fans have relished in the fact that the Glazers lumbered the club with debt, have leached off various dividends and spectacularly failed to maintain the stadium and make appropriate footballing appointments.
  6. How many points should LFC be deducted for their fans attacking opposition team coaches? Listen to Carragher and go after the owners rather than trying to score points against other fans. Liverpools owners were every bit involved in the ESL as the Glazers.
  7. The most vocal about this incident are the Liverpool fans... This was United fans protesting against the ownership of their club and the massive debt those owners have lumbered the club with. There was no need for the violence but by blocking the hotel and getting the game cancelled they have ensured worldwide media coverage of the issue. The idiots who became violent need weeding out and banning. Liverpool fans need to wind their necks in. This wasn't United supporters attacking an opposition team coach which fans of another club have done (three times). I think th
  8. It's time we all started electing representatives that exclude the nutters. Just think how different the make up of Parliament and the House of Keys would be...
  9. They can't all play Gianfranco Zola....
  10. @Declan I can understand where you are coming from but such draconian punishments would also punishment the innocent players and fans. Big fines are what is needed and preferably ones that have to come from the owners pockets not club funds. The big six should also be stripped of any influential positions or roles in the Premier League, FA or UEFA. UEFA need to remove the legacy nonsense from their Champions League proposals as well.
  11. Reports that all 12 clubs are meeting tonight and may kill the Super League entirely. A victory for the fans? Now we need these American owners out!
  12. This has been done to death. United were told by the English FA that they had to participate in the World Club Championship because it would go in Englands favour to host a World Cup. Turned out it didn't and United were left to shoulder the blame for devaluing the FA Cup. The proposed ESL in contrast is a pure money grab and a way to remove the risk of failing to qualify for the Champions League. Juventus share price rose 10% following the announcement and Uniteds is expected to follow suit.
  13. As a United fan I am totally opposed to this ESL and would not be subscribing to any service that broadcasts the game, watching any highlights or buying any club merchandise. I would be more likely to support FC Isle of Man and Salford City than follow the a non-competitive league designed to extract more money from fans. The proposals are that they will remain in their current domestic leagues but play ESL games mid-week. I say kick them out of the domestic leagues and cups if they go ahead with this and let them live solely of the income of that ESL. If they want to re-join th
  14. Of course the majority of people who receive someone else's personal details are not going to be criminals but if the data breaches aren't reported then how will an organisation know to fix the problem? It's also not just about using the data in a criminal fashion. What if you received, like John, personal data about a medical condition? What if, given the size of the Island, you know that person or know someone who does and you mention that to them?
  15. @Declan Going off at a tangent, I watched a video on YT recently about designed obsolescence. It primarily focused on the likes of Apple but did mention car manufacturers who change the colour options to set "fashions" in vehicle colours as a way to get people to change cars.
  16. What is a strange colour for a car?
  17. I thought the same but then I realised I had just got old...
  18. A personal data breach is a personal data breach it does not matter what goods or services accompanied it.
  19. @Declan So the prescription drugs are the only problem? You would not be concerned that your name, address, phone number and date of birth ended up in the hands of someone else without your consent? I wonder whether the person whose prescription drugs John received is even aware of what has happened?
  20. Don't worry John, it was probably a genuine mistake and I am sure that neither you nor the other person involved are in the slightest bit concerned about where your personal data may have ended up. As long as they apologised nicely and will send you the correct order why worry?
  21. That was 22 years ago under a Labour Government. Would the same happen now under the current, and very specifically, the current Tory Government? This Government is corrupt to the core and I would not out it past them to threaten the monarchy with cuts to their income or something similar in order to get what they want.
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