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  1. I like how they have separately listed the United Kingdom, Britain, Scotland, England and Wales. I would also be interested to know if they actually translated their letters to Slovakian, Ukrainian, Norwegian etc or just sent them in English. If they translated them did they use a proper translation service or Google Translate? If they used Google Translate then I bet the letters were virtually unreadable!
  2. Tried looking them up. Don't have headed paper, don't have any contact details and don't have a website. This is pathetic even by "freeman of the land" nutters. At least they went to the effort of creating a website for their fake courts!
  3. Yes, it is hard work. Many remainers feel exactly the same way as Farage et al would have done if the result had been reversed. I accept that Brexit is done. I don't think the UK will rejoin the EU (or if it does it will be as a junior member with a much reduced voice). What I am looking for is the brexiteers, particularly those in power, to deliver on the promises that were made in the build up to the referendum. At the moment all I have seen is minor adjustments that really do very little to change anything. I also look at the situation in Northern Ireland and wonder how that will ever be resolved whilst remaining compliant with the Good Friday Agreement. I also look at Scotland and the demands for a second independence referendum there. I totally understand why they want one given that one of the benefits of Scotland remaining in the UK was that it would remain a member of the EU. A few years later that was taken away from them. Not by the electorate in Scotland but by the Electorates in England and Wales. The United Kingdom is no longer that United. Brexit has made the arguments for Nationalists easier as there is no longer the threat of being forced to leave the EU. They can also use the same Sovereignty argument that the Brexiteers used. Why would Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales want their laws to be sent by Parliament in England? Then there is England. Most of the English would vote in favour of Scotland leaving the UK. A lot of the English want a parliament for England similar to the devolved parliaments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. I am afraid that the UK probably doesn't have very long left until it falls apart. In fact the UK will probably cease to exist before the EU does. If the Brexiteers in positions of power want to prevent this then they must deliver on the promises made before the referendum very soon. Asking people to wait for 10 to 20 years to see them will just not cut it.
  4. Well fair enough if that is the case for you personally. Generally speaking though it was not the position of many supporters of Brexit which MTP has highlighted. I would also add that the great hero of Brexit, Nigel Farage, said "in a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it." I remind you that was Nigel Farage discussing the what was described as by David Cameron as a "once in a lifetime" referendum. So whilst your view is admirable, do you not think that Farage et al display double standards when it comes to the outcome of the referendum? ETA Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nigel-farage-wants-second-referendum-7985017
  5. Ah, so you are one of those people. I presume that had the EU referendum gone the other way by the same margin then you would have dropped the matter entirely?
  6. The end of apartheid was a good thing but South Africa has hardly been without chaos and mayhem since then. The end of Apartheid and Brexit are very different things though and hardly comparable. The Government in Westminster is only in power because of the UK's first past the Post system. More people voted against the Conservative party than voted for them. Doesn't seem very democratic... What about the population of Scotland who don't seem to want to be ruled from Westminster?
  7. They knew what they were voting for. They wanted the UK to leave the EU for a whole myriad of reasons and that is what they got. That is why it is impossible to have a sensible discussion with a true brexiteer. They won and the UK has left the EU and that is what they ultimately wanted. The rest is not that important to them. They don't really care about international trade, "red tape", the NHS or anything else. This is why the UK Government keeps spewing out so much BS to make the brexiteers feel like things have actually changed like; - Being able to use imperial measurements which the EU had "banned". - Being able to have a crown on a pint glass which the EU had "banned". - More money going to the NHS despite the fact that this was prompted by the pandemic and is ultimately being funded via tax rises rather than any Brexit savings. - Securing COVID-19 vaccines which could have been done even if the UK had been part of the EU.
  8. You are welcome to contribute and highlight the benefits of brexit. I added a couple earlier and we can now add; 1. The crown can be added to a pint glass once again. 2. Imperial weights and measures can be used on packaging. (Just ignore the fact that it always could be and that metric just had to be the predominant measure). If I recall correctly the UK signed up to another international treaty on in relation to using the metric system well before the EU existed. If I can find the details I will add it.
  9. The jobs created by the retail industry will largely be minimum wage and part-time with a few exceptions. Other industries create better paid full time jobs which in theory will create more disposable income which can then be spent in shops or on leisure activities. There is not much point in having a load of shops if very few people can afford to shop in them. The large UK retailers would also push out local businesses by undercutting prices until they put the competition out of business. Then they can up the prices and increase their margins.
  10. But will there be any beer to put in the glass?
  11. And you think that the IOMG wouldn't cock that up? Sorry but this gas field is a red herring in the build up to the election.
  12. What we don't need is a two party system like the United Kingdom. In that first past the post system the elected representatives do not really represent the majority view and it actively encourages tactical voting which kills the smaller parties. In terms of electoral reform I think parties may be beneficial but that must be balanced by the use of proportional representation (which our system is reasonably good at) and there must be protection from one party changing the electoral system for its own benefit. See the redrawing of the constituency boundaries in the UK as an example as well as the removal of fixed term parliaments which all benefit the Conservative Party but deliver no real benefits to the UK electorate.
  13. Sorry, am I reading this correctly, the same group of people who constantly bitch and moan about the Isle of Man Governments overspending on major projects over the years are now proposing that the Manx Government has the capacity and competence to exploit an alleged offshore gas field? If that gas field exists, and if it is viable, then we have no expertise on Island to extract it. That would mean inviting in someone who does and that would mean that the Manx government and population would see virtually no benefit other than perhaps a licence fee allowing for the extraction.
  14. The UK has left the EU. It matters not one bit that my preference was to remain in the EU. All I would like now is to see some of the benefits of Brexit. So far I don't believe there have been any. Illegal immigration and border control, which I believe was meant to be an upside to Brexit, has only got worse. If you read my post properly you will have noted that I said that the IR35 regulations and COVID-19 had also impacted on the HGV driver situation. As for that being a short term issue that isn't what many logistics companies are saying. As for the Northern Ireland border situation please remember that the current situation stemmed not from the EU but from Johnson's "oven ready" deal. The reality is that there cannot be a hard border on the Island of Ireland due to the Good Friday Agreement but Brexiteers don't want to hear that. As for your analogy of the Isle of Man... We are a part of the Common Travel Area and really have no control over the people who choose to move here from the UK. The only flimsy control we have is the work permit system. The Isle of Man population had no say in Brexit despite the fact it affected everyone living here as well. So, cheer me up. Its almost a year since the UK left the EU. What has demonstrably changed for the better?
  15. I have no doubt you can. I wonder if others can also reflect and see the same flaws....
  16. This is really going to confuse some people! The monarch supports an allegedly marxist organisation. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9975249/The-Queen-backs-BLM-Royals-discussed-racism-wake-George-Floyd-murder.html
  17. Obviously the contributors to Manx Forums. That being just as valid as the views of the people who established the "freeman" court...
  18. I think creating our own version and having someone with a legal background would add some legitimacy. Don't you? Surely a court that does not have someone with legal qualifications acting as the Judge could not be held to be legitimate?
  19. Tynwald claims to be the oldest continuous parliament in the world. The Althing was disbanded in 1800 and only reformed in 1845. Tynwald by comparison claims to have been established in 979 and has never been disbanded. Of course there are a lot of countries that will lay claim to the oldest parliament. A lot depends on how you define a parliament.
  20. To be fair the evidence could come in the form of a Court Listing it does not have to be a media outlet of any form. What it does, however, need to be is a court listing at a court which is part of the country's judiciary system. In the UK that would be the Magistrate Courts, Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. I will equally accept listings from recognised courts which form part of another countries Judiciary system. I think Ann has previously mentioned Iceland so that would be the District Courts, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court (obviously these are the English names because I haven't go the time to find all the Icelandic characters on my keyboard). If Ann suggests one of the "freeman of the land" type courts then I suggest we form our own Manx Forums high court and try Ann for crimes against humanity. As forum contributors we will decide who will preside over the hearing (may I suggest John as someone with the relevant legal background?). We can also decide on the other relevant rules and how evidence for the prosecution and defence can be presented. 🙄
  21. This is an example of why you will never convince the brexit hardliners that it was a bad idea. They have invested so much into their vision that they will not acknowledge the experienced reality. Obviously COVID-19 has had a big impact on the UK economy but that also gives the UK Government a "scapegoat" and an opportunity to blame problems on the pandemic rather than Brexit. There do, however, remain underlying issues that Brexit has played a big part in; 1. Shortage of HGV Drivers (alongside IR35 and COVID-19); 2. Shortage of agricultural and food (meat packing etc) processing workers; 3. Delays with goods crossing the UK/EU borders (both ways); 4. The increased cost of trading with the EU. I know of several businesses who were exporting to the EU prior to Brexit but have now gone in administration or are in serious financial trouble due to the challenges of exporting their goods and a limited market in the UK. At least one of these also saw their UK market contract massively due to COVID-19 but that was the smallest part of their business. 5. The whole situation with the Northern Ireland border which is still not resolved and was largely ignored prior to the EU referendum; I look forward to all the promised benefits of Brexit but I just cannot see when they are going to arrive.
  22. Unsolicited caller - "Have you ever been in a car crash that wasn't your fault?" Me - "Yes, Brexit"
  23. Would that be the October lockdown in the UK that the UK Government has denied was ever under any consideration? Please don't confuse the incompetence of the current UK Government with conspiracy. There is no way this current shower could hide the truth.
  24. @Max Power It is rather remarkable to look at British Athletics and see how many athletes were not born in Great Britain. There are plenty of athletes who were born overseas and found ways to become a British Citizen in order to become eligible to represent Team GB. Sure, some like Froome, may have been the children of "ex-pats" but there are many others who couldn't qualify for their home nations team but saw an opportunity in Britain. The Republic of Ireland football team used to be viewed in a similar light when they would suddenly find a decent player had some dim and distant Irish ancestry. Declan has done a good job of highlighting what I meant when talking about "Empire" particularly in relation to the more historic figures. I can see where you are coming from with the "conclaves" in Britain having lived in a few English towns and cities, however, most of the children attend British Schools and are taught the same curriculum as every other student in the UK. I imagine the only exceptions will be the religious schools but even then I am sure the core subjects are the same with the only difference being which religion is pushed.
  25. Of course it wasn't. Nothing was ever going to be as good as full membership.
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