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  1. Never had you down as a socialist woolley... What you are suggesting is that the wealthy premier league should share more of its wealth with the poorer lower divisions. All to be overseen by a Governing body? That's correct isn't it? You are missing the point that the premier league already pay "solidarity payments" to the lower leagues. Why should they pay more? I have excluded the parachute payments which are made to clubs relegated from the premier league over a number of years thereby indirectly injecting money into the Championship. You are also missing the fact that this is the first time a club has been ejected from the league since the Premier League was formed. There were a number of clubs who suffered this fate years before the Premier League was formed such as Accrington Stanley. Did you care for those clubs, their supporters and the communities then?
  2. I think Cameron and his cabinet should be made to be honest about why they agrees to this referendum in the first place. It was nothing to do with leave or remain and everything to do with saving the Conservative Party following a coalition Government with the Lib Dems and years of austerity.
  3. So according to the reports I have seen this morning the House of Lords has backed the "rebel" no deal bill.
  4. Don't forget that this is not the first time Bury faced financial ruin. In the late 90's /early 2000's they asked fans and the general public for donations to save the club. They were saved that time but you can hardly expect fans and others to constantly bail them out. And given that the top league gives millions to each of the league clubs why should they pay more? If there was a rescue fund how would you prevent that money from ending up under the control of the owners? Who would say how or where that money should be spent?
  5. You should know by now that Woody2 and facts don't really mix.
  6. They have the same protection as any other business. If a local butchers was struggling would you expect a some sort of protection for the butchers paid for by Tesco or other large supermarkets?
  7. Apparently so; Century VIII, Quatrain 15: Great exertions towards the North by a man-woman to vex Europe and almost all the Universe. The two eclipses will be put into such a rout that they will reinforce life or death for the Hungarians.
  8. Knew him personally did you? You will find that people have used various quotes to support their views or criticise another's. You cannot claim any knowledge of how he would have viewed the matter and neither would I.
  9. A well reasoned approach. Just a shame others will not refrain from speaking nonsense on behalf of the deceased. What I will say is that I am much more confident that I would know my grandfathers thoughts on this than people who never met him. Whether that would influence my own personal view I could not say but I would be pissed off at those using my grandfathers names in support of their own views.
  10. Of course not don't be so silly. I do believe, however, that his grandson is much more likely to be able to speak for what Churchill's view would have actually been. Farage, Johnson et al certainly cannot claim to speak on Churchill's behalf and should stop referencing him.
  11. Whether he always does it or not it is very disrespectful for his position and to the institution he represents. You would think that such a toff would have been raised to sit up straight and take care of his posture.
  12. And look at the state of JRM, the Leader of the House of Commons no less...
  13. The grandson of Winston Churchill was one of the 21 tory MPs to vote against BJ last night. Can we now stop the references claiming that Churchill would have supported Brexit? I understand that BJ has to win another vote tonight to call a general election. What are the chances of Parliament frustrating that plan?
  14. You do know how wikipedia works don't you?
  15. Not surprised that the agreement on article 50 was prepared by the EU. It is after all the part of the process for leaving the organisation. It's not like you get to write the rules about how to leave a club or terminate the relationship with an employer is it? Do you think that the WTO will not have a set of rules that the UK will have to abide by without any say?
  16. So in 30 years we have never come up with a viable method of controlling our borders electronically yet we are somehow going to not only invent the system but have it built, installed and operational by the 31st October 2019? A little video on the future of work and automation;
  17. Soooo.... You either searched for this image or it turned up on a website you regularly visit. I think that says something about you. The point I was making about artificial intelligence and robotics as @woolley touched upon is the growing evidence that more jobs will be lost to technology. Woolley is right that technology has already taken away many unskilled or low-skilled repetitive work and now other jobs could be lost to technology such as professional drivers (taxi drivers, delivery drivers etc) being replaced by autonomous vehicles. That is then another swathe or the population who will be unemployed and our current society is not geared up for that. There is also ongoing discussions regarding the future of "white collar" work which has traditionally been seen as safe from automation. There are plenty of surveys showing what the future may hold in this regard so I won't go into detail here. Woolley is also correct that the beneficiaries from automation will not be the general population but will be those who own the means of production.
  18. 1. Lower league clubs already receive financial support from the premier league in the form of "solidarity payments" which are a share of the TV money. 2. EFL rules ban third party interference. That would mean cash injections from a premier league club to a lower league club would be banned. The same rule would ban the Nevilles from putting money in as they already own Salford City. 3. Manchester City had previously allowed Bury to use their old Carrington training ground free of charge. Bury just needed to pay for the upkeep and utility bills. The agreement was terminated as Bury were not paying the bills nor maintaining the facility. 4. The EFL is in a much healthier state than most other European leagues and consistently has a higher average attendance than comparable leagues. 5. As already stated this is a very rare event in English football. Bolton have been saved but it appears that Bury is a basket case thanks to the mortgage on the stadium (taken out by the previous owner) combined with financial mismanagement in trying to get promoted quickly. The current owner is not blameless but really failed in his own due diligence when buying the club.
  19. You have heard of artificial intelligence and robotics haven't you?
  20. Yes. Remember that one. Think there was also double dragon. They were the two I remember playing. I remember there was pac-man on one of the old ferries.
  21. Broomsticks is probably a reference to some obscure claim made by Farage or BJ stating that the EU are planning on banning broomsticks for some obscure reason... Just like bendy bananas and ice pillows for kippers....
  22. Only at a General Election which he is desperately trying to avoid because him and his party stand to be wiped out... prorouging parliament is a last ditch effort to save the Conservative Party.
  23. What does it matter to you snowflake?
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