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  1. Were they asking for a donation to support the cause against "big brother"? Or did they have a large quantity of dollars in some random country that needed to be moved? Personally I ask myself whether I would prefer to live with the status quo or have people like CrossRoss making the important decisions......
  2. Lonan3 thank you for that useful piece of information. I must have missed Eurostaete being recognised as a state. Does anyone know what the requirements are for visiting this european nation? Is it part of the EU or do I need a visa to visit the sites?
  3. I wondered where you had got to CrossRoss... There have been soooo many threads begging for you to comment on them! And a reference to Common Law as well.... Just a shame that Belgium and Italy's legal systems are based on Civil Law. I await the full details of which nation is involved and what the detail of the allegations are with baited breath!
  4. As a bit of an aside to the Falkland Islands it appears that Spain is becoming a little bit uppity about Gibraltor http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274640/Gibraltar-Tensions-grow-Royal-Navy-confronts-Spanish-warship.html#axzz2K7SEnQPN It sounds like a similar situation to the Falklands - a tactic to distract the population from the domestic economic problems of Argentina & Spain.
  5. I assume you are referring to the cable cars? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Douglas_Cable_Tramway Personally I think that they would be very useful along that route even now.
  6. Those LCD screens have really upset you haven't they?
  7. Okay, lets get rid of the Islands heritage completely. Pull up the railway and tramways, pull down Peel Castle, Castle Rushen, Rushen Abbey, Laxey Wheel, Cregneash etc... Now what have you got left? The Banks, supermarkets, online gambling and some farming. That sounds like Utopia doesn't it? A wee bit over the top. We're talking about an outdated relic that is very rarely used anymore and costs hundreds of thousands to maintain. It's lovely to look at, when full and being used. Trouble is it's always empty and costs money we don't have. Over the top? How many of the other heritage sites are full everyday they are open? Do any of them make a profit? I think the issue here is that several of our heritage attractions are not looked after by Manx National Heritage/
  8. Lets not lie to ourselves... "just the modern face of politics society"
  9. Okay, lets get rid of the Islands heritage completely. Pull up the railway and tramways, pull down Peel Castle, Castle Rushen, Rushen Abbey, Laxey Wheel, Cregneash etc... Now what have you got left? The Banks, supermarkets, online gambling and some farming. That sounds like Utopia doesn't it?
  10. Not much time left now either before the "Tourist Season" begins Hahahaha...... Are you volunteering? I am sure it would be interesting to say the least in the high winds, snow & rain....
  11. I think that there is enough evidence to show that she was not subjected to marital coercion. I would be interested to know how many other similar cases there are and what the outcomes have been?
  12. Hardly been the best weather for painting such a large structure....
  13. Stu Maybe they do not attract tourism on their own and they are under used that is hard to argue with, however, if the decision was made to scrap them then I can guarantee that there would be an uproar. You say you want Douglas to be modern and vibrant with the heritage sensitively included and yet you call for the horse trams to be withdrawn. As for the suggestion of a monorail who exactley is going to pay for it? And who is going to use it? Douglas is hardly that big that it warrant such a system. We already pulled up the cable cars which may have actually been useful consider the locations of the banks and government buildings. The problem is that the heritage that we have, and there is a lot all in a relatively small area, is not promoted enough to those that would be interested in travelling to see it. If we rip it all to pieces then the chances are it will be gone forever and never reinstated.
  14. You know where the Sea Terminal is don't you?
  15. Or scrap them and extend the MER along the prom, gotta be cheaper than the horse trams? I look forward to seeing the reaction of the motorists to that idea!
  16. Interesting to see the comments on this when compared to the thread about the Cunninghams Camp chairlift and the open air theatre on Douglas Head. Is this simply because the horse trams are still running? Would attitudes change when the lines are ripped up and another unique attraction is gone forever? Would Douglas promenade really be better for not having the horse trams? The parking will be no better and you still have all the pedestrian crossings to cause congestion. Should people really be overtaking on the Promenade anyway? It is a 30mph limit with pedestrians getting out of parked cars? The best solution would be to move them to one side of the roadway and get rid of some of the parking. Then they can actually be used by people who do not want to step out into traffic. Putting tyres on is ridiculous! The other solution would be to leave them where they are and pedestrianise the whole of the promenade and get people to use it again!
  17. That was what was said at the time when they were releasing the briefing on the Sex Discrimination Act. As for the first point we are already seeing pressure building on places like the Isle of Man to prevent businesses avoiding taxes by having offices in the Island. If this happens what do you think will happen to the Manx Economy? What will happen to all those people who are gainfully employed by those businesses? What about the agency workers who have these new rights but no work? In relation to the nations of the world working together to address globalisation you can see how well that has worked in Europe! Most Politicians are focused on their own self-interests and the interests of the country which they represent - do you really think they want to see power and wealth shared equally around the world? We are decades (at least) from global governance and in my opinion there will be a lot of pain and suffering to go through before we get there. Apologies that was a typing error. I meant equality for agency workers & my reasons are that I do not believe that agency workers are generally treated in the way that you describe. The second being that legislating may mean that businesses decide not to use agency workers at all because of the additional hassle involved. In my view that would just reduce the amount of work available for people. I will again point out that there are two very different types of agency workers and those groups have different rights. You seem to be focusing on those with a contract for services which is actually very close to being a self-employed contractor. The difference being that the agency will look after all the taxation issues and you do not need to set up your own limited company. I would encourage anyone who is unemployed to seek work as an agency worker rather than sit idle. Such experience will allow you to see other ways of working, maybe experience new roles and practice different skills. Yes, you may have a bad experience but then you can learn from that as well. I also want to remind you that many employment rights for permanent employees do not take effect until a person has had 51 weeks of continuous employment with the same organisation. During that time they only have the right to one weeks notice.
  18. No, not "other people" -- just the stupid ones. I assume that is an accusation you are throwing at me?
  19. "To be, or not to be, shat on the head by a seagull." You really are grumpy!! I am not sure I have ever seen a positive post from you! I remember it from when I was young. I am not sure when it fell out of use but I think I saw a performance or something there in the 1980's.
  20. Unfortunately I think that it is nothing as exciting as your imagination is coming up with. There were a few cases on Watchdog where people had purchased a sofa and ended up covered in a rash. It turned out to be an allergic reaction or something similar to the materials used in the production of the sofa (I think).
  21. It is worth noting then that as far as I am aware that the Isle of Man did not introduce equal pay for like work as it was felt to be too complicated for the Manx Employment Tribunal system to deal with. I have not checked for a while so that may have changed now. When we are talking about agency workers the legislation that is in place stems from Europe and all the member states of the EU had to introduce similar regulations. Rightly or wrongly this is not just a local issue. The danger of legislating is of course that, like it or not, we work in a global economy and that certain businesses will move the location of work to other countries where employment legislation is not so strict or will outsource certain elements of that work. Why do you think that call centres moved to India? Why do China & India dominate manufacturing despite the length and cost of importing their products? There is a trend to bring call centres back to the UK but I suspect that this is because wage demands in India were starting to increase and that they came under pressure from customers to have UK call centres. Whilst I understand your argument for equality I do not see any long term benefit. In my experience from both being a temp and engaging temps they do get equal pay. Maybe they do not get the same benefits but that is not the problem for the "principal" that is an issue for the employment business.
  22. Temping is a useful form of working both for employers and individuals. Under your proposal if I needed a temp to help in my business for a week then I would have to either pay them a week in lieu of notice or engage them for a minimum of two weeks. How does that improve morale or help business? You are also not being very accurate about the types of agency workers you are talking about. The group you are refering to are those engaged under a contract for services. Agency Workers engaged under a contract of employment (contract of service) do have rights. The change of that middle word means a lot! I normally steer clear of personal attacks but you say "we are all sacred souls created in the image of God, with a spark of the divine within us," you then move on to say " I am not going to apologise to anyone for being intelligent or for having a degree". Now I have no issue with you having a degree from a top university but as an intellectual surely you need evidence to believe in a god? Oh and I must say that your attitude is not that of a person who values everyone!
  23. I like that description! Thanks! As for you being an independent free thinker.... Well that again is your opinion
  24. Would you mind answering the arguments I have put forward then please? There is already legal protection in place in the Isle of Man for Agency Workers (I posted the link to the relevant guidance document on this thread). Since posting that TJ has failed to respond. Additionally what about supporting the equality bill seeing as that has not been passed yet? What about the person who commented about the self-employed? Or the small business owner who employs other people? What happens to their rights when something goes wrong?
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