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    I heard on the radio today that there were several cases of assault that occurred following appearances on the show. Would need to do more research to confirm those but from what I heard there were a number of unsavoury practices going on including; Limited or no aftercare; "Guests" were kept in separate green rooms with show representatives regularly coming in and say "you should hear what he/she is saying about you in the other room". Essentially aiming to ensure that both parties were wound up and ready to argue; Aggressive interviewing techniques by the host; Most people who go on the show will have other issues going on that may or may not influence their actions, however, to treat those in difficult situations as entertainment is in my opinion wrong especially when those people are going to be vulnerable.
  2. More great news over the last few days... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48267688 British Steel requesting further money from the UK Government due to business uncertainties around Brexit.
  3. That is the problem... For car B to have hit car A's bumper (and done enough damage to write car A off) it suggests the driver of car A was not paying attention to other traffic as presumable car B had entered the roundabout in front of car A. So, whilst car B is technically in the wrong, the actions (or inaction) of the driver of car A was a contributory factor. The argument would be very different if car B had hit the side or rear of car A. Worth remembering that insurance claims are done under Civil Law (not criminal) and that the tests for proving innocence/guilt are different. The insurers will not want to take the dispute through the courts and will be seeking a quick and inexpensive resolution.
  4. The argument would be that ducks produce a high number of young to allow for the fact that some will fall prey to other animals. I think pretty much anything that can will take and eat a duckling including owls, birds of prey, seagulls and pretty much any four legged predator. It is a crap life being near the bottom of the food chain.
  5. Well aware that it is not a recent picture - just a reminder to those Liverpool fans who have spent the last season telling me that this will be there year. "It happened again" Liverpool have, unfortunately, played well all season.
  6. 1. If park and ride on the Island would work then the Douglas to Peel line would have been retained and upgraded. 2. In my view the heritage railways do give a reason for special interest groups to visit and they add to the experience for others. Even as loss leaders they held bring in people who spend at local businesses. 3. If you and your visitors have no interest in social history then of course you will not visit the sites (whether they are on the Island or in the UK). 4. The heritage sites provide an opportunity for the young to see the history of the island and to some extent the history of the UK. To those proposing that something else should replace the heritage sites what would you like to see? What would mark the Island out as a place to visit?
  7. In terms of attacking tourists you have to think about what makes the Island attractive as a place to visit. The uniqueness of the Isle of Man as a place to visit is a combination of the natural beauty, our heritage (Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, the Railway, Tramways, Laxey Wheel etc) all in a relatively compact area. We need to stop trying to turn the Island into a UK town. It is not what we are.
  8. I did not think we had to post evidence to support claims. Do your own sodding research...
  9. I see Grayling has now cancelled the shipping contracts that he approved recently and has agreed to pay the penalty charges for doing so... The EU does not need to destroy the UK. The UK Government is managing that all by itself! How much money have they now pissed up the wall on; 1. Placing shipping contracts with three companies (one of which has no ships and has never run a freight service); 2. Paying compensation to Eurotunnel for not having given them the opportunity to tender for any of these contracts; 3. Terminating the contract with the shipping company with no ships (and who used a bloody takeaway company contract as a template) and paying the penalty charge; 4. Terminating the two remaining contracts and paying the charges for those as well; And we though the IOMG were bad! At least they bought a shipping company rather than just through money all over the place.
  10. I am not going to get into a petty argument with you. I do not need geocaching to get out and explore, however, if there is a series of geocaches in an area that has lots of positive comments then I treat it as a recommendation to visit and explore. Out of interest how is using GPS any different to using an OS Map and a compass? Do you just set off into the countryside without knowing where you are or where you are going?
  11. You have no idea of the fantastic places that geocaching can take you. Through this hobby I have found so many beautiful walks, hikes and lovely hidden locations that I would probably have never ventured to otherwise.
  12. I don't work in education... Give me a link then so I can look into this alleged mugging.
  13. If you want a really frustrating one try the plantation at the Braaid. There is one that will drive you nuts!
  14. So just give me an explanation. I know my mobile bills dropped when roaming charges were abolished.
  15. Why do you want the return of roaming charges?
  16. Archallegan is another great spot for real variety.
  17. The Viking Trail out along Marine Drive to Port Grenaugh.
  18. Once more for the slow of thinking... Are you surprised that those in favour of Scottish independence feel that they have a case to make? I am not sure how I can make this point any clearer. Those who want Scottish Independence believe that they have a case to make for another push for independence.
  19. Who don't? Read what I posted again carefully....
  20. Emile Heskey would be a much better example..
  21. The threat was made that if Scotland voted in favour of independence it would not remain a member of the EU. The Scottish referendum allowed citizens of other EU countries who were resident in Scotland to vote in it. The EU referendum did not allow EU citizens resident in the UK to vote on the matter. Are you surprised that those in favour of Scottish independence feel that they have a case to make? Sturgeon = A more successful Nigel Farage
  22. Bit obsessed with Manchester United aren't you? Just a reminder that he has won; 1 FA Cup 1 Caraboa Cup (or whatever it was called at the time 1 UEFA Europa League (and a community shield if you count that). Plus he is an England international so I would suggest that he is actually a pretty good player. That miss was rather unfortunate though.
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