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  1. Yes that is important but where did that money suddenly appear from? Did the Government have a rummaged down the back of the sofa and suddenly find a lot of change?
  2. The NHS has not had the money referred to on the side of the bus though. That £350 million was/is supposedly what the UK pays to the EU. As the UK is still in the EU then this money is still being paid to the EU not the NHS. The fact that the Tory Government have found a magic money tree to fund the NHS is nothing to do with the pledge on the side of the bus.
  3. Remember the bus? As for the rest, that is up to this Brexit Government.
  4. It is now undeniably in the hands of those who believe in Brexit. I look forward to swift negotiations with the EU, and the completion of all the other trade deals that brexiteers have promised. I look forward to the sunlit uplands that have been promised and of course the extra £350,000,000 to the NHS. Just remember whatever happens next cannot be blamed on "remoaners".
  5. Which is probably why Nigel Farage has jumped on the opportunity to rename the Brexit Party the Reform Party and campaign for proportional representation and the scrapping of first past the post. I can't stand Farage but I agree with him on this subject.
  6. Further lies from the Conservative Party and they allege that an aide was punched by a "leftist extremist" outside a hospital. Turns out it was an accidental coming together but worked as a "dead cat on the table" to distract from Johnson stealing a journalist's phone earlier in the day.
  7. Johnson has been coached and if he cannot give a straight answer to a question he reverts back to "get Brexit done" and other slogans. Notable that his "minders" have very much kept him away from the media, not just during this election campaign, but also during his leadership bid. It is almost as if they cannot trust him... It is also a replication of the Trump presidential campaign with the repetition of "Make America Great Again". All slogans with very little to actually back them up.
  8. Reminds me of the pizza restaurant in Port St Mary... I swear you end up walking to Port Erin to go to the gents!
  9. They are reasonably priced and serve decent food. No objections there. Most of the ones I have visited often involve a long and rambling walk to the gents toilets though.
  10. I think that you believe that and on an individual basis you probably practice it too but maybe not so much when it comes to your views on a group of people who you don't know. Perhaps it comes down to trust and you simply don't or won't trust strangers. My position is that those convicted of capital offices (murder/rape etc) should face very lengthy sentences but I would not go as far as the death penalty. There are plenty of examples of rehabilitation working. Also worth remembering that the best criminals are the ones who have never been caught. We only catch the incompetent ones or the ones who want to be caught.
  11. woolley as a Brexit supporter I thought you would have visited this establishment much more and learnt that the video is not far from the truth!
  12. Again you just revert to name calling rather than actually discuss the issue. I have already explained my views on the death penalty with reference to my own experiences. I have reiterated what the family of at least one of the victims of this attack have said and pointed to the fact that one of those who tackled the person was in fact a convicted murderer who had been rehabilitated. I don't think people who have different views from me deserve punishment. I do believe that we should live in a tolerant society that treats people equally within the laws of the land.
  13. The comment you are referring to is hardly the height of adult discussion is it quilp?
  14. The two people killed in London both worked in rehabilitation. One of the families has expressly come out and asked for the matter not to be politicised and used to introduce more draconian punishments. One of the heroes who tackled the guy with a knife was a convicted murderer who had been released following rehabilitation. The other, I believe was Polish. Bloody immigrants hey?
  15. Why doesn't it surprise me that you only learnt that today?
  16. Someone of Jewish heritage making oven jokes? WOW!
  17. I think you know that you cannot back your position and that the neo-nazi in the article is just as much a problem as any other extremist who starts planning terror attacks. As someone who is openly Jewish (or occasionally claims to be) then I am surprised that you would offer any defence of an individual that would see Jews as being part of "the problem".
  18. Don't read that rag at all. Liverpool are playing good football at the moment, and yes that pains me, and I still hope the wheels fall off and Leicester win the league (that would be a sweet moment!). If Liverpool win the league then they have done so because they consistently got the results required. So you are far from the truth when you suggest that I can't handle the football (whatever that means). Liverpool might be the darling of British football once again but you better develop thick skin because should they start to dominate you will the club becoming a target for "haters".
  19. @manxy Finally you are actually getting close to understanding some of the legitimate concerns relating to 5G in the UK and that is the involvement of Huawei and the fear that it will collect data on behalf of the Chinese Government and create a national security risk.
  20. Anyone see the snowflake Liverpool supporters getting irate by being referred to as "bin-dippers"?
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