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  1. We were squealing (Harold nearly wet himself) reading the poor fella had to be pepper sprayed and that he was a 'one man riot'. We were saying we remember the time Norman Collister was running round Andreas Village, much the worse for wear, no pants on him (another story) frightening the children coming out of school. Well, big Ronnie comes up behind him and cracks him over the back of the head with his truncheon. That was all there was to it. The kids gathered round pointing at Norman's bits, Ronnie went to post his letters at the Post Office and the High Baliff wasn't troubled. World's gone mad.
  2. Our Michael wants to get his van here any day in practice week but they're full up. He brings some bikes over for the boys who fly from Bristol. They'll be walking around this year.
  3. Yes, we were saying to Leonard that £10m on the Pinewood shares is good but it would've been more than £20m if Eddie had ignored Alfie and that noisy one from Braddan (can't say what we call her down here)!
  4. Well I was only thinking that Thomas is an MHK so it might help his cause. Each to his own. We have a Mrs Lowe in here, do you know her (not Chinese).
  5. Dear Thomas, It would be more polite to start, Dear Mr Dearden. I know that's two Dears in one sentence but still nicer if you want him to vote for you. Kind regards at the end won't hurt either (in getting votes).
  6. Wasn't so lucky on the National though! Morning Clouds lost us all a pretty penny. We're not going to the Mooragh for a while!
  7. I don't know. You'll have to ask Alf. He said they couldn't be sold, nobody wanted them because they were on the wrong market. Somebody did want them though. We'll see Leonard in the morning and I'll ask him again. We hope you'll be better tomorrow.
  8. I'd say the cat was more use. Not if it's Cat Turner. Is that Charles's girl? He's got his young fella in the Keys but we don't think much of him. He was poor on the radio.
  9. Well somebody's not being truthful are they? Eddie said he'd sold the film studio shares (not the one in Ramsey). But Alf and Kate said he couldn't sell the shares because he'd bought them on the wrong market. Now Hansard says he has sold them. So Eddie is not being straight. Or, Alf and Kate are not being straight. It was only a question that Robert wanted to ask.
  10. Yes Old Manx, they can be sore. Robert here uses a rubber ring at night - squeaks a bit and leaves a funny ring but it does work. We haven't got a cat. Not allowed pets.
  11. I don't think he sold them all, not by the looks of it. But Alf and Kate said he couldn't sell any so something's wrong. Leonard will know.
  12. Well Alf and Kate were fibbing then. They said nobody would want to buy them because they were on the wrong market. I'll ask Leonard about that.
  13. Well, looks like Eddie is telling fibs, saying he's sold all them shares. Alf and Kate said he couldn't sell them - even if he wanted to.
  14. It's good to see The Prime Minister's family using tax havens, it's good to get high profile customers in. The Governor used to come to Ramsey Co-Op for his gin, did it the world of good.
  15. No, I don't think we were on The Ben.
  16. My God, she did hit the pier. We were up in the posh lounge and all hell broke loose. Not a nice way to be welcomed back after all these years, but we're out now, for a nice walk down the North. He was saying we haven't missed much whilst we've been gone but we missed the pier, I told him.
  17. We'll assume you haven't asked then. You do bluster whenever you dont like the question Newsnight.
  18. He refused to answer the questions, would that be the reason why it needs Mr Cannan at the Public Accounts Committee to ask them do you think? Do you think? Oh I hadn't realised that, when did you ask him? Did he know it was you?
  19. Newsnight, why are you asking Alfie Cannan your questions? ask Mr Christian yourself, he's the one with the answers, he was on Manx Radio and said he would answer any questions (from anybody who wasn't too afraid to ask him face to face). Seems it would save you a lot of time and stress.
  20. Good service there for people unable to listen. Well done Donald, but they do repeat it on the web-site all week (just mentioning it in case you had anything better to be getting on with).
  21. get out and enjoy the sun Boswell, leave revolution to a rainy day. We might go to Peel for an ice cream later.
  22. we never used to charge staff rent, what a funny question Chuter. Does your boss charge you rent? Maybe that's the way of things nowadays.
  23. And then he wonders why the place has gone down hill with that sort of talk. We were trying to be helpful. Dear oh dear.
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