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  1. I wasn't outraged. My response was also a "jokey flippant" one, although I was also setting the record straight that "Paul's Got Wright" is not me. Why would they miss him? He's only been gone since yesterday.
  2. To anyone who may be reading this thread, let not the childish replies of these two ANONYMOUS characters distract you from the FACT that they have thus far failed to provide ANY evidence to support their claims against Mr Shimmin.
  3. You're the one who has slandered a public figure. All I did was call you (an anonymous internet user hiding behind a fake name) a liar for failing to back up your claims.
  4. If John Shimmin wants to pursue a libel case against me he can, I have the emails to support my claims. You have nothing to support your allegation of me being a flat out liar. I repeat, apologise and that will be the end of this matter. You are an unidentified and anonymous internet user. Good luck taking me to court.
  5. So you won't provide any proof to back up your slanderous / libelous claim that Shimmin is a bully. We're just supposed to take your -- an anonymous internet user's -- word for it. I suggest you drop your libel against an identified person before you ask me to drop my claim that an anonymous internet user is a liar.
  6. You're the one who is defaming a person by their real identity -- i.e. John Shimmin. You're just an anonymous internet user. Where is your backup for your claims that Shimmin is a bully? PM me the emails and I will apologise.
  7. How many times have I been accused of being a liar on this forum? And now I turn the tables and accuse one of you of being one and suddenly you get your knickers in a twist.
  8. How exactly does one go about defaming an anonymous person? Get real. Especially when you yourself have accused me of lying multiple times. If you'd just asked for an apology, instead of demanding one, I'd probably have offered one. As an anarchist, I don't react well to demands.
  9. You're a flat out liar. John Shimmin is a nice guy. It's the civil servants who are unethical and engage in bullying. I'm starting to remember why I stopped trying to join in discussions with you, you're unreasonable and contrary. You said he seems like a decent guy, do you know him? Have you met him? Have you had professional dealings with him? I have and I am not lying, I demand an apology. I stand by my claim that John Shimmin is a decent person who is in politics because he is a real Manxman and cares about the island.
  10. You may be interested in this. (skip to about 10:50) although I would recommend the original book itself, Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism by James Burnham. The panel includes idiots -- e.g. the first speaker speaks against Burnham's book and claims communism isn't anti-western. Of course it is. It's internationalist and cultural marxism is clearly occidentalist. But he does make a few good points from 17:00 onward, e.g. on political correctness. When Americans say "liberalism" they mean left-wing marxism. REAL "liberalism" is something else entirely.
  11. Well, I suppose that's better than having the (cl)app. I wouldn't know anything about that. I have standards.
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