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  1. have you read his bio on wiki:- In January 2009, he was asked by the Labour Government to undertake a review of commercial radio in the UK, which was published in April 2009.[9] In order to stop a high percentage of commercial radio stations losing money, Myers recommended that regulators could remove the imperative for local radio to be produced from within a geographic boundary; tailored news feeds alluding to a geographic area could be produced from one big building.[10] A number of his recommendations were taken up within the Digital Britain report and the Digital Economy Act. The chang
  2. but did he really sell the shares?? in the newspaper it says:- Mr Quinn confirmed he had held 1.4 million shares in the company but on learning of his appointment as acting AG he had disposed of the majority of his shares 'to avoid any suggestions it was in my interest to seek to influence any decision making in government concerning Sefton" On the last AR it shows as joint shareholders ML & Mrs HJ Quinn = 1.403,656 shares look at the choice of words in the newspaper article and why held and not owned? disposed of and not sold what in number terms does majority ref
  3. on MR it reports:_ Pinewood investment still safe: Minister Published online at 16/05/2013 12:33:00 Treasury Minister Eddie Teare says the Island’s investment in Pinewood has been vindicated by a rising share price – despite ambitious expansion plans being turned down. Yesterday, South Buckinghamshire Council told the film studio behind James Bond blockbuster Skyfall was told it couldn’t go ahead with a £200 million expansion plan. The Manx government holds a ten per cent stake in the firm, and Mr Teare says the planning application will now go to UK Communities Minister Eric
  4. since the end of Feb 2013 through to Wednesday 17 April the mid-market share price was pretty much flat at 274p - then by Tuesday 23 April it had risen to 280p the following Monday 29th April there was a Stock Exchange announcement http://www.lse.co.uk/share-regulatory-news.asp?shareprice=PWS&ArticleCode=sz1bciiu&ArticleHeadline=US_Joint_Venture_Agreement_and_Trading_Update the price has since come off and is now 277.5 why would it have risen like that just before an announcement and since then fallen back?
  5. do you think by any chance some Govt mis-information in that Twickenham Limited should read perhaps as either BALLAPADDAG FARM PRODUCE LIMITED formerly Twickenham Properties Limited or Twickenham Investments Limited, formerly Robinsons Developments Limited and bear in mind allegedly "Twickenham Limited" owns the former Yates' Wine Lodge building where as Anglo Irish Trust that used to be E&Y used to operate from and where Peter Horsthius used to be a director...maybe just co-incidental - what do you think?? which reminds me that I thought I heard or saw on here that Ropbin
  6. I wonder how much time he now spends in the UK fulfilling his duties as an executive director.
  7. compare month on month food prices http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/treasury/economic/retail/cpirpi13mar.pdf with http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/treasury/economic/retail/cpirpi13apr.pdf a selection:_ bread UP 0.8% beef DOWN 0.9% lamb DOWN 4.9% pork n/c bacon UP 4.2% fish UP 2.3% cheese UP 7% eggs DOWN 0.8% milk DOWN 1.4% potatoes UP 0.5% vegetables UP 3.0% please feel free to correct my maths if necessary....
  8. btw just heard the current MR advert looking for an in-house "intern" as from September. but thinks the current intern is the 3rd in the series (?) what is the point of having an intern trained that then isn't offered a full time job, or finds one elsewhere? deja vu, somebody / organisation / Govt (?) "helps out" paying for the intern's "training" (?)
  9. How To Ruin A Company http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19911103&slug=1314875 (sorry, if this has been posted previously)
  10. is there any information please as to when the £450,000 loan was made "last year" ?
  11. re Captima - see post 876
  12. hope and expect this position will be entirely funded by advertising revenue New appointment at Manx Radio Published online at 01/05/2013 13:25:22 Manx Radio has appointed a new senior business development executive to its sales team, as it approaches its 50th anniversary. Kelly Smith has joined from Beckmann Visual Publishing in Ramsey, where she was sales and marketing director, and brings years of international experience to her new role. As well as leading a sales team and managing the global distribution of Beckmann’s products, she was responsible for managing relationships w
  13. I'm told goat meat is cheap where can I buy it from? need to make the pension go further..... thanks OaP
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