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  1. war baby


    That's a pity. Interest in F1 on MF seems to have diminished. There was not even an F1 topic started, no doubt as there is little or no free uninterrupted coverage. Sky F1 is the only way.
  2. A long time ago, I knew Clive Sinclair slightly and talked to him about the future of cars. In his opinion, hydrogen fuel cells were the way to go. He invented the electric C5 and the folding bike. He must have changed his mind.
  3. There are plenty of answers to the OP's Q1, but not the second one on gender identity. I read somewhere that anyone at university who does not wish to be referred to as 'he' or 'she' can opt to be called 'they' if 'they' wish. Somebody needs to re-write the entire dictionary for old blokes like me! I'm baffled.
  4. war baby


    That's the place. It is now in the hands of a new proprietor, recently moved to Douglas from Tynwald Inn. A friendly chap called Kunal, once well known as the chef at Kurries & Steaks.
  5. war baby


    Try the new Indian Restaurant called Flavours at the bottom of Broadway approximately opposite the Villa Marina gates. The best in town, I think.
  6. You have strayed a long way off topic: Just William.
  7. Any lack of a sensible efficient billing system in the private wing was down to poor admin. They never missed mine!
  8. Due to the closure, my specialist could not find a procedures theatre, so left the island without replacement, so I am back to the NHS, despite being fully insured for private care. Thus the taxpayer pays. Where was the logic in that?
  9. There is no suggestion that the new place would be for emergencies. My understanding is that private consultants are homeless and have taken action, but your views are interesting, John.
  10. Certainly, the Laxey volunteers should be encouraged to proceed with their plans. The alternative is dereliction and ultimate demolition after the inevitable fire set by vandals. If they succeed fine. If not, then you can demolish it. The site is of no value for any other purpose.
  11. The old private care wing at Nobles closed unexpectedly about a year ago, leaving local consultants and visiting specialists without facilities. Despite asking doctors working in the Manx health care professions what had caused this, all were tight lipped. Pushed hard on the question of whether or not this was due to staff shortages or cash problems, I was told it was purely political. Now I have unconfirmed, but probably reliable news of a freshly built private hospital under construction near the old prison site, due to open early next year for minor procedures and check ups. I understand this is organised by a consortium of doctors who are left without facilities for private work after the sudden Nobles closure. I fail to understand why politicians should wish to see the abolition of private care, when the cost is borne by insurers such as BUPA and AXA rather than the NHS. What can MF readers add?
  12. On the subject of health care, does anybody have info on the new private hospital that is being built near the old prison? I see nothing about it. I will start a topic under Local News.
  13. Sadly, this is simply another illustration of the fact that standards in written English are falling everywhere. I blame the parents re the above.
  14. It's a tough question, but I honestly don't think the Island and its fragile infrastructure could handle refugees in any significant numbers at present. I am originally from the Midlands, so I have seen mass immigration into close-knit local areas overwhelm the original population and its long established ways of life. It certainly makes for a diverse and interesting mix of people, their languages and customs. Think Sharia law in Leicester, Bengali parts of Birmingham. It's good in many ways, but the UK has far more in the way of services to handle such huge influxes. It takes people decades to evolve into a new order. I do not see it working well here. You may well disagree.
  15. war baby

    Bags for life...

    I wish they sold Bags OF Life
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