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  1. As the clock races towards the start of the 2022 F1 season and with a fresh set of rules to digest, the FIA is still debating the last championship deciding race where the old rules were clearly broken, gifting the title to Max Verstappen in the closing lap of the season. Under its new head, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the governing body will meet this week to consider the actions of race director Michael Masi in deviating from the book and improvising a novel conclusion of the Abu Dhabi race which allowed Max to pass Lewis, by that stage a sitting duck on old tyres. Hamilton was clearly disillusioned and has said he will decide whether or not to race this year depending upon the outcome and verdict. Love him or not, we will be robbed of another potentially nail biting season if he decides to follow a different path. He has long wished to pursue his musical talents. I hope he races on and wins his eighth tile fair and square.
  2. That's a shame, it always takes me back to memories of watching mother get goose bumps whenever it went off. She was traumatised by being trapped in the middle of the Coventry blitz.
  3. The chef that used to do them left to set up on his own. He now runs Flavours towards the bottom of Broadway, on the left more or less opposite the Villa carpark gates. He will cook whatever you wish, given a bit of notice. There is always a 'specials' board with local produce when possible. Not the cheapest, but by far the best in town, but don't tell everyone!
  4. He set out his stall clearly at the election. He said he would not take up any government post even if offered in the first year. Instead he would wait, watch and learn. He's been there three months. Give him a chance... we live in hope.
  5. Be thankful for small mercies. At least we have an MHK who can sound coherent on the radio and tv.
  6. Ease back on some of the over regulation of our lives. Let's really have some freedom to flourish. When I first arrived in the 70's I was impressed with what a laid back place this is. It has tried to copy the UK in far too many ways. Fewer regulations mean fewer civil servants, so it will not happen, but I can dream.
  7. Try the various IOM property groups on Facebook. Or place your own advert. Have some good references ready.
  8. Presumably it was a lot easier for private work before the private wing at Nobles was suddenly closed. The cardiac consultant was left with nowhere to work, so left the island.
  9. Well, he would say that, wouldn't he? (To quote Mandy Rice-Davies).
  10. I watched a recording of the race, but did not know the result before hand. What a farce of an ending to a classic season. The vast majority of commentators both on MF, radio, TV and press agree that Hamilton was robbed. Both the lead drivers are immensely talented and for the season's trophy to be handed to Max on the whim of the race director who misinterpreted the rule is, to my mind, unfair to say the least. Perez made an outstanding defence against the number 44 Merc for a while. The best moment for me was when Lewis shook hands with Max. On Thursday the big trophy will be handed to the 2021 champion at the F1 Gala Dinner. The result is still under appeal. Whose name will be engraved on it? I hope they seat Toto next to Christian. Bread rolls will be thrown!
  11. So, hardly have we regained our composure after last Sunday's race, than we move into the final round with the points level pegging. Unbelievable, but true. It's a brave man who picks a winner now... so here goes, my money is still on Lewis. Provided, that is, that we get to the end of lap one. Anybody else want to stick their neck out and say?
  12. In the event of a hostile nation attacking us, I doubt there would be much of the UK left to give us a hand.
  13. The BBC could scrap a great deal of their output as far as this over 75 pensioner is concerned. It should stick more to its remit of providing accurate and reliable information. Except the Archers.
  14. I'm talking to myself in this topic, which is a pity as Sunday's race in Brazil was the best performance I have seen in a very long time. Have a look if you can.
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