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  1. I thought you might enjoy a picture of the first Manx Classic programme cover from 1989, the name under which the most recent Willaston events ran. The title continues to be employed, but the event now comprises three hill climbs and is a damp squib compared to the use of the full blooded 'round the town' circuit. It was pulled when the Foot and Mouth epidemic provided an excuse to interrupt the series, but in reality I think it was widely feared there would be a fatality. There were a number of very near misses over the years. As speeds, particularly among the Camaros, Tigers and the E-types were rising, the decision not to revive it was inevitable. The illustration by Peter Hearsy shows Geoff Duke rounding Parkfield corner, a 90 degree right with steep camber and an iron drain cover waiting to snag the unwary!
  2. The Willaston events were run by the team who transferred to Goodwood and eventually lead to the Goodwood Revival. Same Clerk of the Course (John Felix) and many of the same cars and drivers. If only the IOM Government had put a bit more into it, who knows?
  3. But the services of many Commonwealth nations are remembered at the Cenotaph.
  4. war baby

    Stop the pigeon

    Are pigeons protected? They don't seem to need it. But they should not be left in pain.
  5. But to be fair, he can't be in two places at once. I think anything that puts the Island a little better known is good. It's part of his job. I shall remember them.
  6. Surely to qualify for an IOM MP we would need to be a UK constituency, or part of one. How does it work in Gibraltar? I think they get a vote.
  7. As I posted on page 1 #4, this will not be a motor racing event on closed public roads. As a point of interest, the last true road race was run in the 1950's. The splendid Willaston Races of the 1990's were in fact run under pursuit sprint regulations by the MMRC.
  8. The wax works link provided me with the best laugh I've had for ages! Thanks, PK.
  9. That makes sense, Kev. Pity we all got soaked. It was a splendid display despite the weather.
  10. Another good man sadly gone from us. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/roger-watterson-passes-away/
  11. Why did Douglas Corporation choose to run their display on a wet Friday night instead of a dry Tuesday, November 5th? Was there any rational reason? Has the tradition been changed?
  12. It will not be motor racing. It will be a boat full of 'classic' car enthusiasts attracted by the promoter's irresponsible marketing which invites them to enjoy the island's many miles of unrestricted roads at high speed. Beware of untrained amateur drivers who will think they are Fangio or Moss, over-revving their unprepared engines and cornering on used tyres without regard to the safety of others or themselves. Red mist rules the day. Can't wait. I sincerely hope they recruit sufficiently suitably trained marshals and medical crews. If they are going to unleash this event on us, they need to close the road sections in use. Above all, ensure cars are professionally scrutineered and that drivers and passengers sign on and are comprehensively insured against medical costs. (Anyone spot the Voice of Experience here?)
  13. I agree with all who have noted what a very sad story this is. Ancient cars are clearly not suitable for modern motorways. I am not a great advocate for banning anything, but I think it would be justified here.
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