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  1. war baby

    Winter drawers on?

    The heating here went on again last week. Standing by for the huge oil bills. Log fires blazing every night.
  2. war baby

    F1 2018

    Correction to my previous post, I just learned that in fact he is replacing Stoffel van Dorne.
  3. war baby

    What's missing?

    Yes, that was a lively place for a good casual dinner. Opposite the Sea Terminal, but long gone. Mr Bowers stood for MHK in the last election, I think, but did not win a seat. Perhaps he should o back to catering.
  4. war baby

    IOM Rally

    I only just spotted this thread, the organisers, marshals and teams have my total sympathy. Far too often the work that goes into these events by unpaid amateurs goes unappreciated by the powers that be. Bad publicity for the Island as well.
  5. war baby

    Ginger tw*t to fu*k off

    His episodes of Top Gear were cringe makingly bad.
  6. war baby

    Ginger tw*t to fu*k off

    And I agree there is no need to swear so much. I just wanted to tell you how strongly I felt about Marmite.
  7. war baby

    Ginger tw*t to fu*k off

    Chris Evans is a Marmite presenter, you either love him or loathe him. I prefer Marmite.
  8. war baby

    F1 2018

    Lando Norris will join McLaren next year, taking Alonso’s seat. The young guard is slowly taking over F1. Good to see another Brit joining the grid.
  9. war baby

    F1 2018

    He's highly talented at the wheel, but still does not think his way through the race.
  10. war baby

    F1 2018

    Italian GP, Monza. One of the best races you will see, excitement from start to finish. Mix Bottas, Vettel, Kimi and Hamilton with a dash of Max (Not necessarily in that order) and you always get some good moments, but this was packed with excitement and action. No spoilers here, but IMO one of the best races the eventual victor ever drove. If you have even a slight interest in F1, watch this one.
  11. war baby

    Marina Hotel next in line for demolition

    I quite agree. The Marina Hotel and other buildings that together form Loch Promenade are the last intact vestige of the fine sweeping Victorian terrace over which the one time Poet Laureate John Betjeman waxed extremely lyrical. Our planners have no concept of conservation. There are few, if any, individual buildings on the Island that stand alone as worthy of much concern. It is the collection in one location which in a few cases forms a grouping which deserves care and preservation. I contend that Loch Promenade is one such example.
  12. war baby

    Promanade regeneration works.

    Sorry can’t help. Such matters are controlled by a secret society, The only time you will ever hear of them is when they want your money.
  13. war baby

    The terracotta army

    I saw the exhibition of a small selection of the terracotta warriors at the V&A museum in Kensington a few years back. Of course, viewing the excavated examples on display in situ would be far more impressive, but I was pleased I had visited the display. The figures are larger than I expected. Well worth booking.
  14. war baby

    Mannin Beg / Mannin Moar

    No problem Stitch. I have many pictures of the old Manx races and a few unpublished originals. Online postcard sales e.g. ebay provide a great source of free illustration, just click and save the image. The originals can be expensive, but there are many forgeries (repros) I have seen offered in local auctions, so beware. Here is a pc image of the 1934 Mannin Beg entitled 'Handley comes to grief'. Not his day, then!
  15. war baby

    Mannin Beg / Mannin Moar

    Unveiled by the then Governor Ian Macfadyen in 2004.