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  1. Why not just take the little brat home and cane the parents?
  2. I plant money-makers in patches and big pots, old sauce pans, anything.. Top them off quite short, about 3' to 4'.. They seem to do okay, but we have a very short season here. They like 8 or 9 hours of sunshine a day every day ideally. Dry plenty of seeds after stripping the outer 'jelly' (you can eat it off) and plant the pips next year. Sew in seed compost in old yoghurt pots on the window sill. Top off the plants quite short and hand pollinate with a fine paint brush. Or buy from Tesco.
  3. No reply. Okay, if you like your racing a bit more 'raw', try this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJvSxv0QnMk
  4. Does anybody else on MF still follow F1 or is it just me? If you watch last weekend's Azerbaijan GP I do not think it will disappoint. You can skip forward to lap 30ish. Don't give up until the very end, either of them!
  5. Yeah, but that was Dandara. The Isle of Man where Dan can!
  6. And that's probably where it will end up again, eventually. The sea level worldwide is predicted to rise by a few metres. The sea is immensely powerful... and patient. Time is on its side.
  7. Agreed. You can't put a price tag on the many benefits of living here. Mrs WB and I went for a brief tour of the south eastern areas from Laxey south around Douglas and I was amazed at how much building work seems to be in progress and planned. I hope we do not vanish under a sea of concrete, as has happened to the once beautiful English counties of my youth, now vanished under in the central and eastern Midlands motorways. Mindful of the fact that I have children and young adult grandchildren who need a decent chance of saving the planet, I have become very 'green' in my outlook, bett
  8. war baby

    Manx Care

    But nobody has ever told me why. I ask doctors who used to work there and have had to move to other places. What was wrong with having a private ward for those who have relieved the NHS of some costs by taking out insurance?
  9. I went into several houses and started hugging. Apparently you have to know them first!
  10. What is the name of your company, Tricky? I googled 'tricky companies in IOM' and there are 1000s! Mostly with a head office in Panama.
  11. war baby


    Thanks Quilp. That's helpful, I should have thanked you quicker. Appreciated.
  12. war baby


    Hello. Can anybody please tell me the telephone number for 'Rambo' the car breaker and scrap metals dealer in Lower Meadow Industrial Estate, Douglas ? The number given online says 'number unobtainable' when called. It's not in Yellow Pages. Maybe the chap reads these pages. Or has he gone?
  13. Yes, that was a good race with plenty of interest. A well deserved win by Max, great comeback by Hamilton. A bad day for George and a shocker for Bottas. Driver of the day, Lando, brilliant. No complaints from me.
  14. No sooner than the 2020 season ended, the new one is about to begin. Anyone want to bet against Hamilton as the winner again?
  15. Just a quick message to wish all women readers a safe and pleasant International Women's Day. (When is men's day?)
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