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  1. I take it you currently live in a war zone.
  2. Anyway, John, let's discuss our race. I'm ready.
  3. Catching up on my MF reading... well done Butch. Plenty of good ideas here. Certainly use prisoner labour on suitable projects. There is nothing to do on the inside up there.
  4. I've been watching it live at the track or on tv for over 50 years, nearer 60 in fact. I guess I'm getting used to it. Seek out the one I mentioned, it's good.
  5. Are you talking about me kid? Stop calling me a chunk!
  6. I bought a 3 wheeler along those lines John, but I am far too big for it, or rather, it's too small for me. The size was in mm and I can only think in inches. I tried to give it away (it's unused) to charity, but no takers. I still have it if any good cause wants it. My present one resembles a tank, but we had to buy a huge van to transport it anywhere! It was much more convenient to have a pair of working legs.
  7. Perhaps Tourist Board sponsorship, TV rights, who knows...
  8. Fine. I still have my race suit!
  9. Let me you know if you want my pile of old junk. Costs a fortune. Scrap within a few years. Why do we do it?
  10. Sympathy John. I am now in a wheelchair or on a scooter. It makes life tricky sometimes. Hey ho.
  11. Have you all lost interest in F1? I agree some races are a touch processional, but have a look at the Sao Paulo event last Sunday, 13th November. It was a blistering battle... 'nuff said. Tell me if you agree, if you do decide to watch.
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