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  1. This Festival takes the exact format pioneered in the 1991 Manx Mountain Challenge in which Stirling Moss took part. That was his final event on the island.
  2. France is crucial to NATO and I believe that NATO has kept me safe since the end of WW2. I hope AUKUS had a good team of lawyers in place before repudiating the deal.
  3. Thanks, Sheldon. My own event was relatively mild compared to some of the poor cases in the unit with me. Oddly, they were all called John, or at least they thought that they were! The place was so friendly and cheerful, thanks to the seemingly tireless staff, that I was slightly sad to leave.
  4. I hope Howard recovers soon. I can assure everybody that the standard of care given in Nobles stroke unit is very high as I know following my own stroke last year.
  5. I met Sir Clive a couple of times. He tipped the C5 box as a better investment than the car!
  6. Please freeze this topic until Christmas eve.
  7. If you are out of the habit of watching F1 on TV, yesterday's Italian Grand Prix at Monza should win you back. (Spoiler alert!) If you are out of touch, Hamilton and Verstappen have been slugging it out within a point or two of each other all season long. With just eight races left this season, the challenge is becoming hotter each time. Max could win his first ever title, Hamilton could confirm his place as the greatest F1 driver of all time. Yesterday we witnessed neither driver scoring a point, as once again an untimely lunge took them both out. I blame the Red Bull driver, as did the stewards. The best news of the day was that the super talented George Russell finally gets confirmed as replacement for Bottas at Mercedes. This means that if Lewis does not achieve his target eighth title this year, he will have at least two serious challengers in 2022, maybe more if Lando Norris keeps up his front running pace.
  8. But the plastic ones are made in China too.
  9. Copse corner at Silverstone is always a battleground when a race is being hotly contested. That is where I first saw motor racing as a nipper and what eventually inspired me to have a go myself. You have to get out of it well as the fast sweeps from Maggots to Chapel come next. The Hamilton vs. Verstappen crash was a simple racing incident, nothing more. Lewis went for the gap, Max squeezed it a bit. It happens. No reason for Horner, white lipped with rage, to sound off. Expect more of it from these guys this weekend, its good to see. This was the result of a similar battle in 1955. Ken Wharton barrel rolled to the outside and the Vanwall burst into flames. Exciting stuff for a school kid to see. I am one of the dots in the crowd safe protected behind the straw bales! The race carried on regardless, of course.
  10. war baby


    I agree, but I don't pinch their sandwiches. There are too many of us and them.
  11. war baby


    My neighbour feeds them. Now I can't eat outside my own house for fear of being mobbed. When I was a kid from the Midlands making an annual trip to the coast for a seaside holiday it was thrilling to see and hear them. Now I hate the things, particularly the one that pecks my bedroom skylight incessantly as dawn brakes. Stop protecting them unless they are on the beach or at sea.
  12. Sorry, we cannot post to IOM.
  13. Why not use it for horse tram racing?
  14. Why not just take the little brat home and cane the parents?
  15. No reply. Okay, if you like your racing a bit more 'raw', try this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJvSxv0QnMk
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