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  1. Is this the bra woman's venture?
  2. I expect the casino calculated the odds of getting some good widespread publicity. On the subject of the woman who fiddled a false account to bleed us tax payers for a week or two, it calls to my mind the question of how bright she was, where and how well she was educated? No doubt at the taxpayer's expense. Dreadful specimen.
  3. war baby


    I'm glad they didn't have that rule in the 1960's!
  4. Most of the 'story' was simply reported speech from the gardener. Probably that is what he said. It's hardly a news scoop, however it's written.
  5. Being a modest sort of chap with a modest sort of total, I will respectfully decline from comment.
  6. I specifically said well away from roads or footpaths, so your example is not relevant, Teapot.
  7. A solo gardener working alone cutting a large lawn, well away from any roads or pathways, cannot be harmful, surely?
  8. I have been keeping my head down lately, so only just spotted this MF post, although I knew the great man had died. Sir Stirling was, in my opinion, the finest all round driver we have ever seen or ever will see. His consummate skill could be observed whether at the wheel of a grand prix single seater, a sports car, racing a saloon or a rally car. He won a high proportion of the events he entered, provided the car lasted. His problem, which prevented him from becoming F1 World Champion, was that he insisted on driving exclusively British machinery for well into his career. He finally gave way to the supreme power of Maserati and bought a single seat GP car which he promptly re-sprayed British Racing Green. He raced on the Isle of Man several times over the years and seemed to genuinely like the island. On his final visit in the early 1990's I met him and had a long and fascinating talk to him. I casually offered to drive him around a lap of the route of the old Willaston course and to my amazement he accepted. To my further great surprise, he remarked that it was all a lot wider than he remembered, particularly heading downhill beside the Manx Arms, one of the surviving unaltered sections. I became a devoted follower of his career when I was a school boy I watched him compete and vanquish his peers at Silverstone, hardly older than school age himself! He was at his most entertaining driving the huge Mark VII Jag, a towering grey slab sided monster saloon battleship, fully race prepared. Under his skilled control, he car stood on its side lap after lap at Woodcote and Copse, drifting with his left foot braced on the passenger door, the right flat against the throttle. He took Jaguar C-type and D-type, Ferrari, Maserati, Cooper, Mercedes, Alta and many others to success. He defied death many times and lived in contented retirement in Shepherd Market in London with his many journals and his devoted wife and son. Now rest in peace, Sir Stirling, you were the greatest champion of them all. Moss achieved his first International sports car win here in a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, here at Cronk-ny-Mona in 1951.
  9. I have spent half the day amazed at the wealth of research material squirrelled away in this normally out-of-reach archive material. There are so many never seen, but for now marvel at Frederick Buxtons Pierrot Village & Tea Rooms! https://www.imuseum.im/search/archive_record/view?id=mnh-museum-694245&type=archive&tab=archive&from=0&term=Crescent+House+Douglas&size=20&sort=&filter=&view=&images=&ttmgp=0&rfname=&rlname=&machine=&race=&raceyear=&linked=0&collection=&title=&creator=&idno=&aids=&dfrom=&dto=&century=&period=&name=&language=&display=&pos=9
  10. Thanks for posting the useful info about the museum. I have been wanting to look into the archives for ages, but their normal fees seem excessive. I expect we permanent residents all paid for it. Why can't we always look FOC?
  11. I had a somewhat similar experience with a supplier in London. The package arrived okay, but addressed to 'The Isle Of Whyte Man'. True!
  12. That's true Roger, but there is no reason they could not simply bring in packages and parcels currently governed by a blanket ban by having an IOMPO container arriving by sea. Having said that, we have worse problems to solve just now. The posties at the doors, or 2m away from it - are - and always have been brilliant people. But I query a few of the management policies when I order a simple item from the UK advertised with a sensible delivery charge only to be told either it's four times more to get it here or they don't send it here at all! I'm not sure about the postage rates for trade ebayers sending from Jersey and Guernsey, but they have been gaining massively on prices due to having no VAT. Keep flourishing, stay safe.
  13. Exactly the same here. I now have a pile of 'must put this on ebay' items with nowhere to go.
  14. I have not been out of my garden for considerable time, but I have first hand reports from Saturday that smokers by the taxi rank at Tesco were sitting on the bench cheek by jowl as usual. Outside Shoprite another aged friend needed to ask a group of youths astride push bikes to move aside to let him get to the door. There seem to be some very bad breaches of the 2 metre rules.
  15. That should be at the bottom of your list.
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