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  1. On a couple of points of information, does anybody know which firm sold (or supplied) the kipper that Boris has made famous? I can't readily find out, which means their publicity department is a bit slow off the mark. Also, where was the kipper likely to have been caught and first landed? Nobody seems to have told the UK media that the IOM fishing industry and presumably the 'kippers by post' suppliers have to follow EU regulations, despite IOM not being a member.
  2. We recycle our plastic... I hope. I have no idea what actually happens to it after it leaves us. Does it go by sea to the UK?
  3. Yes, as did Hunt, as did I. Didn’t you? It’s very marginal on both sides.
  4. OMGuido! We can still learn, even at my age.
  5. Well done! No idea how you did that
  6. A great plug for the Isle of Man and its kippers by Boris tonight as he held one aloft during his final hustings speech pointing out the ludicrous EU regulation which governs their postal delivery. Seemingly plastic ice must be included!
  7. Far too many splendid old trees have been felled recently. I hear nothing but chain saws all day. The area is already over developed. To destroy the last bit of green space in the area will be sacrilege, but they will no doubt press on. Why not fill in the empty areas in town first to house the non existent new immigrants?
  8. Hammer price about £1.25 to £1.5m. Maybe more. By the time the new owner gets it, the will be commission on top.
  9. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the prophets of doom. The culprit ultimately is over-population. Certain countries and areas have seen higher expansion than others, but I would be accused of racism if I specified further. Eventually the planet will shed the surplus in dramatic form and continue on its journey without mankind.
  10. My wife likes them... ... roasted with red wine gravy.
  11. I think there is a salvage outfit in the old drill hall by the Brown Bobby. Try them. There are lots of salvage yards in the UK. It might be cheapest to find one there and ship it over. Sadly, most similar items are simply treated as rubbish here. Try the timber section at the scrap yards. Good luck.
  12. war baby

    Car Leasing

    Well, this has been my chosen option for very many years, but as I am probably more or less in my last car buying phase (I'm an old banger myself now!) I figured I would splash out on a decent set of wheels for one last time. But what a minefield it is. Probably I will not understand all those flappy paddles and TV screens telling me where to turn next. I hear the buses are quite good these days. I can do that for free.
  13. war baby

    Car Leasing

    I am glad I revived this old thread, it is proving very interesting and providing a sensible discussion of the topic. (It just shows how very useful MF can be to the community when not abused by members posting rubbish). Thanks to those who responded. My sudden interest in leasing my next car was triggered by a conversation with a locally based car trader who said anybody who buys a car, be it new or second hand, in today's market is wasting their money. Technology and regulations are now changing so fast that it is impossible for the layman to predict values or trends. 'Let the trade take the risk', he said. He has no axe to grind as he is now retired, but was very successful in his day. Where we differed is that I would like an electric car. His advice was don't touch them. He thinks petrol is always the way to go. I still plan to stick to my fairly green credentials if I can find a suitable deal. I have sent off a few email enquiries and I will let you know how it goes.
  14. war baby

    Car Leasing

    Can anyone update this thread please? I would like to lease a good modern car on the IoM. I am tired of driving old bangers! What are your recent experiences?
  15. We went to see it a few days ago. I have never seen Mrs WB laugh so much. We thought it was an excellent production, great energy and very funny. As to the humour, it's Monty Python. Any subject was considered ripe for a bit of satire. This was mild. You wait until Life of Brian arrives!
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