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  1. I hope you kept the box. Sir Clive said the box was more valuable than the car!
  2. Very many years ago, when I lived in the real world, I met Sir Clive Sinclair at an event, after his C5 electric midget car failure. I asked him how, given the benefit of that disappointing experience, he saw the future of car propulsion. He predicted a return to electricity, but that eventually hydrogen would win in the end. He then came up with the folding bike!
  3. Experience counts for a huge amount in racing and Hamilton now has that in spades. He could have had the title in his rookie year, but blew it. In equal cars today he would still be on top. Verstappen has an unpredictable streak of red mist still hampering his vision, but he's inspired when it clears. DannyRic lacks the essential talent to sign the right contract and get a winning car. Norris and Russell are good, but need years more yet. There is a host of new talent. Alonso will be a bit of fun next year!. I am glad a few of you on MF still keep up.
  4. I agree with Mr Pacey. It's an outrage in such an area of outstanding natural beauty and historic architectural significance as a bungalow estate in Colby.
  5. Well I'm not sure now. I followed puppet's ideas and 4G came back, but now it keeps going off from time to time and reverts to 3G. The answer should be in mobile data options, but it seems unstable. It never used to happen. I use an iPhone 7.
  6. When not on Wifi my mobile always connected automatically to 4G. Now it only gets 3G. Can anybody explain why?
  7. I realise F1 has dropped off the radar on MF, but I think Lewis Hamilton deserves a mention for having notched up his 7th world title. A major requirement of winning is to be in the best car at the right time. He has done that. No doubt if Ferrari up their game he will move again in future.
  8. Speaking as a person with an epidermis with the pallor of a dead fish, I am pleased not to be referred to by my skin colour. In the case of referring to people of colour, it's a bit confusing for us old 'uns. This has followed definite 'fashions' and it's hard to keep up and not offend in error. Who sets the rules? We need an old person's guide to politically correct speak. It would help those of us who remember minstrel shows on TV. Anybody using skin colour as a term of abuse should be ashamed, but so should those who fail to easily forgive a slight error in selecting the latest la
  9. I would be willing to swop mine.
  10. And then much the same bunch will get voted in 'because I went to school with them'.
  11. Pity there is nobody on the IOM who can weld.
  12. Is this the bra woman's venture?
  13. I expect the casino calculated the odds of getting some good widespread publicity. On the subject of the woman who fiddled a false account to bleed us tax payers for a week or two, it calls to my mind the question of how bright she was, where and how well she was educated? No doubt at the taxpayer's expense. Dreadful specimen.
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