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  1. Sea levels are rising, everywhere. Don't they read the papers? If the sea wants it, it will eventually have it. No rush, it can take its time, it's going to be here long after we are gone. Every sailor knows the absolute power of the sea, it is truly awesome. Except King Canute and our planning authorities.
  2. Late one evening I was stranded at Ronaldsway as all the taxis had been taken and no more would come until dawn. I decided to walk home and started my trudge to Douglas, thumbing a lift at any traffic. Plenty passed until a drophead BMW pulled up and the barefoot driver offered me a lift. Patrick Diamond! So my chance meeting was a lucky one.
  3. P.S. I expect to pay for the service, I'm not seeking a freebie.
  4. True it can be added, but it is best used as a mulch. In itself it does not provide nutrients, but can lighten a heavy soil.
  5. I have inherited a modern TV, DVD, recorder etc. with a jumble of cables and plugs. They were all working fine where they were, but they have been disconnected and moved to my house. (Douglas area). I already have a working TV on my wall, but it's on the blink, part of picture faded. My DVD packed up recently, but still plugged in, my VHS player is ready for the Antiques Road Show, but I have lots of old 'home video' tapes to play. Does anybody know of a trustworthy reliable individual who could come and help me sort out the best bits and install them? I am disabled and cannot lift them or crawl around at the back with cables. (Or get on the roof to check the dish!)
  6. With only a few days to go before this Formula 1 season's opening race, who do you fancy as champion? Sadly, McLaren was a disappointment during testing. I had high hopes for young Lando.
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/new-urban-micro-wood-planted-in-douglas/ I admire Hertford Homes new found green credentials and hope this dampens their enthusiasm to concrete over top quality farmland in their proposed new Drinkwater and Ballafletcher Farm developments. Three hundred new houses and shops, extra traffic on the same narrow roads, it will be complete chaos and madness on an island where good farming land is strictly limited.
  8. Retail lost its way when they stopped selling Lymeswold cheese. Bubbled up on toast with a can of Lilt, bliss.
  9. There is not a fat lot here to excite the oldies either!
  10. Another Great War Baby gone.
  11. No I've not seen such reports. Do you have links to the films so that we can make our own assessments a few times daily?
  12. When you are over 75 and disabled, TV can be your only window into the world. I paid the full fee for a lifetime and if necessary I will have to pay again, but in the meantime I am grateful for this small freebie that actually works for me. I still pay a fair old slice of my meagre income in taxes and the many other unwelcome costs of staying alive. Don't begrudge an old war baby this small comfort. (Much weeping in the back stalls).
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