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  1. Nobody has ever given me a straight answer as to why they closed the private wing. I can only suppose it was part of Howard's way to make the island a classless society. Instead we now have a useless society. I have awaited a serious surgical procedure so long that I am now told it would be unwise to go ahead as I am unlikely to survive the anaesthetic, although the operation would probably be a success!
  2. war baby


    This topic started yesterday and is approaching 200 replies already. That says it all about local culinary tastes. Dietary disaster.
  3. They should make him clear it up. He causes most of them (with help from Latifi).
  4. What else did grandad leave you? He sounds a discerning fella.
  5. I still kid myself that the vast Sky coverage is worth the vast sub... just about. It includes lots of other topics as well as the GP. I like Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz, but 'Crofty' gets on my wick a bit. However, Natalie Pinkham in a good frock more than compensates.
  6. The Spanish GP was entertaining... have a look if you have not yet seen it. An inspired drive by George, our future champion no doubt, including a wheel to wheel battle with Max. Also a great recovery effort from Hamilton after being clouted off by Magnusson and a brave effort from Lando who made 8th despite a bout of the squitters. Ugh!
  7. I gave up on the Velux and took it out. That area is now dark. I am all for tits, blue or otherwise. Pretty little things. I love to see them jumping around in my garden and anywhere else whenever I can. I agree, there are not so many about when it gets colder.
  8. I have a condition that Dr Google says can be eased with medical cannabis, so I would welcome the opportunity to try it and decide for myself if it works.
  9. war baby

    TT 2022 ??

    @ piebaps: "pre-pay your pee-pay", great line!
  10. Are you seriously expecting people to play crazy golf on a course covered in decoy netting? I generally agree with your comments, but it's you that have gone a bit crazy here. There are several species of gull nesting on the island, but by far the most common is the grey back. It's ridiculous to shut a park just for a gull, particularly a bird which abounds in the thousands and is a perishing pest. Mine personal flock arrives at first light and begin attacking their own reflections in the windows. They regularly peck out the putty and have ripped the seals out of a Velux skylight, conseqently wrecking it. Cost of replacement over £700! Now they are attacking the new one. Am I meant to enjoy it? They peck up my salad plants, crap all over the cars, dig up strips of the lawn with their evil beaks and feast on my newly planted spring bulbs. We need a major cull. And you can add the crows and magpies as well. They have cleared my garden and spinney of all small interesting birds except one defiant robin. I am not expecting many 'likes' for this post, but now you know my views on the blessed things.
  11. It's crazy to think that when I was a child in the late 1940's, long ago now, poultry was a rare treat. In a restaurant chicken was the most expensive item on the menu. I remember one Christmas my uncle had somehow obtained a cockerel and the whole extended family trooped round there to have a taste of this exotic treat. About ten of us feasted upon it, nothing was wasted in those strictly rationed days. Now apparently you can't get rid of them. Take my tip... if you have a freezer knock one off and keep it until December. Delicious!
  12. I read with interest about the possible local wallaby cull. Perhaps we are missing a trick here and it could be that there is a great new farming opportunity at a time when we need to look for healthier eating options. Wallaby meat is low in fat and high in protein. This shank looks good to me. I am sure John Wannenburg would tuck into it. The are lots of tasty cooked wallaby recipes online if it catches on. You heard it here first, folks!
  13. They used to say it was the busiest branch in the UK, then it closed.. Odd. I used to like going into there and ask questions about the products. The nice girls had a good sense of humour... I guess they needed it. It leaves a massive cultural gap.
  14. Wiki tells us this... interesting: The earliest reference to a mail registration system dates to July 1556, during the reign of Mary Tudor, of England. In that example, the poste between this and the Northe should eche of them keepe a booke and entrye of every letter that he shall receive, the tyme of the deliverie thereof unto his hands with the parties names that shall bring it unto him, whose handes he shall also take to his booke, witnessing the same note to be trewe.[3] This was likely for state security rather than mail security.[4] In 1603, another Order of Council was made whereby all letters had to be recorded.[3] This system was, in effect, a registration system, although it applied to all items sent via the post.
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