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  1. Dear me. As usual, this helpful thread has mostly descended to the normal silly personal insults instead of being a sensible source of unbiased information. Try to self isolate within the common sense rules, theirs, not any improvised ones to your own cases. If you are really bored, plant some seeds or read a book.
  2. war baby


    You need to realise that all the restaurants on the IOM have a very limited number of trade suppliers on the IOM, even at the best of times. Now it must be far harder. I think the Chinese lady you mention, from memory was called Lisa. I know from conversations with her at her much missed place up near the Majestic, (Jamie and Jill Boncompte's resto at one time before Admiral House) she was the main raw rice importer at sensible prices. The Asian food trade here mostly uses one or two fish suppliers, one vegetable supplier where they buy any fresh meat. Consequently, there may be some duplication or similarity in menus. The man at Flavours Indian, the one time Sagaar place started Curries and Steaks, he told me. I always check out new restaurants in their first month if possible, that's when they are often best and cheapest. My Dad told me that! (He does good home deliveries) btw. More specifically, yes probably all the Indian families here do know each other and might in some cases be related, as are the Italians, most of the few Spanish and others. I love the island's diversity. I wish there were a few more French, Spanish and genuine Mexican restaurants, but we can't have them for a while yet and in such a tiny place we are already lucky. Before I moved here, my parents had a 'Faulty Towers' sized hotel & restaurant in England. So I learned a little of the catering trade, like don't ever go into it! So I did not. As a result, I am always interested to talk to restaurant owners when I (used) to eat out. I also tip waiters well as they are generally under appreciated and take the brunt of any moans. Make sure they get it, not the boss. Almost universally their main complaints were lack of continuity of supplies (weather related mostly), employment rules resulting in staff difficulties, huge price differentials between here and the UK for reasons they never comprehended... etc. so customers telling them it was much cheaper in Liverpool or London. (They knew that). All in the main presented with a wide smile. Can you imagine how bad it is now? No TT, no tourists at all, no birthday parties, no local trade at all except deliveries. If you want to have any restaurants here after the Great Covid 19 War is over, I suggest support them now. Order online, they deliver at a distance. I want to enjoy eating out again. Stay safe. Wash your hands now.
  3. Albert, we do not know yet how long this may last. Consider a mail re-direction to your home if you have other items to come. Stay safe.
  4. Yes, quite. Some private landlords here have 'invested' their life savings in Manx rental properties, ask or receive nothing from the state and declare all income for tax. I know. Reduce the income by one third and you sink more people.
  5. China certainly does, or did in the days I used to go into PRC in late 1970's. Public snorting and spitting into open spittoons. Not very British at all! HK was much better, but not in Kowloon.
  6. Cambon: spot on, but that should have happened at least a week ago. The faster the better. Everyone should tell their MHK now.
  7. So would I. Despite the many who abuse this site, it can be the only quick source of unbiased local information. This is vital if we are to beat this enemy. I know of a sensible alternative, but hesitate to tell you all, as I am sure some here would simply post swearing and insults.
  8. It's just as well Corbyn did not become PM. He would have to be quarantined at his age.
  9. Well, thanks for the helpful info. It seems I may as well wish you all farwell now. You will miss me when I'm gone.
  10. Now here is a question I can't find answered anywhere; how long after an infected person has been in a room is it safe to enter? As one who was born in the first half of the last century, I am keenly interested to discover the answer.
  11. You never see Bronco in the shops now. My old grandad used to cut up pages from the Daily Mirror and hang them up in the privy. I'm more of a Telegraph man myself, bigger pages.
  12. war baby

    UK Budget

    I thought the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, spoke strongly and well when setting out his budget proposals. By contract Corbyn's response was lack lustre and demonstrated all the signs and signals of a defeated man who has thrown in the towel. The island is better off under Boris than it would have been under a left wing socialist government intent on seeing us become part of Cumbria or worse. Howard and his merry band have been left trailing in the dust, bewildered by the pace of events which are outside their control or influence.
  13. I am no expert, but certainly the speed where I am seems to drop dramatically around 6pm most evenings. Supplied by MT.
  14. How about the splendid firework displays at the close of TT and other big events? Do the naysayers want to ban those too? When I first decided to come and live here (from England!) half a lifetime ago, the main attraction was its peaceful, comparatively lightly regulated attitude. Common sense, it seemed, ruled. Now it has become as bad as the bigger island to the east. Having said that, it's the stupidity of the few tat spoils it for the majority. Obviously it is not polite to let off fireworks in an area of housing except on or near 5th November.
  15. There is nothing wrong in seeing some younger faces from more diverse backgrounds in government. Like it or not, it is part of modern day Britain and so are we. She seems to be from Leicester, so she is certainly aware of multiculturalism.
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