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  1. No sooner than the 2020 season ended, the new one is about to begin. Anyone want to bet against Hamilton as the winner again?
  2. Just a quick message to wish all women readers a safe and pleasant International Women's Day. (When is men's day?)
  3. Reporting my own vaccine experiences, if it helps others, I am in my late 70's and had my first jab early in February at the airport. It was packed and not well organised, but eventually the visit was over. As I am now disabled it was difficult to get to and from any transport points and I was left outside in the freezing cold. I had my second jab this weekend, again at the airport hub, and it was completely different. Wheelchairs were waiting to be used near the end of the carpark and I was signed in, jabbed and out all in 15 minutes. Most cubicles seemed empty and unused, but I am n
  4. Ah Cheltenham, know it well. Lovely place. Apart it seems from the missing fish shops! I used to be in the Midlands, a similar sad picture. Can somebody please tell the Scottish fishermen! My kids still live in that area and love the fish when they (used to) come here on a visit.
  5. Very many decades ago, I used to go to China and other far eastern countries on business. I had some brilliant and incredible culinary experiences over those years which amazingly never upset my delicate English constitution 😀 ! Peking duck in Peking was astounding. Soft shell crab in Shanghai were my favourites. I also travelled far into the 'interior' by rail, boat and clapped out van. I was sometimes the first white face the local people had ever seen. In those days, not too long after the country opened up again after the Cultural Revolution you needed separate visa for each t
  6. I am not sure where you are now FF, but agree that when you live in the Douglas area Devereau is the only choice. But even they only have Manx landed fish occasionally and the main supply which arrives on Thursdays comes in from England. And they only deliver during lockdown. I am now disabled and unable to visit. There must be many potential customers like me. Or maybe not.
  7. I am a serious sea food addict and try to support the few restaurants that serve well prepared fish. (I rarely eat red meat these days). We are surrounded by sea and yet it is quite hard to buy a good variety of fish here, particularly any locally landed fish. Why is this? It's delicious and very healthy. I would be quite content to let a local boat supply me with a 'fish box' two or three times a week with whatever is catch of the day, rather like the vegetable boxes that are supplied in the UK. (I tried one here once, but all I received were turnips and potatoes). As long as the f
  8. The ITV chap was on the ball. HQ and DA must have hired a soccer coach to teach them how to pass it on.
  9. war baby


    If you keep a few hens it's hard to keep longtails out of the coop. They like the same food.
  10. Or at least until you want to get rid of it. I think they mean well, but their cataloguing of their collections could be considerably improved. It's a very low government priority just now.
  11. Particularly if it's sunny and the wife's a bit of a looker.
  12. That strikes me as an interesting job opportunity for the right person. They could start by looking for the stuff I gave them. They apparently can't find it!
  13. I have never been on a bus. Have I missed much?
  14. I was sad to hear of the death of Gerry, yet another great 60's voice gone.
  15. Fortunately the habit seems to be dying off among younger folk. None of my grandkids or their friends are smokers. I was a 20+ a day man, but gave it up when I came to the island 35 years ago. I have no idea how people can afford it now. When I began as an uninformed teenager in the 60's a packet of 20 was about five bob (25p to you youngsters!) It still seemed expensive. My best advice to the smokers is... give it up. It's hard, but 4 weeks of cold turkey will fix it. (Tons of that on Boxing Day ) Change your routines. Take up nicotine chewing gum while you kick the drug, it's
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